Quantum teleportation  is scam.

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They are all  "classical mechanics".

[ Quantum mechanics is all classical mechanics. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ When we know box-1 has red thing, box-2 has red thing, too.

Quantum teleportation reported by the media is just classical mechanics, Not quantum mechanical illusion.
There are two boxes in Fig.1.  There are two patterns.

If one of box has blue thing, another box has blue thing, too.
If one of box has red thing, another box has red thing, too.

So when we open box-1 and know it has red thing, it means box-2 has red thing,too.

This is quite natural.  But the current physics insists these boxes are unreal quantum parallel worlds and spooky action !


Quantum parallel worlds = superposition ?

[ Quantum mechanics believes a dead and alive cat. ← nonsense ]

(Fig.2)  Boxes have blue or red = two parallel worlds with blue and red !?

Here we don't know whether boxes have blue things or red things.

Quantum mechanics misinterprets "this unknown states" as "two states coexist simultaneously in two parallel wrolds".

This is likened to a single cat can be dead (= red ) and alive (= blue ) at the same time.
We cannot see a cat being dead and alive !  So this quantum states is just fantasy.

The moment we see a red thing in box-1, we know box-2 has a red thing, too. (= superposition of two different things collapses into just one state ? )


Spooky action = entanglement  is nonsense.

[ The current physics pursues illusory concepts = spooky action. ]

(Fig.3)  A or B is "unknown" → A and B "coexits" in two parallel worlds !?

Quantum mechanics deliberately misinterprets "A or B is unknown" as "A and B coexists in two parallel worlds"  like a dead and alive cat.

We cannot see this grotesque quantum world, because when we open the box, we see a cat being dead or alive

So quantum superposition where two different states at the same time is unseen and cannot be proved.  It means illusion.

Within these imaginary superposition states, they introduced nonsense entanglement = faster-than-light spooky action ?

In Fig.3, we don't know whether two boxes have blue or red things.
They start to say each blue-blue things or red-red things is "entangled".

The moment we open the box-1 and know it has red thing, we know the box-2 has red thing, too (= faster-than-light spooky action !? )

There is NO sending information here.  Spooky action is meaningless concept.


China quantum teleportation is illusion.

[ Teleportation is a meaningless concept sending nothing. ]

(Fig.4)  Teleportation is just mediahype with NO relation to Star Trek !

In 2017, top journal Nature published "science-fiction-like" paper claiming Chinese team succeeded in teleporting "light polarization" to satellite.  But teleportation cannot send anything.

So quantum teleportation sending NO information is meaningless, just a waste of money.  It must rely on classical communication.

The media starts to argue this teleportation may be useful for "unhackable quantum internet" which is useless, cannot replace ordinary internet.

Because this imaginary quantum internet or entanglement can Not send any real things, much less send faster-than-light information.


Just send classical polarized light to satellite.  → measure light polarization ← teleportation !?

[ Quantum teleportation is just "measurement" of classical light polarization without sending any real information, so useless. ]

(Fig.5)  There are two patterns, emitting vertical or horizontal lights.

In this paper ( p.3,  Nature ), Chinese team sent two lights with the same polarization to two places (= satellite and a detector on the earth ).

When one light is vertically-polarized, another light is vertically-polarized, too.
When one light is horizontally-polarized, another light is horizontally-polarized, too.

They don't know which of these two patterns before measuring the light at detector.  They called it "a dead and alive cat state".  ← nonsense.


NO  teleportation.

[ Teleportation sends NO information,  so useless theory. ]

(Fig.6)  Make lights 1 and 3 have the same polarization = teleport ?

In Fig.6, a base1 sends horizontally polarized lights (= 2, 3 ) to two places, satellite and a detector on the earth.

A base2 also sends horizontally polarized light 1 to a detector ( we don't know the polarization of light 1 before measurement at a detector ).

When they measured two lights' polarizations 1 and 2 at the same photon detector on the ground and knew these two lights 1 and 2 had the same polarization, it instantly (= faster-than-light entanglement !? ) determined that the other light-3 sent to the distant satellite had the same polarization as both two lights 1 and 2, because they had arranged two lights 2 and 3 to have the same polarization in advance.

No quantum mechanical mystery or occult teleportation in this research.

And they unscientifically claimed that the polarization state of the light-1 was just "teleported" to the distant light-3 in the satellite instantly when they measured polarization states of two lights 1 and 3 at the ground photon detector ( when light-1 has vertical polarization, the light-3 also has vertical polarization.  ← teleportation !? )

So all they did in this research was just "measure" light polarization by the photon detector on the ground without sending any information faster-than-light to the satellite.

According to the ridiculous quantum mechanical rule, quantum teleportation means just "measuring" light polarization arranged in advance without sending any real things, so quantum teleportation is a meaningless, useless concept forever.


Entanglement = spooky action is meaningless.

[ "Horizontal" light  is entangled with "horizontal" light ? ]

(Fig.7)  Emits two horizontal lights = spooky action !?

In this experiment, a base emits two lights with the same polarization ( horizontal-horizontal or vertical-vertical ) to two places.

They argue vertical polarization is entangled with another vertical polarization, and horizontal polarization is entangled with another horizontal polarization.

That's all.  No spooky action here.  Entanglement is just a "name" with no physical concepts.

As you see, the current physics wastes time in illusory concepts such as superposition and entanglement, forever.



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