Gravitational lens  is illusion.


Light refraction  proves "medium".

[ Light speed changes in different light medium ! ]

(Fig.1)  Light velocity changes in medium → Einstein was wrong.

Light refraction proves that light velocity c changes in different "medium", which contradicts Einstein relativity denying "light medium".

Light refraction based on Huygens' principle proves light is wave, NOT a particle photon.

If we admit real light "medium", we can avoid serious relativity paradoxes such as de Broglie wave and redundant dark matter.


Light = photon  is stupid.

[ Light particle decelerates → accelerates between media ? ]

(Fig.2)  Light photon particle  fast → slow → fast  again !?

We know the light becomes slower and is bent, when it enters water from air.

And when light goes out of water, it accelerates and is bent back again ?

If light is a photon particle, the bending angle is random because of scattering.  But refractive angle is fixed in each medium.

And this photon particle must be accelerated again when it exits water.  There is NO strange thing to reaccelerate light in water !


Light is bent by refraction, NOT by Einstein.

[ Light refraction by air is much stronger than gravity. ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ Light is bent by air, NOT Einstein gravity.

Einstein general relativity claims that light is slightly bent by gravity.  But the earth's gravity is too small to observe it.

We can observe the light is strongly bent by the air due to classical light refraction.  Light refraction is far stronger than gravitational lensing ( > 1000 : 1 ) !

Einstein relativity cannot explain light refraction, so they ignore it.  Light deflection is not by general relativity but by classical theory.

Test of Einstein theory is targeted at stars too far away to confirm.  They introduced artificial dark matter where gravity failed.  ← nonsense.


Gravitational redshift  is "light refraction".

[ Einstein general relativity is far weaker than light refraction. ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ Einstein general relativity is too weak and unnecessary.

Einstein gravitational redshift claims the light wavelength is longer, when it escapes from gravity due to time dilation.

But this Einstein time dilation by gravity is too weak compared to classical light refraction.

So gravitational redshift is caused NOT by Einstein relativity but by classical light refraction in different "medium".


GPS has nothing to do with Einstein.

[ Einstein gravity is much weaker than the effect by the air. ]

(Fig.5)  Too week Einstein time dilation is hidden in the air medium.

GPS atomic clock is said to be affected by Einstein theory.  But in fact, other factors such as the atomosphere affects clock time much more.

So people involved in GPS don't rely on Einstein relativity with twin paradox.

They claim Einstein general relativity changes clock time by only 45×10-6 second per day.  ← too weak to believe !

Supposing this gravitational time dilation chages light velocity, its effect is far weaker than light reflaction by the air  (= 1000000 : 1 ).

The air around the earth affects not only light velocity but also permittivity which weakens electric force and may slow down each atomic movement.


Light refraction is far stronger than Einstein.

[ Gravitational lens is 10000 times smaller than light refraction ! ]

(Fig.6)  The air refractive index = 1.00029 is far stronger than Einstein

The air is known to bend light by classical refraction theory.  You can calculate how much the light is bent by the air using refractive index.

You will find that this light refraction is 10000 times stronger than Einstein gravity in bending light !  The present theory completely ignores the effect of "medium".

Einstein theory claims the earth with gravity is equal to the rocket accelerating by g.

So they claim the light can also feels "acceleration g" and is bent by gravity like other objects.

Light speed c is extremely high, so this light bending by gravity g is far smaller than light refraction by the air.



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