Quantum computer is illusion


Light quantum computer is nonsense.

[ Light polarization is quantum computer's bit ? ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Two light polarizations are mixed = two different worlds !?

Physicists try to use classical light and light adjuster as quantum computer and teleportation.  But this is nonsense and unrealized forever.

They treat polarization of light (= photon ? ) as quantum computer's bit.
For example, vertical polarization = 0,  Horizontal polarization = 1.

When two classical polarized lights are mixed, ridiculous quantum mechanics says two different polazations coexists in two parallel worlds.

Two different states in two parallel worlds is called "superposition" = dead an alive cat's photon ?  This is unrealistic quantum interpretation.


Light filter = quantum computer ? ← nonsense

[ Changing light polarization through filter is quantum computer ? ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Quantum computer is just classical light manipulation.

When light polarization indicates computer's bit, changing polarization through light filter means quantum computer's manipulation ?

So, quantum computer by photon is just classical manipulation of light.
Quantum superposition is just mixed classical lights with two polarizations.

There is NO concept such as "quantum computer" here.
Quantum computer is unrealistic and useless from the beginning.


D-Wave is NOT a quantum computer.

[ The media uses classical D-Wave as fake success story of quantum computer. ]

(Fig.3)  D-Wave is neither computer nor calculator.

A recent news says Volkswagen used D-Wave quantum computer to predict Beijing traffic pattern ?  Unfortunately, quantum computer is useless.

Quantum computer is an investment scam like useless self-driving.  They try to collect money using famous companies such as Google as advertizement.

A recent experiment showed D-Wave is NOT faster than old classical Computer.  D-Wave false claim is based on improper comparing method.

D-Wave is neither computer nor calculator.  D-Wave uses the process where initial fluctuating state gradually settles down to its stable lowest energy state.

Fluctuating → most stable state is just usual classical phenomenon, NOT quantum.


Quantum computer is "scam".

[ Corporations and governments are wasting money in fantasy ! ]

(Q-1)  Quantum computer (= parallel worlds ) vs. d-wave

Quantum computer is said to be faster by simultaneous computing using parallel worlds where each bit can take many different states at the same time.

Despite longtime research, quantum computer remains useless, so it's scam, though they repeat the same boring phrase "there'll be breakthrough in near future !"

It includes only five quantum bits, which easily break relying on unreal particle.  There is NO experimental proof of parallel computing.  Still in its infancy.

Corporations and govenments are deceived by the establishment media, as shown in this.  There are two groups in quantum computer, D-Wave or not.

D-Wave (= slow ) is not a calculator, it just seeks the lowest energy state.  D-Wave has nothing to do with computer, its comparison is meaningless.

Quantum computer is useless except for getting prize, publishing journals, university, giving lectures and blog.

Quantum computer is one of "fake targets" under useless quantum mechanics.



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