No evidence of black hole.


Galaxy rotation disobeys Einstein's relativity.

[ Stars' rotation speeds are the same with increasing radius. ]

(Fig.1)  Gravity of galactic center (= black hole ) contraditcs phenomena.

Orbital velocity of planets in solar systems decline with distance from Sun according to Kepler's gravity law.

Einstein general relativity claims that a hypothetical black hole at the center of galaxy rotates the whole galactic stars by its strong gravity.

If black hole rotates stars, their rotation speeds must decline as the distance from the center to the star is longer.  But the actual star's speed doesn't decrease.

This is the reason physicists invented artificial dark matter filling all space to explain galactic "flat" (= same ) rotation speed.


Black hole cannot be formed !

[ Infinite time is needed to form black hole, so impossible. ]

(Fig.2)  Time stopping on black hole prevents its formation.

The clock time stops on the surface of black hole from viewpoint of distant observer ( on earth ).

So it needs infinite time to form black hole from collapsed star.
It means black hole does Not exist now, different from this claim.

Black hole is one of the largest scams in science history ( this myth #2 ).

But if they give up black hole, physicists would have nothing to do in Einstein relativity.  This is the reason unreal black hole survives.


There is NO evidence of black hole !

[ Black hole may exist at the center of galaxy ? ]

(Fig.3)  But galaxy center is too concentrated to observe !

It is said that the black holes exist at the center of galaxy.  Of course, we cannot see black hole itself from which NO light can escape.

Astronomers argue they can estimate the existence of black hole by observing star's motion around black hole.

The problem is galactic center is filled with so much dusts that we can not see even stars around black hole ( this 4th paragraph ) !


Black hole is unnecessary.

[ No evidence of black hole in galaxy. ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ Black hole can be replaced by large normal star.

Times stops near black hole, so black hole can neither emit light nor be formed.  They claim observing stars around the center of galaxy proves black hole.

The planet closest to black hole is called s2 ( or s-102 ).  The motions of these stars don't need black hole.

A star ( of the same density as Sun ) 150 times bigger than Sun can explain these planetary motion.

There is No evidence and No need for black hole even in the planets around it.


Black hole contradicts dark matter.

[ Galactic center = black hole gravity, other = dark matter ? ]

(Fig.5)  ↓The present astronomy is self-contradictory.

They insist only stars near center of galaxy obeys Kepler law of black hole, and other stars disobey it.  Instead, they introduced artificial dark matter.

So the present astronomy is clearly self-contradictory relying on two different matters to explain star's motion in galaxy.

Though this unknown dark matter can strongly push the whole stars, it can neither be detected nor felt even by very sensitive detector.

Instead of this doubtful dark matter, we can naturally think there is some "common medium" of gravity and dark matter.

The center of galaxy is condensed stars and the whole space itself is moving around it through the common "medium".


Black hole business   --- fraud.

[ Deceive taxpayers by imaginary black hole. ]

(Fig.6)  ↓ Gravitational wave ( ? ) is too small to believe.

Rumor says gravitational wave from neutron star might be detected.  But all these news are fake news.

All they detected is a negligible tiny change (= only one thousandth of a proton !? ) of ligo arm length.

It's impossible to distinguish such a small change.  Detector uses too-long-wavelength laser light to distinguish this small change.

You cannot confirm whether imaginary black hole ( or neutron star ) really exists, because they are too far away from the earth.

Formation of black hole needs infinite time seen by outside observer, meaning black hole does not exist.

Black hole and gravitational wave are "fraud business" for corrupt universities to get Nobel prize and defraud taxpayers of their money.

"New era for astronomy" by popular scientist is an empty but convenient expression to mislead nonexperts.



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