Flaws in the current basic physics.


1. Quantum mechanics is useless
        Solid-physics,   Quantum-field-theory,   Ferromagnet,   monopole

,   spin

2. Quantum computer is "scam" !

3. Schrodinger equation is wrong
        Schrodinger-helium,   Density-functional-theory

4. Electron spin is unreal
        Spin,   Pauli-principle,   Singlet-triplet

5. Photon doesn't exist
        Photon,   Virtual-particle,   ARPES

6. Einstein, Hawking are "fiction"
        Gravitational-wave,  Black-hole,  BigBang,  Hawking

7. Special relativity paradox
        Paradox,   Michelson-Morley,   electromagnetic paradox

8. Large hadron collider is useless trash
        Higgs,   Anti-particle

9. University tuition is skyrocketing
        Tuiiton-fee,   UK-science

Continued from this criticism.

See also the previous version of criticizing top journals.

Solid, Fine structure
Higgs, Topological, Old quantum.
BigBang  Nature, Nobel, QED


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