Quantum gravity test ?


Dark matter detector (← ? ) is meaningless.

[ Dark matter is fiction, unnecessary. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Unseen dark matter hits helium atom ?

They say dark matter is very abundant and exerts strong power to push all stars.  But NO dark matter is found around the earth.

Even very sensitive detector cannot detect it.  So what they call dark matter doesn't exist.

The latest detector is based on the idea that unseen dark matter may hit helium atom, and cause unreal quasiparticles such as phonon and roton.

They insist detecting ejected helium means detecting unseen dark matter.  But this is their selfish interpretation.  No dark matter is found including in gps.

If their dark matter (= strong power to push stars ) really existed, we would have easily found them on the earth.  But nothing is found.


Gravitational wave doesn't exist.

[ Gravitational wave is unreal pseudo-tensor. ]

(Fig.2)  Gravitational wave is NOT Einstein tensor.

Physicists insist gravitational wave travels at speed of light.  But this is ungrounded, unreliable idea.

Gravitational wave is called pseudo-tensor, NOT Einstein true tensor ( this p.5 ).

Gravitational wave and its speed were artificially made up, not based on Einstein relativity, so the media's "Einstein was right !" is fake news.

Unrealistically tiny change (= one-thousandth the proton radius ) by gravitational wave is unreliable, cannot be detected.


Quantum gravity test ?  is nonsense.

[ All they did is classical mechanics. ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ This is classical mechanics, Not quantum gravity.

This title "test of quantum gravity" is untrue and fake news.
All they did is detect light reflected by mechanical oscillator.

This experiment is just classical optics with NO relation with quantum gravity.

The current quantum gravity is unreal 10-dimensional string (or M ) theory.  Of course, extradimension itself cannot be detected.

They seem to treat interaction between light and mechanical oscillator as a part of unified theory, but this has nothing to do with fantasy string theory.

The word "noncommutativity" is artificial math definition ( this p.2 ), with NO relation with our real world phenomena.


Physics makes NO progress.

[ 10-dimensions = quantum gravity is fiction. ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ Gravitational wave = unreal pseudo-tensor.

This week's physics is unreal dark matter, gravitational wave and quantum gravity test (← ? )

All these physics is useless, waste of time except for corrupt university.



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