Criticize University and journals.


Basic science is useless.

[ Quantum mechanics cannot do even simple calculation ! ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Calculating two charges is impossible in   ?

Why are scientists wasting time and money in useless parallel worlds, extradimensions and global warming swindle ?

Why do globalist media push second referendum ignoring Brexit ?

The current basic science is impractical, biologists and chemists ignore quantum mechanics due to useless Schrödinger equation ( this p.1 left ).

In classical physics, calculating force between two charges is very easy, but quantum mechanics can hardly calculate even this simple force !

Quantum mechanics treats each electron as vague cloud spreading over all space, which makes calculating electrons' force impractical in quantum mechanics.

If a single electron is spreading over space like quantum mechanics, electrons cannot avoid each other, which is unreal.

We have to calculate almost infinite patterns of Coulomb energies between small charges inside two electrons' clouds, and sum them up, which takes enormous time ( this p.4,  this p.8 ).

On the other hand, in classical electron = point charge, we just do only one calculation of Coulomb force between two electrons, which is much easier, and takes almost no time.

Why must a quantum mechanical electron always spread in all space ?  Because Schrödinger equation cannot distinguish between electron particle and de Broglie wave (= field ).

In quantum mechanics, de Broglie relation is expressed as derivative, which becomes infinity when an electron is a point charge = delta function.

But actual electrons are moving particles avoiding each other !
Effective nuclear charge which a helium electron feels is 1.69, bigger than 1, which means two electrons in helium are always avoiding each other ( this p.3, this last ).

And spreading electron clouds in quantum mechanics make it impossible to conserve total energy in multi-electron atoms, so wrong.

See this week physics is still useless.


Climate change model is doubtful.

[ "Unprecedented" global warming means "No evidence". ]

(V-1)  ↓ Basic science is fantasy → climate change model is  

How can we predict "unprecedented" global warming ?  "Unprecedented" means we have No empirical evidence.  ← condradiction ?

In the past, the earth was hotter with more CO2 than now, though there were No humans.  So evidence indicates global warming is Not by human.

Then climate change scientists predict it based on the current basic science ?  But Nobody understands uncertain quantum mechanics.

The current physics believes an unreal cat, and manipulates unreal quasiparticle with fake mass and charge to explain phenomena, so useless in applied science.

Climate change depends on artificial models, which are unreliable theories with large uncertainty and No scientific evidence = unprecedented.

Just observing cosmic microwave, scientists conclude fantasy parallel worlds exist, our universe is expanding faster-than-light by negative mass !

Scientists try to use unreal models with virtual particles, quarks and imaginary time to predict nuclear physics and Higgs.

Virtual particle is ghost, it has nonphysical imaginary mass contradicting Einstein ( this p.18 ).

Scientists introduced many unknown artificial parameters and models to incorporate unreal particles to predict science ( this p.2,  this p.9 ).

Globalists academia imposes useless science on taxpayers for their interests, condemn denier-governments as "far-right", and tries to control high school.

In conclusion, so-called man-made global warming is just based on doubtful computer models with No evidence, No basic science support.

See this week physics is still useless.


Tax is a solution ?

[ Science, climate change is a tool to tax people ? ]

(S-1)  ↓ Progress without Tax is what    really is.

There are many serious diseases which we must cure as soon as possible.
Why do the media and academia talk Only about climate change ?

Why the media and academia don't say "Let's cure cancer and Alzheimer !" "We want energy-efficient nuclear fusion !" instead of doubtful climate change ?

Their climate change science is true ?  Though they admit Nobody understands the current basic science, instead, just believing fictional parallel worlds.

Just imposing carbon tax, expensive electric car, solar panel by regulation inevitably causes fierce opposition, because it just makes people's lives inconvenient, unhappy.

Why academia does Not promote developing energy-efficient technology instead of easy carbon tax ?  Academia and universities give up developing technology ?

The current science sticks to 100-year old useless physics, trying to use unreal quasiparticle in solar cell and parallel worlds in future computer.

For inventing energy-efficient nano-machine to cure diseases such as cancer and Altzheimer, we need to manipulate each single atom, which technology we already have.

We alreasy have technology, but the current theory is too old to be useful.  The main obstacle is 100-year-old Schrödinger equation in quantum mechanics.

Quantum wavefunction just gives vague electron cloud , which tell us nothing about detailed motion of each electron.

Schrödinger equation has No solution in any multi-electron atoms, so we have to find some fake solution out of infinite choices, which takes enormous time ( this p.19 ), and useless.

Electrons in quantum wavefunction cannot avoid each other, so useless, different from classical orbits, which can easily compute molecular force and chemical reactions.

See this week physics is still useless.


Scientists' "will" can be trusted ?

[ Climate change "will" damage economy ? ]

(C-1)  ↓ Threatening people by fake science =

Scientists' report "climate change will damage economy ?" is real ?

"God particle will destroy the world ?" said by prestigious scientist Hawking, anti-Brexiteer = believer in global warming, fictional parallel worlds and extradimension.

God particle is still useless, just ends up wasting taxpayers' money in meaningless gigantic collider, like climate change scam.

Trump comment "I don't believe it" is right, because "science" is Not to believe but to prove.  The current science believes fantasy parallel worlds.

Threatening people by fake science is effective way to steal taxpayers' money.  Academia uses the same trick "Future quantum computer, AI will endanger us !"

Quantum computer using unreal parallel worlds is fiction.
Fraudulent AI on conventional computer is Not threat at all.

Wide discrepancy between science report and this year's coldest weather.  Brexit prediction is meaningless, climate change in distant future is more meaningless.

To fight climate change, academia always pushes "unscientific" methods = carbon tax or burying underground instead of inventing more efficient nano-machine to convert CO2 into energy.

Academia's "unscientific" carbon tax inevitably faces fierce opposition.
Just returning to old solar and wind technology will bring us back to inconvenient stone age.

Politicians should stop pretending to be socialists, giving doubtful climate change more priority over health care.  Don't forget even blue state rejected it.

Seeing academia's baseless accusation against Kavanaugh, how can we believe scietinsts' report about climate change is real ?

See this week physics is still useless.


What the heck is artificial intelligence (= AI ) ?

[ 'AI' is just a catchphrase to deceive investors ? ]

(A-1)  ↓ AI just means "programming" using ordinary ?

What the heck is artificial intelligence (= AI ) ?

The media and academia are always shouting " AI !  AI great ! ", but they never mention detailed things about what AI is.

AI professors are experts in fictional parallel worlds and extradimension ?  It means AI is just fiction created by the media and academia ?

If AI is to beat top players of othello and Go game, AI means just "writing program" on conventional computers ?

If programming software in self-driving car means AI, it always needs the help of human drivers, and cannot handle very complicated situation in crowded areas.

"AI = program in conventional computer" cannot replace real human brain.

Because basic technology in the current computers remains almost the same and simple, has not progressed so much.

Computers can only recognize 0 or 1 in each bit depending on the amount of electric charge in capacitor, which simple mechanism doesn't change from the beginning.

Each computer bit is much larger than a single atom.

Human brain is much more sophisticated nano-machine where each enzyme can identify and manipulate a single atom and ion.

The current 100-year-old quantum mechanics is Not a theory to handle a single atom, instead, they rely on fictitious particles in condensed matter.

So as long as we use this old useless quantum mechanics, "AI" is just a convenient catchphrase to deceive people and governments.

Climate change and AI are Not a useful science but just sacrificing taxpayers for unreal research.  Even blue state rejected them.

See this week physics is still useless.


Who is behind Kavanaugh accusation ?

[ Corporation, academia, the media control justice ? ]

(U-1)  ↓ Globalists, climate change and conspiracy.   

This midterm election was the most expensive, involving Hollywood.  Its historically highest turnout might influence this election result.

This large amount of money clearly comes not from socialists or Russia, but from "globalists" who try to interfere with the world's elections in unfair way.

Who is behind these globalists ?
Just recently, it became clear that Kavanaugh accuser fabricated rape story.

It is horrifying that almost all the media and university's professors (= educator ! ) support these false accusation against Kavanaugh.

If professor Ford is lying, it was clearly not a crime by one person, but some other large organizaion is behind this conspiracy,  ex. academia, university ..

Expensive university is really needed ?  If you want to study about "history" or "sociology", you just buy some books or search on the internet, you don't need to waste money in university.

For "unnecessary" university to survive, academia started to use " human right" and "environment" as business tool to get subsidy or donation.

If universities seriously think about "human right", why they neglect students' human right by raising tuition and avoiding poor students ?

Academia has strong power to control the world's science.
They can get huge amount of science budgets from all countries to control the media.

If academia says "OK", even unreal science such as climate change, useless AI, parallel-world quantum computer can get infinite amount of taxpayers' money.

Universities, corporations the media gather around these fake science money, form "globalists", which are badly affecting and distorting the world's politics.

See this week physics is still useless.


Election,  Pauli principle.

[ Pauli principle by quantum mechanics is wrong. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Faster-than-light electron spin is unreal.   

Trump lost House seat, but won Senate even under severe condition of historically largest amount of globalists' money flowing into midterm election against him.

The point at issue seemed to be health care, immigration, and false accusation against Kavanaugh.

Candidates who clearly said "I believe in science" lose election, like in 2016 presidential election.

It means people don't believe the current science, climate change, to say nothing of unreal quantum computer with parallel worlds.

Governments all over the world should not submit to strong pressure from globalists, academia, whose only purpose is to steal taxpayers' money using unreal science such as climate change and fake AI.

Quantum mechanics tries to explain Pauli exclusion principle by nonphysical antisymemtric wavefunction.

But in fact, this artificial antisymemtric wavefunction cannot explain Pauli principle.  So quantum mechanics is wrong.

See this week physics is still useless.


Computer really uses quantum mechanics ?

[ Fake news = "Computer uses quantum mechanics ?" ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Computer uses only classical electromagnetism.   

You often see the news saying "our personal computers use quantum mechanics, so it is useful !", but these are untrue and fake news.

Computers consist of simple transistors, each bit expresses only 0 or 1 depending on whether it accumulates electric charge or not in capacitor.

Electrons inside computer are actually moving by applied voltage, which are purely classical electromagnetism, Not unreal quantum mechanics.

The current computer does Not use useless Schrödinger equation or unreal spin at all.

Quantum mechanics claims each electron is Not a moving real particle but a vague cloud, which cannot move !

It means each quantum electron can exist in different places at the same time using fantasy parallel worlds, like a dead can alive cat.

In the current computer, each bit is 0 or 1 depending on some amount of real electrons accumulating in each bit, Not using quantum parallel worlds.

Academia = baseless accusation, needs to make up "fake science" such as global warming and quantum computer with unreal parallel universes.

They pressure governments into wasting taxpayers' money in fictional science = parallel worlds and those 'science' budgets go to globalists and the media to attack Trump and Brexit.

See this week physics is still useless.


Academic fraud destroys industry ?

[ Climate change science brings us back to old stone age ? ]

(C-1)  ↓ Governments' subsidy is used for the media in   

Climate change is really 'science' ?  It just increases consumers' electricity bill, and makes our lives inconvenient.

We are going back to inconvenient old stone age before the industrial revolution by 'renewable energy', because wind and solar power technologies remain old and useless.

Plants in the nature are very sophisticated nano-machines efficiently converting CO2 into energy, which human beings can Not achieve.  Why ?

Because we cannot manipulate each molecule to create nano-machine like "plant".  Correctly, we already have this technology, but the current old physics prevents us from advancing.

Quantum mechanics, a 100-year-old theory, can only describe material using unreal objects such as quasiparticles, giving up real atomic picture.

Scientists try to explain solar cells (= key technology in climate change ) using unreal nonphysical quasiparticle, pseudospin, and fake (= effective ) mass ( this p.3 ).

These fictitious quantum concepts were invented in old days when there were No computers, so they have No ability to handle complicated atomic behavior, they try to apply useless basic science to climate change technology in vain.

If the current basic science stops progressing at old useless theory, what are governments' huge science budgets used for now ?

These taxpayers' money for 'science' is used for the media to pressure governments into giving more subsidy to them, Not for developing science.  ← academic fraud ?

This is vicious cycle:  Goverments' subsidy → academia's fake science → the media advertisement → pressure governments → academia fake science ..

So, academia is contradictory, while they demand science budget, they desperately stop developing useful science, which proves "climate change science is just scam.

See this week physics still stops progressing.


'97% scientists' are really correct ?

[ Global warming by quantum parallel worlds is uncertain. ]

(P-1)  ↓ 97% scientists agree with global warming and   

Globalist politicians say "97% scientists agree on climate change, so you are Not allowed to doubt it !"  ← denying free-speech and science ?

In Galileo era, 97% scientists believed unreal flat-earth.  So if we always believed scientists, science would Not have progressed.

Almost all scientists believe Higgs and quarks exist. But those particles cannot be detected or isolated.  We just 'imagine' them from a pile of irrelevant particles.

The current science believes unreal virtual particles mediate force and Higgs production, though virtual particles contradicts Einstein theory.

Higgs and quarks with Nobel prizes are still useless, just wasted taxpayers' money in gigantic colliders, which is similar to Nobel climate change imposing carbon tax.

The current scientists say fantasy parallel-world quantum mechanics and unseen 10-dimensional theory are correct.

Those "imaginary" science cannot be proved, just scientists "believe" them, like "doubtful" climate change prediction.

Uncertain quantum mechanics using unreal quasiparticles cannot predict even simple metal, it is impossible to predict more complicated climate change.

This is why "man-made" global warming is "hoax" just for corrupt academia and corporations to steal taxpayers' money, Not developing useful science.

See this week physics is still useless.


How 'fake' science is made ?

[ Climate change science is as "unreal" as parallel worlds. ]

(C-1)  ↓ Furture "imaginary" target of fake science.   

What is "science" ?  The academia sets some "future" target, and governments use money for scientists to aim at it,  ← this is "science" ?

Then, if the academia starts to say they want to find illusory " ghosts" to use it for military purpose or something, is it called "science" ?

Almost No people may believe ghost.  How about parallel universes ?
If physicists want to use fantasy parallel worlds for faster future computer, is it "science" ?

Quantum mechanics = the only basic theory uses unreal parallel worlds, so however weird it is, governments use science budget for these parallel worlds.

Quantum computer is doubtful, unreal, Not faster, scam.
There is No proof of parallel computing, which is nothing but fake target.

Global warming science also sets imaginary future target, threatens people like unreal computer.  Global warming is just hoax to get subsidy.

Because their attitude is contradictory.  While scientists demand stopping global warming, they stop developing basic science !

Solar cell technology stops progressing, they stick to useless old theory with unreal quasiparticles, fake effective mass, parallel-world superposition.

This is why No electric car makers succeed, as seen in Tesla.
The basic science of climate change is scam, just wasting taxpayers' money.

Can you still believe academia report after you see their baseless accusation ?

See this week physics is still useless.


Truth of  "university"

[ The whole academia, universities are criminal syndicate ? ]

(U-1)  ↓ Education = incriminate an innocent man ?   =

Nobel prize goes to real physics, which is far better than if it went to fictional spooky action or pulsar with unreal wave, which are useless forever.

But the current basic sciense stops, so it's a matter of time before Nobel prize goes to useless physics again.

Prof. Ford's testimony is inconsistent and doubtful with No evidence, which means Judge Kavanaugh is innocent.

If only Dr. Ford is lying, it's not such a big stroy.  It's horrifying that the whole academia, universities try to incriminate this innocent man with baseless accusation !

Again, "new professor" appears to discredit an innocent man.
The whole academia and media collude to make up fake story for their own interest, sacrificing innocent people.  ← this is education ?

Even Nobel laureates, science professors treat an innocent man as if he were criminal with No evidence.

Those "professors" are "unscientific", which proves their science such as paralell universes is "unscientific", unreal and baseless, too.

We have to stop those greedy academia conspiracy to control even Supreme Court.

See this week physics is still useless.


What is "education" ?

[ Corrupt academia = globalists' puppet is education ? ]

(E-1)  Universities for global donors, sacrificing students.   ←

We believe "education" is a "sacred" thing.
But what if the current science taught in university is fake ?

For some global donors and their own interests, academia unfairly supports only one candidate, even by manipulating votes.  ← this is education ?

To stop Trump, professors made up fictitious conspiracy, demanded recount, and even try to violate constitution by tempting electors.  ← this is education ?

Nobel laureates collude with globalists to get taxpayers' money for their own interests, mislead students by unreal science.  ← this is education ?

Professor resorts to "unscientific" tactics only to delay judge confirmation.  Is it related to professors brainwashing students by "unscientific" extradimensions ?

Academia colludes with the media, deceives people, restricts free speech, attacks opponents in unfair ways only to protect their vested interests.

We should reconsider the current "education" and their science, I think.

See this week physics is still useless.


Textbook  is fake news ?

[ How Einstein becomes globalists' machine to steal taxpayers' money ? ]

(E-1)    ↓ Einstein's time, force wave are all illusion.   

Einstein, who is often touted as "God" or "genius" by the media, is just a globalists' tool to put taxpayers' money into greedy academia and fiction ?

Einstein rejected "space medium" to explain constant light speed c, instead, he introduced unscientific idea such as time dilation.

Without real medium, he had to rely on unreal virtual particles with nonphysical negative mass to explain "force", which contradicts Einstein theory.

Without medium, Einstein had to use unreal parallel worlds to explain a single-particle interference in two-slit experiments.

Light refraction has to use medium-dependent light velocity and wave nature. It contradicts Einstein photon, which should scatter in random direction.

Einstein is false, causes serious paradoxes in de Broglie wave, a "bent" rigid body, magnetic force, but the current old theory is too late to discard Einstein.

Einstein says all things are illusion, relative , changing seen by different observers, so we cannot use Einstein's illusory atomic energy or time in GPS due to twin paradox.

GPS doesn't need Einstein, atmospheric error is much larger, black hole doesn't exist, too weak gravitational wave is useless, contradicts Einstein.

Academia uses useless Einstein theory to get taxpayers' money, so they need to constantly worship him as "god", celebrating his birthday Every year, even 138 years after.

See this week physics is still useless.


Truth of  Nobel prize.

[ Nobel prize is just for globalists to steal taxpayers' money ? ]

(N-1)    ↓ Nobel prize is just "political tool", Not science ?   

If climate change, on which 97% scientists agree, is hoax, then, Nobel prize also spreads fake science, and the media is fake news ?

Nobel prize is just a globalists' political tool to attack Trump and Brexit ?

LHC wasted a large amount of taxpayers' money to find elusive Higgs, correctly, they just "claim" it from a pile of irrelevant garbage.  Higgs itself cannot be detected.

Decades ago, fractional-charge quark and weak boson got Nobel prize, though they are virtual (= unreal ) and cannot be isolated.

All these Nobel particles are still useless, just ended up wasting money in gigantic colliders, because we cannot isolate these doubtful particles from colliders.

BigBang, gravitational wave got Nobel prize, though they are unrealistic, too weak to be useful, and black holes cannot collide.  so Nobel is fake news ?

BCS and fractional-charge quasiparticles got Nobel prize, though quasiparticle is unreal, useless with fake negative mass.

The truth is prestigious Nobel prize is used just as "political tool" for globalists, the media and academia to steal taxpayers' money, raise tuition by fake science.

It is very dangerous to blindly deify only Nobel prize, ignoring their scientific uselessness, which ends up destroying young scientists's career by pseudo-science.

See this week physics is still useless.


Electron "spin"  is fake news ?

[ We have believed unreal "spin" for 100 years !? ]

(S-1)  A tiny electron must "spin" faster-than-light !  ↓     = unreal

The media is fake news, then, electron spin, which the media is touting, is fake news, too ?  We have believed an electron is "spinning" for 100 years !?

If the basic science is wrong, it means the current AI and global warming based on wrong science are fake science, too.

In 1920s when there were no computers, physicists could not compute multi-electron atoms classically.

So they had no choice but to use nonphysical Schrödinger equation, which claims electron's orbital angular momentum is zero, so it crashes into nucleus !?

Quantum hydrogen has zero angular momentum, so they needed to fabricate electron spin, which accidentally has the same Bohr magneton as classical orbit.

The electron spin is uncanny, it cannot stop or slow down even after many reactions !  It needs 720o rotation to return !

An electron is very tiny, so it has to be spinning faster-than-light to generate magnetic field, so spin is Not real "spinning" ?  The media misleads people ?

The point is, we cannot see this unreal spin itself.  All we can detect is its magnetic field, which happens to be the same as classical orbit.

Spin cannot explain Pauli principle, maximum electron number, they keep using fictitious spin in solid physics, which proves spintronics is fake news.

See this week physics is still useless.


Galileo, again  ?

[ Parallel worlds are much worse than flat-earth theory. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Quantum mechanics = unreal parallel worlds →   

350 years ago, almost all scientists believed unreal flat-earth.
Then, the current science, climate change is hoax, too ?  Galileo again ?

In 1920s when there were no computers, physicists could not solve three-body problem = multi-electron atoms classically.

So they had no choice but to adopt parallel-world quantum mechanics, which could use approximate (= fake ) solution.

Quantum mechanics uses unreal virtual particles as force, and uses fictitious quasiparticle and fake mass in solid physics.

The current scientists believe parallel-world black hole, faster-than-light BigBang, quantum gravity with unreal extradimension.

Though academia believe these fantasy physics, which is worse than old flat-earth, they add more pseudoscience" = climate change to steal taxpayers' money.

To protect their vested rights and hide their fake science, university and globalists control the media, restrict free speech in internet, like they did to Galileo.

Now we can use computer, but we still use old quantum mechanics, which is why this week physics is still useless.


The current science  is fake news ?

[ Science stops progressing,  but the media hides it. ]

(Q-1)  Shocking !      is useless ↓

Why is the media crazy about climate change, as if it was the only science ?
The media try to hide "something" by internet censorship ?

In fact, science stops progressing in old Schrödinger equation.  ← the media hides.

Quantum mechanics was invented in old 1920s when there were No computers, so quantum mechanics is Not a theory using computer to describe atomic behavior.

Quantum mechanics uses "fictitious things" to describe atomic behavior instead of computers.  They can only express each electron as nonphysical "math letter".

This electron has fake (= effective ) mass, which can be negative.  ← unreal
These fake electrons are not enough to explain phenomena, so they invented unreal quasiparticles.

For example, they created fictitious "phonon quasiparticle" to express atomic vibration, which is also abstract math letter with no physical picture, so it is useless.

They invented fictitious "exciton quasiparticle" combining an electron and a hole to explain solar cell, which is a key technoology for climate change, but useless.

This "exciton quasiparticle" is also nonphysical "math letter" with No concrete shape, and they try to increase this fictitious particles in vain.

This "fictitious" physics is useless, so physicists introduced crazy idea = parallel universes for "imaginary" quantum computer, which is scam.

Relying on unreal particles prevents us from curing disease, and proves the current climate change science is hoax except for stealing taxpayers' money.

See this week physics is still useless.


What is  "Deep state" ?

[ Globalists and "weaponized" academia grow "deep state". ]

(D-1)  Deep state, fake science, media.   

What grows  Deep state monster ?
Academia is 'weaponized',  attacks Trump government.  Is it involved ?

What if the current science is wrong  like in the middle ages ?

If physics is useless, all applied science is also useless.
Graduates from useless universities suffer unemployment, job mismatch, debt.

Whether you enter university or not, science keeps "stopping".  You have no choice but to go to university to gain 'prestige' of meaningless degree.

Academia and corporations collude to invent fake science = climate change, self-driving car, parallel-world quantum computer to get taxpayers' money.

Even if science is useless, all governments give money to science, which huge money grows climate change industry to giant monster controlling the media.

If science is useless, university and global organization need to start 'new business' to get government subsidy, exploiting "human right".

This is just business, seen in contradiction where rich universities neglect students' human right by exorbitant tuition, while they are touting "human right".

Giant tech companies collude with university under unreal AI science, which may be the reason they cooperate to restrict free speech.  Dangerous Deep state is growing !

See this week physics is still useless.


Einstein  is fake news ?

[ Einstein "must" be right,  even if he is "wrong". ]

(E-1)  ↓ Einstein gravity is wrong → unseen dark matter ?   

The media is fake,  then, Einstein tests which the media repeat meaninglessly, are also fake news ?

In fact, Einstein is wrong.  Correctly, Einstein is Not allowed to be wrong.

Physicists found many cases where Einstein gravity is invalid in galaxy rotation and gravitational lens.

Then, they invented invisible, undetectable, hypothetical dark matter to fix these contradictions.  ← Einstein survived ?

Einstein rejected "ether" filling space, then, to explain Coulomb force, they invented "virtual photon", which is unreal and contradicts Einstein.

Again, Einstein's theory survived !  making lame excuses, "dark matter is not aether!", "virtual photon is just math tool !"

Whatever contradictions appear, Einstein is Not allowed to be wrong.  Fake news media hide Einstein true paradoxes.

Global tech companies kill free speech, while they keep misleading students by fake science ?

See this week physics is still useless.


"Liberal"  is dangerous ?

[ Globalists, university, the media form "fake" liberal. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Pseudo-science, human right → business ?   

What is "liberal" ?   Why they became "enemy" of people ?

Human right is one of the most important things.
On the other hand, "human right" is easily exploited as "business".

Globalists and university change "science" and "human right", which sound good, into "business tools" to get subsidy from government.

They extort fee from people, help them move between countries, endow universities, control the media to pressure governments to give more subsidy to them.

Corporations and universities collude under "fake" science = climate change, quantum computer, use the media as "weapon" to pressure governments to pay more subsidy.

While university professors cite "human right", they starve, torment students by exorbitant tuition, which means they don't think about (students') human right.

Their scheme is raise tuition, pressure governments to give more money to them under "free tuition" for the poor, raise tuition, decrease poor students.

Universities with fake science work as "binder" of global corporations, form gigantic "liberal group", attack Trump, Brexit as "populism".

So if we remove this "binder" = university's useless science, all problems about fake news media will be solved, because useful science don't need the media to deceive taxpayers.

See this week physics still lack reality.


What is science fraud ?

[ Self-driving, quantum computer are scam with the same trick. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ It will become reality in near future ! = fraud   

Self-driving car is a big scam.

Elon Musk said "Full self-driving will be possible in 6 months.", but it turned out to be untrue.   He was lying.

Now only Elon is attacked by the media, his verbal trick is widely used in other corporation and academia also in fantasy quantum computer.

D-wave claimed their quantum computer is much faster than classical computer, but later, it proved to be wrong.

Though quantum computer remains useless, corporations started to use this machine to collect investment money with the same scheme as useless self-driving car.

Since 1990s, the media have kept saying "quantum computer with parallel universes could be faster !" "There were many breakthrough !"

But even now, they say "quantum computer is still in its infancy." "We still need more time !"  ← these are typical scheme of "investment fraud".

I think Trump should advise Google, Microsoft to stop wasting their resources in unreal computer, otherwise these pseudoscience is used just as a political tool.

See this week physics is still fantasy.


Climate change  is pseudoscience.

[ Climate change is political tool to steal taxpayers' money. ]

(C-1)  ↓ Climate change lacks reality.   

Climate change is doubtful and Not an urgent matter, why so many protests unnaturally happen around Trump ?

Climate change activists are probably "paid protesters" hired by globalists who just want taxpayers' money using fake science.

They believe illusion that solar technology uses "quantum superposition" where a ghostly cat can be dead and alive in fantasy parallel worlds.

Climate change advocate = MIT scientists believe crazy parallel universes.

And they try to use unreal quasiparticle with fake mass as a mechanism of solar cell.   = give up real things.

Solar cell, electric car remain useless though all countries invested big money.  Because the current basic science is fantasy, gives up reality.

Climate change is just political tool pretending "science", as seen in Trump deniers saying it is caused by unreal extradimension in parallel worlds.

See this week physics remains useless.


Who control  the media ?

[ Global organization and university control the media. ]

(U-1)   University, unreal science, No free speech   

Who control the global media ?

The current science is unreal, useless,  so universities need to control the media to deceive people and steal taxpayers' money.

Governments blindly provide subsidy to science, and this large money is used to control the media to pressure governments to give more subsidy to them.

Academia have big political power to make world leaders accept unreal science = parallel world, climate change,  attack leaders who refuse it.

Universities collude with other global organization which also want to exploit people, control the media, under seeming humanitarianism.

University's humanitarianism is fake,  they raise tuition, avoid poor students, despite large endowment.  They work for global donors, exploit students !

Globalists with academia pressure leaders to restrict internet free speech, because they could Not stop Trump or Brexit just controlling TV media.

Under No free speech, you will be arrested like in middle ages, unless you believe mainstream science = unreal parallel worlds, extradimension and global warming !

See this week physics still makes No progress.


Why Einstein is harmful to us ?

[ Einstein is a tool of evil globalists ? ]

(E-1)   Harmful universities, the media exploit     !

Einstein = God of physicists, is harmful and may destroy our human life.

Einstein is famous as a pioneer of black hole and Big Bang.
But None of these physics affect our daily lives, it means "useless" physics.

The media and universities are colluding to exploit Einstein unreal physics to steal taxpayers' money under the name of (fake) science.

Globalists-controlled media use Einstein as political tool to attack governments which refuse to waste money in useless science.

Including satellite and telescope, governments waste billions of dollars only in this fantasy black hole every year  in vain.

Strangely, those media often attack Trump, but rarely criticize "academic crazy tuition". Why ?  Because the media and universities are colluding !

See this week physics is still useless.


What is Higgs,  after all ?

[ Large Hadron collider turned out to be waste of money. ]

(H-1)   ↓ Higgs did "nothing" to our daily lives.   

It is said Higgs boson was discovered in Large Hadron collider (= LHC ).
But Higgs did something to our daily lives ?  Nothing.

Except for physicists getting Nobel prize or selling books, Higgs did nothing to us, it just ended up wasting a huge amount of money in gigantic collider.

Some people say "Higgs may be helpful someday in the future !"
But many particles discovered (← ? ) earlier turned out to be useless.

Who have made profit from "illusory" Higgs ?
Journals, the media, universities can make money and raise tuition for it.

Globalists use Higgs as political tool to stop Brexit and attack government which refused to waste taxpayers' money in useless science.

See this week physics is still waste of money.


Cell biology wastes money.

[ Researchers aim at "journals",  Not practical science. ]

(B-1)   ↓ Top journal = ultimate goal of     ?

Academic journals always criticize governments which cut science budget, because those budgets just go to their meaningless journals.

The present cell biologists do Not use useless quantum mechanics, they still use old-fashioned biology kits, which don't rely on quantum physics.

This means biology is also useless, it cannot utilize atomic behavior due to unreal basic quantum mechanics.

The final goal of the present science is only to publish papers in journals or raise tuition.  They are Not aiming at practical useful science !

These dangerous academia determine the direction of the present (fake) science, colluding with other globalists and the media to steal taxpayers' money.

See this week physics is still useless.


Self-driving car is "scam".

[ Self-driving car,  global warming  are  science scam ! ]

(E-1)   Self-driving car, quantum computer are useless.   

Self-driving car is useless,  just an investment scam.

Why do governments and corporations waste money in this useless technology ?

This is a science "scam" like global warming and quantum computer with fantasy parallel universes.

Globalists of universities and corporations had No choice but to make these "fake" science to get tax-payers' money, because the current basic science stops advancing.

The present physics is not science, but just "literature" to sell books.

See this week physics is still useless.


University is useless,  tuition is scam.

[ Why students go to useless university, even falling into debt ? ]

(U-1)  University is Not worth exorbitant tuition !   

University tuition is skyroketing across the world.
It is clear that university is Not worth those high tuition or student's debt.

In spite of useless university and their fake science, why do many students want to enter universities, even by falling into debt ?

Students are deceived by the media controlled by corrupt academia ?

The main reason for this academic disaster is the current basic science Stops advancing, remains useless for 100 years.

So, even if you avoid useless universities, you cannot progress or find new technology, because the basic science is stopped by fraud worldwide academia.

See this week physics remains useless.


Artificial intelligence (= AI ) is scam.

[ Bad universities, corporations made "fake" science = AI. ]

(A-1) The present science is useless,  pursues illusion.   

The present basic physics is useless, stops advancing.
They focus on fantasy extradimension, black hole, parallel worlds ..

These useless science impelled academia and corporation to make fake science = artificial intelligence (= AI ),  climate change hoax.

The main topic of AI is self-driving car scam,  useless quantum computer based on parallel universe, which is fiction.

Global organizations invented these fake science AI to deceive governments to use taxpayers' money for them, or raise university tuition.

See this week physics is useless.


Fake news vs. fake science, climate change.

[ Fake news law was created to stifle climate change denier. ]

(Q-1) Climate change, parallel worlds are real ?   

Anti-fake news laws are rampant, threaten internet free speech.
This report strangely links climate change and fake news.

Global organizations use doubtful climate change to steal taxpayers' money, pressure some governments for anti-fake news law against their denier.

Corporations and adademia invented fake science such as useless self-driving car, quantum computer, global warming as a tool to steal subsidy.

Quantum computer with fantasy parallel worlds is fraud to collect investment money, saying it will be realized in near future, though it will never happen !

See this week physics is still useless.


What is  'evil'  globalism  ?

[ Fake news come from fake science. ]

(G-1) All governments' spending encourages fake news media.   

What is the origin of harmful globalism ?
Fake science for 100 years is the source of global fake news.

Bill Gates wants President to pick science adviser from academia.
His Microsoft quantum computer (← ? ) tries to use unreal quasiparticle.

Automakers and IT companies urge all governments to spend more taxpayers' money in useless self-driving cars.

Coincidentally, they also try to spread fictional quantum computer using fantasy parallel worlds to collect investment money.

All governments are deceived into wasting money in fraud science like global warming.  Those huge money fosters global fake news media.

Globalists worship Hawking parallel universe as "real" science, hate dividing world, pressure goverments for more subsidy, though raising tuition.

See This week physics is useless, too.


Physics is still useless.

[ The present physics is filled with fantasy. ]

(E-1) ↓ Superluminal spin entangle ?  = fiction   

This week physics is unreal spooky, weak force, quasiparticle, dark matter.
All these physics are useless,  waste of money.

Quantum computer is scam, making excuse that it may (← ? ) be reality in near future to collect money,  though it will never happen !

See Spooky action is useless.


Hawking parallel universes !?

[ The present physics is filled with fantasy. ]

(C-1) ↓ Soliton is unreal quasiparticle.   

This week physics is unreal quasiparticle, quantum computer, antimatter.
All these physics is unreal, useless.

Hawking's fantasy parallel universes and extra-dimenions lack reality, religion rather than science.

Only a handful of corrupt academia and the media exploit Hawking as a tool to make money, raise tuition, abandoning reality.

See Physics is unreal now.


Entanglement is meaningless.

[ Physicists pursue illusion ( = enanglement ). ]

(E-1) ↓ unreal entangle, photon, muon.   

This week physics is illusory entanglement, photon, quantum catch, muon.

All these physics are useless except for science scam = quantum computer.
The present physics believes fantasy "illusion of time", discarding reality.

See spooky action is meaningless.


Quantum mechanics ends.

[ Quasiparticle, dark photon, spin .. are unreal. ]

(Q-1)   ↓ Quantum mechanics is unreal.   

This week physics is unreal quasiparticle, pseudo-spin-3/2, entangle, dark photon, axion, useless quantum computer.

All these physics are useless except for corrupt academia, which links fantasy extradimension to global warming, like dark matter and dinosaurs.

See Quantum mechanics is nonsense.


Science stops now.

[ Quantum mechanics prevents science. ]

(Fig.1)   We can already manipulate a single atom.  

See  Physics summary 2018.


Antimatter doesn't exist.

[ We don't need antimatter. ]

(A-1)  ↓ Antimatter, black hole are unreal.   

This week physics is antimatter, black hole, uncertainty principle.
All these physics are unreal, useless.

Quantum computer, which will be useless forever, an invenstment scam deceiving people and governments.

See Antimatter is unreal.


Particle physics is waste of money.

[ Quantum mechanics deals with unreal particles. ]

(P-1)  ↓ Majorana quasiparticle is unreal.   

This week physics is unreal quasiparticle, quantum battery, collider.
All these physics are useless.

Microsoft quantum computer (← ? ) using unreal quasiparticle remains useless forever.

See particle physics is waste of money.


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