Undetectable particle physics !


Physics seeks unreal, useless particles.

[ Unreal elementary particles cannot be detected ! ]

(Fig.1)  Fractional charge quark, Higgs field cannot be detected !

The present particle physics seeks only unreal particles.

Fractional-charge quarks can neither be separated nor confirmed.
Weak-force boson is virtual, unreal and violating conservation law.

Higgs field giving mass to everything cannot be detected in our daily lives !  Doubtful Higgs boson is too unstable to observe directly, too

There are the same amount of supersymmetric particles (= SUSY ) around us ?  But SUSY cannot be detected except as suspicious "missing energy".

The present physics seeks only undetectable imaginary particles, which cause fantasy theory.


Weak boson is undetectable,  illusion.

[ Weak (= W ) boson cannot be detected in our daily lives ! ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ beta dacay: neutron → proton + electron via W boson ?

Weak force is one of the most important concepts in the current particle physics.

They say, a neutron decays into a proton and an electron (+ neutrino ) through heavy W boson in beta decay.

But we cannot detect this "imaginary" W boson in usual beta decay in our daily lives (= outside the collider ).

So the existence of this weak force via W boson has NOT be proved directly.  In fact, this W boson is unreal virtual particle violating energy conservation law.


Quark  is undetectable, unreal.

[ Quark with fractional charge (= -1/3e .. ) cannot be confirmed ! ]

(Fig.3)  Neutron consists of a proton and an electron ( or three quarks ? )

Neutron is known to decay into a proton and an electron.  But they start to say a neutron consists of three unseen quarks.

The problem is a quark with fractional charge can neither be isolated nor confirmed !  So we don't need fictional particle, quark.

We can simply say that protons inside a nucleus are bound by electrons inside neutron, not needing imaginary strong force or gluon.

The media reporting unseen quarks as if they were real is just fake media, because fractional-charge quark can never be separated to confirm !

Quark is useless except for getting Nobel prize, imaginary early universe, extradimensional string theory, video, twitter, blog.

All these imaginary particles are only inside virtual collider !


Higgs field  is undetectable, unreal.

[ Higgs "field" giving mass cannot be found ! ]

(Fig.4)  Why Higgs field around us cannot be detected ?

If Higgs is giving mass to all particles, there must be infinite Higgs around us !  But we cannot detect Higgs around us !

In fact, Higgs boson discovered (← ? ) inside LHC collider has nothing to do with "mass".  Higgs field gives mass.  See this.

So even if they found Higgs boson at LHC, it's completely meaningless and a waste of money.

Unless they find "Higgs field" around us outside collider, Higgs "mass" mechanism is just fiction and a big lie.


Supersymmetric particle is unseen, unreal.

[ Undetectable supersymmetric particles (= SUSY ) don't exist. ]

(Fig.5)  There are the same amount of supersymmetric particles ?

It is said that our world has the same amount of supersymmetric particle (= SUSY ) as the ordinary particles.

But we can neither feel nor detect these imaginary particles except as doubtful missing energy like unseen dark matter.

So the current physicists waste their time in seeking undetectable (= unreal ) supersymmetric particles.


Coulomb = virtual photon ? is undetectable.

[ The present physics uses unreal virtual photon as Coulomb force. ]

(Fig.6)  Coulomb force is real, but virtual photon is unreal.

Electromagnetic force such as Coulomb is the most important force in real world.

But the present physics replaces this real force by unreal virtual photon which mass contradicts real photon.

In fact, all fundamental forces rely on unreal virtual particles in the current physics, like photoelectric effect.

As a result, the current particle physics depends on only unreal particles both in real and imaginary concepts !



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