Why quantum computer is scam ?


Quantum computer is NOT a computer.

[ They cannot compute at all. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ a single atom just absorbing light = quantum computer !?

This paper has nothing to do with quantum computer, so fake news.  They just observe a single atom interacting with light.  That's all.

To realize what they call "quantum computer", they need to overcome more unrealistic problems.

They use atomic two energy levels as a bit ( lower energy = 0, upper energy = 1 ).  These two enegy levels have to coexist in two parallel worlds like a dead and alive cat.

Furthermore, the quantum computer has to do parallel computing using this fictional parallel worlds.  ← impossible !

There is NO proof of fantasy parallel worlds, because you cannot see a dead and alive cat.  So their researches are NOT quantum computer.

D-Wave does not use parallel computing in parallel worlds, so D-Wave is Not a quantum computer, of course, not-faster, useless.


Quantum teleportation is NOT science.

[ Teleportation does NOT send anyhing. ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Quantum teleportation is NOT worth science.

This "exaggerated" picture says nothing about truth.
Quantum teleportatin cannot send any real information like star treck.

A light source emits lights with the same polarization (= vertical or horizontal is unknown ) in the opposite directions.

When we detect light A as vertical polarized, it means the light B is vertical, too.  So "vertical polarization" of light A is "teleported" to light B !?

This stupid thing is what physicists are doing.
Quantum teleportation is NOT science like entanglement.


Quantum computer is NOT computer, again.

[ Two unreal spins = quantum computer ? ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ Electron spin = faster-than-light rotation cannot be seen.

This Science paper argues quantum computer is still only two atoms (= Not a computer ! ).  You cannot do any computing with only two atoms.

Unreal electron spin (= faster-than-light rotation !? ) cannot be seen directly.  All they can detect is classical magnetic field ( Not unreal spin ).

In this experiment, they use four atomic energy levels, and two spins (= ↓ ↑ ) are used just as mark of each energy levels ( this p.8 )

That's all they did.  No parallel computing using parallel worlds here.
So these experiments have nothing to do with quantum computer.


Monopole is fiction.

[ Magnatic monopole is unreal quasiparticle. ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ Monopole, exciton, Weyl are all unreal quasiparticles.

This paper is NOT real magnetic monopole but unreal quasiparticle.  They just made multiple helium atoms look like 'monopole' transiently.

These Science papers deal with unreal quasiparticles such as exciton and Weyl.

Quantum mechanics has given up clarifying true atomic structure, instead, they focus on making up fictitious quasiparticles with fake mass.

So as long as we stick to old quantum mechanics, our science stops forever.



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