Fake news of a photon ?


A photon is light wave, Not a particle.

[ We are brainwashed into believing light is a photon particle ? ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Light wavelength becomes longer = wave.   

Trump and Brexit revealed most of the media and pundits are fake news.
But do you notice much more serious fake news circulates now ?

We are always brainwashed into believing Einstein photoelectric and Compton effects proves light is not wave but a photon particle.  ← This is a lie.

In Compton scattering, when a light (= photon ? ) is scattered by an electron and loses its energy, its light wavelength becomes longer.

Is this a proof that light is not wave but a particle ?  ← No !
Because the "wavelength" means light is wave, Not a particle.

If a light is a photon particle, its particle's length becomes longer ( and light speed is unchanged ) when the photon particle is scattered by an electron ?  ← impossible.

Also in photoelectric effect, the light frequency (= wavelength ) is related to its energy, which means light is wave not a particle.

In light reflection, the angles of incidence and reflection are always the same, which agrees with sound wave through medium.  = another proof of light wave.

If light is a photon particle, almost all of those small particles penetrate mirror atoms or are reflected in random directions scattered by electrons.

But mirrors can reflect almost 100% of incident light at fixed angle.  Even low-density air can reflect almost all light, which proves light is Not a small photon particle but a wave spreading in medium (= air or water ).

In light refraction, light speed becomes slower in different mediums and faster again, which also proves light is wave (= complex ) like sound wave.

Physicists waste time in meaningless Schrödinger cat and double-slit where they claim which slit a photon passes is uncertain.  = mystery forever, No progress.


CERN finds fantasy monopole ?

[ LHC, particle colliders are wasting money in fantasy physics. ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Magnetic monopole = a north or south pole is unreal.

Magnetic monopole = only the north or south pole is fiction.

Monopole doesn't exist except unreal quasiparticles (= creating fake monopole using molecules ? ) like fractional-charge anyon.

But arrogant CERN started to say they could find this fantasy monopole inside colliders.

Of course, this unreal monopole itself cannot be detected like invisible dark matter or quarks.  They claim this monopole could affect other visible particles which may be detected.  ← nonsense.

In this way, the current physics created many useless fictitious particles only inside collider = artificial enviroment, wasting taxpayers' money in their nonsense physics.


Quantum 'music' is nonsense.

[ The current physics wastes time in useless experiments. ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ Quantum radio ? = just classical light.

Quantum music is Not a real music or radio.  Ordinary atoms interact with classical light, and they just call it "quantum music".  ← Of course, useless.

All of those "quantum" series are meaningless.  Journals and the media tend to use this phrase "quantum", just because it sounds "cool" and can deceive laypersons.

This news uses misleading phrases "Quantum simulation 'could' help .. ?", and does Not say this technology becomes useful now, so still fake theory.

Fractional-charge quarks and gluons can Not be isolated or detected.  Those illusory particles are useless except for celebrating history or anniversary.  = No progress.

The current physics lacks reality, so they invented fictitious target = "gauge invariance" = symmerty which have nothing to do with our real world, so again meaningless.



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