Universe is NOT expanding !

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Universe is expanding from Big Bang ?

[ Universe has expanded since Big Bang for 13.8 billion years ? ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ This Big Bang, expanding universe is illusion !

The present cosmology considers Big Bang and expanding universe as real, though it's clearly "fantasy".

According to this Big Bang theory, our universe has been expanding since Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago.

In fact, this idea of expanding universe includes serious flaws and contradiction, so untrue.

Universe is expanding faster-than-light !?

[ Astronomer says our universe can expand faster-than-light ! ]

(Fig.2)  Faster-than-light expansion clearly "violates" Einstein relativity.

If we accept this Big Bang theory, our universe and galaxies must be expanding and moving away faster-than-light !

This is clearly a violation of Einstein relativity.  Physicists make a poor excuse that "space" ( not object ) can move faster-than-light.

As you see, the present cosmology is unrealistic and using far-fetched interpretation.

Universe expansion is accelerating ?

[ So "dark energy" is NOT diluted by expansion ? ]

(Fig.3)  Driving force to expand universe is dark energy ← NOT diluted ?

According to Nobel prize, the expansion of or universe is accelerating by hypothetical dark energy.

It means this dark energy = driving force to expand universe is NOT diluted by universe expansion !  Because expansion must slow down, if it's diluted.

Astronomers argure this mysterious dark energy has negative pressure unlike normal matters.  So dark energy increases (= NOT diluted ) as the space expands !  Nonsense.

I think you easily find this "accelerating universe" is fantasy and unreal.

Big Bang, expanding universe is fiction.

[ Faster-than-light expansion = Big Bang is nonsense. ]

(Fig.4)  Uniform microwave cannot be "remnant" of early universe !

Though the present cosmology claims out universe is expanding, the earth and the sun is not expanding.  So Big Bang theory is too good to be true.

Surprisingly, it claims our universe is expanding faster-than-light !
Strangely, this expansion energy is not diluted (= minus pressure ? )

All these researches rely on the unrealistic assumption that microwave (= CMB ) filling universe is the remnant of the early universe.

The point is this cosmic microwave is too uniform and isotropic with extremely small variaion ( ± 0.00003 Kelvin ), indicating uniform medium.

Thinking commonsensically, it's impossible that all these very weak microwave remain intact for 13.8 billion years from the early universe !

Not only microwave but also high-energy gamma rays fill all space.
The fact the earth is moving through cosmic microwave at 370 km/s indicates medium moving with the earth.

Red-shift (= longer light wavelegnth ) from distant stars means Not expansion but the light losing energy.

Light emitted from very distant stars (= billion-light years ! ) collides with many space dusts and debris, and gradually loses its energy by Compton effect, and its light wavelength becomes longer (= redshifted ).

So it is natural to think this perfect uniformity of cosmic microwaves is caused by "uniform space medium" Not by fantasy BigBang

Uniform microwave is a proof of Big Bang ?

[ Cosmic microwave background (= CMB ) is uniform. ]

(Fig.5)  Uniform, isotropic microwaves filling space proved Big Bang ?

The most conclusive evidence for expanding universe and Big Bang is supposed to be cosmic microwave back ground (= CMB ) filling all space.

The present astronomy argues that thesse microwaves are remnants of early universe and Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago.

They argue that as our universe is expanding, hot electromagnetic waves in early universe have been stretched out (= redshift ) and cooler to almost 3 K.

Uniform expansion from Big Bang really causes perfectly uniform cosmic microwaves ?  Unfortunately not.

Uniform microwaves really proves Big Bang ?

[ Cosmic microwaves are perfectly uniform, isotropic ! ]

(Fig.6)  CMB is perfectly uniform, 2.73 K with tiny variations (< 10-5 K ) !

We can observe uniform cosmic microwaves filling all space.
They say this uniform microwaves are a strongest proof of Big Bang.

These microwaves (= CMB ) filling our universe are completely uniform = 2.73 K with very tiny variations of 0.00001 K in temperature.

These microwaves can really keep their perfect uniformity and isotropy for as long as 13.8 billion years from early universe ?

Microwaves cannot keep uniform !

[ Microwaves easily lose their uniformity, scattered by space dusts ! ]

(Fig.7)  It's impossible to keep perfect uniform microwaves for long time !

Uniform cosmic microwave background is said to be a remnant and the strongest evidence of expanding universe.  But it's impossible.

Even if microwaves were perfectly uniform in early universe, they easily lose their uniformity during long journey of 13.8 billion years !

Because our universe is crowded with space dusts and debris, and not uniform in stars and galaxies.

Microwaves emitted from early universe were easily scattered by space dusts and lost their uniformity for extremely long time !

So it's impossible to keep perfect uniformity with tiny deviation ( only 1 part in 100000 ! ) in cosmic microwaves since early universe 13.8 billion years ago.

Uniform dark energy cannot expand universe !

[ Uniform pressure (= dark energy ) prevents space expansion. ]

(Fig.8)  Only "unbalanced" dark energy (= pressure ) expands universe.

Dark energy is a hypothetical driving force to expand universe.
This dark energy is said to fill all space uniformly.

But if this dark energy filles all space uniformly, it cannot contantly expand universe, because it gives only uniform (= balanced ) pressure inside space.

To expand universe at the same speed in all space, this dark energy must NOT be uniform (= its density must be higher at the inner part ! )

This "NOT-uniform" dark energy cannot explain perfect uniform microwaves.  And space easily tends to balance their pressure (= distribution ) and stop expansion.

Uniform "medium" explains uniform microwaves !

[ Expanding universe failed to explain perfectly uniform microwaves. ]

(Fig.9)  ↓ Reason why perfectly uniform, isotropic microwaves are observed.

Cosmic microwaves filling all space were observed to be perfectly uniform and isotropic.  They say this is a remnant of early universe, though it's impossible.

Thinking commonsensically, microwaves emitted from early universe easily lose their uniformity scatterd by space dusts on the long journey.

So there is only one idea that can explain those perfectly uniform microwaves.  We can naturally think the space is filled with uniform "medium" transmitting light.

The idea of "uniform medium" can also solve fatal paradoxes Einstein relativity and mysterious dark matter.

Olber's paradox cannot prove Big Bang.

[ Sky is dark at night → universe is expanding ? ]

(Fig.10)  Sky is "bright" in higher energy X ray and gamma rays !

They say if universe is NOT expanding, sky at night must be bright, filled with lights emitted from all stars.  But actual sky is dark at night.

This Olber's paradox is said to be solved by expanding universe.  But in fact, the sky is NOT dark even at night, seen from X-ray telescope.

Space is "always bright" filled with mirowaves, high-energy X rays and gamma rays.  Visible lights are easily absorbed by dusts like in galactic center.

So the real reason why the sky is dark at night is only visible lights are easily scattered and absorbed by space dusts, cannot reach far away.

This Olber's paradox cannot be used as absurd expanding universe.

Earth and Sun are NOT expanding !

[ The distance between earth and Sun is NOT expanding. ]

(Fig.11)  Only light waves are stretched out by space expansion ?

It is said that our universe has been expanding since Big Bang.  But all matters are NOT expanding !

The distance between the earth and Sun is NOT expanding.  So the expansion of "space" is untrue.

They say, because gravity and Coulomb forces are stronger than driving force by dark energy, the earth and Sun don't expand.

But this explanation is contradictory.
Light wave consists of electric and magnetic fields !

So if electric field inside light can be expanded, all other matters bound by Coulomb (= electric ) force must be expanded, too !

Universe expands → Light recedes from Earth ?

[ Space expansion = light cannot approach the earth ? ]

(Fig.12)  Distance between Earth and light also expands !

If expansion of universe is true, all distances and areas must be stretched out.  So the distance between the earth and light approaching the earth must be longer !

It means if the light wave is really expanded with universe, the light recedes from the earth, and cannot approach us !

To reach the earth, each light wave has to resist and move against the flow of space expansion !

Light is expanded by space "resistance" ?

[ Light receding by universe expansion feels resistance ? ]

(Fig.13)  Big Bang theory argues light is expanded by space resistance ?

If universe is really expanding, light approaching the earth recedes by it.  So to reach the earth, light must move in the opposite direction to universe expansion !

If light wave is stretched out by space expansion, it means light feels the force (= resistance ) of space expansion.

And all parts of light wave ( approaching Earth ) move against the space expansion, and feel "resistance".

Light is expanded due to "slowdown" ?

[ Light slows down by universe expansion ! ]

(Fig.14)  Different resistances at front and back parts cause light expansion.

If light (= cosmic microwave ) is extended by universe expansion, those lights have to resist and move against the expansion.

Elongated light wavelength means the part of the light wave slows down from the original light speed c.

But all parts of light wave must be moving against space expansion in order to approach the earth.

It means the front part of light is a little slower and the back part is much slower than c by the resistance from space expansion ?

If so, the light wave easily slows down to stop, cannot reach the earth !  After all, this slowdown by space resistance is a different version of tired light.

Redshift is NOT by universe expansion !

[ Light emitted from distant stars lose more energy → red shift. ]

(Fig.15)  Light loses its energy scattered by space dusts.

It is said that light emitted from distant stars are stretched (= red shift ) by space expansion.  This stretched light (= longer wavelegnth, lower frequency ) means "lower energy".

So we can naturally think "red shift" is caused by light losing energy by space dusts, rather than unrealistic expanding universe !

After supernova explosion, it emits lights, and we can observe them for about two weeks.  But in more distant supernova, we can observe them for more than two weeks.

This phenomenon can be also explained using scattering by space dusts.  Lights emitted from more distant stars tend to spread more area, affected by more kinds of dusts.

Helium nucleo-synthesis is based on very far-fetched idea (= all heliums in unievrse were produced in the first three minutes !? ), and cannot prove Big Bang.

Resistance from dark energy stops Earth ?

[ If space is filled with dark energy, Earth feels its resistance ! ]

(Fig.16)  Earth orbiting Sun is affected by dark energy ( matter ) ?

If dark energy ( matter) really fills space, it causes serious problem.
Earth is orbiting around the Sun, and its speed does't decrease.

It means the earth doesn't feel any resistance and forces from space !  This contradicts dark energy ( matter ), which pushes all stars strongly.

Earth's movement in the tangential direction around Sun has nothing to do with gravity.  Its orbital angular momentum must be constant.

To conserve its orbital angular momentum, any other space forces and resistance must be removed !

Earth rotation is to "dodge" space resistance.

[ Earth couterclockwise spin is to divert space resistance. ]

(Fig.17)  "Not-spinning" Venus feels strong winds unlike Earth !

If space contains nothing, it cannot explain basic phenonema such as gravitational force and dark matter.

But if space is filled with some matter, the earth feeds its resistance and gradually decreases its orbital angular momentum by friction !

It is known slmost all planets including Earth spin counterclockwise, and orbit the Sun counterclockwise (= the same direction as spin ).

So we can naturally think this earth rotation (= spin ) is to divert space resistance, while it is moving around the Sun !

Only Venus rotates retrograde very slowly, almost stops.  So Extremely strong wind (= superrotation ) is always blowing on the surface of Venius, instead of diverting space resistance by rotation.

Earth rotation speed (= 1600 km/hr ) is almost the same scale as Venus strong wind (= 360 km/hr ).

Conclusion: Big Bang is unreal.

[ Expanding universe lacks physical evidence. ]

(Fig.18)  Uniform microwaves are due to uniform medium.

The conclusion is that there is NO physical evidence for fantasy Big Bang and expanding universe.

So physicists all over the world are wasting their precious time and our tax in imaginary early universe, forever.

In fact, even Edwin Hubble favored "tired-light (= light losing energy caused red shift)", disbelieveing expansing universe.

All universities and the media must stop misleading young studetnts and destroying their career by phony science, immediately !  This is one of serious crimes !


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