Dark photon, Schrödinger cat = fantasy


Dark photon = 5th force ( ? ) is nonsense.

[ Dark matter interacts with each other by "dark photon" ? ]

(Fig.1)  The present physics tries to fabricate new "unrealistic" concept.

According to Nature and MIT, there might be unknown 5th forces working between hypothetical dark matters.

Surprisingly, this force is mediated by "massive dark photon" which contradicts Einstein relativity.  The point is they cannot be detected directly.

It means these imaginary particles are useless and meaningless.  Physicists should stop making a poor excuse that they are too unstable and weak interactions to detect.

Dark photon is created from unreal virtual photon ?

[ Dark photon with 34 times electron mass ( ? ) is unrealistic. ]

(Fig.2)  Electron + positron → virtual, dark photon ?  Nonsense.

The present physics is based on unreal virtual photon with negative and positive mass squared.  Electron and positron annihilate to massive virtual photon.  ← Nonsense.

They say the hypothetical dark photon with 34 times electron mass could be created from virtual photons violating Einstein relativity ( this p.4 ).

It means they argue even dark photon can interact with normal electron and positron.  If so, why cannot we find those dark photon easily so far ?

As you see, this convenient dark photon is self-contradictory and too good to be true from the beginning.

Dark photon cannot be detected in experiment.

[ Dark photon is a far-fetched interpretation. ]

(Fig.3)  They only detected gamma-rays (= light ), NOT dark photon !

Though this argues they might have found the proof of dark photon (= 5th force ? ), they didn't detect dark photon itself at all.

All they detected is gamma rays (= light ) distribution, NOT dark photon.
So the dark photon or 5th force is just an exaggeration for attracting people's attention !

After colliding accelerated protons with lithium ( → Be ), only a small part of them can produce dark photon decaying into electron and positron which annihilate into gamma light.

They argue the resultant gamma light tends to go in some specific direction (= 140o ), in which some unknown dark photon may be involved.

This hypothetical reaction ( proton + Li → Be → dark photon → gamma rays ? ) is too rare and too faint to believe.  It's only 10-8 chance.  This interpretation is very doubtful.

Interpretation of dark photon is very doubtful.

[ They just detected "γ light", NOT fantasy dark photon ! ]

(Fig.4)  Only small imbalance in γ ray direction means dark photon ?

They just detected the final products of γ light, NOT imaginary dark photon !  So the dark photon and 5th force is just a exaggeration and the media-hype.

They argue the final γ rays tend to travel in some specific direction (= 140o ) and it means unknown dark photon or new boson might be involved.

This kind of experiment is very doubtful, because this reaction is too rare and very like to be hidden by other infinite unrelated noises, protons, electrons and lights.

Even in the γ rays' (= from electron and positron annhilation ? ) direction, there is almost NO difference ( this p.4 ).

If dark matter and dark photon really exist now, it's strange that physicists cannot find a lot of stable dark matter ( and photon ) easily in this world.

Dead and alive at the same time ?

[ Quantum cat can be dead and alive at the same time ? ]

(Fig.5)  Quantum superposition = Schrödinger's cat ?

Quantum mechanics relies on fantasy "superposition" where each object can be in two different states at the same time ?

It's called "Schrodinger's cat, where a single cat is both dead and alive until someone opnes the box to find out.

As you feel, it's completely impossible for each cat to be both dead and alive at the same time.  So quantum mechanics lacks reality.

The point is we cannot see parallel different worlds directly, because it collapses into a single world, the moment we observe it.

So superposition = parallel worlds, the heart of quantum mechanics has No evidence, it's too good to be true.

Mixed lights = a dead and alive cat ?

[ They mistake "mixed lights" with different phases for a fantasy cat. ]

(Fig.6)  Science deals with "classically" mixed lights, NOT cat !

Recently Yale university argues they might succeed in creating a grotesque dead and alive cat in Science paper.  But it's impossible in a real cat.

The point is this experiment just misinterprets "classically mixed lights" with different phases as a unrealistic dead and cat state !

Photon (= light quantum ? ) is a convenient tool to fabricate "fake" Schrodinger cat state, because we can freely mix lights with different phases and amplitude.

It has Nothing to do with Schrödinger cat !

[ Classically mixed lights = a dead and alive cat ?  Nonsense. ]

(Fig.7)  Physicists should stop misleading people by fake Schrödinger cat.

Though universities and the media like to exaggerate creation of a dead and alive Schrödinger cat, those experiments have Nothing to do with "cat".

They just mix the lights with different phases classically, and misinterpret that state as a dead and alive cat ( this p.1 ).

Furthermore, this experiment doesn't mean true Schrödinger cat state, because each boxe includes many photons, and they didn't separate them !

So this exepriment has nothing to do with fantasy dead and alive cat, and of course useless and a waste of money ( tuition ).

To hide this uselessness in the present physics, quantum computer ( and information ) was fabricated as an imaginary target.  People and governments are deceived by universities.

"Fake" graphene is useless and nonsense.

[ The present physics tries to create fake, meaningless concept. ]

(Fig.8)  Carbon graphene = Rb atom + lights ?  ← completely different !

Harvard university argues that they loaded unltracold gas of rubidium atoms (= Rb ) in honeycomb optical lattice.

To begin from conclusion, this experiment is meaningless.  They just try to create fake graphene using lights and rubidium atoms (← NOT carbon ! )

But of course, carbon structure in true graphene has nothing to do with a state where Rb atom is just loaded in laser lights arranged in honeycomb form.

Then why do physicist try to waste their time in these meaningless concepts ?  The present physics stops seeking true nature, instead, created "imaginary target".

These "imaginary targets" include unreal quasiparticle, Higgs symmetry, massless particle, monopole and Berry phase.

All these fictitious concepts are useless excpet for publishing paper in top journals or Nobel prize.

Fake graphene uses unreal "quasi-momentum".

[ Mixing photon's momentum and the mass of Rb atom is nonsense. ]

(Fig.9)  They use light momentum as fake atomic momentum.

In this Harvard paper, they relies on "quasi-momentum", which is NOT real momentum ( this p.2 ).

Because in true graphene, they cannot know exact carbon electron's momentum.  Instead, they use adjustable light momentum (= h/wavelength ) as fake electron's momentum !

Of course, this unreal quasimomentum is meaningless except for publishing paper based on old quantum band theory.

This artificial (= fake ) graphene created from neutral atom and lights is the source of various fictitious concpets such as effective magnetic field, mass and artificial Lorentz force ( this p.36 )


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