Flaws in the present physics


1. Quantum mechanics is useless
        Solid-physics,   Quantum-field-theory,   Ferromagnet

2. Quantum computer is "scam" !

3. Schrodinger equation is wrong
        Schrodinger-helium,   Density-functional-theory

4. Electron spin is unreal
        Spin,   Pauli-principle,   Singlet-triplet

5. Photon doesn't exist
        Photon,   Virtual-particle,   ARPES

6. Einstein, Hawking are "fiction"
        Gravitational-wave,  Black-hole,  BigBang,  Hawking

7. Special relativity paradox
        Paradox,   Michelson-Morley

8. Large hadron collider is useless trash
        Higgs,   Anti-particle

9. University tuition is skyrocketing
        Tuiiton-fee,   UK-science

For-profit colleges lie about gravitational wave !

[ Gravitational wave has nothing to do with Einstein relativity ! ]

(Lg-1)  For-profit universities and the media distort the fact !  

Though the media repeats the same phrase, "gravitational wave is Einstein prediction !", this is a big lie and deceiving people.

Einstein general relativity has flaws which cannot transmit conserved-energy as wave, so physicists fabricated ad-hoc pseudo-tensor as gravitational wave.

So there are many choices in this ad-hoc pseudo-tensor ( this p.2 ), and the gravitational waves vanish depending on observers, which means unreal.

Einstein said gravitational waves don't exist.  Too weak, artificially-chosen gravitational wave has NO scientific value, due to its lack of link to Einstein theory.

Breakthrough prize and this is a waste of ( tax ) money.  This billionaire = servant of Hawking religion, seems to like wasting money in fantasy extradimensions.

Physics professors live in imaginary parallel universes ?
If staffs of fraudulent breakthrough prize see my website, read Einstein is false.

Hawking black hole is "religion", not science !

[ Hawking radiation can win Nobel prize, though it's fake ? ]

(Df-1)  Supersonic oscillation of Rb atoms = fake black hole !?  

This claims Hawking black hole was "created" in a Lab, so he could win Nobel prize.  But this black hole is NOT a true one, just fake ( this p.3 ).

After generating supersonic flow in Rb atoms' condensate by light.  Sound wave cannot go against this supersonic current to escape, which they called "black hole analogue".

So this black hole at lab has nothing to do with true black hole.
All physicists waste their time in meaningless Hawking information religion !

Japan satellite wasting tax in unreal black hole was punished by God.  The clear reason for that breakup remains mystery, not confirmed.

Black hole collision for gravitational wave (= disobey Einstein and too faint ) is unreal due to "time stopping".  LHC is useless trash.

This physicist desperately tries to hide the fact black hole radiation is impossible due to "time stopping" seen from distant observer (= earth ).

If whether black hole formed or not by time dilation depends on different observers, it's paradox.  Galaxy center is filled with too much dusts to confim black hole.

Quantum mechanics is completely useless.

Quantum computer is just a "scam".

[ Political leaders should NOT be deceived by academic frauds ! ]

(Sc-1)  Universities and the media defraud people of money !  

Recently, the media reported that Canadian prime minister gave quick lesson on quantum computer.  But he didn't mention the heart, superposition (= parallel worlds ).

Political leaders should notice that they are just deceived by fraudulent universities, science advisers.  Quantum computer is just a scam under useless science.

Politicians should judge whether each science is unrealistic or not by themselves !  Quantum computer is used as a tool to justify universities to raise tuition.

He should know Perimeter insititute is one of famous fraudulent organizations misleading young students by phoney science.

Harvard wastes their tuition in fantasy 12 dimensional F-theory.
The present astronomy is filled with fictions and meaningless paradox.

Misleading article. Toaster has nothing to do with quantum photon.
Mentor (= moderator ) closed threads, hiding contradiction between Lorentz contraction and de Broglie wave.

All this mess is caused by useless Schrodinger equation in quantum mechanics !

Nature should "retire" for our science.

[ Top journal Nature is a source of scientific fraud ! ]

(Pa-1)  Big Bang, quantum internet ← Nature's fiction, again.  

Top journal Nature tries to spread new fiction, "quantum internet" to mislead researchers all over the world, like fraudulent quantum computer.

Big Bang is nonsense, because its expanding energy is not diluted (= negative pressure ? )  And our earth cannot feel those fictional dark matter and energy at all !

The earth is orbiting around the Sun keeping its angular momentum by Kepler law, meaning the earth feels NO external pressure from dark matter, energy !

This is strange, because both dark matter and energy can push all stars strongly.  Earth's movement in tangential direction must feel their friction !

I ask Ethan, why physicists waste their time in unreal wormhole with negative mass and faster-than-light travel ?

This billionaire becomes a missionary for "Hawking information religion" ?
Misterious breakdown of Japan satellite tells us black hole is nonsense.

To predict atomic behavier, we need to know what causes Pauli exclusion principle.

Black hole, gravitational wave are fiction !

[ LIGO is advertising unreal gravity wave to get Nobel prize. ]

(Li-1)  Fictional black hole and gravity wave are "scam".  

Japan satellite wasting our tax in unreal black hole was broken.
It's about time for us including NASA to stop seeking fictional black hole.

Now LIGO is desperately advertising unreal gravitational wave to get Nobel prize. They ( + poster girl ) hide the fact that it contradicts Einstein theory !

MIT Nobel Laureate Frank teaches fantasy multi universes ?
Nature is spreading unreal black hole and Majorana quasiparticle.

Cern's false advertisement for phony science.   Hawking again ?
Harvard ( its paper ) made no progress from phonon pseudoparticle.

Quantum mechanics is harmful, because it forbids curious people from asking what the light really is.  Mentor (= moderator ) closed those threads.

See the light is just electromagnetic wave, and a photon is fiction !

Nuclear physics is fiction, now.

[ Unreal nuclear physics pursues only imaginary Big Bang. ]

(Np-1)  Big Bang = imaginary target for useless science.  

The present nuclear physics is useless and uses imaginary Big Bang as a fictional target, like pie-in-the-sky quantum computer.

Japan's satellite wasting our tax in unreal black hole was broken, punished by God ?  All countries including NASA should stop pursuing fictional astronomy.

The only purpose of LIGO is to get Nobel prize by illusory gravitational wave and keep exorbitant tuition.  Particle physics depends on useless QFT.

Alan Guth should stop spreading fantasy inflationary universe.
I ask Ethan, black hole is the source of various delusions ?

Useless quantum mechanics cannot answer "what is actually happenining" even in simple angular momentum !

Particle Collider, Higgs is a waste of money !

[ Gigantic colliders just pursue useless virtual particles. ]

(Hi-1)  Higgs "boson", dark metter in LHC lack reality.  

Though several years have passed since Higgs got Nobel prize, this elusive particle has made No contribution to our daily lives.

Because all particle colliders such as Large Hadron collider (= LHC ) pursue only "virtual" particle, which is useless for us forever.

New hint of new particle (← ? ) has No meaning to us, gigantic colliders just waste our tax for nothing !  Stop meaningless particle physics right now.

Whether new doughtful particle is found (← ? ) or not is nothing, except for the media and bloggers.

Caltech should stop wasting their exorbitant tuition in fictional computer and paradox.  Stop advertising false science.

Entanglement is just fiction spread by fraudulent social media.
Imaginary Big Bang has nothing to do with global warming !

Condensed matter physics is "fake".

[ Top journals are filled with unreal concepts. ]

(Co-1)  The present physics pursues only unreality.   

In fact, condensed matter by quantum mechanics is unrealistic.
Top journlas, Nature deals with unreal particles, Majorana and phonon.

Science also pursues fictional Weyl particle.
These are all fictitious quasiparticle, Not true particles !

So applying these unreal quasiparticles to imaginary target = quantum computer is nonsense and just a scam.

Einstein birthday every year, forever, though it's false ?
The media mislead us into wasting our tax in useless collider.

It's ridiculous to seek fictional black hole using the same fiction.
I'm sick of misleading advertisement of gravitational wave.

They only talk about "unrelated" episodes, Not mentioning truth at all.
Mentor (= moderator ) closed the thread of virtual photon to hide it.

All these things are unacceptable.

Quantum computer is fiction.

[ Parallel worlds in quantum coputer is fantasy. ]

(Qc-1)  ↓ The present science stalls in fantasy.   

In fact, quantum computer is a scam.

The recent Science paper by MIT has nothing to do with fictional quantum computer.  Their bloggers hide inconvenient facts.  See its critic.

They recycle a qubit semiclassically, not using "parallel worlds".  See the original paper p.2.  So this Science paper just did "classical mechanics".

This Harvard physics relies on nonphysical symbols as electron and useless density functional theory ( LDA functional ).  See this paper p.11.  So our science stops.

Nature likes a fictional particle, photon.  But the photodetector at LHC just sees electrons ejected by electromagnetic wave ( not photon ).

Though some people desperately try to defend Einstein, his theory is false.

Two lies about gravitational wave.

[ Einstein did NOT predict fucking gravitational wave ! ]

(Qf-1)   Gravitational wave is a "scam".   

I'm sick of all the media spreading false facts about gravitational wave !
Gravitational wave is a pseudo-tensor, NOT Einstein true tensor.

Gravitational wave contradicts Einstein general relativity !
So Einstein Never admitted contradictory gravitational wave.

Then what is this doubtful gravitational wave useful for ?
They argue it's to see "dark side" such as black hole and early universe.

But we cannot go back as far as the early universe, just speculation.
So this logic (= to see universe ) is meaningless, "pie in the sky".

Brian Greene again deceives ordinary people (= Colbert ? )
He mistook "1/1000 of proton" for "atomic radius" intentionally.

Electrons inside LIGO detection mirror are moving around much larger area, so this detection is impossible.  Black hole is fiction.

BBC should stop urging us to waste our tax and tuition in fictional science, because quantum field theory is false.

Einstein is false.  LIGO is a liar.

[ If GPS time dilation is real,  LIGO tells a lie. ]

(Ei-1)  GPS → black hole = time stops ! = No waves.  

You may hear GPS proves Einstein relativity.
But if GPS uses Einstein relativity, LIGO's gravitational wave is a big lie.

They argue GPS uses gravitational time dilation, which affects GPS atomic clock ?  Then how about very strong gravity around black hole ?

This says from the viewpoint of an observer ( on earth ) outside the black hole, time stops !  A falling object would appear frozen in time at the edge of the hole.

If the clock time stops at the black hole, neither merging nor collision between two black hole is possible.

So LIGO claim that the gravitational wave originates from collision between two black hole, is a big lie, because frozen time forbids it.

Wave-particle duality is nonsense.  Because Einstein hated quantum mechanics, there is NO "quantum wave function" in general relativity.

First, gravitational wave contradicts Einstein.  His cult created even Einstein Girl ?  Harvard wastes time in meaningless paradox, though Einstein is wrong.

Physics Week in Review.

[ Gravitational wave at LIGO is nonsense. ]

(Sp-1)  Gravitational wave and spin lack reality.  

Gravitational wave discovery is ridiculous.  Electrons inside LIGO mirror reflecting detection light are moving much larger area than 1/1000 of the proton.

Collision between black holes takes infinite time, so impossible ( this comment 7 ).

I doubt this saying Einstein reinstated afer reneged it, because basic contradiction between general relativity and gravitational wave remains the same and fatal.

So fraudulent academic organizations ( this, this ) should stop misleading people, though Einstein rejected gravitational wave.  Forget Hawking.

Corrected title is "Einstein rejected gravitational wave, so he was right."

Nature didn't confirm unreal electron spin which is used only as a mark of some energy levels.  See Spin is just a mark, not real.

Gravitational wave is illusion.

[ Gravitational wave at LIGO is doubtful. ]

(LIG-1)  Gravitational wave is too small to believe.  

See Gravitational wave detected at LIGO is fake.

Why university's tuition is so high ?

[ Phoney science allowed useless universities to raise tuition. ]

(Un-1)  Exorbitant tuition originates in phony science !  

See why university's tuition becomes unrealistically higher ?

Hawking black hole is just a "scam".

[ The media and universities should stop deifying phony Hawking. ]

(Re-1)  Students are deceived by phony science !  

Hawking black hole and its radiation is fiction.
His fanciful theory is what the Nature and the media fabricated to attract people.

BBC intentionally avoided mentioning black hole formation needs infinite time, so it's impossible.

The problem is the present students are deceived into paying exorbitant tuition under these imaginary science by universities and the media !

I'm afraid suppression of free speech is rampant even in internet forum under the present wrong physics, where mentors (= moderator ) closed it without answering in detail.

See Michelson-Morley experiment didn't deny aether.

United Kingdon controls physics ?

[ Nature and BBC have the largest impact on science. ]

(UK-1)  The media determines the topic of physics ?  

See United Kingdom controls the world's physics.

Hawking is harmful to all the world !

[ His fanciful theory is endless and meaningless. ]

(Ha-1)  When does the media stop misleading people using   ?

See Hawking black hole is nonsense.

Gravitational wave doesn't exist.

[ Gravitational wave pseudo-tensor is unreal ! ]

(Hi-1) Change the arm by only 1/1000 of a proton ?  

See Gravitational wave doesn't exist.

Higgs boson has NO meaning.

[ Higgs boson found by LHC has NO physical meaning. ]

(Hi-1)  What does Higgs boson getting Nobel prize mean ?  

Though the media says that Higgs boson discovered at large hadron collider (= LHC ) gives other particle their mass, it is untrue, just media-hype.

In fact, Higgs boson detected (← ? ) at LHC has nothing to do with giving mass.

If Higgs boson really gives "mass" to every particle in our body, we could have easily found Higgs bosons filling all space around us, not only inside the collider.

Then, Higgs boson which got Nobel prize is not worth the large money you paid for as tax ?

In fact, Higgs boson has made NO contribution to our sociery.
Only the media ( bloggers ) and universities make a great fuss about it to get some subsidies.

Higgs boson is different from Higgs field !

[ Higgs field ( not boson ) giving mass has NOT been found. ]

(Hi-2)  Higgs boson found ( ? ) at LHC doesn't give mass.  

The point is elusive Higgs boson detected at LHC has nothing to do with "mass" different from the media-hype.

As I said, if Higgs is giving mass to everything around us, we could have easily found such a Higgs floating around us.  But we couldn't.

This argues "Higgs field" ( Not Higgs boson ) is the stuff that gives all other particles a mass.

Higgs boson is a quantized manifestation of a field ( the Higgs field ) ?
This distinguishing Higgs boson from field is too good to be true.

So unless we can find Higgs field ( not boson ), the large particle collider is meaningless, just a waste of our money.

The problem is ordinary people are misled into believing Higgs boson at LHC is involved in giving mass !

The same thing can be said about this doubtful particle ( ? ), which will never be useful for our society for the large money.  We must think about it more seriously.

Constructing larger collider is waste of money.

[ Desire for more gigantic collider is meaningless and endless. ]

(Hi-3)  ↓ Larger particle collider is just waste of our tax  

We have spent a large amout of money ( tax ) in constructing useless particle colliders.

Neither Higgs nor quark have done anything useful to us.
Basically all unstable particles detected (← ? ) inside the collider will be useless, forever.

In spite of this fact, particle physicists try to construct wasteful new collider using out tax, one after another.

These constructions and desire are substantially endless and meaningless.
In fact. even detectors at the present LHC are completely useless.

The only people who benefit from these meaningless gigantic collider is the media and universities which try to collect money (= raise tuition ) under useless science.

Higgs boson really exists ?

[ What's the definition of new particle ?   Excess energy ? ]

(LH-1)  Detecting excess energy of two photons = Higgs ?  

Several years have passed since Higgs boson was found (← ? ) at large hadron collider (= LHC ).

But this Higgs is unsubstantial, lacking clear figure.  And they cannot detect Higgs directly.  Then why can we claim Higgs is a real particle ?

They say the Higgs is so rare that only one in every trillion collisions inside LHC produces it.  So almost all detected events are unrelated noises.

LHC can detect only photons (= light ) instead of Higgs ( this p.2 ).
And they just interpret "slightly excessive photon detection around 126 GeV energy" as Higgs.

Unfortunately, this is very far-fetched interpretation.
For example, electrons composing all atoms can be confirmed as real particles.

But this elusive Higgs has made No contribution to our society.
It exists only inside Cern "virtual space" of computer and the media.

Electron emits only virtual photon.

[ Both energy and momentum are Not conserved in radiation. ]

(LH-2)  Electron's energy cannot be changed into real photon.   

We often see the boring cliche that standard model is the most successful theory (← ? ) ever in various sites.  But is it really true ?

As shown in Higgs, all the LHC can measure is the energy of the final particles into which initial particles transform, they claim.

But in fact, it's impossible both total energy and momentum are conserved when a particle changes into another particle of different mass.

For example, when an electron's energy is transferred to a lighter photon, the ratios of transferred energy to momentum don't agree.

So when each electron emits some photon with the same amount of energy, this photon must be always virtual photons, which is not real.

LHC detectors rely on unreal photons.

[ Electron energy → virtual photons → e-, e+ ? ]

(LH-3)  Calorimeter at LHC uses unreal virtual photons.  

So all processes involved in Higgs must rely on unreal virtual particles.
This is one of reasons why Higgs lacks physical reality even now.

To measure the total energy, LHC rely on electromagnetic cascade in calorimeters where the initial energy changes into multiple particles.

In these cascades, unreal virtual particles appear.  They claim a pair of positron and electron is produced only from this virtual photons ( this abstract,  this )

Of course, we cannot detect antimatter and virtual particles directly.  All they can detect is light (= photon ) and electrons' current.

The problem is even the energies cannot be measured correctly at LHC !

LHC detectors lose a large amount of energy.

[ Photodetector detects only lights of specific wavelength. ]

(LH-4)  Short and long wavelength lights are missing !  

The important point is calorimeters at Cern are useless.
Because it's impossible to detect all energies involved.

Energies related to nuclear breakup and neutrino are all missing ( this p.9 )
Photodetector can detect only lights of specific wavelength (= visible light ).

So high energy X rays and low energy lights escape photodector ( this p.4 )
Even detectable visible lights are missing ( detection efficiency < 40 %, this p.34 ).

So they have to artificially change some ( UV ) lights into detectable green light expecting dissipation of its energy ( this p.5 ).

Even in ejected electrons' current, all LHC can measure is the total charge ( above some threshold ).  Each kinetic energy is unknown !

Extradimention and dark matter relying on "missing energy" is doubtful.  To agree with experiment, artificial simulation is indispensable.

I'm afraid this wasteful gigantic collider is used as a tool to justify exorbitant tuition of universities preying on weak students, despite fatal flaws.

Accelerating electron radiates energy ?

[ Electron can neither emit nor absorb a photon ! ]

(Em-1)  ↓ Emit energy ?   

You may often see the boring cliche "accelerating electron radiates energy in classical orbit" in textbooks.

But in fact, these explanations are false and physically impossible.
They consider an electron as a spherical conductor storing repulsive charges.

This "stored energy" electron model is inconsistent with the smallest stable-charge electron.  So textbooks are completely wrong.

Even Schrodinger equation has to rely on "stable wavefunction", where de Broglie wave's phases agree with each other at ends.

The truth is it's physically impossible that only a single electron emits or absorbs a photon quantum mechanically.

Energy and momentum are NOT conserved !

[ Photon cannot conserve both total energy and momentum. ]

(Em-2)  ↓ A electron radiates a photon (= energy ) ?   

It's known that light (= photon ? ) has an energy proportional to its frequency as E = hf, and its momentum p = E/c.

An electron has its momentum p = mv and its kinetic energy E = 1/2mv2.
Suppose this electron emits a photon and loses its kinetic energy.

Of course, total energy and momentum must be conserved.
But it's impossible to satisfy both energy and momentum conservation !

In general, when a particle emits ( or absorbs ) another particle of different mass, one of energy or momentum is Not conserved.

Because in a photon with No mass, its momentum is much smaller compared to its great energy.

So only Compton scattering without emitting or absorbing is allowed.

Emitted photon must be "virtual", Not real.

[ Photon emitted from an electron is virtual photon with negative mass ! ]

(Em-3)  ↓ Virtual photon has negative mass m2 < 0.  

As I said, emitted ( or absorbed ) photon cannot conserve both energy and momentum at the same time.

Then what the heck is a photon which quantum mechanics says about ?
In fact, these photons are called "virtual", which disobey Einstein relation.

Surprisingly, these virtual photons have negative mass ( m2 < 0 ).
All forces such as Coulomb, weak, strong forces are virtual, Not real.

This is the reason why experimental results in LHC lack reality, just wasting our tax.

The problem is all the media, universities and bloggers are hiding these virtual particles from people !  So probably you don't know it.

They are one of main factors destroying your precious careers.
Academic frauds are rampant openly now !

Photon model failed.

[ The "whole" orbit must emits "electromagnetic wave". ]

(Em-4)  ↓ The momentum of the whole orbit is "zero".   

To conserve both energy and momentum and avoid unreal virtual photons, what are they doing ?

As I said, a photon with smaller mass tends to have larger energy compared to its momentum ( E >> p ).

So each electron has to emit ( or absorb ) only photon's energy without photon's momentum.  Is it possible ?

The total momentum included in the whole ( circular ) orbit is zero ( p = 0 ).
Because an electron is moving around the nucleus, up and down, to the right and left.

So if spreading electromagnetic wave ( not a photon ) affects the whole electron's orbit, only its energy is transferred, keeping the total momentum zero.

When an electron is ejected by electromagnetic wave, its heavy nucleus ( with little energy, large momentum ) moves in the opposite direction, balancing the total momentum.

So we have to consider light as real wave spreading in some medium to abandon virtual photon.

How big is a photon ?  ← Cannot answer !

[ Electromagnetic wave of 1 km wavelength = a photon ? ]

(Ph-1)  ↓ A single photon is bigger than 1000 meter !?   

You may often see "photon", a quantum particle of electromagnetic wave ? in various academic sites and news.

OK. Then how big is a single photon ?
In fact, the present physics cannot answer even this basic question !

For example, radio wave is one of electromagnetic waves, which have very long 1000 meter wavelength.  A single photon is so big ?

We have never confimed so big photon.  So a photon is just a fictional particle.
Even Nobel laureate, Lamb (= photon experimentalist ) did Not believe a photon.

Photoelectric effect is NOT a proof of photon !

[ Threshold light frequency (= f ) means light is "wave". ]

(Ph-2)  Electron is ejected above some light frequency.   

Quantum mechanics claims Einstein's photoelectric effect proved a photon.
But I bet you won't be able to find any clear photon images in them.

The point is in photoelectric effect, all you can detect is electrons' current ejected by light (= photon ? ).  Not any photons can be seen directly.

When you shine light above the threshold frequency (= f ) on to a metal, electrons are emitted from the metal, which is detected.  That's all.

As you see, there is No proof of a photon particle here.
Light frequency is equal to c / wavelength, which means "wave" !

So this famous photoelectric effect just showed incident light is "wave", Not a particle.

Besides it, a photon interacting with a electron must be "virtual", not real, when the total energy and momentum are conserved.  So a photon is fiction.

Photodetector detects "electrons" Not photon.

[ A single photon detector measures ejected electrons, Not a photon ! ]

(Ph-3)  Increased ejected photoelectrons = a photon ?   

Then what is a "photon" in university and the media based on ?
They claim a single photon detector can detect each photon particle.

Again, this explanation is misleading.  Because a single photodetector detects Not a photon, but electrons' current excited by incident light. ( this Fig.1 ).

Only when frequency and intensity of an incident light exceed some threshold (= which can be adjusted ), they call its electric signal "photon".

So there is No experimental proof of a photon.
Fictional photon is needed for useless quantum field theory.

This bogus science has No benefits for you, except imposing exorbitant tuition.  So students including dropouts should sue universities for deceiving them !

Counting "photons" is a big lie.

[ Photon number is based on classical light "intensity". ]

(Ph-4)  Photodetector cannot eliminate false ( dark ) count.   

Then, how does this single photon detector count, what they call, a photon ?  Photon detection efficiency is given by ( photon count - dark count )/ N.

Dark count is "false count", which electric signal is excited by unrelated thermal noise or something, even without a photon.

In fact, the threshold light power causing detectable electric signal can be artificially adjusted.  So a photon is just an artificial particle by the detector.

In this p.7, if you raise "bias voltage" of detector, both dark (= false ) and photon counts increase.  So picking up only one true photon is impossible.

"N" is the calibrated incoming photon ( this p.4 ).  How do they calibrate it ?  They have to rely on classical light power (= intensity ), where electron's current is proportional to light intensity !

So after all, the present physics must rely on "classical light intensity" for defining a photon and calibrating the photodetector.

Black hole cannot be formed !

[ Infinite time is needed to form black hole, so impossible. ]

(Bl-1)  Time stopping on black hole prevents its formation.   

What does black hole look like ?  Like this or this ?
Unfortunately these images are all imaginary fiction.

The reason of the name "black hole" is no light can get out, so black hole cannot be seen directly.

Furthermore, the clock time stops on the surface of black hole from viewpoint of distant observer ( on earth ).

So it needs infinite time to form black hole from collapsed star.
It means black hole does Not exist now, different from these claims.

Black hole is one of the largest scams in science history.

In fact, this bogus black hole just reflects basic flaws of the current physics which does harm to all students' careers !

Gravitational time dilation (= stop ).

[ Clock ticks slower at closer points to black hole. ]

(Bl-2)  ↓ Clock time ( t ) near black hole stops !   

Einstein general relativity got the famous relation indicating stronger gravity slows clock time.  M is the mass of black hole.

tearth means the clock time measured at points (= earth ) far away from the black hole.  tblack is the time near black hole.

As shonw in Bl-2, as the distance "r" is shorter, the clock time tblack is slower compared to the time on the earth.

At some distance (= Schwartzshild radius ), its clock time stops seen from the earth.

Of course, falling into black hole is possible within finite time.
But when we talk about black hole, it's always far away from the earth.

Though they claim GPS uses this time dilation, it's affected mainly by atomospheric medium, which may change light frequency in atomic clock, Not by time dilation.

Star being black hole needs infinite time !

[ Star collapses to denser black hole ? ← It takes ∞ time. ]

(Bl-3)  Impossible to form black hole within age of universe.   

For a star with mass M to be a black hole, it needs to contract to some radius r.  But as the star is denser, the time on its surface is slower.

To be black hole, it needs to be dense enough to stop the clock time !
It takes infinite time, so black hole cannot be formed ( this #2 ).

So if you accept this black hole, you must give up Big Bang theory which claims the universe is 13.8 billion years (= finite ) old.

The present physics claims the oldest black hole formed 900 million years after Big Bang.  But it's impossible, as I said.

Of course, if many black holes existed from the beginning of Big bang, our earth would have been already absorbed into one of them.

And it contradicts nucleosynthesis of the present Big Bang theory.
So the black hole is just a scam, destroying new students instead of stars !

Black hole evidence is doubtful.

[ Motions of stars and dusts can prove black hole ? ]

(Bl-4)  Dense dusts prevent confirming black hole.   

Black hole absorbig everything cannot be observed directly.
Instead, they claim observing star's motion around black hole could prove its existence.

The problem is these black hole candidates are all so distant from the earth that even star's motion around it cannot be seen !

The closest black hole is at the center of Milky way, which is 25000 light years away.  Some stars are orbiting around the black hole ?

They say the orbital distance between one of the stars (= S2 ) and the black hole is only 17 light hours, almost impossible to see its precise motion !

The point is the center of galaxy is filled with an enormous amount of dusts, so visible lights from there are blocked. They just estimate from vague infrared light.

They considered some "light spot" among dusts as a "star" by fitting parameters to Kepler law. But their masses and parameters are all just "speculation".

Dark matter was introduced, because Kepler law failed !
High-energy ionized dusts are moving around the center, attracting each other, Not by black hole.

Fine structure by spin is false.

[ Bohr-Sommerfeld model agreed with fine structure by Dirac. ]

(Fs-1)  ↓ This was really a lucky coincidence ?   

Though textbooks avoid mentioning it, Bohr-Sommerfeld model first agreed with all hydrogen spectrum lines including small fine structure.

After quantum mechanics was born, Dirac equation combining quantum spin and Einstein relativity got the same fine structure solution. ←Accident ?

This lucky coincidence between Bohr-Sommerfeld and Dirac hydrogen was called "historical magic".  See the last, too.

Usually, this coincidence was impossibe without any artificial manipulation.  In fact, this relativistic Dirac hydrogen includes fatal flaws.

It uses relativistic effect of spin-orbit coupling.
But Einstein relativity contradicts two-slit by de Broglie wave.

We can naturally think fine structure is due to increasing resistance as an electron is closer to light speed c.

Relativistic Dirac equation solved hydrogen ?

[ Einstein mass relation → Dirac equation with spin σ ? ]

(Fs-2)  Linear Dirac equation contains spin ?  

Relativistic Dirac equation was gotten by dividing Einstein quadratic relation into linear functions.

In compensation for linear function, Dirac equation must contain 4 × 4 gamma (= γ ) matrices, which consist of spin Pauli matrices (= σ ).

This is the reason they claim Dirac equation succeeded in combining "spin" and relativity.  But "σ = spin ?" is just artificial definition with No grounds !

To begin with, these Pauli σ matrices are just the result of changing quadratic → linear functions. They have nothing to do with unreal spin

The problem is the momentum (= p ) in this Dirac equation is always tied to spin (= σ ) operator, which causes serious flaws.

Dirac hydrogen lacks "angular" kinetic energy !

[ Kinetic energy = radial + spin-orbit interaction without "angular". ]

(Fs-3)  ↓ "angular" kinetic energy is missing in Dirac.  

In Schrodinger's hydrogen, kinetic energy term splits into "radial" and "angular (= tangential )" motions' terms.

The problem is relativistic Dirac hydrogen is always accompanied by spin σ operator.  See this p.26, and this p.6.

So when separating kinetic energy term, there are only "radial (= pr )" energy and "spin-orbit interaction (= σL )" left.

It means "angular" kinetic energy does Not exist in Dirac hydrogen !
This is clearly paradox.

Because it's impossible that angular (= tangential ) momentum doesn't exist though it includes spin-orbit energy !

This contradiction is caused by artificial trick to get the same fine structure solution as Bohr-Sommerfeld model.

Dirac hydrogen includes unreal orbitals !

[ n = 1, j = 1/2 → it includes unreal 1p1/2 ground state. ]

(Fs-4)  Hydrogen ground state ( n = 1 ) has unreal 1p1/2 !  

There are more serious flaws in Dirac hydrogen.
Linear Dirac equation has 4 × 1 "matrix-form" solution ψ.

In Dirac hydrogen, even when orbital angular momentums (= l ) are different, total energies E are the same under the common total angular j = l ± 1/2 and principal quantum number n.

For example, 2s1/2 and 2p1/2 have the same energy in Dirac hydrogen, because their n = 2, j = 1/2 are the common values.

So they defined the upper spinor φ with angular l = j + 1/2 and the lower spinor χ with l = j - 1/2 under the same j and n.

This causes a serious problem.
What happens in the hydrogen ground state n = 1 ?

Hydrogen ground state n = 1 has only one orbital 1s1/2 with No orbital angular momentum ( l = 0 ).  But Dirac hydrogen must always include different l = j ± 1/2 !

So this Dirac hydrogen must have unreal orbital 1p1/2, which is l = 1 angular momentum despite its n = 1 energy level !

As you see, for "lucky" coincidence between Bohr-Sommerfeld and Dirac hydrogens, one of them (= latter ) has to rely on far-fetched tricks.

Dirac is a "fixer" behind particle physics.

[ Relativistic Dirac equation governs all particles ! ]

(Di-1)  Universities hide unrealistic Dirac equation.  

Though the media likes to mislead people using showy images about particle physics, these images are all fake.

Ordinary people don't know the fact that abstract Dirac equation governs all particles such as electron, quark and neutrino ..

This Dirac equation is so abstract (= out of touch with reality ) that the media and universities seem to desperately hide it.

Einstein relation of mc2 is applied to this relativistic Dirac equation, which is the basis of unreal QED, Higgs and forces.

In fact, they hide true paradox of Einstein relativity, which destroys all student's careers now !  Black hole cannot form.

Einstein mc2 → Dirac equation.

[ Dirac equation originates from Einstein mass relation. ]

(Di-2)  ↓ γ matrix = 4 × 4 matrix.  

It is said relativistic Dirac equation combined quantum spin and Einstein relativity.  But this spin lacks reality and disagrees with facts.

How did Dirac equation incorporate "spin" ?
In fact, this spin is based on "far-fetched" idea.

The original Einstein energy-momentum (= p ) relation is quadratic function in energy E, which is too inconvenient to use.

So they divided the original Einstein relation into two linear functions of energy E.  It is called Dirac equation.  That's all.

In compensation for "linear" energy function, Dirac equation has to contain complicated 4 × 4 gamma (= γ ) matrices.

Pauli matrix = unreal spin ?

[ γ matrix in Dirac equation includes Pauli σ = spin ?]

(Di-3)  ↓ Why relativistic spin lacks reality.  

These γ matrices consist of 2 × 2 Pauli matrices.
They claim these Pauli matrices represent unreal spin.

But as you see, there is No physical reality in this spin form.
This is the reason why the media and universities try to hide Dirac equation from people.

This abstract quantum field theory is the main reason why the current universities only give useless science for their exorbitant tuition.

The serious problem is ordinary people and students are deceived into believing the present science is useful by those academic swindlers.

Superposition = parallel worlds is illusion.

[ The original light just splits into two ← parallel worlds ? ]

(Nc-1)  ↓ Light splits into 1 and 2 at beam splitter.  

Today's nature claims even a large object can be in two states at the same time.  In this "superpositon", a grotesque cat can be dead and alive at the same time ?

Unfortunately, this many-world like idea is just illusion.
Quantum computer using " parallel-world" is just a scam to extort money from people.

Even when the original light just splits into path 1 and 2 at the beam splitter, the present physics call it "superposition = parallel worlds 1 and 2".

This far-fetched idea is caused by defining a fictional light particle (= photon ).  But this photon has No direct evidence.  Even "how big" is unknown.

So the strange quantum physics misinterprets "just classically split light" as parallel worlds.

A single electron interference = parallel worlds ?

[ Real electron de Broglie wave explains interference. ]

(Nc-2)  Real de Broglie wave in "medium".  

It's known even a single electron can interfere with itself in two-slit experiment.  Using real medium of de Broglie wave, we can easily explain it.

But Einstein relativity denied any medium !
So they use "many-path worlds" where a single electron passes both slits at the same time.

The problem is physicists jumped to the conclusion that atom interferometry using de Broglie wave interference showed "superposition = parallel worlds".

Though if we suppose some real medium, we can solve all fatal paradoxes such as two-slit and magnetic force.

This Stanford atomic interferometer just uses "a large number of atoms", so it has nothing to do with "superposition of a single particle= big Schrodinger cats ?"

Superposition = parallel worlds is nonsense.

[ Law of action and reaction forbids a single electron's interference ! ]

(Nc-3)  Interference needs some "external force" (= medium ).  

The important point is that a single particle cannot interfere with itself without any external forces.

Suppose a single electron splits into 1 and 2 which interfere with each other.  Due to law of action and reaction, the sum of forces acting on two electrons is always zero.

But interference means the electron is kicked out from some destructive interference points by some other external forces.

If there is only a single electron, law of action and reaction forbids the electron from being expelled from some places.

So electron's de Broglie wave interference needs some other things (= medium ) than the electron itself to cause interference pattern.

Under this unreal science, universities must stop exorbitant tuition for innocent students !

Why Einstein mc2 is nonsense ?

[ Pair production violates momentum conservation ! ]

(Mc-1)  ↓ Light momentum disappears ?  

This (5) claims Santa Claus can turn milk and cookies into energy through Einstein's mc2 !  But it's impossible.  Here we explain that reason.

They say in pair production, the incident light energy (= 2mc2 ) turns into a pair of an electron (= mc2 ) and a positron (= mc2 ) through this.

The problem is this process disobeys Coulomb energy and momentum conservation !

When resultant particles stop using up all light energy, its momentum is zero.  It means the initial light momentum ( p = h/λ ) suddenly disappears !

This says near heavy nuclei absorb this initial light momentum.
But it's impossible for nuclei to absorb only momentum without energy.

The only practical use of antimatter, PET can be replaced by "electron capture".

Einstein energy, momentum relation.

[ Einstein relation is invariant in any observer. ]

(Mc-2)  Relativistic momentum (= p ), energy (= E ).  

How was this Einstein's famous mass relation made ?
Einstein's relativity relies purely on "relative" ( not absolute ) motion.

When an observer and an electron stop, the stationary electron has zero momentum ( p = 0 ) and only rest mass energy ( E = mc2 ).

When the observer starts to move at speed v, from his viewpoint, the electron is moving in the opposite direction at v (= Mc-2 right ).

So from his viewpoint (= frame ), electron's momentum and energy becomes this.

All these relativistic energy (= E ) and momentum (= p ) satisfy Einstein relation in any observer's speed v.

Einstein relation disobeys de Broglie wave !

[ de Broglie wavelength (= λ ) contradicts Lorentz contraction. ]

(Mc-3)  ↓ Electron's de Broglie wave vanishes !?  

The serious problem is this Einstein momentum contradicts de Broglie relation !  Relativistic version is this.

de Broglie wavelength was confirmed in two-slit and various experiments.  So if Einstein relation disagrees with de Broglie relation, his theory is wrong.

In Mc-3 left, an electron is moving at v, causing its de Broglie wave and double-slit interference.

But from the viewpoint of the moving observer, the electron appears to stop in Mc-3 right.  So he sees No interference due to vanished de Broglie wave !

This is clearly one of true paradoxes.  So if students ( including dropouts ) suffering from debt sue universities for destroying their careers, they could win !

Particle physics relies on Einstein mc2, so wrong.

[ Contradictory Einstein mc2 caused unreal Higgs, quarks .. ]

(Mc-4)  ↓ Reason virtual photon, Higgs, quark are illusion.  

The important point is this Einstein relation forms the basis of the current particle physics through relativistic Dirac equation.

This quantum field theory is the origin of unreal virtual photons, beta decay and Higgs through nonphysical "gauge" symmetry.

Higgs boson has made No contribution to our society, just wasting our tax.  These imaginary particles exist only inside the media and bloggers !

All processes in LHC collider depend on unreal virtual particles, where they can freely change "artificial" mass.  So meaningless as physics.

CERN and universities should stop misleading new students.
I bet permanent jobs in useless science will never increase.

Temporary jobs in this "fictional" fields just worsen the damage to educational victims !

Spin-orbit coupling is Einstein relativity ?

[ Fine structure = relativistic spin-orbit interaction ? ]

(Rs-1)  ↓ H atom fine structure is relativistic effect ?  

Hydrogen atom has small energy splitting (= fine structure ).
They say this splitting shows the difference between electron's spin up and down.

This spin-orbit interaction is said to be Einstein relativistic effect.
But electron is so tiny point-like that its spinning exceeds light speed ( this p.2 ).

In fact, Einstein relativity includes true paradoxes, which fact universities and the media desperately hide !

Furthermore, fine structure didn't use irrational spin at first.
So the relativistic spin-orbit interaction is not what's actually happening.

Electron spin feels magnetic field by proton ?

[ From electron's viewpoint, proton is moving and causes magnetic field ? ]

(Rs-2)  ↓ Moving proton causes magnetic spin-orbit ?   

Why is this spin-orbit coupling called "relativistic" effect ?
In H atom, an electron is moving around a proton (= nucleus ).

From the electron's point of reference, the proton appears to be moving.
Einstein relativity is based on purely relative ( not absolute ) motion.

So even if the proton is actually stationary, the electron feels the pseudo-magnetic field created by moving proton.

Because the magnetic field is caused by electric current (= moving charge ).
This pseudo-moving proton produces magnetic field at the electron spin ?

They say electron spin has the magnetic moment equal to Bohr magneton.  So interaction between magnetic field by proton and electron's spin causes fine structure splitting ?

This relativistic spin-orbit interaction ( this p.7, this p.8 ) is really right ?

Relativistic magnetic field causes paradox !

[ Observer dependent magnetic force causes fatal paradox. ]

(Rs-3)  Relativistic spin-orbit coupling → Paradox !   

The point is this relativistic electromagnetic fields cause fatal paradox !
This is due to "velocity (= observer ) dependent" Lorentz magnetic force.

In Rs-3 right, the moment the observer starts to move, the neutral electric current turns to "positive", which attracts a minus charge.

Probably, you don't know this paradox in special relativity, because they hide it in almost all textbooks and websites.

Besides this, Einstein relativity contradicts two-slit, de Broglie wavelength, light refraction and Coulomb force !

And this spin-orbit model doesn't consider total energy conservation.  When the proton is moving, we must add this large kinetic energy of proton !

In the usual frame of "stationary" proton, this relativistic spin-orbit energy cannot be added to total energy, because the proton is not moving.

We can naturally think the fine structure is caused by different reason.

Na fine structure is too big for spin-orbit.

[ Large Na fine structure splitting is impossible by Na+ charge. ]

(Rs-4)  Na+ ion must have 3.5 positive charge, if is right.

They say Na large fine structure in D lines is also due to spin-orbit interaction.  The problem is this Na fine structure splitting is too big.

Compare fine structure splitting in H (= 0.000045 eV ) and Na (= 0.0021 eV ) atoms.

It is known that this fine structure splitting is proportional to Z4/n3, where n is principal quantum number.  See this last and this p.4.

Z is effective positive charge (= H+, Na+ ion ), which movement causes magnetic field at the electron's spin ?

To get the large Na fine structure, this central charge (= Na nucleus + all inner electrons ) must be unrealistically big ( Z is +3.5 ).

In other alkali atoms, the situation becomes much worse.
So relativistic "spin-orbit" interaction is too weak to cause alkali fine structure.

Students ( including dropouts ) suffering from debt should sue universities for destroying all students' careers by exorbitant tuition and wrong theories.

Entangle = spooky action is a big lie.

[ The moment A is known, B state is determined = spooky ? ]

(Ne-1)  Entanglement is a far-fetched interpretation.   

I'm sure the court can easily judge black hole is scam, destroys students, not stars.   Quantum computer uses parallel-world computation.

This parallel world idea is just fantasy, so quantum computer is reduced to just a tool for universities to collect money from tax and people.

Unfortunately, this Nature paper has made No progress from 2001.
The problem is news never try to make people understand what it means !

This entanglement is just "classical", different from this claim.
They just make two spins the same by illuminating them with light in Ne-1.

In this state, the moment A (= up ) is known, B (= up ) is determined.
This is not "superluminal".  They are just "up-up" states before measurement.

Two energy levels, up and down = bit ?

[ Manipulate energy levels of two ions by laser light. ]

(Ne-2)  Be+ and Mg+ ions are trapped at short interval.  

In the original paper, they just call two energy levels "up" and "down" spins.  Illuminating them with light changes these states freely.

Two Ba+ and Mg+ ions are so close that their states affect each other by electromagnetic force.

They adjust this device condition, illuminate them with some light and make their energy levels always the same ( up-up or down-down ).

Under some illuminating time, whether "up-up" or "down-down" in two ion states becomes unknown ( this Fig.2 ).

They just misinterpret this classically "unknown" state as "entangle = parallel worlds".

Entangle relies on fantasy parallel worlds !

[ Misinterpret "unknown" as "parallel worlds". ]

(Ne-3)  Entangle is just classically "unknown" state.  

In Ne-3, we don't know whether "up-up" or "down-down" in Be+ and Mg+ energy levels.  This is just classically unknown and manipulated.

Surprisingly, the present physics intentionally misinterprets this "unknown" states as "parallel worlds = superposition".

"Superposition" means a grotesque cat can be "dead" and "alive" at the same time, where the moment we know Ba+ is "up", Mg+ is determined as "up".

Though they claim this determination process is superluminal (= spooky ? ), these ions are just "up-up" just before measurement, classically.

So "entanglement", "quantum computer" rely on far-fetched idea = unreal parallel worlds to claim they are non-classical (← ? ) phenomena.

There is No mystery here.  They are just "classical" phenomena.

Anomalous Zeeman effect means "spin" ?

[ Only Sodium shows typical anomalous Zeeman effect. ]

(Ze-1)  Inner electrons ( NOT spin ) cause Zeeman.   

It is said that complicated anomalous Zeeman effect under magnetic field proved the existence of "spin".  But is it true ?

In fact this anomalous Zeeman pattern was seen only in large atoms.
Even if you try to find them, you can find only sodium case ( this p.3 ).

I bet you can never find similar anomalous Zeeman effect in small hydrogen and lithium atoms.

Electron spin lacks reality, its spinning far exceeds light speed.
Sodium (= Na ) has many inner electrons ( n=1, 2 ).

This means complicated anomalous Zeeman pattern is caused by inner electrons instead of unreal spin ?

Hydrogen shows Normal Zeeman effect !

[ H, Li atoms show normal Zeeman triplet (= Paschen-Back ? ) ]

(Ze-2)  One electron H shows "normal" ← Not spin.   

It is known that one-electron hydrogen shows normal Zeeman effect.
It means Zeeman effect is due to "inner electrons", not spin !

Lithium is also normal Zeeman triplet.  They found an excuse that usual magnetic field is too strong for them ( this p.14, this p.22 ).

This excuse is called "Paschen-Back" effect, which is substantially equal to normal Zeeman effect.

To be precise, in this book p.659, they say, "for weak magnetic field, each component of Hα doublet was separated in normal Zeeman triplet."

This doublet fine structure doesn't need spin.

So in case of one-electron hydrogen, typical anomalous Zeeman pattern of Na is Not seen.  It means anomalous Zeman is not by spin.

In fact, it is impossible that sodium doublet is due to spin-orbit interaction.
Fatal magnetic paradox disproves "relativistic" spin-orbit effect.

Lande g factor almost disagrees with experiment.

[ Lande-g-factors depend on "free parameters" to meet experiments. ]

(Ze-3)  Magnetic field ↓ →hyperfine + free parameters.   

They say anomalous Zeeman pattern obeys Lande-g factor (= gJ ).
But in fact, even in typical sodium case, we cannot confirm this Lande-g-factor.

I could find only Rb case, which measured this gj ( this Table II ).
But experimental results were different from Lande-g-factors ( experiment = 1.18 vs. Lande-g = 1.336 ).

So physicists gave up the direct measurement of this Lande-g-factor. Instead, they weaken magnetic field and try to add various uncertatin parameters such as "nuclear hyperfine" to it.

Nuclear hyperfine is affected by various uncertain effects such as "shield electrons", so it must include various free adjustable parameters ( this p.4 ).

In this scheme, they could estimate gJ as one of "fitting parameters".
So this Lande-g-factor based on various uncertain parameters is very doubtful.

It's regrettable that even associate professor is misleading people by linking unrelated hoverboard to useless general relativity.

Why electron spin cannot stop ?

[ There is NO reason "spin" speed doesn't change. ]

(Sp-1)  Why "spin speed" cannot decrease ?   

Electron spin is often mentioned as a tool of quantum computer.
But a single electron is a very tiny point-like particle.

So its spinning speed must far exceed light speed c to reach angular momentum 1/2ħ   See this (4), this p.2.

Spin is so bizarre that it cannot be explained by real thing.
Because spin angular momentum ( 1/2ħ ) can neither decrease nor increase !

What force or mechanism keeps this spin from decreasing ?
Unfortunately, quantum mechanics has No answer to this question !

Electron spin has "Bohr magneton" !

[ Electron spin agrees with Bohr magneton.  ← Accident ? ]

(Sp-2)  Spin = Bohr magneton is too good to be true.   

Surprisingly, they argue this electron spin also has "Bohr magneton", which is the same magnetic moment as old Bohr model.

"Bohr magneton" was derived from Bohr's classical orbit.
Why does "spin", which has nothing to do with Bohr model, have the same Bohr magneton, too ?

This coincidence is very strange.
Bohr orbit has quantized ħ angular momentum, and spin has the half of it (= 1/2 ħ ).

So they started to claim spin has g-factor "2", which is twice the Bohr orbit (= 1 ).  "g-factor" is the ratio of magnetic moment to angular momentum.

As a result, both can have the same Bohr magneton ( 1 × ħ = 2 × 1/2 ħ ).

This "far-fetched" interpretation is too good to be true.
There is No reason "spin" also has the same "Bohr magneton" !

Only Bohr model can explain Bohr magneton.

[ 1 × de Broglie wavelength orbit → Bohr magneton. ]

(Sp-3)  Bohr model has "reason" of Bohr magneton.  

Then why does Bohr's orbit have the magnetic moment = Bohr magneton, which doesn't decrease ?  There is a convincing reason in Bohr model.

Bohr's orbit must be an interger times de Broglie wavelength to keep electron's phase stable, which gives the same energies as Schrodinger hydrogen.

When it's an integer times de Broglie wavelength, the angular momentum is quantized ( an integer × ħ ), too.

When the quantized angular momentum is ħ (= 1 × de Broglie wavelength ), its magnetic momentum becomes Bohr magneton (= μB ).

This is the reason why Bohr magneton in Bohr's orbit is stable, Not decreasing.  It can explain H atom magnetic moment.

On the other hand, electron spinning cannot use this logic of "an integer times de Broglie wavelength ".  So only Bohr model has a good reason !

So you easily find, relying on this unreal spin leads to the present university's exorbitant tuition for useless science.

What is the root of all evils ?

[ Quantum mechanics is useless in multi-electron atoms. ]

(Ro-1)  Why unreal quasiparticles are rampant ?   

The present physics faces critical situation, filled with various unreality, parallel universe and extradimensions.

What's the root of these evils ?
The root is "quantum mechanics", which cannot solve three-body problem.

To predict three-body (= multi-electron ) motion, we have to actually compute each Coulomb force and correct their motions at short time intervals.

But quantum wavefunction just gives "vague probability" with no clear electrons' orbits.  So we cannot use the usual methods in three-body planetary orbits !

Different from solvable H atom, it's impossible to find a single common helium ground state energy.  All they can do is choose fake wavefunction.

"Choose" means quantum mechanics cannot predict any physical values.
So all physicists rely on is unreal quasiparticle and fake ab-initio DFT.

This useless quantum theory destroys careers of all students now.

Why they waste money in fictional quantum computer ?

[ Useless quantum → Parallel worlds → computer ! ]

(Ro-2)  Physicists need imaginary target = quantum computer.  

If basic quantum theory remains useless, physicists have nothing to do.
So they needed to create "imaginary" target = quantum computer.

They paid attention to doubtful probabilistic nature in quantum superposition where a cat can be dead and alive at the same time.

Of course, we cannot see a grotesque "dead and alive" cat directly.
But they abused this absurd logic in entanglement and quantum computer.

They misinterpret "1 or 2 unknown" as "1 and 2 states coexist" !
So the moment they see "1 state", entangled "2 state" is confirmed (= spooky ) ?

Quantum computer calculates "different numbers" using parallel worlds ?  Of course we cannot confirm this "fantasy" parallel worlds, so a waste of money.

Unreal quantum theory needed Einstein as target.

[ Relativity was needed to develop quantum mechanics ! ]

(Ro-3)  Quantum + Einstein = QED → 10 dimensions string !  

If quantum theory remains useless, there are nothing to do.
This is the reason they exploited Einstein as relativistic field theory (= QED ).

Physicists needed some "virtual targets" such as relativistic symmetry in quantum theory with no contents.

In fact, Einstein relativity includes fatal paradoxes.
And Black hole is just fiction, cannot form within age of universe !

Furthermore, this relativistic theory produced unreal virtual particles, which contradicts relativity !  And the calculated results always diverge to infinity.

Using irrational math trick ( ∞ = ∞ + finite ), they could get any values as they like.  So this QED is meaningless as physics. Even Dirac and Feynman disliked it.

Despite this contradiction, physicists craved for "imaginary target" and rule (= relativity, symmetry ) as "incentive" which produced unreal particles.

So the root of all these evils is "quantum mechanics" with no useful contents, which needs "imaginary" target (= incentive ).

Einstein dreamt 10 dimension string theory ?

[ Theory of everything, string theory uses "wrong" math ! ]

(De-1)  The only unified theory = unreal string !  

Einstein dream was really 10 dimensional string theory with parallel universes ?  In fact Einstein hated quantum mechanics as "spooky".

So their "Einstein dream" is misleading.
Now, the only theory of everything is string (or 11 dimension M ) theory !

So if you don't believe unreal "extradimension", you cannot enjoy worldwide fame like Hawking and Lisa.

Witten is a titan of string theory.  But all string theorists believe wrong math ( 1+2+3+ .. = ∞ = -1/12 ! )   He is really a "math expert" ?

String theory filled with abstract symbols has No physical images of particle.  It includes 10500 different worlds, which cannot predict any physical values.

So useless except in ( social ) media.
Even critic, Woit feeds on "string vs. anti battle" with no progress.

The serious problem is these theories are just increasing victims of wrong science in new students now !

Why Einstein is harmful to all science ?

[ Special relativity is already used in the current physics. ]

(De-2)  "Relativistic" QED disobeys Einstein !  

Though the media repeats "Einstein dream", his theory "special relativity" already forms the basis of the current physics.

So if Einstein relativity includes fatal flaws, it's harmful to students in all fields !  In fact, relativity contradicts two-slit and magnetic force.

Relativity without medium must rely on unreal virtual particles and Big Bang in force and uniform microwaves.

Black hole cannot be formed within age of universe, despite their papers.  General relativity is useless even in the only practical use, GPS.

So if students ( and school dropouts ) suffering from debt sue universities and the media for hiding true paradoxes, they could surely win back their money.

This news is misleading, too.  because gravitational wave is unreal "pseudotensor", which vanishes by observer, so Einstein never accepted it.

Einstein spooky action is fiction.

[ States 1 or 2 is "unknown" → Many worlds 1 and 2 ! ]

(Es-1)  "Entangle" is another name for "unknown".  

"Sorry, Einstein" means spooky action at a distance was confirmed ?
The problem is these news do not try to make ordinary people understand.

Because if they tell the truth, people notice entanglement (= spooky action ) is unreal with no meaning.

In fact, entanglement is based on far-fetched interpretation.
Suppose one of A and B atoms is in "up" state, and another is "down" state.

We don't know which A or B is "up (down)" in Es-1 upper.
Like Schrodinger cat, they try to misinterpret "unknown" as "superposition".

State 1 or 2 is unknwon = Different worlds 1 and 2 coexist at the same time ?
Quantum mechanics just considers "classical uncertainty" as "many-worlds" !

There is no spooky (= superluminal ) action here.
Einstein was right only in this entanglement except relativity.

Up and down energy levels.

[ Detection light excites only "down" level, emitting photons. ]

(Es-2)  "Down" emits many photons, "up" remains dark.  

If electron spin is real spinning, its speed far exceeds light speed.
So in this experiment, they didn't see unreal spin itself.

They use two different energy levels in nitrogen as "up" and "down".
So the name "spin" is misleading.

By illuminating those atoms with some light, they change between these two energy levels.  To know up or down state, they use another "detection light".

When illuminating the atom with the detection light, only "down" state is excited and emits many photons (= light ).

When the atom is in "up" state, it remains "dark", not emitting photons.
See the original paper ( p.3 right ).

Onle photon is detected at the distant C.

[ A is "down", B is "up" → One photon is detected at C. ]

(Es-3)  Photons from "down" are detected at C, D.  

In this experiment, these emitted photons are divided and sent to the distant C and the near D after illuminated with detection light.

By reducing the amount of light, a photodetector at C responds once (= one photon ? ), when the photon reaches there.

Of course, we cannot see a fictional photon itself.
They just interpret photodetector's weak light signal as a "photon".

So when the photodetector at C detects "one photon", it means only A ( or B ) is "down", emitting photons.

They illuminate both atoms again to change between "up" and "down" just after the first detection, and apply detection light to them, again.

So detecting a photon, a photon in succession means one of A and B is "up", another is "down" ( this p.2 ).

Photon from A or B is unknown → entangle ?

[ Mix photon from A and B → Unknown → Many-worlds ? ]

(Es-4)  Mix photon paths from A and B → entangle ?  

They overlapped photons from A and B on a beam-splitter just before C.
It makes detected photon indistinguishable from A or B.

So we don't know which, A or B emitted a photon detected at C.
They just call this unknown origin "entanglement" (= parallel-worlds ).

This is a very far-fetched interpretation !
We just don't know whether A or B atom is "up" ( or "down" ) classically.

But quantum mechanics claims this mixed photon from "unknown" origin means "two different worlds coexist" ( world-1: A-down, B-up,  world-2; A-up, B-down ).

Just after this "entangled" state is confirmed at C, the near D detector in A or B detects another photon, and confirm which is "down" instantly (= spooky ? )

They claim long distance between A and B excluded slower-than-light link (= loop hole free ).  But it relies on unrealistic interpretation, so meaningless.

Universities should pay back tuition to students in useless science !

Continued from this criticism.

See also the previous version of criticizing top journals.


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