Large Hadron collider is useless.

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Gigantic colliders pursue only illusory particles !

[ Higgs, quarks cannot be isolated, so unreal and useless. ]

(Fig.1)  Particle physicists and the media urge us to belive "fiction".

You may often see the table of elementary particles.
Unfortunately, almost all these particles are unreal and useless, forever.

Fractional-charge quark can never be isolated.
Higgs, weak bosons are too unstable and rare to observe directy.

Muon and other unstable particles instantly decay into electrons and light.
So only electron, proton, neutrino, light are real and meaningful.

Don't be misled by false colorful pictures of imaginary particles

Large Hadron Collider (= LHC ) is a trash.

[ We don't need wasteful gigantic particle collider ! ]

(Fig.2)  Large Hadron Collider just wastes our tax in meaningless illusion.

The Large Hadron Collider (= LHC ) often becomes a hot topic in the media.
But in fact, this gigantic particle collider is just a useless trash.

Did this gigantic collider do anything to improve our daily lives ?
LHC did nothing useful for our society and science.

On the contrary, these kinds of useless colliders are destroying the furture of researchers by tempting them to do "false" science !

We must stop the media and universities from advertising these meaningless and harmful colliders immediately to reduce the victims of fictional science !

Why is particle physics useless ?

[ Quantum field theory is NOT real physics ! ]

(Fig.3)  Einstein mc2 →unreal quantum theory and Higgs.

Elusive Higgs discovered (← ? ) at LHC is based on Einstein mc2.
In fact, this famous Einstein mc2 includes fatal paradox, so false.

The important point is that this quantum field theory has NO ability to describe "concrete" particle figures.

The present theory just shows two simple actions of electron's creation an annihilation.  That's all the theory can do !

Under this very limited and useless physics, there is nothing physicists can do.  So they needed to fabricate some "imaginary" target such as symmetry.

To keep this artificial rule of symmetry, Higgs is needed.
The point is this "symmetry" has nothing to do with the truth.

Particles in quantum mechanics are useless.

[ Because its electron is just a meaningless math symbol, c. ]

(Fig.4)  Electrons inside metals = Abstract math letters (= c ).

Suprprisingly, even in the latest condensed matter physics, the quantum mechanics can show only abstract, meaningless symbols as electrons !

Becuse all the present physics is based on the common quantum field theory, they can show only a nonphysical letter (= c, c ) as an electron.

This is the reason the quantum mechanics is useless, just pursues "fantasy".

An electron is a nonphysical symbol ?

[ All they can do is create and annihilate each electron. ]

(Fig.5)  Quantum mechanics can do only this ↓ in each electron !

Probably almost no ordinary people know the present physics is useless.
All quantum mechanics can do is two simple actions in each particle.

An electron can only be created (= c ) or annihilated (= c ) by quantum mechanics.  That's all.

As you feel, it's impossible to describe actual complicated and dynamical physical phenomena using only these "too simple" actions !

Einstein relation → Dirac equation with spin ?

[ Dirac equation forms the basis of quantum field theory. ]

(Fig.6)  Einstein → Dirac → Symmetry (= NOT physics ! ) → Higgs.

Dirac equation is the most important one which forms the basis of all quantum field theories.  The problem is its form is very unrealistic.

Relativistic Dirac equation was gotten by dividing Einstein quadratic relation into linear functions.

In compensation for this, electrons in Dirac equation must be abstract, nonphysical, useless symbols, forever.

So physicists had to create some "fictional" target to publish papers.
This is the "symmetry" on which Higgs, particle physics are based.

Higgs uses meaningless transformation.

[ Invariant under "Phase" transformation → Symmetry ? ]

(Fig.7)  "Phase" transformation in Higgs has NO meaning.

The Higgs theory is based on the artificial rule, "symmetry".
"Symmetry" means that the equation of motion is invariant under some transformations.

The problem is that those transformations used in Higgs and standard model were created artificially, so have nothing to do with the truth !

Higgs uses phase transformation, where electron's wavefunction (= ψ ) changes by some phase (= θ ).

This phase (= θ ) has NO physical meaning at all.
So Higgs theory lacks reality from the beginning.

Phase transformation has NO meaning.

[ Phase (= θ ) in Higgs theory has NO physical meaning. ]

(Fig.8)  Relativistic equation is invariant under phase transformation ?

The present quantum field theory can do nothing, and just useless.
So physicists had to find some "motive" for physics from nowhere.

This is the reason they adopted artificial rule (= phase transformation ) where Higgs is needed to keep the equation invariant.

As I said many times, these transformations and symmetry have nothing to do with our real worlds !  They just fabricated them.

Artificial rule-2 = "gauge" transformation.

[ Artificial concept of "gauge" was introduced for Higgs. ]

(Fig.9)  ↓ This "gauge" has nothing to do with our daily lives !

Physicists created another artificial concept (= gauge ).
They claim equations must be invariant under the gauge transformation.

There are NO physical grounds for this artificial "gauge" rule.
They just fabricated this artificial concept as "imaginary" target and motive.

They argue if photon equation includes "mass term", it cannot be invariant under gauge transformation, so photon is massless ( this p.16 ).

This is just an artificial rule with NO reasonable reason.

Higgs is based on two artificial rules.

[ "Gauge", "phase" transformations have NO meaning. ]

(Fig.10)  ↓ Higgs is needed for these artificial concepts ?

Why do we need Higgs and standard model ?
Physicists created two artificial rules.

They argue the equation of motion must be invariant under two " phase" and "gauge" transofrmations.

To keep these rules, particles must be massless.
But almost all electrons, weak boson, quarks have masses.

To solve this problem, Higgs appeared to give them masses, keeping those invariant equations (= symmetry ).

It is impossible that our natural world actually adopts these unnaturally "synthetic" rules.

All particles are based on "fake" rules.

[ All fundamental forces obey artificial transformations ? ]

(Fig.11)  "Gauge" and "phase" have NO physical meaning !

Surprisingly, they argue all fundamental forces and particles in the present standard model rely on these artificial rules, gauge and phase.

These "phase" and "gauge" lack physical grounds, so the present particle physics blindly believes nonphysical concepts, forever !

Weak force uses "matrix form" which is called SU2.
Quark model uses 3 × matrix form called SU3.

Almost all these particles adopting "fake" rules lack reality.

Standard model's particles are unreal.

[ Too heavy W boson, fractional-charge quarks are unreal. ]

(Fig.12)  ↓ Those virtual particles don't exist in "real" world.

They claim that standard model is very successful theory and agrees with every experiment (← ? ).  But this claim is a big lie.

Because its forces are virtual, which is not real particle.
Its strong force, quark = fractional change cannot be isolated.

The most important force in standard model is "weak force" mediating beta decay.

But unfortunately, this weak (= W ) boson also lacks reality.
Because this W particle disobeys energy (= mass ) conservation.

Symmetry has NO physical meaning.

[ Artificial transformation → symmetry → Higgs ? ]

(Fig.13)  Equation doesn't change under transformation = symmetry ?

"Symmetry" means the equation of motion doesn't change under some transformation.

Higgs standard model adopted artificial phase and gauge symmetry, which don't represent physical reality, so useless and a waste of money.

Dark matter = supersymmetry is nonsense.

[ "Supersymmetric" transformation is artificial, too. ]

(Fig.14)  ↓ This rule for supersymmetric particle is fake.

They introduced more artificial rules where each fermion and boson can exchange each other (= supersymmetric transformation ).

When the equation of motion is invariant under this transformation, it is called supersymmetry (= SUSY ).

Again this rule has nothing to do with our real world.
But the present physics needs this supersymmetric particle for dark matter.

Dark matter filling all space is indispensable for galaxy rotation ( dinosaur's stroy is fiction ), because Einstein rejected "aether".

If we adopted some real medium, we can solve all paradoxes and don't need artificial dark matter and supersymmetry.

How does Higgs give mass to particles ?

[ Higgs theory cannot show "concrete" mass mechanism. ]

(Fig.15)  They just put Higgs and other particles side by side.

How does Higgs give mass to other particles ?
The present physics can show very abstract symbols as particles.

So all other particles such as Higgs and weak bosons are also nonphysical letters with NO shape.

So the standard model just put nonphysical symbols side by side, and claims it represents Higgs mechanism of giving mass ( this p.6 ).

That's all.  The present physics has NO ability to describe actual physical phenomena at all.

Higgs has nothing to do with "mass" !

[ Higgs "field" giving mass is NOT found ! ]

(Fig.16)  Why Higgs field around us cannot be detected ?

If Higgs is giving mass to all particles, there must be infinite Higgs around us !  But we cannot detect Higgs around us !

In fact, Higgs boson discovered (← ? ) inside LHC collider has nothing to do with "mass".  Higgs field gives mass.  See this.

So even if they found Higgs boson at LHC, it's completely meaningless and a waste of money.

Unless they find "Higgs field" around us outside collider, Higgs "mass" mechanism is just fiction and a big lie.

Higgs "inside" LHC is useless.

[ Higgs boson has nothing to do with giving mass. ]

(Fig.17)  We have to find Higgs "outside" collider !

Higgs boson is too rare and its finding needs trillions of collisions, which chance is much worse than a needle in a haystack.

Furthermore, they cannot see Higgs boson itself, only final products Higgs decays into can be detected.

So "Higgs particle = origin of mass" is misleading and the media-hype !
If Higgs is giving mass to everything, we must find Higgs around us outside the collider !

Gigantic particle colliders just waste our tax, and make NO contribution to our daily lives !

Dark matter research is meaningless.

[ Dark matter = 30 % of the universe ? But NOT found ! ]

(Fig.18)  We cannot detect dark matter filling all space.  Strange.

They claim dark matter is fillng all space, and accounts for 30 % of our universe.  But we cannot detect it at all !

This is very strange.  They found an lame excuse, claimng dark matter ( and supersymmetric particle ) cannot interact with any detectors.

Dark matter inside collider is meaningless.

[ Dark matter inside LHC has NO relation with galaxy ! ]

(Fig.19)  ↓ This very rare dark matter can really rotate galaxy ?

Cern tries to find this dark matter inside LHC.  Dark matter cannot be detected except as doubtful "missing energy" like neutrino.

This dark matter research is strange, meaningless and a waste of money.

Because if almost infinite dark matter is filling all space, we can detect it even outside the collider easily !

Even if they claim the dark matter may be detected as "missing energy" inside LHC, it does NOT prove those dark matter really rotates the galaxy.

So the present particle physics using gigantic collider has NO physical meaning.

Constructing useless colliders is endless.

[ Someone must stop constructing meaningless colliders ! ]

(Fig.20)  We must find "real" particle outside the particle collider.

Physicists don't try to find Higgs field giving mass and dark matter rotating galaxy around us outside the particle colliders, because it's impossible.

Gigantic colliders cannot find real particles affecting our daily lives !
So their construction is meaningless and just a waste of our money.

Though they can detect neither Higgs field nor dark matter in our real world, they try to mislead people into wasting money in useless collider.

This is nonsense and ridiculous.

Weak boson inside collider is meaningless.

[ Neutron decays into a proton and an electron ... ]

(Fig.22)  Beta decay: Neutron → proton + electron ..

They claim weak boson was found inside colliders, but it has nothing to do with actual beta decay !

Neutron is unstable, which decays into a proton and an electron within 10 minutes.  This process is called " beta decay".

Neutron and proton have almost the same mass.
( To be precise, a neutron is a little heavier than a proton .)

So the slight mass difference between a neutron and a proton is equal to the final products of an electron (+ neutrino ).

This is quite natural, because the total energy (= mass ) must be conserved.

Massive W boson is unreal.

[ A neutron decays into massive W boson of 80 times proton mass ? ]

(Fig.23)  ↓ This heavy W boson violates conservation.

The problem is W boson, which they claim mediates this beta decay, is 80 times heavier than a proton !

This is very strange.  Because they claim an initial neutron decays into a proton (+) and very heavy W boson (-).

As I said, the mass difference between a neutron and a proton is very small, which can never reach "80 times proton" mass !

So they start to claim this very heavy W boson is virtual (= not real ), which can appear for only a very short time.

This "far-fetched" interpretation is too good to be true.
Even in Higgs decay, this W boson is virtual, lacking realtiy.

So it's impossible to say the standard model "giving up reality" is the most successful theory.  ( ← Big lie ! )

Conclusion: the present particle physics is useless.

[ The media, universities mislead people into wasting money. ]

(Fig.24)  BBC, Nature should stop false advertising of LHC.

The UK media especially BBC and Nature should stop false advertising and misleading people.

Though I understand their feeling that they want to support Peter Higgs, the present physics is unrealistic and harmful to people all over the world.

Though students may not notice the real reason of exorbitant tuition ( ex. £9,000 ), the present fictional science is the main factor.

If the basic science changes into useful (= real ) one, whether "elite" university or not becomes meaningless, and tuition will decreace spontaneously.

All governments should check whether universities really teach useful science or just fictional science, not misled by false advertisement.


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