Light is wave, not a photon particle.

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Light is wave or a particle ?

[ A photon = a particle of the light is wrong. ]

(Fig.1)  Light is just electromagnetic wave, NOT a photon !

Quantum mechanics claims that the light is not only electromagnetic wave but also one of elementary particles, "photon".

But in fact, a photon is just a fictional particle, which doesn't exist.
We don't specify the size and shape of an illusory photon.

Photon is just a classical electromagnetic wave, and all experiments done until now showed the wave ( not particle ) property of the light.

Photoelectric effect shows light is wave !

[ There is NO proof of a photon in photoelectric effect. ]

(Fig.2)  Light frequency f shows light is wave.

It is often said that Einstein's photoelectric effect showed that the light also has the particle nature as a photon.  But this is a big lie.

In photoelectric effect, when the frequency (= f ) of the incident light is above some threshold, an electron inside metals is ejected.  That's all.

NO photon is seen in photoelectric effect !
All textbooks and news mislead you into believing false logic !

Light frequency = c / wavelength means "wave" !

[ Light frequency f shows the wave nature of the light. ]

(Fig.3)  Light frequency f in photoelectric effect = Wave.

They say the light is also a particle, photon, because the light frequency f is related to whether an electron is ejected or not in photoelectric effect.

As you fee, this logic, light frequency → photon, is a very far-fetched interpretation.  Frequency is related to "wave", not a particle !

Light frequency f is expressed as f = velocity / wavelength.
NO particle-nature is seen in this light frequency !

This means all of you are "brainwashed" by textbooks and the media spreading false science.

A single photon interferes with itself !?

[ A single photon passes both slits at the same time ? ]

(Fig.4)  A single photon = Wave-like nature of light ?

Quantum mechanics claims that the light can be both a particle and a wave.  Even a single photon is said to interfere with each other in double slit experiment.

Light is electromagnetic wave, so it produces dark and bright regions on the screen by interfering with itself after passing through double slits.

To cause this interference, a single photon has to pass through both slits at the same time !  ← A photon lacks reality.

A single photon interference = parallel worlds ?

[ A photon is a source of fantasy many worlds ! ]

(Fig.5)  A single photon splits into parallel worlds to interfere ?

To explain the weird interference of a single photon, quantum mechanics needs fantasy parallel worlds.

If a single photon can split into many different worlds, it can pass through both slits at the same time and interfere with each other.

This "stupid" world is what the quantum mechanics is.
You are probably convinced that a photon is nonsense and lacks reality.

The size of a photon is unknown.

[ Electromagnetic wave of 1 km wavelength = a photon ? ]

(Fig.6)  ↓ A single photon is bigger than 1000 meter !?

You may often see "photon", a quantum particle of electromagnetic wave ? in various academic sites and news.

OK. Then how big is a single photon ?
In fact, the present physics cannot answer even this basic question !

For example, radio wave is one of electromagnetic waves, which have very long 1000 meter wavelength.  A single photon is so big ?

We have never confimed so big photon.  So a photon is just a fictional particle.
Even Nobel laureate, Lamb (= photon experimentalist ) did Not believe a photon.

Photodetector detects "electrons" Not photon.

[ A single photon detector measures ejected electrons, Not a photon ! ]

(Fig.7)  Increased ejected photoelectrons = a photon ?

Then what does a "photon" in university and the media mean ?
They claim a single photon detector can detect each photon particle.

Again, this explanation is misleading.  Because a single photodetector detects Not a photon, but electrons' current excited by incident light. ( this Fig.1 ).

Only when frequency and intensity of an incident light exceed some threshold (= which can be adjusted ), they call its electric signal "photon".

The name of "photodetector" is completely misleading.
Photodetector just sees the current of excited electrons, NOT photons !

So there is No experimental proof of a photon.
Fictional photon is needed for useless quantum field theory.

A photon is just a meaningless "letter" ?

[ Quantum physics cannot specify the "figure" of a photon. ]

(Fig.8)  Photon is just a single letter with NO shape ?

In fact, the present quantum mechanics cannot show the concrete figure of a photon, which is just a single meaningless letter (= a ) with no shape.

So these images of photons are false advertisement by universities.

A photon lacks reality.

[ Quantum field theory cannot describe a photon. ]

(Fig.9)  A photon is just a single letter a ?

A photon is said to be expressed using quantum field theory (= QFT ).
But quantum field theory has NO ablity to describe a photon in detail.

The quantum field theory ( or electrodynamics ) just defines each photon as a single letter (= a ) with NO physical figure ( this p.3 ).

Einstein relation → Dirac → Photon.

[ Dirac equation forms the basis of quantum field theory. ]

(Fig.10)  Dirac equation with spin needs a nonphysical photon.

Dirac equation is the most important one which forms the basis of all quantum field theories.  The problem is its form is very unrealistic.

Relativistic Dirac equation was gotten by dividing Einstein quadratic relation into linear functions.

The problem is these quantum field theories have No ability to describe concrete figure and motion of each particle.

All it can show is an abstract and simple symbol "c" as an electron.
This unrealistic form of an electron produces an unreal form of a photon.

Maxwell → Einstein → Dirac, photon.

[ A photon is just a meaningless math symbol with NO shape. ]

(Fig.11)  Magnetic potential A includes a photon (= a )

Classical electromagnetic fields can be expressed by Maxwell equation.
Later, Einstein introduced an artificial magnetic potential A.

Though he tried to combine classical electromagentism with special relativity, its forced idea caused fatal Lorentz force paradox.

Relativistic Dirac equation just shows each electron as a single letter with NO shape.  Then a photon must be a nonphysical symbol to be with a electron.

They created a artificial photon inside Maxwell equation.
This photon in quantum field theory is also a single letter with NO figure ( this p.3 ).

Resultant interaction between each electron and a photon is also a nonphysical form, which cannot handle our actual complicated physical worlds.

Photon is a meaningless operator.

[ All they can do is create and annihilate each photon ! ]

(Fig.12)  Photon is just decribed as two abstract operators.

In quantum field theory, all particles have to be expressed as two kinds of simple operators.

One (= a ) is to create a photon, another (= a ) is to annihilate a photon.  That's all they can do.  This too abstract physics hampers our science !

An electron cannot emit a photon !

[ A electron emitting a photon is physically impossible. ]

(Fig.13)  ↓ This quantum picture is impossible in real world.

It is often said that a photon is emitted from or absorbed into each electron in energy transition, this is physicall impossible.

This is the reason why unreal virtual photon is necessary in all interactions of quantum field theory.

The ratio of energy to momentum is different !

[ So electron's energy cannot be transferred to a photon ! ]

(Fig.14)  Both energy and momentum cannot be transferred !

It is impossibe to transfer both energy and momentum from an electron to a photon !  Because the masses of electron and photon are different.

Of course, both energy and momentum must be conserved in any reactions.  In Fig.14, all energy E in the initial moving electron is transferred to an emitted photon.

And can we transfer the momentum p of the initial electron to an emitted electron, too ?  Unfortunately this is impossible.

Because the ratios of energy E to momentum p are different in an electron and a photon !  So this reaction cannot conserve both energy and momentum !

Emitted photon is "virtual", NOT real !

[ Virtual photons disobey Einstein relativity. ]

(Fig.15)  Mass squared of virtual photon can be negative !

The ratios of energy to momentum in electron and photon are different, so an electron cannot emit a photon conserving both energy and momentum.

So in Feynman QED, a photon emitted from an electron is virtual, not real, because the mass squared of this virtual photon can be negative ( this p.2 below ).

Of course, the mass squared of all real particle must be positive.
So the photon in quantum field theory is completely unrealistic.

Though Einstein predicted a photon, its photon must be virtual, violating Einstein.  ← Ironical outcome !

Real wave model of light is needed.

[ Emitted light is electromagnetic wave, NOT a photon ! ]

(Fig.16)  The light is emitted from the "whole" atom.

An electron cannot emit a photon due to different ratios of energy to momentum.  So a "photon" model in quantum field theory failed.

We have to rely on real electromagnetic wave as an emitted light.
In Fig.16, an electron is moving around a nucleus and its total momentum is zero.

Because an electron and a nucleus are always moving in the opposite direction to conserve the total momentum.

When this atom emits light and loses its energy, the total momentum remains almost unchanged.  So this emitted light carries much energy than momentum.

The momentum of light is much smaller than an electron, when their energies E are the same.  So we can solve it using "wave" model without virtual photon.

Why is electromagnetic wave "transverse" ?

[ Emitted light direction is perpendicular to electron's motion. ]

(Fig.17)  Electron and nucleus squeezes out the transverse light.

Light is known to be a transverse wave that consists of oscillations occurring perpendicular to the direction of energy transfer.

When an electron and a nucleus squeezes out their energy in the direction perpendicular to electron's motion, this squeezed light is a transverse wave.

So in the transverse light, its energy is stored in the transverse direction and its momentum is in the longitudinal direction, which can avoid this problem.

See the difference between longitudinal neutrino and transverse light.

Light through medium explains double-slit.

[ Only light propagating the medium explains double-slit interference. ]

(Fig.18)  Light is some oscillation of the "medium".

Einstein relativity includes fatal paradoxes, which existence is almost unknown, because the media and universities hide them.

A single photon model needs fantasy parallel worlds to explain double-slit interference.  Interference proves light is wave, not a particle.

Furthermore, double-slit interference needs some medium through which the light is propagating and causes reflaction.

Only a single photon without any external forces cannot cause destructive ( or constructive ) intereference.

The law of action and reaction inside a single photon forbids the whole photon from being pushed out from some destructive-interference regions by itself.

Light wavelength by energy needs "medium".

[ Higher energy → resistance ↑ → shorter wavelength. ]

(Fig.19)  Shorter light wavelength is due to medium resistance.

It is known that the wavelength of higher-energy light besomes shorter.  This mechanism of "shorter wavelength = higher energy" needs some medium.

If the vacuum contains No medium substance, and only a lonely light wave is moving through the vacuum, its light wavelength cannot be shorter !

Because even if this light is compressed to shorter wavelength, it easily returns to its original longer wavelength with NO external resistance (= medium ).

So to keep compressed and shorter light wavelength, some external resistance (= medium ) is indispensable !

And this light propagating through the medium can explain why the light speed always keeps c, irrelevant to its wavelength.

Photodetector cannot measure light energy !

[ Large Hadron collider's data is very doubtful. ]

(Fig.20)  Photodetector only detects longer green light ( NOT γ rays ! )

They say that Large hadron collider (= LHC ) could measure total energies of two photons to confirm elusive Higgs.  But these data cannot be trusted.

Photodetectors can detect only green lights with long wavelength.  So they have to change high-energy γ rays by artificially losing energies ( this p.20 ).

So even if high -energy lights enter the detector, almost all their energies are missing to somewhere, not transferred to green lights ( this p.6 ).

Furthermore, even green light cannot be always detected.  Its detection efficiency is less than 20 %.

So results using photodetector ( ex. Higgs at LHC ) are just speculation, and cannot be trusted at all.  ← Large colliders are meaningless trashes.

Photon is a source of various delusions !

[ Illusory photon causes parallel worlds, entanglement .. ]

(Fig.21)  Unreal photon invites other unreal concepts.

A photon is unrealistic with NO proof.  This illusory photon is used as a source of fictional entanglement, parallel worlds and quantum computer.

Because a photon is just electromagnetic wave which can be divided, it causes delusion that a single photon splits into many worlds.

Faster-than-light entanglement is due to fictional photon.
Impractical quantum computer is used as a camouflage target.

Conclusion:  Photon doesn't exist.

[ Light is just electromagnetic wave, NOT a photon. ]

(Fig.22)  Willis Lamb didn't believe a photon.

Conclusion is that a photon is an imaginary particle artificially created for quantum field theory.

And a photon is one of the troublesome sources of various delusions such as parallel worlds, entanglement and quantum computer.

Unless we discard fantasy photon, we cannot use the light as a tool to manipulate and inspect real atomic microworlds.

Light itself ( forget a photon ! ) is indispensable for progressing our science.


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