We need  atomic model.


Gas uses "real" model.

[ Thermodynamics relies on real classical molecules. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Pressure depends on molecular number and their velocity.

All phenomena in our world obey some common physical principle.  So if we find that common principle, we can predect all other phenomena using it.

For example, the air pressure is known to change depending on the molecular number and their motions (= temperature ).

After we found the basic common model using real molecules which are moving around "classically", it becomes possible to predict all other thermodynamics.

Unfortunately, the present quantum mechanics does NOT have this common basic principle available to every physical system !


Real  atomic model  is needed.

[ Measure force → set "real" atomic model → prediction ! ]

(Fig.2)  Common real atomic model is necessary to predict other reactions.

We already have the technology of measuring each single atomic force and moving each single atom  using atomic force microscopy.

After measuring each basic atomic force, we need to determine some common basic atomic model using real electrons.

Because once we find and set those basic atomic models, we can predict all other atomic ( or molecular ) interactions combining them.

But useless quantum mechanics does NOT allow it !


Quantum mechanics failed as "common" model.

[ Schrödinger equation cannot be the common basic model ! ]

(Fig.3)  Because it has NO exact solutions in multi-electron atoms.

Now the only method available for atomic interaction is Schrödinger equation in quantum mechanics which has NO clear electrons.

The problem is this Schrödinger equation can never be the common basic atomic principle, because it cannot solve multi-electron atoms.

Instead, they just choose fake trial wave functions out of infinite choices to fit experimental results.  These are NOT true solutions in Schrödinger equation.

Each time we deal with different molecular combinations, we have to choose new artificial fake wave functions to explain it.

So the present quantum mechanics cannot offer the basic atomic model common to all atoms and molecules, forever.


Common basic atomic model can predict everything.

[ Quantum mechanics failed as common basic atomic model. ]

(Fig.4)  Quantum mechanical wavefunction has NO real electrons.

Wave function in quantum mechanics does NOT include real "separated" electrons.  Instead, it just shows vague electron clouds.

So in these vague quantum mechanical model, we cannot compute directly Coulomb force among atoms.  Instead, we have to "solve" Schrödinger equation.

But as I said, Schrödinger equation cannot be solved except for one-electron hydrogen atom.

It means quantum mechanics has NO basic atomic model common to all atoms and molecules, and it cannot predict any physical phenomena.

We have NO other choices than to give up useless quantum mechanics and adopt realistic atomic model based on "common" physical principle.


Useless quantum mechanics is the only option !

[ Quantum mechanics has NO solution in multi-electron atoms. ]

(Fig.5)  They just choose "fake solution" from infinite choices ← useless !

After detecting the slight force of a single atoms or molecule, we need to interpret those forces using some atomic model.

Unless we can explain each single atomic force, we cannot move forward to the next step of utilizing multi-atomic bahavior.

The problem is that there is the only useless quantum mechnaics (= Schrödinger equation ) as a tool to interpret these atomic data, now.

Quantum mechanics have NO exact solution in multi-electron atoms, so they just choose fake solution from infinite choices, meaning no power to predict anyhing.

In atomic force microspopy, they use densisty functional theory (= DFT ), which is a further approximation of quantum mechanics, so more incorrect and useless.


Density functional theory (= DFT ) is useless.

[ DFT just "chooses" fake potential from infinite choices, so useless. ]

(Fig.6)  DFT is one of "false" approximations of Schrödinger equation.

In atomic force microcopy, the only tool is useless density functional theory (= DFT ).  All papers rely on this DFT ( this , this ).

Density functional theory (= DFT ) is one of approximate Schrödinger equations.  DFT replaces electron-electron interaction by fake artificial potential.

In Schrödinger equation, they just choose fake approximate solutions as "trial wavefunction".  In DFT, they have to choose "fake artificial potential", too.

There are NO restrictions in choosing these fake potentials.  We can choose any forms of these potentials from infinite choices in DFT.

So DFT has NO ability to predict any atomic behavior.  In spite of this, this DFT is the only tool for analysing atomic force microcsopy !

No matter how many times they catch slight atomic force, all they can use is useless density functional theory (= DFT, see this p.6 ).

All in these single molecule detections, useless density functional theory is the only method to interpret each atomic force ( see abstract of this and this ).

This is where out science stops.  Physicists are shackled to old useless methods which don't admit "concrete force".  It just gives us weird wavefunctions as a tool.


Choosing "fake potential" in DFT.

[ DFT chooses fake potential, solution from infinite choices. ]

(Fig.7)  So DFT cannot predict any atomic behavior, useless.

Density functional theory (= DFT ) forcedly changes muti-electron equation into one-electron approximation.

In one-electron DFT method, we need to artificially pick up "fake" forms of electrons' interaction potential called exchange correlation functional.

Selecting convenient functional for your purpose is all you have to do in DFT ( this p.9 ).  There is NO universal functional describing any potential ( this p.2 ).

When you pick up one of functional ( ex. LDA ) from infinite choices and it fails, you can pick up other functionals as fake electrons' potential.

Selecting fake potential and fake solutions as you like means this DFT method has NO ability to predict any atomic behavior, so useless, too



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