Flaws in the current basic physics.


1. Quantum mechanics is useless
        Solid-physics,   Quantum-field-theory,   Ferromagnet

2. Quantum computer is "scam" !

3. Schrodinger equation is wrong
        Schrodinger-helium,   Density-functional-theory

4. Electron spin is unreal
        Spin,   Pauli-principle,   Singlet-triplet

5. Photon doesn't exist
        Photon,   Virtual-particle,   ARPES

6. Einstein, Hawking are "fiction"
        Gravitational-wave,  Black-hole,  BigBang,  Hawking

7. Special relativity paradox
        Paradox,   Michelson-Morley

8. Large hadron collider is useless trash
        Higgs,   Anti-particle

9. University tuition is skyrocketing
        Tuiiton-fee,   UK-science

What is the root of all evils ?

[ Quantum mechanics is useless in multi-electron atoms. ]

(Ro-1)  Why unreal quasiparticles are rampant ?   

The present physics faces critical situation, filled with various unreality, parallel universe and extradimensions.

What's the root of these evils ?
The root is "quantum mechanics", which cannot solve three-body problem.

To predict three-body (= multi-electron ) motion, we have to actually compute each Coulomb force and correct their motions at short time intervals.

But quantum wavefunction just gives "vague probability" with no clear electrons' orbits.  So we cannot use the usual methods in three-body planetary orbits !

Different from solvable H atom, it's impossible to find a single common helium ground state energy.  All they can do is choose fake wavefunction.

"Choose" means quantum mechanics cannot predict any physical values.
So all physicists rely on is unreal quasiparticle and fake ab-initio DFT.

This useless quantum theory destroys careers of all students now.

Why they waste money in fictional quantum computer ?

[ Useless quantum → Parallel worlds → computer ! ]

(Ro-2)  Physicists need imaginary target = quantum computer.  

If basic quantum theory remains useless, physicists have nothing to do.
So they needed to create "imaginary" target = quantum computer.

They paid attention to doubtful probabilistic nature in quantum superposition where a cat can be dead and alive at the same time.

Of course, we cannot see a grotesque "dead and alive" cat directly.
But they abused this absurd logic in entanglement and quantum computer.

They misinterpret "1 or 2 unknown" as "1 and 2 states coexist" !
So the moment they see "1 state", entangled "2 state" is confirmed (= spooky ) ?

Quantum computer calculates "different numbers" using parallel worlds ?  Of course we cannot confirm this "fantasy" parallel worlds, so a waste of money.

Unreal quantum theory needed Einstein as target.

[ Relativity was needed to develop quantum mechanics ! ]

(Ro-3)  Quantum + Einstein = QED → 10 dimensions string !  

If quantum theory remains useless, there are nothing to do.
This is the reason they exploited Einstein as relativistic field theory (= QED ).

Physicists needed some "virtual targets" such as relativistic symmetry in quantum theory with no contents.

In fact, Einstein relativity includes fatal paradoxes.
And Black hole is just fiction, cannot form within age of universe !

Furthermore, this relativistic theory produced unreal virtual particles, which contradicts relativity !  And the calculated results always diverge to infinity.

Using irrational math trick ( ∞ = ∞ + finite ), they could get any values as they like.  So this QED is meaningless as physics. Even Dirac and Feynman disliked it.

Despite this contradiction, physicists craved for "imaginary target" and rule (= relativity, symmetry ) as "incentive" which produced unreal particles.

So the root of all these evils is "quantum mechanics" with no useful contents, which needs "imaginary" target (= incentive ).

Einstein dreamt 10 dimension string theory ?

[ Theory of everything, string theory uses "wrong" math ! ]

(De-1)  The only unified theory = unreal string !  

Einstein dream was really 10 dimensional string theory with parallel universes ?  In fact Einstein hated quantum mechanics as "spooky".

So their "Einstein dream" is misleading.
Now, the only theory of everything is string (or 11 dimension M ) theory !

So if you don't believe unreal "extradimension", you cannot enjoy worldwide fame like Hawking and Lisa.

Witten is a titan of string theory.  But all string theorists believe wrong math ( 1+2+3+ .. = ∞ = -1/12 ! )   He is really a "math expert" ?

String theory filled with abstract symbols has No physical images of particle.  It includes 10500 different worlds, which cannot predict any physical values.

So useless except in ( social ) media.
Even critic, Woit feeds on "string vs. anti battle" with no progress.

The serious problem is these theories are just increasing victims of wrong science in new students now !

Why Einstein is harmful to all science ?

[ Special relativity is already used in the current physics. ]

(De-2)  "Relativistic" QED disobeys Einstein !  

Though the media repeats "Einstein dream", his theory "special relativity" already forms the basis of the current physics.

So if Einstein relativity includes fatal flaws, it's harmful to students in all fields !  In fact, relativity contradicts two-slit and magnetic force.

Relativity without medium must rely on unreal virtual particles and Big Bang in force and uniform microwaves.

Black hole cannot be formed within age of universe, despite their papers.  General relativity is useless even in the only practical use, GPS.

So if students ( and school dropouts ) suffering from debt sue universities and the media for hiding true paradoxes, they could surely win back their money.

This news is misleading, too.  because gravitational wave is unreal "pseudotensor", which vanishes by observer, so Einstein never accepted it.

Einstein spooky action is fiction.

[ States 1 or 2 is "unknown" → Many worlds 1 and 2 ! ]

(Es-1)  "Entangle" is another name for "unknown".  

"Sorry, Einstein" means spooky action at a distance was confirmed ?
The problem is these news do not try to make ordinary people understand.

Because if they tell the truth, people notice entanglement (= spooky action ) is unreal with no meaning.

In fact, entanglement is based on far-fetched interpretation.
Suppose one of A and B atoms is in "up" state, and another is "down" state.

We don't know which A or B is "up (down)" in Es-1 upper.
Like Schrodinger cat, they try to misinterpret "unknown" as "superposition".

State 1 or 2 is unknwon = Different worlds 1 and 2 coexist at the same time ?
Quantum mechanics just considers "classical uncertainty" as "many-worlds" !

There is no spooky (= superluminal ) action here.
Einstein was right only in this entanglement except relativity.

Up and down energy levels.

[ Detection light excites only "down" level, emitting photons. ]

(Es-2)  "Down" emits many photons, "up" remains dark.  

If electron spin is real spinning, its speed far exceeds light speed.
So in this experiment, they didn't see unreal spin itself.

They use two different energy levels in nitrogen as "up" and "down".
So the name "spin" is misleading.

By illuminating those atoms with some light, they change between these two energy levels.  To know up or down state, they use another "detection light".

When illuminating the atom with the detection light, only "down" state is excited and emits many photons (= light ).

When the atom is in "up" state, it remains "dark", not emitting photons.
See the original paper ( p.3 right ).

Onle photon is detected at the distant C.

[ A is "down", B is "up" → One photon is detected at C. ]

(Es-3)  Photons from "down" are detected at C, D.  

In this experiment, these emitted photons are divided and sent to the distant C and the near D after illuminated with detection light.

By reducing the amount of light, a photodetector at C responds once (= one photon ? ), when the photon reaches there.

Of course, we cannot see a fictional photon itself.
They just interpret photodetector's weak light signal as a "photon".

So when the photodetector at C detects "one photon", it means only A ( or B ) is "down", emitting photons.

They illuminate both atoms again to change between "up" and "down" just after the first detection, and apply detection light to them, again.

So detecting a photon, a photon in succession means one of A and B is "up", another is "down" ( this p.2 ).

Photon from A or B is unknown → entangle ?

[ Mix photon from A and B → Unknown → Many-worlds ? ]

(Es-4)  Mix photon paths from A and B → entangle ?  

They overlapped photons from A and B on a beam-splitter just before C.
It makes detected photon indistinguishable from A or B.

So we don't know which, A or B emitted a photon detected at C.
They just call this unknown origin "entanglement" (= parallel-worlds ).

This is a very far-fetched interpretation !
We just don't know whether A or B atom is "up" ( or "down" ) classically.

But quantum mechanics claims this mixed photon from "unknown" origin means "two different worlds coexist" ( world-1: A-down, B-up,  world-2; A-up, B-down ).

Just after this "entangled" state is confirmed at C, the near D detector in A or B detects another photon, and confirm which is "down" instantly (= spooky ? )

They claim long distance between A and B excluded slower-than-light link (= loop hole free ).  But it relies on unrealistic interpretation, so meaningless.

Universities should pay back tuition to students in useless science !

Spooky action (= entangle ) is illusion.

[ Einstein spooky action at a distance is nonsense. ]

(Sp-1)  Know Spin A → Spin B determined instantly ?  

Probably almost No people know what this "entanglement" means.
It's called Einstein spooky action at a distance.   Faster than light ?

This entanglement cannot send real information faster-than-light, because it contradicts Einstein relativity.  So useless, waste of money.

In Sp-1 they illuminate two spins with the light, which is adjusted to change them between only two states ( up-up or down-down ).

In this state, when we measure spin A and know spin A is "up", it determines that spin B is also "up" instantly (= spooky ? ).

As you see, this entanglement has nothing to do with faster-than-light action.  In fact, this spooky action is based on far-fetched interpretation.

Two energy levels = spin up, down ?

[ They just suppose some energy levels as unreal "spin". ]

(Sp-2)  Be+ ion two energy levels = spin up down ?  

This far-fetched interpretation probably started with this Nature paper.  The point is electron spin lacks reality, its spinning far exceeds light speed.

In fact we cannot see this unreal spin directly.

They just measure some two "energy levels", and name them spin "up" and "down".  That's all.  So the name "spin" is misleading.

We can change these energy levels by illuminating them with some light.  Three energy levels among spin "up-down", "up-up", "down-down" are different.

So by using the lights with specific frequency, we can manipulate and change them between only two states "up-up" and "down-down".

There is No mystery here.  These are just "classical" phenonema.

"Entangle" is based on far-fetched idea.

[ Which state 1 or 2 is unknown → Worlds 1 and 2 superposed ? ]

(Sp-3)  ↓ Misinterpret "unknown" as "many-worlds" !  

The problem is the current unreal physics has stopped since 1920s, so there were nothing physicists could do, if they acceped the fact as it was.

Suppose the case when we don't know whether two atoms are in state 1 (= spin up-up ) or state 2 (= down-down ) in Sp-3.

Like Schrodinger cat, quantum mechanics tends to consider "unknown" state as "superposition" which includes two different states at the same time !

It is very far-fetched interpretation.
A or B is unknown → superposition of A and B = Many-worlds A and B !

This irrational logic is what their "entangle" is.  See this.
There is no spooky action here.  Einstein was right only in this.

This is why physicistis in extradimension and quantum computer pursue crazy parallel worlds.  They should pay back tuition to students !

Einstein denied "medium" → What is Coulomb ?

[ Relativity needs unreal virtual photons as electric force ! ]

(Ec-1)  Medium is rejected → unreal virtual photon ?  

It's a famous story that Einstein relativity denied "ether" (= medium ).
Then how can Einstein's "empty space" transmit Coulomb electric force ?

They say "exchange of photons" mediates electromagnetic force.
In fact, Einstein without medium needs virtual photons as forces.

Ironically, these virtual photons disobey Einstein formula.
This is the reason why they are called "virtual", not real particles.

The fact is the media and universities hide true Einstein paradoxes !
Einstein equation contradicts electron's de Broglie and two-slit experiment.

In fact, special relativity forming basis of the modern physics destroys all students' career silently.

So if any students suffering from debt sue universities and the media for hiding true flaws, they could win back their money !

Virtual photon disobeys Einstein relativity !

[ Mass squared of virtual photon is negative.  m2 < 0 ]

(Ec-2)  Why virtual photon lacks reality ?  

Then how do we describe these virtual photons ?
Special relativity combined with quantum mechanics forms quantum electrodynamics (= QED ).

The problem is this "relativistic" QED expresses a photons as just a nonphysical math symbol with no shape !  Photon create (= a ), annihilate (= a ).  That's all.

Furthermore, all emitted photon and electromagnetic forces are unreal virtual particles.  The mass squared of the virtual photon is negative ( this p.10 ) !

You may think it strange that QED using unreal virtual photons is the most successful (← ? ).  In fact, these commentes are not true.

Actually, even founders, Feynman and Dirac called this QED "hocus-pocus".  QED methods were just artificially "chosen", not predicted ones.

If QED gives correct values only from the original postulate of quantum mechanics, we can call it "successful".  But it doesn't. So useless.

Its just gives useless "infinity = ∞ ".  They just chose artificial "stopgap" methods for renormalization ( ∞ → ∞ + finite value ) from many choices.

The present physics lacks realistic "shape".

[ A photon and electron are abstract symbols with NO shape ? ]

(Ec-3)  ↓ Electron emits a ( virtual ) photon = NOT physics.  

Though the media tends to show only "colorful" pictures, their images are completely misleading.

All the current quantum theory can use is abstract diagram as electron emitting photon and forces.  They lack concrete realistic figures of particles.

Photon's symbol (= a ) is hidden in Maxwell equation (= A ).
Interaction between photon and electron is expressed as quite a simple term.

They just put a photon (= A ) and electrons (= ψ ) side by side in their interaction term.  That's all.  So basic physics has stopped since 1920s as abstract symbols.

The problem is ordinary people are misled into believing as if the current physics was progressing.

Hawaii telescope  --  What is "Science" ?

[ The present astronomy is really "science" or fiction ? ]

(Hs-1)  ↓ Extradimension, multi-universes is science ?  

Hawaii supreme court revokes controversial Hawaii TMT telescope.
I'm relieved that this judgement will reduce "victims" of wrong science.

The media likes to compare it to "science vs. religion clash".
But what this telescope would pursue can be really called "science" ?

It's natural that persons with interests in in this telescope are angry at this decision.  But the problem is almost No ordinary people have knowledge enough to take part in this discussion !

Because universities and the media shut out all basic physics information.
For example, do you know why they jumped to the wrong conclusion of gravity wave ?

The present science tries to link astronomy to "fictional" multi-universes and 10-dimensional string.  They are impossible to call "science".

Why Big Bang, black hole are nonsense ?

[ Uniform microwave cannot be "remnant" of early universe ! ]

(Hs-2)  "Time stop" prevents black hole formation !  

They say this telescope is to clarify the early universe and black hole.
But "time stop" forbids this black hole to form from stars ( this #2 ).

So students should sue universities and the media for hiding true flaws to stop skyrocketing tuition and useless degree in any countries.

The present astronomy is based on faster-than-light expansion Big Bang.
Strangely, this expansion energy is not diluted (= minus pressure ? )

All these researches rely on the unrealistic assumtion that microwave (= CMB ) filling universe is the remnant of the early universe.

The point is this cosmic microwave is too uniform and isotropic with extremely small variaion ( ± 0.00003 Kelvin ), indicating uniform medium.

Thinking commonsensically, it's impossible that all these very weak microwave remain intact for 13.8 billion years from the early universe !

So they have to tell Hawaiian people honestly that black hole is a big lie and Big Bang has no proof at the next "hearing".

Light speed c is constant without medium ?

[ Einstein "distorted" spacetime for light speed c. ]

(Le-1)  ↓ Einstein denied real light "medium".  

In fact, Einstein with fatal flaws ruins all students' careers.
Black hole is just "fiction" and "destroyer" of new researchers.

If any students suffering from debt sue universities and the media for hiding true paradoxes, they could win back their money !

It's a famous story that Einstein relativity denied "ether" (= light medium ).
Instead, he introduced strange idea that "spacetime" is distorted by observer.

Relativity without absolute space is based on relative motion.
We and the light are approaching each other at speeds "v" and "c" in Le-1.

This "observed" light speed must be "c+v" in this case.
But Einstein used tricky idea to make "c+v" remain the original "c" !

Light interference clearly proves the light is "wave" traveling through some "medium".

This "light medium" moving with the earth agrees with "constant" light speed c irrespective of its energy in Michelson-Morley experiment.

Einstein cannot explain "slower" light in water.

[ Refraction and slower light in water prove "wave". ]

(Le-2)  Photon bends and slows its movement in water ?  

We know that the light speed becomes slower in water ( c → 0.8c ).
In fact, Einstein relativity cannot explain why the light is slower in different "medium".

Because his theory rejected "medium"-dependent light speed.
Light refraction is caused by "different light speeds" in different mediums.

If Einstein rejected "medium-dependent light", his photon always bends its path at definite angle in this refraction ?

When the light (= photon ? ) exits the water, it is "accelerated" to the original "c" again ?  It's very unnatural.

This refraction can be explained by classical Snell's law based on different light speeds in medium.

Wavefront is just a collection of different waves generated from new touched water points.   It needs spreading "medium".

Light of zero mass always travels at c ?

[ Einstein mass has flaws → only "medium" is left. ]

(Le-3)  Einstein energy explains constant light speed ?  

If light is a photon particle, why this photon always travels at "c", cannot stop ?  Light speed is always "c", independent of its energy (= wavelength ).

If a photon has mass, it is strange that photons with different energy E move at the same speed c.  So they defined the mass of photon (= light ) as zero.

Accouding to Einstein mc2 energy, if we insert the mass = 0, its energy E always becomes zero, when the light speed "v" is smaller than "c".

They argue this is the reason why the light always travels at speed "c".
But this Einstein mc2 disagrees with de Broglie wave and two-slit experiment !

So only the concept of "light medium" is left, compatible with constant light speed "c", refraction, slowness in water and magnetic paradox.

Einstein denied "medium" → Many-worlds !

[ de Broglie wave interference without "medium" ? ]

(Eb-1)  Real de Broglie wave in "medium".  

It's a famous story that Einstein denied ether (= light medium ).
But Michelson-Morley experiment didn't deny the medium moving with the earth.

In fact, Einstein relativity includes fatal paradox.  But universities and the media desperately hide them, so almost no people know them !

It's known that even a single electron interferes with itself in doube-slit experiment like "wave".

But the current physics denied "medium", so they have to rely on unrealistic idea that each electron can pass both slits at the same time !

This many-worlds like idea is called "Feynman path", where an electron can go infinite different paths simultaneously !

So Einstein (= deny "medium" ) is the origin of crazy parallel-worlds.

Einstein relativistic mass and observer.

[ Relativistic mass changes under observer movement ! ]

(Eb-2)  Relativistic mass transformation.  

Einstein claimed that a particle's mass looks larger, when it is moving at velocity "v".

Einstein relativity is based on "relative" ( not absolute ) motion.
So also when the observer moves instead of an electron, it's equal to the state where the electron moves in the opposite.

In his theory, momentum (= p ) and energy transform like spacetime by observer's movement.

In fact, this relativistic momentum (mass) causes one of fatal paradoxes and contradicts two-slit experiment.

Relativistic momentum contradicts de Broglie wave !

[ Observer changes de Broglie wave interference !? ]

(Eb-3)  Einstein vs. de Broglie wave interference.  

de Broglie wavelength (= λ = h/p, p = momentum of electron ) was confirmed in various experiments.  Relativistic version is this.

It's known that even a single electron can cause interference in double-slit experiment, which obeys de Broglie relation.

In Eb-3 left, a stationary observer sees a moving electron at v causing its "de Broglie wave interference".

But when this observer moves at the same speed as the electron, he sees a "stationary" electron, which does not cause de Broglie wave interference !

This is clearly a fatal flaw of Einstein relativity.

Like Lorentz force, this de Broglie interference needs some "medium" moving with the earth.

Depending on whether each electron is moving with respect to this medium, its de Broglie wavelength is determined.

Einstein destroys all students' careers !

[ Einstein's relativity does harm to all science fields. ]

(Ha-1)  Relativistic field theory impact.  

Mismatch between education and the job market is the biggest problem in all fields.  In fact, Einstein does harm to all students.

Einstein relativity includes true paradox, which the media hides !
Black hole cannot be formed within age of universe.

General relativity is useless even in GPS.
Lorentz magnetic force causes "real" paradox.

His mc2 contradicts de Broglie wave and two-slit experiment.
Einstein affects all science fields through unreal spin.

So if students ( in any fields ) suffering from debt sue universities and the media for hiding true paradoxes, they would surely win back their money.

Einstein leads to unreal spin and quasiparticle.

[ Spin-orbit, Pauli exclusion is "relativistic" effect ? ]

(Ha-2)  Relativistic field theory derives unreal spin symbols.  

Though the media likes the title, "Einstein's unfinished dream", it's about general relativity.  Special relativity forms the basis of the present physics.

They argue spin-orbit interaction and fine structure in all atoms are Einstein's relativistic effect.  But electrons spin far exceeds light speed !

In fact, fine structure does not need unreal spin.
Actually, relativistic spin-orbit disagrees with experiment, which they hide.

They argue even Pauli exclusion principle is Einstein's relativistic effect.
Dirac combined "spin" and special relativity to derive Pauli exclusion.

The problem is in his relativistic theory, each electron is just a nonphysical symbol (= a ) with no shape, and having flaws.

So this theory just says Pauli exclusion is due to abstract anticommutation of fermions' operators.  No detailed mechanism is mentioned.

This abstract relativistic field theory made the present solid physics useless, filled with unreal quasiparticle.

Einstein is the origin of "fantasy" theories.

[ Virtual particles, 10 dimensional string are relativistic ? ]

(Ha-3)  ↓ All these theories lack physical reality.  

In Einstein relativity, all fundamental forces are mediated by unreal "virtual particles" which disobey Einstein.  ← contradiction !

Within nonphysical relativistic formulation, all physicists can do is pursue artificial rule, symmetry.  Nobody knows where this "symmetry" rule came from.

To combine general relativity and quantum mechanics, they need "fantasy" 10 dimensional string theory.

Einstein field equation just shows "black hole", which is the reason why they waste their time in imaginary black hole, fruitlessly.

Gravitational wave = pseudotensor has nothing to do with Einstein.  So even if they claim it has been found, these "doubtful" concepts are useless, forever.

So Einstein relativity does harm to all scientific fields and students by its "fictional" theory, and prevents curing diseases.

Einstein's particle physics lacks reality.

[ Standard model is "relativistic" field theory, unreal. ]

(pb-1)  ↓ Standard model "unreal" particles.  

They claim that standard model is very successful theory and agrees with every experiment (← ? ).  But this claim is a big lie.

Because its forces are virtual, which is not real particle.
Its strong force, quark = fractional change cannot be isolated.

Standard model is Einstein "relativistic" quantum field theory.  But Einstein relativity includes fatal flaws which they hide from students !

The most important force in standard model is "weak force" mediating beta decay.

But unfortunately, this weak (= W ) boson also lacks reality.
Because this W particle disobeys energy (= mass ) conservation.

Beta decay = weak force ?

[ Neutron decays into a proton and an electron ... ]

(pb-2)  Beta decay: Neutron → proton + electron ..  

Neutron is unstable, which decays into a proton and an electron within 10 minutes.  This process is called " beta decay".

Neutron and proton have almost the same mass.
( To be precise, a neutron is a little heavier than a proton .)

So the slight mass difference between a neutron and a proton is equal to the final products of an electron (+ neutrino ).

This is quite natural, because the total energy (= mass ) must be conserved.

Massive W boson is unreal.

[ A neutron decays into massive W boson of 80 times proton mass ? ]

(pb-3)  ↓ This heavy W boson violates conservation.  

The problem is W boson, which they claim mediates this beta decay, is 80 times heavier than a proton !

This is very strange.  Because they claim an initial neutron decays into a proton (+) and very heavy W boson (-).

As I said, the mass difference between a neutron and a proton is very small, which can never reach "80 times proton" mass !

So they start to claim this very heavy W boson is virtual (= not real ), which can appear for only a very short time.

This "far-fetched" interpretation is too good to be true.
Even in Higgs decay, this W boson is virtual, lacking realtiy.

So it's impossible to say the standard model "giving up reality" is the most successful theory.  ( ← Big lie ! )

Einstein "true" paradoxes.  ↓

[ Einstein contradicts magnetic and de Broglie wave. ]

(Et-1)  ↓ The media hides true paradoxes !  

It's about time people were tired of seeing Einstein for 100 years.
Einstein is a "money-gathering machine" for universities and the media.

In fact, Einstein relativity includes true paradox.
Black hole cannot be formed within age of universe !

General relativity is useless even in GPS.
Lorentz magnetic force causes "real" paradox in the moving direction.

His mc2 contradicts de Broglie wave.  "Einstein" does harm to all students through faster-than-light spin and unreal virtual particles !

I bet, if all students suffering from debt sue universities and the media for hiding true paradoxes, they would surely win !

Two-slit interference disobeys Einstein.

[ Observer moves → de Broglie wavelength changes ? ]

(Et-2)  ↓ Observer motion affects two-slit interference ?  

You can easily find de Broglie wave disobeys Einstein.  de Broglie wavelength was experimentally confirmed, and used in wavefunctions.

It's known that even an electron shows double-slit interferernce.
In Et-2 left, a stationary observer sees a moving electron (= de Broglie wave ) causing two-slit interferernce.

But if this observer starts to move in the same direction ( Et-2 right ), the electron looks "at rest" in his frame, which causes no de Broglie wave !

This is clearly a serious paradox.  Because depending on the observer's velocity, the electron's de Broglie wave and its interference pattern change !

de Broglie wave interferences were confimed in various experiments. So if Einstein relativity contradicts matter wave, his theory is wrong.

To explain these matter waves, we have to admit some medium moving with the earth, compatible with Michelson-Morley experiment.

Einstein  mc2  is wrong.

[ max speed = light speed c → relativistic mass. ]

(Rm-1)  ↓ ① Einstein relativity causes fatal paradox.   

Einstein relativity includes fatal paradox.  But universities and the media desperately hide them, so people don't notice.

Einstein mc2 is believed to be right.  We can observe as a particle is closer to the light speed c, it is harder to accelerate (= gain mass ? )

In fact, if this effect is due to Einstein relativity, it causes fatal paradox.
So we have to explain this "heavier-like" phenomena by other mechanisms.

It is known that a falling object is accelerated NO more by gravity due to air resistance, when it reaches "terminal velocity".

Like this, if the maximum transmission speed in the medium is light speed c, acceleraing objects is harder, as they are closer to c due to resistance.

The electromagnetic force itself cannot transmit faster-than-light, so it can explain why all object cannot exceed c without Einstein.

Einstein  mc2  causes "force" paradox.

[ If relativistic mass is right, force F must change ! ]

(Rm-2)  ↓ Fatal paradox of force.    

If Einstein mass is right, the force F perpendicular to the observer's movement must change under Lorentz transformation.  See this p.5, this p.15.

This "force" transformation causes fatal paradox, though they hide this flaw from ordinary people.

In Rm-2 left, "T-shape" rigid body and an observer are at rest.
Along the lower rail, a small thing hung from it is sliding to the right.

Forces F applied to the upper (= at rest ) and lower (= moving ) parts are balanced, so the whole body remains at rest.

But when the observer starts to move, these forces F change differently.
The upper force is weaker, and the lower is stronger, so the whole body moves downward !

This is one of true paradoxes. So if students suffering from debt sue universities and the media for hiding true paradoxes, they would surely win !

de Broglie wave disobeys Lorentz contraction !

[ The moment observer moves, de Broglie wave appears !? ]

(Rm-3)  ↓de Broglie wavelength change ?    

The most decisive reason why Einstein relativity is wrong is de Broglie wave.  In Rm-3 left, when an electron and an observer stop, it doesn't generate de Broglie wave.

But from the viewpoint of the moving observer, the electron is moving in the opposite, which generates de Broglie wave ?

Electron's de Broglie wavelength from the moving observer is λ = h/p.
If special relativity is right, this wavelength must obey Lorentz contraction.

Bu as you see, if the observer ( and an electron ) is at rest, de Broglie wave itself disappears !  ( λ' = h/p' = ∞   p' = 0 )  It contradicts Lorentz contraction.

Fine structure calculation uses the de Broglie relation, which doesn't obey Lorentz contraction.  So relativistic mass is not by relativity but by "resistance".

Black hole cannot be formed.  Einstein relativity hampers all students through faster-than-light spin and virtual particles !  So it's only the media topic.

Why Einstein relativity is a big "scam" ?

[ Different positions give "different" times in another frame. ]

(Ei-1)  ↓ Lorentz transformation - different clock times.   

Recent news are flooded with 100 years of Einstein relativity. But unfortunately this theory has fatal flaw.  We are not lost without Einstein's GPS.

Black hole cannot be formed within age of universe !  I bet, if students suffering from debt sue univeresities and the media for forcing useless science, they would win.

According to Einstein relativity, moving observer sees "different spacetime".  Ei-1 left is rest frame (= S ) at the time t = 0.

From the viewpoint of the moving observer (= S' ), the clocks placed at x = 0 and 1 give different times, if you insert t = 0 into Lorentz transformation.

Of course, moving observer can see events at "only one t' time".
So all events at t=0 in S frame cannot be seen simultaneously in the moving S' frame.

Einstein can "bend" rigid rod !

[ Moving observer sees a "bent" rigid rod. ]

(Ei-2)  ↓ When a rigid rod is moving upward..  

In Ei-2, a rigid rod is moving upward along a rigid rail.
Surprisingly, from moving observer, this rigid rod looks bent !

In Ei-2 right, the clock time is t' = 0 in moving frame.
The clock time (= t' ) in moving frame is different from the rest frame (= t ).

To get the common t' = 0 in S' frame using Lorentz tranformation, different S times ( t = 0 or v/c2 ) have to be inserted in different positions x = 0, 1.

This rod is moving upward, so these different t times gives different positions in the upper direction.  (= the right in S' is the future (= upper ) in S. )

This is the reason why this rigid rod is bent (= the right part is upper ).
This "bent rigid body" is strange !

Einstein bends a rigid rod or not ?  ← paradox !

[ When a rod turns right, moving observer sees the "warped" rod. ]

(Ei-3)  ↓ When a rigid rod turns right ...   

The fatal paradox appears when the rail turns right in Ei-3.
The right part in S' frame shows the future event in S frame.

So when the rod is just moving upward, it is just bent diagnally to the right.
Of course, even if we pull this rigid rod to the right, it cannot be extended (①).

But when the rod is close to the turning point (②), if we pull this rod, it can be easily warped and extended along the rail !

This is clearly a fatal paradox.  Because in the state of ①, this rod cannot be deformed, even if we pulled it.  Because it is rigid.

But when the rod is close to the turning poit, the same rigid rod can be easily deformed by pulling it !  ←clearly contradiction !

So Einstein can easily bend "rigid" body by the power of Lorentz transformation !  Furthermore, the relativity can change the "future" shape without touching !

So Einstein relativity with fatal paradox is clearly wrong.
It needs unreal virtual particles, which violate relativity, as forces !  The end.

Why university research is useless ?

[ The present physics is stuck in "fictional" quasiparticle. ]

(Ha-1)  Massless Dirac quasipaticle is unreal.  

This Harvard news uses vague expression, "extreme non-classical transport".  What do they mean ?  This research is useful for us ?

Unfortunately, this research just wastes money.  See the paper (p.4).
They mention "massless Dirac particle", which means quasiparticle.

Surprisingly, this particle moves far slower than light speed despite "massless".  It contradicts Einstein's relativity, where massless particles always travel at light speed.

So this particle lacks reality, which is the reason why it's called quasiparticle.

The problem is by measuring ejected electrons with mass, they misinterpret them as massless quasiparticle.  ← clearly "self-contradiction".

Wrong theory needs "fictional" particles.

[ Wrong theory cannot survive without fictional quasiparticle. ]

(Ha-2)  Fantasy quantum mechanics needs quasiparticle.  

Why the present researches have to depend on unreal quasiparticle ?  Because the current basic physics (= quantum mechanics ) is wrong.

If the basic physical model is wrong and lacks reality, physicists have to rely on "finctional" particle to describe actual phenomena.

I bet, unless we change "imaginary" basic physics, worthless degree problem in all fields would never be solved !

Students suffering from debt should sue universities and the media for forcing useless science.

Black hole clearly cannot be formed within age of universe.
This Harvard guy also deals with unreal "fractional" charge quasiparticle and 10-dimensional string.

As you see, the present science has gone the wrong way.

Schrödinger solved hydrogen molecule ion ?

[ There is NO exact solution of hydrogen molecule ion (H2+) ! ]

(H+-1)  One electron H2+ has Schrodinger solution ?  

In fact, "quantum mechanics is spectacularly successful" is a big lie, fabricated by commercial universities to justify exorbitant tuition.

It is known that Schrodinger equation has NO exact solution except hydrogen atom, which agrees with Bohr model ( see historical magic ).

Because Schrodinger's hydrogen also satisfies an integer times de Broglie wavelength, though it is a little distorted.

They say one-electron hydrogen molecule ion (H2+) also can be solved (?), but I bet you cannot find any concrete solutions in any textbooks !

In fact, even H2+ has NO exact solution.  It can be estimated only numerically, where they must choose covenient tools from different approaches ( this p.2 ).

So "H2+ molecule ion is solvable" is a big lie, again !

Why multi-electron helium has NO solution ?

[ There is NO "single" ground state energy fitting all states ! ]

(H+-2)  ↓All three states have the same total energy ?  

Why Schrodinger equation cannot solve multi-electron atoms ?
Schrodinger solution always spreads in all space, different from Bohr's planetary orbit.

So we must find a solution, which has a single "common" ground state energy in every electrons' position in all space.

So it's much easier to find two-dimensional "linear" Bohr's orbit than to find "three-dimensional = all space" Schrodinger solution !

In multi-electron helium, Schrodinger solution must meet much more strict condition.   It includes electron-electron Coulomb interaction (= distance |r12| ).

"Solving Schrodinger's helium" means we find a single ground state energy in all electrons' positions.  But we cannot, so just choose "fake" solution.

When we choose approximately two hydrogen trial function as helium ( this p.7 ), all three states ( ① - ③ ) in upper figure must have the same total energy.

But as two electrons come closer to each other, its total energy becomes higher, which makes us unable to get a "single common" ground state energy in helium.

Two electrons have to classically avoid each other to obey a single total energy.

Black hole  =  one of  big "scams"

[ Black hole formation takes "infinite" time,  so unreal. ]

(Bl-1)  10 dimensional black hole is just fiction.  

In fact, black hole cannot exist now.

Einstein relativity argues the clock time stops due to severe gravitational time dilation on the surface of black hole.

So it needs an infinite amount of time to form black hole !
It means black hole does not exist seen from the distant observer ( see this #2 ).

Students suffering from debt and worthless degree should sue universities and the media for hiding true paradox and impossible black hole formation !

These are true faults, so I bet they will surely win.
In fact, GPS doesn't need relativity, which hampers all science.

AdS of this Harvard paper lacks physical grounds.  It needs 10 dimensional string theory.  It's impossible to prove fantasy extradimension, forever.

Wormhole = faster-than-light entangle !?

[ Faster-than-light wormhole, entangle is just fantasy. ]

(Bl-2)  ↓ The present physics lacks reality.  

What's the meaning of entanglement essential to space-time ?
First, it cannot send superluminal information, so physically useless.

They say fictional wormhole makes faster-than-light travel possible.  But there is no evidence of it.  It relates to unreal negative mass.

Surprisingly, physicists try to connect this fictional wormhole with faster-than-light entanglement through string theory !

I emphasize that these extradimensions and faster-than-light travel have NO physical grounds, and cannot be confirmed.

Harvard's original paper (p.7) lacks clear picture of each particle.  They just show abstract symbol (= c ) as each particle.  So useless.

I'm afraid that posdocs will end up wasting their precious time in "imaginary" black hole, and destroy their career.

Quantum mechanics is useless, don't study !

[ Schrödinger equation has NO solution in multi-electrons. ]

(Qu-1)  ↓ Just "choose" convenient function.  

Curing fatal diseases such as cancer, ALS, Altzheimer .. is the ultimate goal of human.  Our human body is a sophisticated "nano machine".

To understand and manipulate each enzyme behavior, it is indispensable to predict exact electron-electron interaction.

But quantum mechanics has NO ability to predict molecular behavior, so it is not applied to other science.  See unreal quasiparticle.

The main reason is Schrodinger equation can not solve multi-electron atoms.  They just choose convenient trial functions compatible with experiment.

In choosing some function, there are infinite kinds of choices !
It's impossibe to try all kinds of large functions.

"Choosing" means "artificial" or "not predictable", so useless quantum mechanics !

Energy of Schrödinger equation is false.

[ "Average" energy doesn't mean "true" ground state energy. ]

(Qu-2)  "Average" is a collection of different energies. 

If they cannot solve Schrodinger equation of multi-electrons, how do they get the energy E value ?  In fact, this energy E does't mean truth !

They just insert chosen trial function (= ψHe ) into integral over all space.
So this gotten E' energy is "average" energy in all space.

Of course, there must be only one true ground state (= lowest ) energy E.
But this "average" E is a collection of many different energies in different positions.

So finding the lowest energy inside these "fake" average energies E' doesn't mean truth.

True ground state energy E must be found within exact Schrodinger solutions.  But multi-electrons have no exact solutions.

Only classical approach (= computing each Coulomb force, and de Broglie wave at each different point ) can give a single true ground state energy.

Einstein hampers all science by "spin-orbit".

[ Spin-orbit is relativistic ?  But faster-than-light ! ]

(So-1)  "Faster-than-light" spin feels relativity ?  

Why do worthless degrees remain the biggest problem all over the world ?  Because universities concentrate only on entertainment ( this, this ), rather than science.

Students suffering from debt should sue universities and the media for hiding true contradiction and impossible black hole formation.

These are clearly true faults, so I bet they will surely win.
This news is contradictory, too ?  Volkswagen defeat device is banned, but legal ?

Today's Science paper deals with "spin-orbit" coupling.
The present physics argues this spin-orbit is relativistic of Einstein.

But electron spin lacks reality, its spinning exceeds light speed ( this p.2 ) !  In fact, "spin-orbit" coupling contradicts experiment ( this, this ).

It means Einstein relativity hampers all science, harmful to all students !

"Effective" mass is unreal, useless.

[ Unreal "effective" mass to justify imaginary spin-orbit. ]

(So-2)  Fit imaginary spin-orbit model to experiment !  

Then why do academic papers often mention "spin-orbit", despite unreality ?  Because they use "imaginary" (= not actual ) spin-orbit model !

In original paper (p.7), they use fictional effective mass and magnetic field.  This effective mass is different from actual electron mass.

So this fictional effective mass can be bigger and smaller than actual electron mass ( this p.2 left ) to fit experiment !

This effective mass can be negative ( this p.3 ).  These unreal concpets were introduced to fit wrong "spin-orbit" model to experiment by force.

As you see, the present physics must depend on unreal quasiparticle and effective mass to fit quantum theory to experiment !  So useless.

University teaches "useless" science !

[ Quantum mechanics is useless in multi-electron atoms. ]

(Ha-1)  "ab-initio", "first-principle" is a big lie.  

Worthless university degree is the biggest problem all over the world, causing mismatch in labor market.

This paper claims "ab-initio" model can be a basis of many-body physics.
Is this Harvard's claim right ?

Ab-initio (= first-principle ) means all atomic energies can be successfully predicted only from Schrodinger equation and Pauli exclusion.

But Schrodinger equations of multi-electron atoms cannot be solved.  So all we can do is choose basis-set functions. ←Not ab-initio, so useless.

Though density functional theory (= DFT ) is called " ab-initio" method, it is misleading.  Its multi-electron part (= Vex ) is unknown ( this p.2 ).

So they just freely select convenient functionals (= DFT is not ab-initio, useless ).  NO functional is accurate for all properties of interest ( this p.17 ).

Density functional theory (DFT) is useless.

[ Unknown functional is "freely" chosen ← meaningless. ]

(Ha-2)  "arbitrary" exchange-correlation functional  

This Harvard paper (p.2) chose some specific functional (= PBE ) as "ab-initio".  The same Harvard group combined unreal quasiparticle and LDA as ab-initio.

Relying on unreal quasiparticle means all applied science is hampered.  So universities must return exorbitant tuition to students suffering from debt !

In this caltech paper, they first chose above PBE functional, but it gave incorrect answers.  So they changed to other more convenient functional.

So this ab-initio DFT is not useful method to predict some energies.
Because they just "select" some good functionals out of many choices !

Even inside above PBE exchange correlation functionals, they can freely adjust some paramters to fit experimental results ( this p.7 )

So the boring cliche, "quantum mechanics is the most successful theory" is a big lie, fabricated by ( top ) commercial universities to justify exorbitant tuition !

" Everyday - Einstein ! " is true ?

[ The only practical use, GPS doesn't need relativity. ]

(Ev-1)  GPS, PET are the only practical use ?  

We need Einstein relativity every day ?
In fact, the only practical use of relativity is GPS.

You may feel strange about a recent wsj article quoting Einstein (?) GPS.
Because the relation between relativity and GPS is a very old story ( in 1985 ).

If they are confident that Einstein relativity is absolutely right, why does wsj, one of the largest media, need to repeatedly emphasize it now ?

If Einstein relativity suvived 100 years, passing every test (?), why do physicists need to repeat meaningless test to prove relativity ?

In fact, GPS does NOT need Einstein.  GPS is affected largely by atmospheric medium.  Inaccurate time difference is unknown, gotten from four satellites' data.

Also about antimatter, the only practical use (?), PET can be explained by electron capture, not needing "positron emission".

Everyday - quantum mechanics ?

[ The only hope, tunnel doesn't need quantum mechanics. ]

(Ev-2)  Tunneling happens only in very short ( ~nm ) barrier.  

I bet if educational victims suffering from loan sue universities and the media for hiding true paradox and impossible black hole, they would surely win.

They claim Einstein relavitiy is a basis of all physics, so it hampers all science !  It's dangerous breakthrough prize urges relativity, ignoring flaw.

Quantum mechanics is used every day in smartphones ?
But the present physics lacks reality.  They mention quantum tunnel.

Though quantum tunnel argues an electron can tunnel through some barrier (= insulator ), the definition of this "barrier" is very vague.

In fact, the length of this barrier (= insulator ) needs to be very short (= nanometer ! ) to cause tunnel.

See scanning microscope ( ~1 nm ) and transistor ( 12 nm ).
It's natural a small amount of electrons pass very short "insulator" under some voltage.

So "everyday Einstein and quantum mechanics !" is false advertisement for universities to justify exorbitant tuition !

Unreal physics hampers all science.

[ All students pay exorbitant tuition for useless science ! ]

(Bi-1)  Many-worlds, quasiparticle are a basis of science ?  

Rising university fee is the biggest problem all over the world.
Even if you study biology and physics, the degrees are useless, causing skill mismatch.

I wonder why almost No governments question whether universities really teach useful (?) things.  Getting Nobel prize is everything ?

Without Nobel prize, science in university is of no use ?
The media's hype is one of reasons, which destroy students' career ?

Their main reason is the basic physics lacks reality ( see many worlds ).
Schrodinger equation cannot solve muti-electrons, so useless.

Electron spin lacks reality, its spinning exceeds light speed ( this p.2 ).
So quantum mechanics relies on unreal quasi and virtual particles !

If basic physics lacks reality, all applied science is hampered !
So all students including lawyer are forced to pay exorbitant tuition for nothing.

Molecular biology stalls due to useless physics.

[ Biology has stopped since 1970s →fatal diseases remain incurable. ]

(Bi-2)  Biology still relies on Old technique = PCR, cDNA.   

All biological processes ( enzymes ) depend on interactions among electrons. So knowing precise electrons' behavior is indispensable for curing fatal cancer, ALS, Altzheimer ..

But quantum mechanics is so useless that molecular biologists don't use it at all !  The present biotechnology was established in old 1970s, and we still rely on them now.

Everybody can easily do these biology experiments using kit and manual.  Commercial enzymes can do all RNA, cDNA synthesis, PCR and recombination.

These commercial enzymes were extracted from natural bacteria.
We cannot design and make artificial enzyme from scratch !

GFP fluorescence technique was gotten from jellyfish.
Antibody for protein immunofluorescence is produced by old methods immunizing rabbit ..

So there are No other methods than finding "natural" enzymes or medical herbs.
It takes much time and depends on "good luck".

Even if some side effects happen, we cannot handle them without knowledge of precise molecular mechanism !

Why university research just wastes money ?

[ "Exciton" in MIT is unreal quasiparticle, so useless ! ]

(Mi-1)  ↓Creation (= a ) and annihilation (= a ) of each particle ?  

Worthless degree problems continue.  I wonder why almost No governments question whether universities really teach useful (?) things.

This showy MIT news may make you feel as if universities were doing "cutting-edge" research.  But in fact, these are just "exaggeration" to collect money.

They say when photon hits chromophore, it produce "exciton", which is a unreal quasiparticle.  Why do they rely on "quasiparticle" instead of "real" particle ?

Because the present physics has no ability to give "concrete" figure of each particle.  All it can do is create and annihilate each particle.

They just put electron (= c ) and hole (= β ) side by side, and call it "exciton" ( this p.11 )  All these are nonphysical symbols with no shape.

"Exciton" study made NO progress !

[ Each particle remains nonphysical symbol (= a ), forever. ]

(Mi-2)  Compare exciton particles in 1978 and 2015 !  

The problem is all universities and the media just show colorful pictures, hiding truth.  So ordinary people don't know about unreal quasiparticle !

Research on "exciton" is progressing ?  See MIT 1978 paper p.3.
They just expressed each exciton as abstract symbol (= a ) with no shape.

Compare it with the latest Caltech 2015 paper p.2
Exciton is still the same abstract symbol (= a ) with no shape.

As you see, studies in unreal exciton have made no progress.
So universities just waste exorbitant tuition and tax in useless things, forever !

To hide these inconvenient facts, they concentrate only on ( social ) media to mislead people and governments, using top prizes as a "bait".

Also in "pie-in-the-sky" quantum computer, university uses bloggers to mislead people into feeling as if their researches were progressing steadily.

Continued from this criticism.

See also the previous version of criticizing top journals.

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