Where does the science stop ?

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We can manipulate each single atom !

[ Atomic force microscope can detect each atom and molecule ! ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ This microscope can observe and manipulate each single atom.

Using atomic force microscopy, we can observe and manipulate each single atom.  So we have a cutting-edge technology to control the smallest particle.

In spite of these useful technologies, why cannot we manipulate each atomic behavior to cure fatal diseases such as cancer and HIV ?

In fact, old basic theory prevents us from advancing !


Detect each atomic behavior → stop advancing !

[ Microscope can detect and control slight atomic force. ]

(Fig.2)  Atomic force microscope can detect slight "atomic force" change.

Atomic force microscope can detect and control very small atomic force change to identify or move each atom.

By attaching various molecules to the tip of probe, measuring actual "forces" among different atoms is possible.

After knowing detailed forces among atoms, it seems possible to move each molecules to investigate and control new chemical reaction.

But physicists stop advancing from there !  Because the current quantum mechanics doesn't allow us to define "actual" force.

The only tool of quantum mechanics is unrealistic wavefunction which true meaning remains unknown and useless.


Useless Schrödinger equation stops science !

[ Schrödinger equation is the only tool to compute atomic behavior. ]

(Fig.3)  But Schrödinger equation is useless in multi-electron atoms !

We have the cutting-edge technology to detect and manipulate each atom.  But the old quantum mechanics prevents us from advancing !

Schrödinger equation is the only tool to consider atomic behavior in quantum mechanics.  We are NOT allowed to use other methods than Schrödinger equation !

The problem is Schrödinger equation cannot solve multi-electron atoms.  They just choose fake approximate solutions from infinite choices.

"Choosing" convenient solutions means Schrödinger equation has No ability to predict new atomic behavior.  This is where our science stops.

Whatever fake solutions we pick up, it can never be a "true" solution.


Density functional theory (= DFT ) is useless.

[ DFT just "chooses" fake potential from infinite choices, so useless. ]

(Fig.4)  DFT is one of "false" approximations of Schrödinger equation.

Density functional theory (= DFT ) is one of approximate Schrödinger equations.  DFT replaces electron-electron interaction by fake artificial potential.

In Schrödinger equation, they just choose fake approximate solutions as "trial wavefunction".  In DFT, they just choose "fake artificial potential".

There are NO restrictions in choosing these fake potentials.  We can choose any forms of these potentials from infinite choices in DFT.

So DFT has NO ability to predict any atomic behavior.  In spite of this, this DFT is the only tool for analysing atomic force microcsopy !

No matter how many times they catch slight atomic force, all they can use is useless density functional theory (= DFT, see this p.6 ).

All in these single molecule detections, useless density functional theory is the only method to interpret each atomic force ( see abstract of this and this ).

This is where out science stops.  Physicists are shackled to old useless methods which don't admit "concrete force".  It just gives us weird wavefunctions as a tool.


New technology = making artificial enzyme is possible !

[ If we admit "real concepts", chemical reactions can be controlled ! ]

(Fig.5)  We have to admit "real things", real force, real wave field to advance !

Quantum mechanics shackles us to useless wave function. NOT admitting any "concrete" real concepts such as "real force" and "real de Broglie wave".

Unless we admit real forces, it's impossible to know and compute each atomic and molecular behavior !

The moment we admit real concepts = free from old Schrödinger equation, it becomes possible to manipulate each single atom and chemical reaction.

Controlling chemical reaction means creating "artificial enzyme", which leads to clarifying protein's movement and curing fatal diseases !



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