Why university's tuition is so high ?


Universities teaching "fiction" raised tuition !

[ Students are deceived into believing the present science is useful. ]

(Fig.1)  Parallel worlds, extradimension, Hawking are worth tuition ?

University's tuition fee has been rising at a far more rapid pace than inflation.  But mismatch in labor market is increasing even in science fields.

If universities impose so exorbitant tuition on students, they really teach very useful skill and science ?  Unfortunately they don't !

Surprisingly, even the present top unversities teach fictional parallel worlds, extra-dimension, impractical quantum computer using parallel worlds.

The big media is still making a great fuss about Hawking meaningless theory and chess.  Even the largest journal Nature pushes imaginary parallel worlds.

The problem is the top commercial universities having ample funds and the media are cooperating to brainwash people, using many social media.

So almost all people and governments are deceived into believing the present fictional science may be useful ( ← untrue ! ).

Reduced tuition worsens youth's unemployment.

[ Cutting tuition under useless science increases "mismatch". ]

(Fig.2)  If you learn about fictional science, your empolyment worsens.

Then what will happen, if some governments decrease universitiy's tuition drastically under the science based on unrealistic theory ?

Unfortunately, reduced tuition just increases skill mismatch and youth's unemployment all over the world, as long as the science is useless.

You may think you have nothing to do with these phoney science. But it's untrue.  Basic false physics affects and prevents developing all fields !

Why No governments doubt university's education ?

[ The media, journal, prizes hamper restructuring university. ]

(Fig.3)  Brainwash by the media and journals using Nobel prize.

If college degree is so worthless, why don't any government doubt the university's education and improve them ?

The point is we judge the scientific value based only on whether it is published in ( top ) journals or get some prestigious prizes, ignoring its usefulness.

Nobel prizes were once awarded only to realistic things such as Röntgen and Curie.  After fantasy quantum mechincs, everything had changed.

There are many useless and unreal things getting Nobel prize now.
Top journals concentrate on a dead and alive cat and impractical computer.

Despite many useless concepts in top journal and prizes, why don't any governments doubt the present science ?

Because even the largest media is encouraging people to believe fantasy quantum computer and multi-universe, controling informations all over the world.

So people and governments are misled into believing the present useless physics is valuable, though it's clearly just fantasy.

US top universities and false advertising.

[ Commercial universities spend money in advertising phony science. ]

(Fig.4)  US universities mislead people using the media and bloggers.

Even US top universities are pushing unreal 10 spacetime dimensions and imaginary quantum computer based on parallel worlds.

Despite those unrealistic science, why does US government allow them to increase their tuition drastically ?

Those universities are authorized to give students qualifications for lawyer and medical doctor by US government.  Then fanciful science is allowable ?

US top universities are not public school, so they can spend their ample endowments in other things such as stock investment and advertising.

TV drama, Numbers, is a typical example of it, because neither fictional extradimension nor black hole are useful for criminal investigation !

Furthermore they aggressively use various social media such as blog and twitter as a tool to mislead people into fantasy science.

So false advertising by ample funds in US commercial universities is a main factor in the government allowing them to raise tuition freely.

UK largest media misled the government.

[ UK people are misled into believing the media is always telling the truth. ]

(Fig.5)  Why can UK government allow exorbitant tuition ?

It's a famous story that the tuition of UK universities suddenly increased from "free" to £9,000 per year ignoring students, though they are public schools.

It is known that UK is one of countries producing many Nobel laureates such as Higgs and Dirac.

But Higgs boson has made NO contribution to our daily livings, just wasting our tax in useless large hadron collider.

UK has the largest media, journal, publishing company, which are clearly involved in making people believe even fictional science is useful.

They are controlling almost all world's scientific informations and have determined which science is worth accepting, as they like.

Their academic impact on UK government was so large that they could easily persuade it to raise tuition drastically even against the students' desire.

Nature's strategy is very simple and harmful.

[ Nature promotes unreal parallel worlds and its computing. ]

(Fig.6)  Top journal Nature is the source of unreal parallel worlds.

While I criticized physics articles in top journal Nature for about 2 years, I noticed Nature strategy is very simple, a single pattern and harmful.

The present quantum mechanics is based on uncertainty and superposition of many different states at the same time.

This superposition means unreal parallel worlds where a grotesque cat can be dead and alive at the same time.  It's called Schrodinger's cat.

Spooky action, entanglement is based on this parallel worlds.

"Pie-in-the-sky" quantum computer is also based on parallel computing in parallel worlds, as its proposer, Deutsh said.

The world's largest Nature group and its subsidiary scientific american are responsible for spreading useless superposition, quantum computer and entanglement.

Nature, UK media should NOT spread fantasy.

[ "Fantasy" quantum computer were spread by Nature. ]

(Fig.7)  Nature → BBC → all world  = quantum computer

Quantum computer based on fantasy parallel-world computation has NOT been realized.  Then why did such a phoney science spread to the world ?

The quantum computer was used as "imaginary" target, which probably started from top journal Nature.

Nature group has the largest influence on academic organizations all over the world through its subsidiaries, scientific american ( its Japanese "Nikkei science" )

Furthermore, probably Nature is tied up with other large media, spreading this impractical quantum computer to the world easily.

Accidentally, the proponent of quantum computer, David Deutsch and Alan Turing are UK physicists.

Hawking black hole uses this entanglement.

[ Hawking theory produced imaginary fire-wall and entanglement. ]

(Fig.8)  Hawking → entanglement → fire-wall in black hole ?

This spooky action entanglement is used in Hawking black hole, too.
To solve this "entangled" problem, they invented fictional fire-wall.

Of course, we cannot go and see unreal black hole and its "fire-wall".
So this entanglement in Hawking black hole is just fiction.

By coincidence, Bell (= proposed entanglement inequality ) and Hawking are all UK physicists.

Fantasy wormhole controls entanglement ?

[ Wormhole connecting black holes transmits entanglement ? ]

(Fig.9)  Nature and universities connected two fantasies by force.

Hypothetical wormhole bridging black holes is believed to cause faster-than-light action like entanglement.

So Nature and universities ( MIT ) try to spread the irrational idea that the wormhole is involved in entanglement ( ER-EPR ).

Of course, these are only speculation lacking physical evidende.
They should stop misleading people, wasting exorbitant tuition in fiction.

Impractical quantum computer is harmful !

[ Corporations are deceived into investing money in fiction. ]

(Fig.10)  ↓ Why pie-in-the-sky quantum computer is harmful ?

Nature and the largest media around it desperately try to spread fictional quantum computer, involving Nasa, Google, Lockheed Martin.

Despite very long researches, quantum computer can not be realized.
First quantum computer turned out to be Not faster than classic PC.

To begin from the conclusion, this "pie-in-the-sky" quantum computer is just a tool to extort money from corporations such as Google.

Only its researchers and university (← not experiment ) try to persuade corporations and government to waste money in fictional quantum computer.

They should NOT report misleading news of quantum computer, as long as useless !  This is clearly one of frauds using "imaginary" target.

People pushing quantum computer should not so easily mention "speed-up" under a doubtful condition.

They should stop announcing it until the quantum computer becomes really useful for us ( though impossible ).

The present physics is all useless.

[ Hot topics in the present physics are all useless and waste of money. ]

(Fig.11)  Useless physics is grouped into four patterns.

In fact, the present basic physics is all useless, just pursuing unreal objects.  We can group the present latest physics into four patterns.

Schrodinger equation cannot handle multi-electron atoms, so physicists in condened matter concentrates only on creating artificial quasiparticle such as phonon and exciton.

This quasiparticles are Not actual elementary particles.  So they have given up explaining all phenomena using real particles, so useless.

Second pattern is setting "imaginary" target such as quantum computer, which is used as a tool for universities and the media to extort money from people.

The third is elusive particle Higgs.  All these unstable particles such as Higgs, quarks, W bosons are virtual only inside Cern computer.  So useless forever.

The last is gravitational wave and dark matter, which are too faint to be useful, and lack reality.

It means all topics in the present physics remain useless forever.

Condensed matter physics.

[ Quasiparticle is just a "trick" using meaningless symbols. ]

(Fig.12)  Quasiparticle = trick with nonphysical symbols.

A recent top journal still deals with unreal quasiparticle, exciton
So the present science stops in condensed matter physics.

Quasiparticle "exciton" is just a pair of electron (= c ) and its hole (= β ).
NO physical shape in this nonphysical symbol ( this p.2 ).

Polariton is also unreal quasiparticle.  Polariton consists of a pair of exciton and photon ( this (15) , this (12) ).  That's all. It's not a modern physics !

In this way, all the present physics can do is make artificial quasiparticles ( this, this ).  So useless.  People are deceived, because universities hide this truth !

As a result, almost No ordinary people know the present solid physics is filled with unreal "quasiparticle" and does harm to all applied science.

God particle, Higgs lacks reality.

[ Higgs boson is useless for us, just wasting our tax ! ]

(Fig.13)  Higgs boson has made NO contribution to us !

The media extensively reported elusive God particle Higgs boson was found (← ? ) at Large Hadron collider (= LHC ), and later it got Nobel prize.

OK. Then what the heck is this Higgs boson useful for ?
This Higgs boson has made No contribution to our society.

Researches on Higgs have spent a large amount of money and tax all over the world.  If this Higgs remains useless, is it allowable ?

In fact, this Higgs boson has nothing to do with giving "mass".
So finding only Higgs boson ( not field ) is meaningless and useless.

Despite it, the UK publishing company gave Royal Winton prize to Sean at Caltech to make doubtful Higgs an "establised reality" in the world.

In fact, there are many "Non-Higgs" theories.  Why Higgs ?  Because he is UK ?

Gravitational wave is very doubtful.

[ Gravitational wave is too weak to believe, and useless. ]

(Fig.14) Gravitational wave changes the arm by only 1/1000 of a proton ?

There is a rumor that elusive gravitational wave may have been found in twitter.  Unfortunately, the gravitational wave doesn't exist.

Physicists should Not repeat the same kind of fraud as BICEP2.
They must honestly admit and reveal Einstein fatal flaws !

First, the gravitational wave is too weak to confirm, so very doubtful.  Of course, even if it's real, too weak gravitational wave remains useless, forever.

Gravitational wave changes the arm length of LIGO by only a thousandth of a proton (= 10-18 meter  change ) !  ← Too small.

So there are many other factors that cause this extremely small change.
This decision to admit fanciful gravitational wave is very "political", not science !

Imaginary gravitational wave is pushed mainly by US commercial colleges.

Reason the present physics is created by Nature.

[ Fictional Dirac monopole, Berry phase are all UK physicists.]

(Fig.15)  Dirac monopole, massless Dirac fermions are unreal.

Dirac monopole, massless Dirac fermion and Berry phase are hot topics in the present physics and topological insulator.

The problem is these Dirac monopole and massless Dirac fermion are Not real particles, but just quasiparticles.

Berry phase is also artificial phase, which is Not a fundamental thing.
Accidentally, Dirac and Berry are all UK physicists.

If we cannot take those fictional quasiparticles as real particles, they remain useless forever.

It's about time for Nature and the media to stop forcing researchers all over the world to pursue imaginary concepts.

'Quantum biology' in Nature is misleading.

[ Quantum biology = unreal Schrodinger cats and faster-than-light spin ? ]

(Fig.16)  Bird's eye adopts many-worlds of spin ? 

Recently I found a strange phrase "quantum biology".  This doubtful concept is also one of Nature strategy to spread unreal superposition.

According to Nature and guardian, some bird's eye molecule adopts "superposition" (= dead and alive cats ! ) in spin to sense earth's magnetic field (= B ).

Contrary to this "media hype", these assumptions lack experimental ground. It is just "imaginary" model.  Even a molecule involved is unknown ( see this p.1 right ).

In this p.2, they rely on very abstract equation with freely adjustable parameters.
Quantum biology favors many-world = "superposition". But we cannot see a dead and alive cat at the same time !  So meaningless.

It's regrettable that even universities join in this fictional science.

UK should recall real and useful science !

[ Newton, industrial revolution .. are all useful for our daily livings. ]

(Fig.17)  ↓ After fantasy quantum mechanics, everyhing had changed !

Newton and Maxwell had clearly made greatest contribution to the development of our science.

Watt was the father of the industrial revolution, which changed our world drastically to the high-tech one, and UK itself prospered most in the world.

These UK physicists were all "realistis" pursuing real benefits.
After strange quantum mechanics was born in 1920s, everything changed to the wrong one !

Physicists all over the world including UK should return to the realistic physics, forgetting fantasy many-worlds and extradimensions !

'University' deprives students of new employment !

[ University prevents progress of "new technology", new jobs ! ]

(Fig.18)  "Fantasy" quantum mechanics hampers new technology. 

Next-generation jobs using new technology have NOT appeared since IT computer revolution.  It causes unemployment and mismatch in the labor market all over the world.

Because the present universities teach only useless things, imposing exorbitant tuition.  So university is responsible for hampering new technology producing new job !

Quantum mechanics is based on parallel universe, solid physics dominated by unreal quasiparticle, 10 dimensional string and black hole.  So useless.

Molecular biologists use only old biotechnology ( 1970s~ ), NOT quantum mechanics, which cannot handle multi-electron atoms, depending on artificial basis set.

If biology cannot use "electron-level" interaction, it is useless ( ex. STAP = Riken, Harvard ), which prevents creating new jobs for students in life science and all other applied fields.

So the present students ( including law and medical ) are forced to pay too much tuition by university (= hiding true flaws ) for useless science !

Quantum mechanics violates two basic postulates.

[ Two postulates: Coulomb and de Broglie wave are violated in multi- electron atoms.]

(Fig.19)  Why Schrodinger equation cannot handle multi-electron atoms ?

Schrodinger equation is also based on two postulates such as Coulomb force and de Broglie wave relation.

In the only solvable one-electron hydrogen, total energy E is conserved as the single common value in any electron's positions (= Coulomb ).

And its solution naturally obeys an integer times de Broglie wavelength as boundary condition (= de Broglie ).

It is quite natural that we can predict any values even in multi-electron atoms obeying these basic common postulates.

The problem is quantum mechanics violates these two basic postulates in multi-electron atoms except hydrogen !

No solution in multi-electon atoms means we cannot find the single common energy value in any electrons' positions.

In the same way, No solution means the "integer times de Broglie wave rule" is ignored and violated.

So violating two basic postulates is the main reason quantum mechanics cannot predict any values in multi-electron atoms.

Chosen wavefunction is Not a true orbital.

[ Cannot solve → choose virtual function = not true energy ! ]

(Fig.20)  "Choose" trial functions → integral over all space.

Here we explain why these "chosen" wavefunction cannot give true ground state energy of helium.

After choosing some trial wavefunction of unsolvable atoms, they integrate them over all space, and get, what they call, approximate total energy E'.

The point is this approximate energy E' is just an average energy in a collection of different energies depending on different electrons' position.

Originally, the sum of kinetic and potential energy in any electrons' positions must be equal to the single common ground state energy E.

But "unsolvable" multi-electron wavefunctions don't satisfy this basic condition.

So, this "average" energy E' does Not mean the single common ground state energy in any positions of helium.

Only planetary model can keep two basic postulates.

[ Two basic axioms: Coulomb and de Broglie wave are valid only in classical orbits. ]

(Fig.21)  Coulomb energy conservation and an integer times de Broglie wavelength.

It's quite natural that if we keep basic postulates, we can predict any physical values ( with the help of modern computer ).

These two postulates are Coulomb energy conservation ( in any electrons' positions ) and an integer times de Broglie wavelength.

There is No way other than computing each Coulomb force and changing electrons' position in orthodox way to keep the single common ground state energy.

Of course, to obey an integer times de Broglie wave rule, this computing method using concrete orbits is the only one.

So the first thing for researchers to do is determine the more precise electronic motion model step by step, comparing experiments and the model's prediction.

I'm sure this realistic model based on two postulates will contribute to curing fatal diseases such as cancer, ALS, dementia someday.


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