Physics is wrong now.

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Why science stops advancing ?

[ Technology is great,  but theory is wrong. ]

(Fig.1)   The current technology can manipulate a single atom.

The current basic physics has fatal flaws.

We already have technology of manipulating a single atom.

So we should be able to make and manipulate tiny molecular machine to cure fatal disease.  But we cannot.

Basic physics theory, quantum mechanics is too old and useless, which clearly prevents advancing science, so it has to be replaced by real atomic theory.


Simple realistic atomic model is indispensable.

[ Experiment → set simple model → improve model .. ]

(Fig.2)   Simple model describing real atomic force is necessary.

The present physics already reaches its limit, stops advancing.

The present computer IC is made through old classical method (= Not by manipulating a single atom ).

To advance and handle complicated molecules, we start from a simple, realistic model, and improve those models step by step along with experiments.

We have to use real separated electrons instead of vague Schrödinger wavefunction as a simple atomic model to compute Coulomb and repulsive interatomic forces.

At least more than two microscope probes are needed to manipulate various molecules.  But physicists don't try it, obstructed by useless old theory.


Quantum mechanics is useless.

[ Schrödinger equation has No real electrons, so useless. ]

(Fig.3)   Simple useful model is impossible without real electrons.

The problem is Schrödinger equation cannot use concrete separated electrons to make simple atomic model.

In old 1920s, there were No computers to handle multi-electron atoms, which is the reason Schrödinger equation is false.

So as long as we stick to quantum mechanics, we cannot compute even simple Coulomb force among atoms ( Schrödinger equation has No concept of "force" )


Schrödinger equation is useless.

[ Quantum mechanics cannot handle multi-electron atoms. ]

(Fig.4)  No solution → just "choose" trial functions ! = useless

Schrödinger equation is unreal with No solution except for hydrogen.  They just choose fake approximate solution out of infinite choices, which method is useless.

The point is, whatever approximate solution you pick up, this can never become true solution of Schrödinger equation.  So quantum mechanics is wrong.

Density functional theory (= DFT ) is much worse, you can choose free forms of electron interaction, which can be artificially changed in different atoms.

All the present physics papers depend on these useless Schrödinger equation and DFT, which cannot predict any atomic behavior ( this p.6 ).


Electron spin is unreal.

[ Electron spinning speed is faster-than-light !? ]

(Fig.5)  ↓ This experiment just measured magnetism ( Not spin ! )

Faster-than-light electron spinning is unreal, which cannot be observed directly.

All we can measure is magnetic field of spin, which accidentally agrees with Bohr magneton like fine structure.

Electron spin disagrees with various experiments.  Spin-spin interaction is too weak to explain ferromagnetism and Pauli principle,  so spin is unreal.

Electron spin is too weak to explain alkali fine structure, triplet, spin-orbit.  Spin is just fake marks to distinguish energy levels.

Quantum spin model is too abstract to describe actual phenomena, they just artificially adjust parameters (= J ) depending on experiments ( this p.2, this p.3 ).


Quantum mechanics uses unreal quasiparticle.

[ Quasiparticle is unreal with fake mass and charge. ]

(Fig.6)  ↓ Phonon is unreal quasiparticle.

Quantum mechanis has given up clarifying true microscopic mechanism.

Instead, they focus on fabricating fictitious unreal quasiparticle with adjustable fake mass and charge  to explain physical macroscopic phenomena.

They made up various unreal quasiparticles to describe different phenomena such as virtual fractional-charge anyon, Majorana, skyrmion, phonon, monopole.

Quantum mechanics relying on fake particles, mass, spin remains useless forever.


Quantum mechanics  is useless.

[ Science stops at "nonphysical" quantum mechanics. ]

(Fig.6')  Quantum mechanics is useless, unrealistic ↓

Quantum mechanics was invented in old 1920s when there were No computers, so quantum mechanics is Not a theory using computer to describe atomic behavior.

Quantum mechanics uses "fictitious things" to describe atomic behavior instead of computers.  They can only express each electron as nonphysical "math letter".

This electron has fake (= effective ) mass, which can be negative.  ← unreal
These fake electrons are not enough to explain phenomena, so they invented unreal quasiparticles.

For example, they created fictitious "phonon quasiparticle" to express atomic vibration, which is also abstract math letter with no physical picture, so it is useless.

They invented fictitious "exciton quasiparticle" combining an electron and a hole to explain solar cell, which is a key technoology for climate change, but useless.

This "exciton quasiparticle" is also nonphysical "math letter" with No concrete shape, and they try to increase this fictitious particles in vain.

This "fictitious" physics is useless, so physicists introduced crazy idea = parallel universes for "imaginary" quantum computer, which is scam.


Quantum computer is "scam".

[ Corporations and governments are wasting money in fantasy ! ]

(Fig.7)  Quantum computer (= parallel worlds ) vs. d-wave

Quantum computer is said to be faster exploiting fantasy parallel-world computing.  But there is No evidence of faster quantum computer.

Quantum computer is one of the biggest science scams where all corrupt academia, corporations, media collude to defraud taxpayers of money.

IBM and Intel's 50-bit quantum computer is still theoretical, Not viable.   D-Wave 2000-bit computer is Not quantum computer, Not faster.

They say each quantum computer bit can be two different energy states simultaneously using two parallel worlds like a dead and alive cat.

This is untrue.  They are just alternating between two states (= Not simultaneous ! ).
Fraud quantum computer is an easy way to defraud taxpayers of money.


Quantum teleportation, information are scam.

[ Teleportation does NOT send anyhing. ]

(Fig.8)  ↓ Quantum teleportation is NOT worth science.

This "exaggerated" picture says nothing about truth.
Quantum teleportation cannot send any real information like star treck.

A light source emits lights with the same polarization (= vertical or horizontal is unknown ) in the opposite directions.

When we detect light A as vertical polarized, it means the light B is vertical, too.  So "vertical polarization" of light A is "teleported" to light B !?

This stupid thing is what physicists are doing.
Quantum teleportation is scam science like information and entanglement.


Black hole doesn't exist.

[ Infinite time is needed to form black hole, so impossible. ]

(Fig.9)  Time stopping on black hole prevents its formation.

Black hole doesn't exist.  Time stop around black hole prevents its formation.  Black hole contradicts special relativity.

Black hole has No evidence.  Even stars around black hole can Not be seen due to dense dusts.

They say the motion of S2 star (= closest to Milky way black hole ? ) might have proved massive black hole, but it is untrue.

This black hole mass is said to be 4 million Sun, so the cube root of this mass indicates that big star with 150 times Sun radius (= far shorter than the distance between S2 and black hole ) can explain this S2 motion.

So fantasy black hole is unneeded except for unreal extra dimension.

X-ray, they speculate, emitted from around black hole is based on doubtful assumption.

These high-energy lights are naturally thought from other sources such as nuclear fusion or something instead of fantasy black hole.


Big Bang is fantasy.

[ Universe expansion has No evidence. ]

(Fig.10)  Driving force to expand universe is dark energy ← NOT diluted ?

Big Bang theory claims our universe is expanding, but earth and Sun are Not expanding !  This is strange.

If accelerating universe is true, its driving force = dark energy ? is Not diluted by expansion !

About a century has passed since BigBang, expanding universe was first proposed.  BigBang is still useless for us.  It means this is a pseudo-science fiction.

They say the most decisive proof of Big Bang is uniform cosmic microwave background.  But this is untrue.

The space is filled with astonishingly uniform and isotropic microwaves called CMB.  The problem is the current mainstream cosmology misinterprets this microwaves as a remnant of illusory BigBang.

This misinterpretation turned 'cosmic microwave' into a hotbed of other fantasy such as parallel universes.

It's impossible for uniform microwave to keep its perfect uniformity.  Each microwave collided with different kinds of dusts, changed its shape and easily lost its uniformity for 13.8 billion years.

So it is natural to think this perfect uniformity of cosmic microwaves is caused by "uniform space medium" Not by fantasy BigBang.  Redshift = longer wavelength of light emitted from distant stars is due to Compton scattering.


Gravitational wave is useless, fiction.

[ Black hole collision is impossible. ]

(Fig.11)  ↓ Black hole, gravitational wave are just imagination.

Black hole is fiction, too far away from the earth to confirm.  And gravitational wave which they use as evidence is too weak to believe.

All they detected as gravitational wave is a unrealistically tiny change (= only one thousandth of a proton !? ) of ligo arm.  ← unrealistic !

It's impossible to distinguish such a small change.  Detector uses far-longer-wavelength laser light to distinguish this small change.

Fictional BigBang, gravitational wave and neutron star are scientifically useless except for corrupt academia and the media.


Einstein general relativity is wrong.

[ Light refraction by air is much stronger than gravity. ]

(Fig.12)  ↓ Light is bent by air, NOT Einstein gravity.

Einstein general relativity claims that light is slightly bent by gravity.  But the earth's gravity is too small to observe it.

We can observe the light is strongly bent by the air due to classical light refraction.  Light refraction is far stronger than gravitational lensing ( > 1000 : 1 ) !

Einstein relativity cannot explain light refraction, so they ignore it.  Light deflection is not by general relativity but by classical theory.

Test of Einstein theory is targeted at stars too far away to confirm.  They introduced artificial dark matter where gravity failed.  ← nonsense.

GPS time is much more affected by atomosphere, which is applying stronger air pressure to clock device and modifying it.

Einstein gravitational effect is too weak, and hidden in other stronger effect such as atomosphere and space dusts, so Einstein relativity has No evidence.


Dark matter research is waste of money.

[ No dark matter is found → but many imaginary candidates ? ]

(Fig.13)  ↓ Why "abundant" and powerful dark matter is NOT found on the earth ?

Dark matter was introduced to explain galaxy rotation.
Strange to say, No dark matter is found nor felt around the earth.

Physicists try to detect this imaginary dark matter using very sensitive detector.  These methods contradict the original theory.

If dark mater really exerts strong power enough to push the entire galaxy, we can easily feel those strong winds of dark matter !  But nothing is felt.

It's natural to think the space is filled with the common medium which exerts strong forces such as electromagnetic, gravitational forces, galaxy rotation.

Artificial dark matter and unreal virtual particle are unnecessary.


Einstein is wrong.  -- paradoxes.

[ Special relativity contradicts de Broglie theory. ]

(Fig.14)  Observer moves → interference disappears from screen ?

Textbooks hide the fact that Einstein relativity includes fatal paradoxes with mc2, de Broglie wave and electromagnetic force.  So Einstein is wrong.

Michelson-Morley did Not deny light medium moving with the earth.

Einstein without light medium contradicts light reflaction, and needs unreal virtual particles as Coulomb force and fantasy parallel worlds in double-slit.

If we admit space medium from the beginning, artificial dark matter and Big Bang for cosmic microwave are unneeded.


Antimatter does't exist.

[ Protons collide with metal → anti-matter (= anti-proton ) ? ]

(Fig.15)  Production of anti-matter depends on very "doubtful" process.

The media (+ corrupt academia ) tend to exaggerate only the part of "anti-matter !", so ordinary people probably don't know how anti-matter is produced.

They cannot produce antimatter only from light, which contradicts the original theory.  They need to collide electrons or protons with target nuclei, violating momentum conservation.

The point is that these negative particles include many unrelated particles (= electrons, -ions.. ) other than anti-protons, which cannot be distinguished.

Very unstable antimatter is just "statistical artifact" of other particles.

PET is explained by electron capture instead of unreal positron emission, their reactions are the same.

So, antimatters such as positron and antiproton are unreal and unnecessary.


Particle collider is waste of money.

[ Higgs, quark  are "imaginary" particles inside collider. ]

(Fig.16)  They cannot separate Higgs, quark from accelerator = unreal.

Large Hadron collider is waste of money.  All very unstable particles ( if they were real ) cannot be separated from colliders to confirm their existence.

So we don't need the present particle physics with expensive colliders.

Photon (= light particle ) is illusion, cannot be detected directly.

QED is unreal using fake math such as ∞ = ∞ + finite value.

Quantum field theory is Not physics.



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