Black hole doesn't exist


Black hole cannot be formed !

[ Infinite time is needed to form black hole, so impossible. ]

(Fig.1)  Time stopping on black hole prevents its formation.

The clock time stops on the surface of black hole from viewpoint of distant observer ( on earth ).

So it needs infinite time to form black hole from collapsed star.
It means black hole does Not exist now, different from this claim.

Black hole is one of the largest scams in science history ( this myth #2 ).

But if they give up black hole, physicists would have nothing to do in Einstein relativity.  This is the reason unreal black hole survives.

Black hole contradicts special relativity.

[ Einstein theory includes self-contradiction in black hole. ]

(Fig.2)  Time stopping in black hole is "inconsistent"

Einstein general relativity shows that clock time stops on the surface of black hole.  So objects falling into the black hole appear frozen on the edge of the hole.

Einstein's relativity is based on two theories of special and general relavitity with gravity.  Special relativity has already been used as QED and Higgs.

So if black hole in general relativity contradicts Einstein special relativity, it means black hole doesn't exist.  In fact, "time stop" on black hole contradicts special relativity !

Einstein special relativity

[ Three rockets are launced simultaneously from A, B, C sites. ]

(Fig.3)  Three rockets are rising at the same speed seen from K.

Here we review Einstein's special relativity.  Three identical rockets are launched at the same time from different A, B, C sites.

And these rockets are going up at the same speed.
Stationary observer K sees them.

Seen by observer K' moving at a speed v

[ Launching times of A, B, C rockets are different !? ]

(Fig.4)  C rocket is first launched, seen from K' !

According to Einstein relativity, the launching times of A,B,C rockets look different, seen by the observer K' moving at a speed v to the right.

Surprisingly, Einstein claims the rocket C is first launched, next B, and A rocket is launched lastly !

When the stationary observer K sees these same rockets, they are launched at the same time.

So in Einstein relativity, the clock times at different positions (= A, B, C ) are moving on differently !

Time stops in black hole

[ Black hole stops moving forever, seen from distant star. ]

(Fig.5)  Stationary observer K sees black hole stopping forever.

Einstein said strong gravity makes the clock time stop on black hole, seen from a distant star such as the earth.

"Time stop" means any motions on the black hole freeze to stop forever.  So a distant observer K sees black holes stopping forever.

Suppose this K observer also stops with respect to the black hole.

Moving observer sees black hole moving ?

[ Observer moves → black hole looks moving despite "time stop" ? ]

(Fig.6)  Special relativity says black hole looks moving.

Einstein special relativity claims the velocity of a object is "relative" with respect to an observer.

So if the stationary observer starts to move, the stationary black hole also starts to move in his inertial frame ( moving frame is K' ) ?

But it contradicts "time stop" in black hole.  If the black hole is moving, it's faster-than-light, because the clock time around black hole keeps stopping.

Special relativity applies in black hole ?

[ Time stops at t = 0 around black hole. ]

(Fig.7)  Stationary observer K sees black hole stops at t = 0

Here we prove why Einstein special relativity contradicts black hole in general relativity, which means his theory is wrong.

Suppose there is a stationary black hole with a width of "1" between coordinate x = 0 and x = 1.  And stationary observer K sees it.

So the Schwarzschild radius ( where time stops ) of this black hole is 0.5.

Moving black hole is Lorentz-contracted ?

[ Moving observer sees moving black hole despite "time stop" ? ]

(Fig.8)  Black hole appears to move seen by moving observer ?

When the stationary observer K starts to move, the black holes appears to move seen by this moving observer K' ?

Special relativity claims moving object looks Lorentz-contracted in length, so this moving black hole is also contracted in its length ?

In fact, this Einstein original postulate of "relative motion" and Lorentz contraction break down in time stopping black hole.

Lorentz contraction is supposed to happen based on "time dilation".

Lorentz transformation in special relativity.

[ Time t and coordinate x change seen by different observers ! ]

(Fig.9)  Time t ( t' ), position x ( x' ) seen by stationary ( moving ) K ( K' )

According to Lorentz transformation of Einstein special relativity, time and position change differently seen by different observers.

K is a stationary observer, and K' is moving at a speed of "v" in the direction of x.  Time t and position x are seen by stationary observer K.

Time t' and position x' are seen by moving obsever K'.

Time t at the left edge of black hole ?

[ Time t' = 0, position x'=0 in K' frame → K frame time t=0 ]

(Fig.10)  The lef side of black hole ( x'=0 , x=0 )  What's its time t ?

Moving observer K' sees the left edge of black hole ( x'= 0 ) at the time ( t' = 0 ).  What state of black hole in K frame corresponds to what this K' is watching ?

Substituting x'=0 and t'=0 into equation of Lorentz transformation, we find what he (= K' ) sees corresponds to the black hole state of x=0, t=0 in K frame.

How about the right edge of black hole ?

[ K' sees the right edge of black hole different from t = 0 ? ]

(Fig.11)  Time stops on black hole, but K' sees "different" time,  NOT t = 0 !

How about the right edge of black hole ?  We insert the time t' = 0 and its coordinate x' ( contracted ) into equation of Lorentz transformation.

The position of the right end of black hole is x = 1 in K frame, so this result is good.  But the time t is different from t = 0, despite its time stopping !

It means moving observer K' sees the right edge of black hole at the time t = v/c2 ( NOT t = 0 ! ), which contradicts the orginal postulate of black hole time stop at t = 0

Black hole contradicts Einstein relativity.

[ So black hole is unreal, doesn't exist ! ]

(Fig.12)  Time stops at t = 0 at K frame, but K' sees different time ?

Einstein general relativity claims the clock time stops at t = 0 on black hole ( in K frame ).  But it's untrue seen by the moving observer in K' frame !

According to Lorentz transformation of Einstein special relativity, clock times t are different in different positions in K' frame.

If a moving K' observer sees the left edge of black hole at t = 0, he sees the right edge of black hole at t = v/c2 ( both correspond to t'=0 in K' frame ).

It contradicts the original idea that the black hole time stops at t = 0 in K frame.  So black hole cannot move in any frames (= observers ) due to its time stop !

Paradox in black hole !

[ We can approach black hole or NOT ? ← paradox ! ]

(Fig.13)  Earth is approaching static black hole ?

This Einstein relativity causes fatal paradox in clock time.
Stars can or cannot approach, depending on different observers.

This is a clearly paradox, so black hole doesn't exist.

Time stops →Black hole formation, radiation don't happen !

[ So research on black hole, Hawking radiation is a waste of time. ]

(Fig.14)  Physicists waste money and time in unreal black hole !

"Time stop" in black hole seen by a distant observer ( on the earth ) means black hole formation, Hawking radiation are impossible and meaningless.

Researches on black hole and Hawking radiation made NO contribution to our daily lives, just wasting our time and money, like useless Japanese black hole satellite.

Black hole, Einstein and Hawking are convenient tools for corrupt universities and the media to brainwash and defraud people of their money.


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