Electric force = unreal virtual photon !


Electric force is exchange of virtual photons ?

[ The present physics uses "unreal" virtual photons as electric force ! ]

(Fig.1)  Virtual photon with Negative mass squared ( m2 < 0 ) is unrealistic.

What causes forces such as electric force in our daily lives ?  In fact, the present quantum field theory uses unreal virtual particles as all fundamental forces.

The present physics forces us to describe any forces and interactions using abstract Feynman diagram.

Surprisingly, these virtual particles disobey Einstein mass relation, because virtual paricles can have negative mass squared ( m2 < 0 ) !  Nonsense.

See this p.10 and this p.2 below.  So the present physics with self-contracdiction failed in explaining what the "forces" actually are.

Einstein denied "light medium" (= aether ).

[ Instead, virtual photons in electric force contradict Einstein ! ]

(Fig.2)  Relativity rejecting light medium started illusory virtual particle.

It is said Michelson-Morley experiment denied luminiferous aether.
The point is this "aether" is static relative to absolute space.

Under the Einstein relativity, the scace contains nothing, so they had to create other concepts to transmit electromagnetic forces.

This is "virtual particles".  Ironically, these virtual particles contradict Einstein relativity, which is the reason they are called "virtual", NOT real.

Virtual photon is unreal, contradicts Einstein.

[ Space naturally contains some "medium" for electric field ! ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ "Light medium" is more realistic than virtual photons !

In fact, Michelson-Morley did NOT deny "light medium" moving with the earth.  Space is naturally filled with some medium transmitting electric fields and gravity.

If you reject this natural medium like Einstein, you have to accept unreal virtual photons violating relativity !

Virtual particles can move faster-than-light and disobey Einstein relativistic relation ( this p.3 )   This is nonsense.

Why virtual photon has unreal "mass" ?

[ Electric forces are caused by unreal virtual photons ? ]

(Fig.4)  Electric force is generated by emitting virtual photons ?

The present quantum theory argues that electric force is due to electric charges emitting virtual photons.

Surprisingly, this virtual photons has negative mass squared ( m2 < 0 ), which is impossible in our real world !

And it's self-contradiction to violate Einstein relation ( this p.4 )

Calculating virtual photon's abnormal mass.

[ When an electron emits a photon, it becomes "virtual", NOT real ! ]

(Fig.5)  Total energy and momentum must be conserved.

In fact, when an electron emits a photon, this emitted photon always becomes "virtual", NOT real !  We explain this reason here.

Suppose that the initial electron has energy (= E ) and momentum (= p ).  After it emits a photon, the resultant electron stops (= momentum p is zero and only rest mass energy ).

Total energy and momentum must be always conserved in any reactions due to law of action and reaction.

As a result, the energy and momentum of the emitted photon become "E-mc2" and "p", respectively.

Einstein's energy and momentum relation.

[ Particle's energy (= E ), momentum (= p), rest mass (= m0 ) ]

(Fig.6)  ↓ Einstein relativistic relation.

Acccording to Einstein relativity, all ( real ) particles have to obey his energy-momentum-mass relation.

E, p and m0 are each particle's energy, momentum and rest mass, respectively.

Emitted photon's mass squared is negative !

[ Photon emitted from a electron has negative mass squared ( m2 < 0 ) ! ]

(Fig.7)  Photon with negative mass squared is virtual, NOT real.

Inserting the energy and momentum of the emitted photon into Einstein's relation, you'll easily find this emitted photon has abnormal mass (= its mass squared is negative ! ).

In Fig.7, rest mass energy (= m0c2 ) is smaller than total energy (= E ), so the final result is negative.

So when a photon emitted from an electron conserves total energy and momentum, its mass squared becomes negative and unreal ( this p.10 ).

It means a photon model in quantum field theory fails and we have to consider other realistic wave model involving the "whole atom".

Eletron-positron annihilation → Virtual photon !

[ Electron and positron annihilate to form a unreal virtual photon ! ]

(Fig.8)  ↓ This virtual photon's mass is abnormal

Even when an electron and a proton annihilate to form a photon, this photon always becomes virtual, NOT real ( this p.4 ).

Because this produced photon can stop, and its photon's mass cannot be zero !
Positron's unrealistic reaction can be replaced by realistic electron's capture.

Virtual photon can "stop" !?

[ Photon from antiparticle's annihilation can stop ? ]

(Fig.9)  Virtual photon's mass cannot be zero like real photon !

Photon (= light ) must be massless in order to always travel at light speed c without stopping.  But a photon generated from electron-position annihilation violates this rule !

Suppose an electron and a positron are approaching each other at the same speed (= same momentum |p| ), moving in the opposite direction.

Due to total momentum conservation, the resultant photon produced from this annihilation stops, because its total momentum is canceled out to be zero.

Of course, the photon (= light ) cannot stop, so this photon is virtual, NOT real.  And this virtual photon's mass is positive unlike real photon.

We don't need useless Large Hadron Collider !

[ LHC just wastes our tax producing (← ? ) unreal particles. ]

(Fig.10)  Fraudulent CERN should stop misleading people all over the world !

In fact, the Large Hadron Collider (= LHC ) is an useless trash wasting our tax money.  They often argue new particles might have been produced (← ? ).

But all these particles are always too unstable to be useful and their confirmation is doubtful and meaningless for our daily lives.

As you see, all these transient and very rare particles produced (← ? ) at LHC have made NO contribution to our actual society.

Gigantic colliders are just a convenient tool for fraudulent universities and media to defraud people all over the world of their money.  This is the truth.

Standard model's particles are unreal.

[ Too heavy W boson, fractional-charge quarks are unreal. ]

(Fig.11)  ↓ Those virtual particles don't exist in "real" world.

They claim that standard model is very successful theory and agrees with every experiment (← ? ).  But this claim is a big lie.

Because its forces are virtual, which is not real particle.
Its strong force, quark = fractional change cannot be isolated.

The most important force in standard model is "weak force" mediating beta decay.

But unfortunately, this weak (= W ) boson also lacks reality.
Because this W particle disobeys energy (= mass ) conservation.

Weak boson mediating beta decay is unreal, virtual !

[ A neutron decays into massive W boson of 80 times proton mass ? ]

(Fig.12)  This heavy W boson violates mass conservation.

They claim weak boson was found inside colliders, but it has nothing to do with actual beta decay which W boson mediates is 80 times heavier than a proton !

This is very strange.  Because they claim an initial neutron decays into a proton (+) and very heavy W boson (-).

The mass difference between a neutron and a proton is very small, which can never reach "80 times proton" mass !

So they start to claim this very heavy W boson is virtual (= not real ), which can appear for only a very short time.

This "far-fetched" interpretation is too good to be true.
Even in Higgs decay, this W boson is virtual, lacking realtiy.

So it's impossible to say the standard model "giving up reality" is the most successful theory.  ( ← Big lie ! )

Gluon in strong nuclear force is virtual, NOT real.

[ Neither quarks nor gluon can be isolated, so they lack reality. ]

(Fig.13)  Gluon emitted from quark has negative mass squared, too.

Standard model claims that hypothetical gluon mediates strong force between quarks inside nuclei.  This gluon is also unreal virtual particles.

Because quarks emitting gluon is similar to the case where electrons emitting virtual photon.

Neither gluon nor fractional-charge quarks can be isolated to confirm, so this model itself is meaningless from the beginning.

Higgs relies on unreal virtual particles !

[ All Higgs reactions need virtual particles, so meaningless. ]

(Fig.14)  All reactions inside wasteful collider use unreal particles.

The reason why gigantic particle colliders are meaningless and just wasting our tax money is all thier reactions need unreal virtual particles.

Even in Higgs production (= cannot be directly confirmed, so doubtful ), they claim virtual particles violating Einstein relativity are indispensable.

So Large Hadron Collider (= LHC ) is just a wastegul trash misleading people and new students all over the world !  ← Very harmful collider.

Feynman QED is the origin of virtual particles.

[ All QED processes depend on unreal virtual particles. ]

(Fig.15)  QED virtual photon has negative mass squared.

Also in Feynman QED, a photon emitted from an electron is virtual, not real, because the mass squared of this virtual photon can be negative ( this p.2 below ).

Though you may often hear quantum electrodynamics (= QED ) is one of most successful theories, it is a big lie.

The problem is the calculation results of QED always diverge to infinity !  So they started to artificially remove a part of infinity by renormalization.

Infinity can be divided into other infinity and any arbitrary finite value.
If we artificially remove this excessive infinity, we can get any finite value as we like.

This artificial trick is everything.  QED is NOT a successful theory at all.

Even founder, Feynman said "QED is hocus-pocus, and mathematically not consistent".

The present physics failed using virtual particles.

[ Einstein rejected "medium" → Instead, virtual photons disobey Einstein !  Nonsense. ]

(Fig.16)  ↓ Relativistic quantum field theory uses contradictory virtual particles !

Einstein rejected the concept of "light medium" in space, so physicists needed other concepts to transmit electromagnetic ( Coulomb ) forces.

Though they created "virtual photons" as particles mediating electric force, this photon has negative mass squared and disobeys Einstein relativity !

As you see, the present quantum field thoery is filled with self-contradiction and nonsense.

But almost all textbooks and fraudulent universities hide the existence of this virtual particle, so people and students are deceived into believing the present physics is real.

How can we solve Einstein true paradoxes ?

[ "Medium" is indispensable to avoid serious paradoxes. ]

(Fig.17)  Electron moves relative to "medium" → de Broglie wave !

Lorentz magnetic force is perpendicular to particle ( or observer ) velocity.  It causes serious paradox in different directin.

Electron's de Broglie wave disobeys Lorentz contraction (= independent of observer's motion ).  How can we fix this serious situation ?

The only way to fix it is we admit some real "medium", which relativity rejected.  Medium moving with the earth agrees with Michelson-Morley experiment.

If we admit when an electron moves with respect to this medium, it causes de Broglie wave, we can solve all serious paradoxes above.

Furthermore, this real medium can explain electron's double-slit without fantasy parallel worlds.

In fact, light speed c is affected by various different mediums ( ex. water ).
Uniform and isotropic cosmic microwave background just fits this medium.

And we don't need artificial dark matter, if we admit some medium in space from the beginning.

"Light medium" is indispensable for electric force !

[ If you reject "medium", you must accept unreal virtual photons ! ]

(Fig.18)  "Medium" filling space naturally explains electric force.

Even if you are a fan of Einstein and reject "light medium", you have to accept unreal virtual photons disobeying Einstein relativity as electric force.

After all, electromagtic forces can be naturally explained by some "medium" filling all space.


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