Hawking is harmful to all the world.


Hawking is a by-product of academic fraud.

[ Two major academic evil, universities and journals. ]

(Fig.1)  Commercial universities and Nature are the root of all evils.

Stephen Hawking often becomes the center of attention in the media.
Unfortunately, Hawking's theory is just a fiction with No evidence.

Then why does the media make a great fuss about his empty theory so often ?  In fact, there are big academic fraudulent organizations behind him.

There are two main academic evils misleading people:
Commercial universities and fraudulent journal, Nature.

These two evils are cooperating, and have succeeded in raising tuition fee drastically in each country ( this, this ), preying on weak students.

BBC should stop misleading people all over the world by phoney science, tied with fraudulent journal (+ its subsidiary, scientific american ), wasting money.

Hawking theory is useless with No progress.

[ Hawking theory has NO meaning, except in the media. ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Hawking black hole has made NO progress,  waste of time.

Hawking theory is worthless, except in the media and bloggers.
In fact, his theory has made No contribution to our society, useless forever.

Hawking radiation includes lost information swallowd into black hole ?
Physicists all the world waste their times in this meaningless information paradox.

Since 1970s, they have repeated the boring claims that the paradox is solved or unsolved every year.  His theory is useless, so this discussion is just waste of time.

Hawking paradox produced fictional firewall, sometimes saying no black hole, later artificial soft-photon, accompanied by "losing bet" or something.

As you see, his argument is endless, and exploited only as the media's tool to attract people's attention.

Serious problem is his meaningless theory is destroying the futures of young researchers all over the world even now !

Nothing can escape black hole ?

[ Things swallowed by black hole can never go out of it. ]

(Fig.3)  Clock time stops on the surface of black hole ?

Einstein general relativity claims the clock time stops on the surface of black hole, for which any things swallowed by black hole can never go out of it.

This Einstein black hole is the origin of Hawking lost information paradox.

Because any things including information cannot escape out of black hole, once they are sucked into it.

This black hole is inconsistent with conservation law of information by quantum mechanics ( ← paradox ? ).

Hawking radiation is just fiction.

[ Black hole evaporates by Hawking radiation ? ]

(Fig.4)  Black hole swallows things → entropy, temperature ↑ → radiate ?

Hawking proposed a radical idea that black hole may evaporate by radiation in Nature, which treats black hole by classical thermodynamic.

Ordinary thermodynamics says entropy always increases ( not decreases ).  So they argue black hole entropy always increases after swallowing something.

Entropy means inceasing "disorder".  So informations (= "order" ) is lost after things are sucked into black hole and destroyed by its singularity.

And increasing entropy also means the temperature of black hole increases, and evaporates in the end (= Hawking radiation ).

Hawking claimed this radiation includes No information, though it contradicts the conservation law.

But it's impossible for us to go and see black hole, so whether his theory is right or not is meaningless, just waste of time.

Black hole cannot be formed !

[ Time stops in black hole, so Hawking radiation is meaningless. ]

(Fig.5)  Infinite time is needed for forming black hole and radiation !

The problem is the clock time stops on the surface of black hole (= event horizon ), seen from distant observers on the earth.

So it needs infinite amount of time to form black hole and start Haking radiation, meaning black hole doesn't exisit.

Thinking about Hawking radiation is just a waste of time.
More importantly, academic organizations hide true Einstein paradox !

So, if students ( including dropouts ) sue universities for deceiving them, they could win back their money paid as exorbitant tuition fee !

Information swallowed by black hole is lost ?

[ Hawking claimed information is lost, after sucked into black hole. ]

(Fig.6)  Information cannot be retrieved → conservation law is violated.

At first, Hawking claimed information swallowed by black hole is missing forever, and Hawking radiation has no information at all.

But this lost information contradicts conservation law of quantum mechanics, so many physicists such as Susskind at Stanford objected to it.

This dispute between Hawking and Susskind is called "black hole war".
But as I said, we cannot go and see black hole itself.

So this "war" itself is meaningless in our daily livings, just a waste of time.

Hawking lost the bet ?

[ Information is not lost → Hawking lose the bet ? ]

(Fig.7)  "Information is lost or recovered" is meaningless.

Hawking made a bet with John Preskill at Caltech on wheter information is lost or can be recovered in black hole in 1997.

And finally, Hawking conceded he lost the bet, and presented some gift (= encyclopedia ? ) to him in Nature news in 2004.

But of course, we cannot confirm whether information can be really recovered from black hole or not.  So this decision is based on "imaginary" idea.

What is the theory which convinced Hawking that information can be recovered ?  Surprisingly, this theory is based on unreal extradimentions of string theory.

Because Hawking himself believes fantasy 11-dimensional spacetime, 10500 different worlds.

Unreal another dimension can save information ?

[ Hologram in another dimension can store information ? ]

(Fig.8)  3D information is encoded on a 2D hologram ?

This claims the deadlock in information paradox was broken by Maldacena at Harvard.  His theory is based on 10 dimensional string theory lacking reality.

He claimed the informations in 3-dimensional space is encoded on its 2-dimensional space boundary.

Because he claims this 2-dimencional space includes No gravity, meaning black hole paradox itself doesn't happen from the beginning.

Of course, it's ridiculous and impossible that things and informations in our three-dimensional space can be expressed on two-dimensional plane.

So this string theorist's idea is just fantasy.

Black hole theory is "fantasy".

[ Ads/CFT theory is based on 10 dimensional string theory ! ]


To be precise, this is called "Ads/CFT" which has to compactify redundant (10) dimensional spacetime, artificially.

And this Anti-de-Sitter (Ads) space contradicts the present Big Bang universe (= de Sitter ), so self-contradictory.

Hawking radiation is too good to be true !

[ Only "negative" energy is sucked into black hole ? ← too good. ]

(Fig.10)  Negative energy particle is swallowed by black hole ?

According to Hawking radiation, random vacuum fluctuations can produce a pair of positive and negative energy ( virtual ) particles.

And he claims only negative-energy particle is swallowed by black hole, decreasing its energy, leading to Hawking radiation.

Of course, this claim is just speculation, lacking physical evidence.
Unreal virtual particle is a convenient tool to describe imaginary phenomena.

To be precice, they seem to use "Bogoliubov" particle, which is fictional quasiparticle, anyway.

Faster-than-light entanglement ?

[ Spooky action is needed in black hole paradox ? ]


According to Nature, spooky link (= entnglement ) is needed to preserve information swallowed by black hole.

In fact, this entanglement (= faster-than light action ? ) is just fiction created by fraudulent journal Nature, combined with a dead and alive cat !

Physicists all over the world are wasting their precious time in this imaginary concept !

They claim posive and negative particles are entangled with each other.
Besides it, positive particle outside black hole needs to be entangled with radiated particle to preserve information.

Of course, this is just speculative idea.  Only theory with No physical grounds developed a life of its own.

Fire-wall appears inside black hole ?

[ Physicists waste their time in imaginary fire-wall paradox ! ]

(Fig.12)  ↓ Fire-wall suddenly appears, burns infalling particle ?

But one thing cannot be entangled with two different things at the same time, they claim.

So Polchinski at Santa Barbara claimed that one entangled link between a pair of ±energy particles is burnt by fire-wall inside black hole.

But if this strange fire-wall suddenly appears when negative-energy particle enters black hole, it contradicts Einstein equivalence principle.

This is called fire-wall paradox.
Uufortunately, these are all "imaginary" things with no confirmation.

As you see, the present physicists are wasting their time in these fictional theories even now, which clearly prevents the development of our science.

Hawking claimed there is No black hole ?

[ No black hole → information is radiated, not destroyed ? ]

(Fig.13)  Hawking admitted there is NO black hole ?

To solve the above firewall paradox, Hawking started to claim "black hole doesn't exist" in Nature.

If black hole itself doesn't exist, information swallowed by it is preserved, not destroyed, and can be recovered.

The reason why Hawking can say this radical opinion is there is No experimental proof of black hole.

Because, neither the black hole nor the stars around it (← ? ) can be observed, covered by very thick dusts and debris.

Anyway, people all over the world are just twisted around Hawking's little finger by the media, for nothing.

Imaginary photon can preserve information ?

[ Soft-photon with No energy can preserve information ? ]

(Fig.14)  ↓ Hawking just tries to make artificial particles to no purpose.

In 2015, Hawking started to claim the particles swallowed by black hole emit only its information as "imaginary" soft-photon.

Surprisingly, this soft-photon has No energy, but can store only information of infalling particles on the surface of black hole, later radiated.

Inventing new artificial particles to solve existing problems is contrary to pursuing truth.  No detail is mentioned about this soft-photon.

Soft-photon is unreal and contradictory.

[ Photon with zero energy has No wavelength, No amplitude. ]

(Fig.15)  It's impossible that zero-enrgy photon preserves information.

This Hawking new soft-photon contradicts basic physical rule.
If photon (= light ) has zero energy, it means No wavelength, No amplitube.

So this soft-photon with zero energy is indistinguishable from other.
It means this imaginary photon cannot store information.

Hawking fanciful theories are endless.

[ When does the media stop misleasing people by his "fancy" ?]

(Fig.16)  ↓ We have to see his fanciful theories every year ?

I bet the media ( and Nature ) would continue reporting Hawking fanciful theories as "radical idea" or something, forever.

The present physicists just waste their time in thinking about imaginary objects, which can never be confirmed ( ex. extra-dimension ).

The problem is their fanciful theories have extremely bad influence on young students all over the world, and destroying their futures, now !

We have to think about these issues more seriously.


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