Dark matter is unnecessary


Galaxy rotation disobeys Einstein's relativity.

[ Stars' rotation speeds are the same with increasing radius. ]

(Fig.1)  Gravity of galactic center (= black hole ) contraditcs phenomena.

Orbital velocity of planets in solar systems decline with distance from Sun according to Kepler's gravity law.

Einstein general relativity claims that a hypothetical black hole at the center of galaxy rotates the whole galactic stars by its strong gravity.

If black hole rotates stars, their rotation speeds must decline as the distance from the center to the star is longer.  But the actual star's speed doesn't decrease.

This is the reason physicists invented artificial dark matter filling all space to explain galactic "flat" (= same ) rotation speed.

Dark matter is "aether" ?

[ Einstein denied aether → But dark matter fills all space !? ]

(Fig.2)  Dark matter contradicts Einstein's theory denying ether !

It's a famous story that Einstein denied "aether" filling space, instead, he invented strange special relativity to explain constant light speed c.

But Einstein's gravity and his black hole failed in explaining actual flat galactic rotation speed.  So they invented artificial dark matter filling all space.

Dark matter filling all space clearly contradicts Einstein's original idea that space contains nothing.  It means Einstein relativity has failed.

Dark matter research is meaningless.

[ Dark matter = 30 % of the universe ? But NOT found ! ]

(Fig.3)  We cannot detect dark matter filling all space.  Strange.

They claim dark matter is fillng all space, and accounts for 30 % of our universe.  But we cannot detect it at all !

This is very strange.  They found an lame excuse, claimng dark matter ( and supersymmetric particle ) cannot interact with any detectors.

THis is nonsense.

Billions of dark matters pass through your hand every second ?

[ But we can neither find nor feel "ghostlike" dark matter ! ]

(Fig.4)  It means that dark matter idea has already collapsed !

If dark matter can rotate the whole galaxy, it must make up a large part of the universe and we could detect them very easily.

They claim dark matter makes up 30 % of the universe, while visible normal matter (= atoms, molecules ) makes up only 5 %.

In spite of this abundant dark matter, any sensitive detectors could not catch even very weak signal of dark matter so far !

The recent LUX experiment has found NO dark matter despite their long years' search.  They use Xenon (= Xe ) atom to detect elusive dark matter.

Dark matter detector is a waste of money.

[ Dark matter by these detectors is NOT "true" dark matter ! ]

(Fig.5)  ↓ Xenon detector is doubtful, meaningless for dark matter

One of dark matter candidates is supersymmetric partile = WIMP which is estimated to be very heavy, about 100 times proton's mass.

They claim that when this WIMP dark matter collide with xenon atoms, the recoiling atom will create light and some free electrons.

So thse detectors cannot detect doubtful dark matter itself, instead, they can detect only very weak lights or electron's signal.

Even if physicists claim dark matter may be found in these detectors, its existence depends on artificial idea that "dark matter can collide with xenon atom ?"

Furthermore, even if they could detect extremely weak signal of this dark matter, it's useless and cannot be a proof of abundant dark matter enough to rotate galaxy.

Dark matter = axion ? is fiction, too.

[ Dark matter is "axion" of only 10– 11 times the electron mass ? ]

(Fig.6)  We cannot find abundant dark matter, because they pursue fiction

One of the most promising dark matter candidates is axion, which is very light, only 10– 11 times the electron mass (= no proof ).

As shown in very heavy WIMP and very light axion, physicists just try to artifically invent "convenient unknown particles" to explain galaxy rotation.

And in spite of very abundant dark matter, we can neither find nor feel these axion dark matter, so they are doubtful and lack reality.

Axion detection is based on "speculation"

[ Magnetic field interacting with axion produces "light" ? ]

(Fig.7)  ↓ This is just imaginary speculation, cannot prove dark matter !

According to dark matter search, they proposed the convenient new idea that dark matter axion may interact with magnetic field !

In their idea, the magnetic field provides (unreal) virtual photons that may convert axion dark matter into new "light".

Again, these detectors cannot detect axion dark matter itself, all they can detect is weak signal of "light".  That's all.

And this idea (= magnetic field → dark matter → light ) is just an artifically invented speculation, lacking physical grounds.

So even if they claim dark matter may be found in these detectors in the future, it cannot be a proof of doubtful dark matter.

Dark matter inside collider is meaningless.

[ Dark matter inside LHC has NO relation with galaxy ! ]

(Fig.8)  ↓ This very rare dark matter can really rotate galaxy ?

Cern tries to find this dark matter inside LHC.  Dark matter cannot be detected except as doubtful "missing energy" like neutrino.

This dark matter research is strange, meaningless and a waste of money.

Because if almost infinite dark matter is filling all space, we can detect it even outside the collider easily !

Even if they claim the dark matter may be detected as rare "missing energy" inside LHC, it does NOT prove those dark matter really rotates the galaxy.

So the present particle physics using gigantic collider has NO physical meaning.

Dark matter detectors are meaningless.

[ We must find "abundant" dark matter to prove its existence ! ]

(Fig.9)  Only very weak signal cannot prove dark matter rotating galaxy !

The original definition of dark matter is the one that is abundant and strong enough to rotate the whole galactic stars.

So to prove the existence of this dark matter (= 30% of universe !? ), we must find a large amound of dark matter around us !

But all detectors and LHC above try to detect extremely weak and rare signal as dark matter, and cannot find it at all.

Even if we can detect very weak, rare signal and link them to dark matter, it is useless for our daily lives, and a waste of money.

Dark matter is meaningless.

[ The present dark matter candidates lack reality, waste of time. ]

(Fig.10)  Einstein denied "aether", but dark matter is allowed ?

Einstein rejected aether-like matter filling space.  But later physicists need dark matter filling space.  This is self-contradiction.

Furthermore, the current dark matter researches just try to mistake very weak and rare signal for abundant dark matter rotating the whole galaxy.  It's just a waste of time and money.

It's completely meaningless if we cannot find a large amount of dark matter enough to move the whole galaxy !

So the research on this meaningless dark matter is just for getting Nobel prize and selling books !  Otherwise, there is NO scientific value.


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