Largest quantum computer is fake.


51-bit  quantum computer was realized ?

[ It's NOT a quantum computer using parallel worlds. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ 51-qubit quantum computer in Russia is fake news.

Largest quantum computer by Russian and Harvard team is fake news.  They say quantum computer with 51 bits (= qubits ) was created.

Careful media uses "simulator" instead of quantum computer.  But even "simulator" is wrong word.

They just lined 51 atoms up in a row, and changed their energy levels, illuminating them by laser light.

That's all.  No computation here.


Two atomic energy levels = quantum bit ?

[ Ground and excited states in Rubidium atom. = qubit ? ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Illuminate Rubidium atom by laser light.

In this paper (p.2), they illuminate Rubidium atoms in a line by laser light.

Each atom is alternating between ground (= g ) and excited (= r ) energy levels.  They call these two energy states "quantum bit" with 0 or 1.

Quantum computer needs parallel computation to be faster using parallel worlds.  But it just uses classical mechanics.


51 atoms in a line → 51-bit quantum computer !?

[ Misrepresent '51 atoms' as '51-bit quantum computer'. ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ 51 atoms with ground (= 0) and excited (= 1 ) states line up.

In this paper (p.5), they arranged 51 atoms in a line, and they misrepresent it as "51-bit quantum computer", though they cannot do any computation.

They adjust the distance between atoms, and arrange 51 atoms in the order of ground, excited, ground states ... by illumnating them by light.

That's all in this experiment.  No computation here.
So the media's "largest quantum computer" is fake news.


Superposition = parallel worlds is fantasy.

[ Quantum computer relies on imaginary parallel worlds. ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ Whether 0 or 1 is unknown = 0 and 1 at the same time !?

Quantum computer must use illusory parallel worlds to execute parallel computing.

Parallel worlds means a single cat can be dead ant alive at the same time, but it cannot be observed, so just imagination.

They argue each atom can be in two energy states at the same time, untill they observe one of them.  ← this logic is ridiculous.

Even when whether 0 or 1 states is unknown, they call it "each atom takes two different states at the same time before measurement !"

So unseen quantum superposition (= a dead and alive cat ) is just fantasy.


Quantum computer is never realized.

[ They cannot do parallel computing even in small qubits. ]

(Fig.5)  ↓ Parallel computing using parallel-world tools is impossible.

Quantum computer has to exploit unreal parallel worlds to execute ultra-fast parallel computing.

To do parallel computing, both target atoms and laser (= manipulate atom ) must be split into parallel worlds.  ← fantasy.

So far, they just use only real laser light in a single world (= not unreal parallel worlds ).  So they cannot be called "quantum computer".

A target atom is just alternating between two energy states, and they just misinterpret them as "two states in parallel worlds" in fake media.

As you see, there is NO proof of quantum computer so far.
The fake media and corrupt universities repeat a total lie.



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