Topological quantum computer ?


Topological quantum computer is unrealistic.

[ It relies on unreal quasiparticle, anyon with fractional charge. ]

(Fig.1)  Microsoft is wasting money in useless quantum computer !

Recent news says Microsoft is likely to continue investing money into topological quantum computer.  But I'm sure they will end up just wasting money.

Topological quantum computer tries to use unreal quasiparticle, anyon with fractional charge 1/3e, where they suppose one electron breaks into three quasiparticles.

Quasiparticle is NOT an actual elementary particle but just an "artifact" from multi-particle effect.

The present useless quantum mechanics tries to make artificial unreal particles forcefully as "imaginary target" to get research funds from governments.

Even top journal Nature suspects that topological quantum computer using "not-existing" particle won't be successful.

Quantum Hall effect → "fantasy" computer ?

[ Electric current on the surface of silicon = Hall effect. ]

(Fig.2)  Electric current on semiconductor under magnetic field B

Topological quantum computer tries to utilize quantum Hall effect, where characteristic electric currents are seen on the surface of some semiconductors such as silicon.

Under the magnetic field B perpendicular to the surface, each electron is moving, circularly rotating.  They call this rotational movement "topological".  That's all.

Integer quantum Hall effect.

[ Electric conductance (= 1/resistance ) is "quantized" in Hall effect. ]

(Fig.3)  ↓When the electric conductance is quantized, it is called integer Hall effect.

In integer quantum Hall effect, the electric conductivity on the surface of semiconductor is quantized under some special electromagnetic fields.

Jx is the electric current in x direction, Ey is the applied electric field in y direction.  e and h are electric charge and Planck constant, respectively.

So the electric ( Hall ) conductivity is an integer times e2/h, which is due to the ( de Broglie ) wave property of each electron.

Fractional Hall effect = anyon with 1/3e charge !?

[ Quantum mechanics tries to use unreal quasiparticle, anyon. ]

(Fig.4)  Applying unreal anyon with fractional charge in special conductivity

When the electric conductivity is fractional ( ex.1/3 ), it is called fractional quantum Hall effect ( see this p.3 box ).

Strange to say, the present physics tries to introduce unrealistic "anyon" quasiparticle with fractional charge 1/3e to explain this phenomena.

Of course, each electron with charge e is an elementary particle which cannot be divided into 1/3e !  So this physics is obviously false and impractical.

This fractional conductivity can be explained classically using electron's de Broglie wave, which is truth.

"Fantasy" computer can never be realized !

[ Using "imaginary" anyon particle as computer bit is nonsense. ]

(Fig.5)  Topological quantum computer uses unreal anyon as bit ?

Topological quantum computer in Microsoft tries to use this unrealistic quasiparticle anyon with fractional charge 1/3e as computer bit ( this p.12 ).

This is the reason why academia and corporations such as Microsoft can Never realize practical quantum computer, even after they wasted more than 10 years in its researches.

It is quite natural that realizing useful computer is impossible, as long as they depend on fictional quasiparticles such as anyon and Majorana.


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