Summary of the current physics

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Quantum mechanics,  Einstein are wrong !

(Fig.1)  Quantum mechanics, Einstein relativity are false.  Only Bohr is right.

①  Quantum mechanics is wrong.

         See this section.

②  Einstein relativity is wrong.

         See this section.

③  Quantum field theory is wrong.

         See this section.

④  Bohr model is right.

         See this section.


Schrödinger equation,  Spin are wrong !

(Fig.2)  Condensed mater physics, quantum computer are unrealistic.

①  Electron spin is unreal !

         See this section.

②  Schrödinger equation is wrong.

         See this section.

③  Condensed matter physics is useless.

         See this section.

④  Quantum computer is unrealistic.

         See this section.


Einstein relativity is wrong !

(Fig.3)  Special, general relativity is wrong.

①  Special relativity is wrong !

         See this section.

②  General relativity is wrong !

         See this section.


Spin is unreal,  disagrees with facts.

(Fig.4)  Spin-orbit, triplet, Pauli .. are NOT spin !

①  Electron spin is unreal !

Electron spin is unreal, its spinning far exceeds light speed c !

②  Pauli exclusion principle is NOT spin !

Pauli exclusion principle is caused by far stronger force than weak spin.

③  Spin-orbit disagrees with "spin" !

Spin-orbit effect (= fine structure ) can be explained by old Bohr-Sommerfeld model.  Spin-orbit effect is too weak and disagrees with Alkali metallic fine structure.

Spin-orbit by quantum mechanics (= Dirac equation ) uses wrong trick.
Semiconductors disagree with the original relativistic spin-orbit coupling !

④  Singlet-Triplet disagree with spin !

Singlet-triplet atomic lines have nothing to do with weak spin.  Spin was used as "fake mark" assigned to each spectral line, which are actually "multi-particle Coulomb effects".

⑤  Ferromagnet disagrees with spin !

Ferromagnet and antiferromagnet have nothing to do with weak spin.  Spin-spin magnetic interaction is too weak to cause ferromagnet.

⑥  Molecular bonds disagree with spin !

Molecular bonds have nothing to do with spin.  Spin-spin magnetic interaction is too weak to cause strong molecular bonds.


Schrödinger equation is wrong !

(Fig.5)  Schrodinger equation can handle Only One-electron hydrogen !

①  Schrödinger equation rejects multi-electrons !

Schrödinger's hydrogen is unrealistic.  Schrödinger equation cannot solve multi-electron atoms, instead, they just choose fake solutions.

Schrödinger solution spreading all space can never lead to right answers, whatever approximate solutions you apply to them.  It stops science.

Tunnel and transistor have nothing to do with quantum mechanics.

②  Density functional theory (= DFT ) is useless.

Density functional theory (= DFT ) are used in calculating almost all multi-electron solids.  But DFT just chooses "artificial functional" as you like, so useless.

③  Molecular dynamics theory is useless.

Molecular dynamics is often used in calculating complicated molecules, but they rely on "artificial (= fake, empirical ) Newtonian spring force" as atomic force, so useless.


Condensed matter physics is useless !

(Fig.6)  The current solid-state physics relies on unreal "quasiparticles" !

①  Electron is just a meaningless math symbol.

The current condensed matter physics ueses very abstract nonphysical math symbols as each electron.  So All researches in universities and journals remain useless forever.

②  Quasiparticles are unreal particles !

Schrodinger equation cannot handle complicated multi-electron atoms, so they try to create artificial unreal particle, quasiparticle in condensed matter physics.

③  Superconductor uses unreal quasi-particle !

The present superconductor by quantum mechanics relies on unreal quasiparticle in old BCS theory.

④  Semiconductor uses fake spin-orbit !

Computer transistor does NOT use quantum mechanics.

Semiconductors by useless Schrodinger equation uses "fake" (= effective ) spin-orbit, fake g-factor, and fake pseudopotential.

⑤  Band theory, topological insulator use "fake mass".

The present Band theory uses fake (= effective ) mass in all solids such as solar cells, topological insulator and graphene.

"Topology" has NO physical meaning, except for publishing paper or getting prizes.


Quantum computer will never be realized !

(Fig.7)  Quantum computer is just a "scam" to collect money !

①  Quantum computer relies on fantasy parallel worlds !

Quantum computer tries to use unrealistic parallel worlds for "parallel computing".  51-qubits is fake.

Quantum computer researches have made NO progress even using unreal particles.

②  Google D-Wave has nothing to do with quantum computer.

Google D-Wave has nothing to do with quantum computer, because it doesn't use parallel computing.  So its research is meaningless.

③  Superposition = Schrodinger cat = parallel worlds !?

Superposition = a dead and alive cat in parallel worlds has NO evidence.  Superposition is just "classically oscillating between two states" or "whether A or B states is unknown".

④  Superluminal link = entanglement is fantasy.

Spooky superluminal action = entanglement is illusion based on imaginary parallel worlds.  Classical lights can explain photon entanglement and delayed choice.

⑤  Quantum information, teleportation are useless.

Quantum teleportation and information based on parallel worlds are useless, because they cannot send faster-than-light signal.  Entanglement entropy is artificial fiction.

Quantum key distribution is a useless technology.


Special relativity is wrong !

(Fig.8)  Special relativity includes fatal paradoxes !

①  Michelson-Morley didn't deny ether.

Light speed c in Michelson-Morley experiment didn't deny "relative medium" moving with the earth.  "Real medium" fits uniform microwave background and dark matter.

②  Time dilation causes fatal paradox !

Time dilation of special relativity causes fatal paradox ( in two directional movement ) which all textbooks are hiding !

③  Relativistic mass causes fatal paradox !

Energy-momentum transformation based on Einstein mc2 causes fatal paradox, because its artificial transformation needs the change of "Newtonian force".

④  Relativity contradicts de Broglie theory !

Einstein argues particle's movement (= momentum ) is a "relative" thing with respect to observer, which disagrees with de Broglie wavelength !

⑤  Relativity contradicts electromagnetism !

Special relativity causes fatal paradox in electromagnetism, because Lorentz magnetic force (= evB ) contradicts Lorentz transformation.

⑥  Antiparticles don't exist !

Antiparticles are delusion, just "statistical artifact" caused by multi-particle scattering among real particles.  Neutrino and antineutrino (= illusion ) cannot be distinguished.

PET doesn't use unreal positron.  "Positron emission" can be replaced by real "electron capture" !


General relativity is wrong !

(Fig.9)  Black hole, Big Bang, gravitational wave are illusion !

①  Black hole doesn't exist !

Genral relativity argues the clock time is slower and stops on black hole.  It means black hole cannot be formed within "finite" time (= black hole doesn't exist ! )

All phenomena such as Hawking radiation take "infinite time" (= never happen ! ), so black hole researches taking "infinite time" are meaningless.

②  GPS doesn't need Einstein relativity !

Time correction in GPS is so complicated that it relies on multiple satellites and base stations, NOT using doubtful Einstein relativity causing twin paradox.

Gravitational lens and redshift have nothing to do with Einstein theory, too.

③  Big Bang is fantasy.

Big Bang researches are useless, because they claim the earth and Sun are NOT affected by Big Bang expansion.  Uniform CMB cannot remain from ancient Big Bang !

④  Gravitational wave is a lie !

Gravitational wave is too weak (= change of only 1/1000th the width of a proton !? ) to believe.  Its wave pseudotensor has nothing to do with Einstein original relativity.


Quantum field theory is unreal

(Fig.10)  QED, Higgs, 10-dimensional quantum gravity are unreal.

①  Quantum electrodynamics (= QED ) is a meaningless trick.

Quantum field theory combining quantum mechanics and relativity uses nonphysical math symbols as particles, out of touch with the real world.

Photon is just classical electromagnetic wave.  QED claims electromagnetic forces are caused by virtual photons violating Einstein relativity.

All QED results give meaningless "infinity", so they just artificially remove a part of those infinity to get convenient finite results, so QED is just a useless trick.

②  Higgs, standard model is unreal, waste of money !

Higgs and large collider researches have made NO contribution to our society, so useless and waste of money.  They are unreal "statistical artifact" seen only inside accelerators.

③  Quantum gravity is fantasy 10-dimensional string theory !

The only accepted unified quantum gravity is unrealistic 10-dimensional string theory which includes artificial supersymmetry and dark photon.  All of them are unreal.


Bohr model is right and realistic.

(Fig.11)  Bohr model is the only realistic theory useful for multi-electron atoms !

①  Bohr model can explain real Helium atom !

Contrary to textbooks, Bohr model electron doesn't fall into nucleus. Schrodinger equation uses the same principle as Bohr model which can explain fine structure.

Quantum mechanics doesn't allow any use of real concepts such as real force, so stops us from progressing science.

Instead of old Bohr's helium, using two orbits perpendicular to each other (= avoiding destructive interference ), we can explain all experimental results without unreal spin.

②  de Broglie waves agree with Pauli exclusion principle !

Using an integer times de Broglie wavelength and Coulomb force, we can explain all other atoms and their valence electron numbers.

Interference among electron's de Broglie waves causes Pauli exclusion principle.  They can explain true mechanicsm of ferromagnet, photoelectric effect and nuclear fusion.

③  Bohr model can explain real Molecular bonds !

If we obey just two principles of "de Broglie wavelength" and "Coulomb energy", we can explain molecular bond length.

Using "hole" inside electron de Broglie wave, we can explain molecular bonds including double and H2O bond angle.

④  Only Bohr model can handle multi-electron atoms !

Schrodinger equation spreading all space cannot give right answer in multi-electron atoms, so physicists escape into unreal quasiparticle.

Using just two simple principles of an integer times de Broglie wavelength and Coulomb energies, we can describe all molecular properties with the help of modern computer.


Where does our science stop ?

(Fig.12)  ↓ This microscope can observe and manipulate each single atom.

Computer transistor and tunnel have nothing to do with useless quantum mechanics which prevents us from utilizing atomic tweezers.  It's classical.

Quantum mechanics forbids us from adopting any real concpets such as de Broglie wave to explain atomic repulsion and protein folding.

We need at least two probes in atomic force microscopy to control each atom !



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