Einstein  is false.


Einstein's nonsense postulate.

[ Einstein rejects "real" medium to explain light speed. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Light speed is always constant seen by any observers !?

Einstein specal relativity is based on ridiculous idea that light speed must be always constant c seen by any observers regardless of their motions.

No matter how fast observers are moving relative to light, the light appears to be moving at constant speed c, which postulate gives strange Lorentz transformation.

The constant light speed c can be naturally explained by the medium such as air, because the light speed varies depending on the medium.

Maxwell equation, which treats light as "electromagnetic wave", can explain why the light moves at speed c.

Einstein gave up the real medium, instead, he treated the light as "moving particle" Not wave.

Correctly, Einstein rejected only aether, which moves independently from the earth motion, he didn't deny "medium" such as air moving with the earth.

If space contains nothing as Einstein said, it cause many serious self-contradictions, paradoxes and unreal virtual particles, so it's natural to think the space contains some "medium" which is moving with the earth (= compatible with Michelson-Morley experiment where light speed c is constant in the same medium ).


Einstein paradox.

[ Unreal virtual particles mediate force ? ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Einstein rejected "medium" → unreal virtual photon ?

Einstein is self-contradictory.
He rejected real "medium" filling space.

So he had to adopt unreal virtual particles to explain "forces", which contradicts Einstein relativity, because the mass squared of this virtual particle can be negative.

Virtual photons cannot satisfy total energy and momentum are conservation law, so unreal.

And they need invisible ghost-like dark matter to explain galaxy rotation.

Dark matter filling space is clearly "aether", which Einstein rejected.  But physicists never want to admit this fact, because it means disproving Einstein.


Einstein needs unreal parallel worlds !?

[ Einstein rejected "medium" → parallel-world interference ? ]

(Fig.3)  A single electron splits into parallel worlds !?

Einstein rejected real "medium".

So the current physics needs unreal parallel worlds to explain a single electron interference in double-slit experiment.

If we admit some "medium" in space, we can naturally explain why even a single particle can interfere with itself in double-slit experiment.

We don't need unreal parallel worlds of quantum mechanics.
We only need real "medium".


Light refraction  proves "medium".

[ Light refraction proves the light is wave travelling in medium. ]

(Fig.4)  Light velocity changes in medium → Einstein was wrong.

Light refraction proves that light velocity c changes in different "medium", which contradicts Einstein relativity denying "light medium".

This light refraction obeys Huygens' principle, where difference in wavefront speeds in mediums gives refraction angle, it proves the light is wave, Not particle.

Whatever the incidence angle is, the ratio of incidence to refraction angles is constant, equal to the ratio of light speeds in mediums.

If the light is particle, which Einstein said, the light particle must scatter in random directions between different mediums, regardless of its speed.


Einstein's "light photon"  is wrong.

[ Light particle decelerates → accelerates between media ? ]

(Fig.5)  Light photon particle  fast → slow → fast  again !?

We know the light becomes slower and is bent, when it enters water from air.

And when light goes out of water, it accelerates and is bent back again ?

If light is a photon particle, the bending angle is random because of scattering.  But refractive angle is fixed in each medium.

And this photon particle must be accelerated again when it exits water.  There is NO strange thing to "reaccelerate" light in water !


Einstein contradicts de Broglie wave.

[ de Broglie wavelength (= λ ) contradicts Einstein relativity. ]

(Fig.6)  ↓ Electron's de Broglie wave vanishes by observer !?

The important point is Einstein relativity contradicts de Broglie wave relation.  So special relativity is false.

Electron's de Broglie wavelength was confirmed in various experiments.
So electron's de Broglie wave really exists.

In the above-left figure, an electron moving at v causes interference pattern of its de Broglie wavelength in two-slit experiment.

But seen by a moving observer at the same speed as the electron, this electron appears to stop and generate No de Broglie wave, so No interference pattern is detected !

This is clearly a paradox of special relativity.
Because the interference is seen or unseen depending on observer's motion !

Correctly, de Broglie wavelength contradicts Einstein Lorentz contraction which says the wavelength just slightly changes ( Not vanish ! ), even when the electron stops.

This is why quantum mechanics doesn't want to admit real de Broglie wave instead of nonphysical Schrödinger wavefunction.


"Medium" is needed to explain de Broglie wave.

[ de Broglie wave through "medium" solves Einstein paradox. ]

(Fig.7)  ↓ de Broglie wave in "medium" avoids paradox.

If we reject "medium", and adopt Einstein's idea that particle's property changes depending on observers, it causes serious paradox in de Broglie wave, which "vanishes" seen by moving observer.

If we admit some "medium" through which de Broglie wave travels, this de Broglie wave (interference) doesn't disappear depending on observers. ← No paradox.

So we need real "medium" to avoid Einstein de Broglie wave paradox and parallel-world two-slit interpretation.


Einstein "time is illusion."

[ Clock ticks slower or faster depending on observers !? ]

(Fig.8)  ↓ Clock in moving satellite ticks slower ?  Which is slower ?

Einstein relativity is unrealistic.
It says a moving clock ticks slower relative to stationary clock.

Special relativity claims everything such as time is " relative" ( not absolute ), which means time is "illusion", because it gets slower or faster depending on different observers.

So, it causes serious paradox.


Twin paradox -- which clock runs faster ?

[ Einstein relativity causes serious time paradox, so wrong. ]

(Fig.9)  ↓ A satellite is moving seen by another satellite. → paradox !

Einstein relativity claims a moving clock ticks slower relative to stationary clock.  But all motions are relative in Einstein relativity.

In Fig.9 left, the clock in satellite2 is moving, so it ticks slower than satellite1.

But seen by satellite2, the satellite1 is moving, so the clock in satellite1 must run slower than satellite2.

This is a real parasox, because we cannot know which satellite clock 1 or 2 ticks slower.


GPS doesn't use Einstein.

[ GPS includes "twin paradox", so wrong. ]

(Fig.10)  ↓ Which clock, satellite or earth, ticks slower ?

It is said GPS time uses Einstein relativity.
But in fact, GPS doesn't use Einstein at all.

They claim the satellite is moving relative to the earth, so GPS satellite clock ticks slightly slower than the earth clock.

But from the satellite viewpoint, the earth is moving, so the earth clock must run slower than the satellite, which is twin paradox, and disproves Einstein.

If we consider two satellites moving in the opposite direction in the same orbit, each satellite sees another clock running slower, which is paradox, so unreal.

GPS time dilation is too small (= 38 microsedond/day ? ), which is hidden in other large error factor such as atmosphere, so even if relativistic effect is real, it's meaningless.

The atmospheric pressure on the earth is very large, which easily affects very sensitive atomic clock device and its time, which has nothing to do with Einstein.


Mass increase has nothing to do with Einstein.

[ Einstein's mass-energy is illusion, depending on observers. ]

(Fig.11)  ↓ Moving object is heavier ?

Einstein special relativity claims that moving objects appear to increase their masses, which can be utilized as atomic energy ?  ← No.

The actual energy has nothing to do with Einstein, because Einstein's mass and energy are illusion, which changes depending on different observers.

There is No "absolute energy" or mass in Einstein theory where everything is "relative value" changing seen by different observers.

While someone uses this "feigned" Einstein energy, another observer sees No energy which can be used !?  ← paradox !

So this "relative" illusory energy cannot be used as actual atomic energy.


Einstein  mc2  is  illusion.

[ Mass increase depends on observer's movement ? ]

(Fig.12)  ↓ Mass (= energy ) change is "relative", NOT absolute value.

Most textbooks claim that Einstein famous equation of E = mc2 contributes to nuclear power plant and atomic bomb.  But it's a total lie.

Because Einstein mass increase proportional to total energy has nothing to do with true energy.  It changes depending on observer !  ← How can you use this ?

Seen by stationary observer K, the upper object is moving at v and increases its total kinetic energy and mass.

But seen by moving observer (= K' ), the upper object appears to stop, so its relativistic mass or energy do NOT increase.

In Einstein relativity, there is NO absolute true energy ( or mass ), because they change depending on observer's motion.

So you cannot utilize these "illusory" energy (= mass ) in actual atomic power generation and bombs.


Nuclear energy depends on "nuclear potential energy" rather than kinetic energy.  If those potential energies affect total mass, it means mass is related to "field (= medium )" around objects.

So as an object moves faster, it is harder to accelerate the object, because it feels more resistance from the field around it, and the maximum speed mediating force in the field is light speed c, which is one of reasons why it is harder to accelerate fast-moving object.

Einstein mass-energy relation faces serious paradoxes of de Broglie wave and force, so wrong.

Einstein mc2  is debunked.

[ Einstein "copied" Maxwell's mc2 in the "wrong" way. ]

(Fig.12')  ↓ Electromagnetic wave contradicts Einstein mc2

In fact, Einstein famous mc2 is self-contradictory, and Not his original idea.

This Einstein equation of mc2 is just a copy of classical Maxwell equation.  And Maxwell electromagnetic theory is right, and Einstein relativity is wrong, self-contradictory.

In 1800s, Maxwell showed the light wave has pressure = momentum p equal to energy E divided by light speed c ( p = E/c ), which was known before Einstein ( this 3rd paragraph,  this p.22,  this 1.5-12th-paragraph,  this p.6,  this p.9-last,  this p.7 ).

Also from de Broglie wavelength λ and light energy, we can get the light wave has mass m ( p = h/λ, E = hc/λ,  momentum = p = mc = E/c → mc2 = E = energy ).

Einstein copied this Maxwell's mc2, and modified it in the wrong way.
It's a famous story that Einstein invented his ad-hoc relativistic theory based on classical Maxwell electromagnetic wave theory ( this 2nd-paragraph,  this last paragraph,  this middle,  this p.2-upper ), though Einstein relativistic electromagnetic theory includes fatal paradoxes like twin time paradox.

Maxwell showed the light wave has mass m = E/c2, but Einstein said the light or a fictitious photon is massless.

In Einstein mc2, the energy E is expressed only by a particle's rest mass m0 and its speed v, where if v is light speed c, its energy becomes infinity.

To avoid this mess, Einstein concluded the light (= photon ? ) is massless.
But this Einstein relativistic mass mc2 has fatal flaws, so Einstein is wrong.

If the light has "fixed values" of rest mass m0 =0, and speed v = c as Einstein said, the light energy E is also fixed at the single value, which cannot be varied.

But the actual light energy E can be changed by its light frequency or wavelength, which contradicts Einstein mc2.

Einstein said the space contains no medium, so his relativity has to use unreal parallel worlds and virtual particles to explain two-slit experiment and forces.

And Einstein relativity cannot explain de Broglie wave or light refraction.
So his theory cannot use "light wavelength" in the medium as a indicator of light energy E.

Nuclear energy is potential (= Not kinetic ) energy, which needs some "medium" to express its energy, while Einstein's energy is illusion, disappears by observer's motion.

Maxwell's light ( medium ) can have enormous energy E = mc2 and the nuclear reaction emits electromagnetic γ rays, which indicate nuclear strong force is Not by unseen virtual quarks, but by short Coulomb energy.

Electron's capture and emission by nuclei indicate electrons inside neutrons can work as "adhesive" among protons inside nuclei, which is why Helium-2 (= diproton ) cannot exist.

From the proton's radius, we can estimate Coulomb energy between proton and electron inside nuclei is as large as electron's mass energy (= mec2 ).


Einstein "true" paradox.

[ Rigid rod is bent by time dilation ? ]

(Fig.13)  Moving observer K' sees a rigid rod being bent ? ↓

Einstein relativity is unrealistic, it claims moving observer K' sees events of different times from past to futrue experienced by stationary observer K.

This strange world causes Lorentz contraction of a rigid object.
But "rigid" object means this object cannot be bent or elongated, so this is paradox.

A rigid rod is moving upward and then rightward, as shown in Fig.13 left.  Strangely, it appears to be bent seen by moving observer K' !  This is paradox.

According to Lorentz transformation, from the viewoint of moving observer K', he sees the future event at x=1, and the past event at x=0 experienced by stationary observer K.

So moving observer can see events occuring at different times of stationary oberver like parallel worlds.  This unrealistic world is Einstein relativity.


Einstein can bend rigid rod, "predict" future ?

[ Rigid rod can or cannot be bent ? ← paradox ! ]

(Fig.14)  Suddenly, a rigid rod can be bent ? ← paradox. ↓

A rigid rod is moving upward at first.  This rod is trapped by the pole, so it cannot be moved rightward, when it is pulled.

At the point where the pole disappears, the rod can be moved rightward.
Seen by moving observer K', this event causes serious paradox.

At first, this rigid rod cannot be elongated, when it is pulled.  But later, this rod can be elongated rightward !  Because K' sees different times of K.

A rigid rod cannot be bent or elongated, so this is true paradox, and disproves Einstein.  It is irrational that this rigid rod suddenly becomes "flexible" and elongated !

And in K' frame, the left side of this rod is still trapped by the pole while the right side is elongated, it cannot know where the pole disappears, because it is unknown "future" event.

But the right side of the rod start to be elongated.
It means the right side of the rod "predicts" the future of where the pole disappears without touching it ?  ← impossible !

This true paradox proves Einstein theory is false.


Einstein  'electromagnetic'  paradox.

[ Magnetic force contradicts Einstein relativity. ]

(Fig.15)  Neutral current → "Positive" by observer's movement !

In fact Einstein relativity includes fatal paradox also in electromagnetic force.

Magnetic field B is generated around a neutral electric current, and there is a stationary positive charge and observer in abobe-left figure.

But when this observer starts to move to the right, he sees the stationary charge moving in the opposite, so this charge feels downward magnetic force from the current.

To cancel this downward magnetic force, the above right current has to change from neutral to positive-charge ( this p.2 ) !

As a result, this charge don't move downward, seen by both obervers.
But strange phenomena.


Observer moves  →  a charge is pulled !

[ A negative charge is attracted, when observer moves !? ]

(Fig.16)  ↓ Einstein relativity shows "fatal" paradox !

This observer-dependent charged electric current causes paradox, when there is a stationary negative charge next to it.

When the observer starts to move and the current is positively charged, this negative charge is attracted to the current !

So a stationary observer in the above-left sees the negative charge Not being attracted to neutral current.

But a moving observer in the above-right sees the negative charge being attracted to the positively-charged current !

This is serious paradox, and Einstein special relativity is wrong.

Lorentz transformation of horizontal electric field E|| cannot handle the current charge ρ change ( this p.3 )


Einstein mc2 includes paradox.

[ Einstein claims force changes depending on observer. ]

(Fig.17)  Obsesrver moves (= K' ) → force Fy decreases ? → paradox !

Einstein energy (= mass ) and momentum relation has nothing to do with the original special relativity, because they contradict each other.

If you try to apply Einstein relativity to his relativistic momentum relation, you need to artificially change "force Fy", which causes paradox !

They claim that when the observer starts to move (= K' ), the force Fy applied to the object weakens ( this p.15,  this p.3 ).

This "changing" force causes serious paradox, so Einstein mass energy relation is false.


General relativity contradicts special relativity.

[ Einstein theory is inconsistent and wrong. ]

(Fig.18)  General relativity clashes with special relativity !

In fact, Einstein relativity includes fatal flaws.
General relativity and special relativity are incompatible !

Special relativity is based on "relative" space-time.  General relativity is based on "absolute" space-time around massive star.

So these two relativistic theories clash with each other, and proves Einstein is wrong, though all textbooks and the media conceal this fact.


Velocity is "relative" in special relativity.

[ There is NO "absolute" space in special relativity. ]

(Fig.19)  B ( or A ) is moving at v seen by A ( or B ) = relative ?

Special relativity postulates that there is no absolute space-time, and space-time can differently change depending on different observers.

Seen by stationary A, B is moving at the velocity v.
Seen by stationary B, A is moving at the velocity v in the opposite direction.

So we cannot definitely say that A is stationary, because seen by different observers, A is moving.


Black hole moves faster-than-light !?

[ The time on black hole stops, but it can move ? ]

(Fig.20)  Black hole time stops, but it is moving seen by B ? ← > c ?

On the black hole, the clock time stops seen by a distant observer B, which is moving at v.

Seen by B, the black hole must be moving at v in the opposite direction.  This is contradiction.

Einstein relativity claims that any objects cannot exceed light speed c in any reference frames (= cannot be faster-than-light seen by any observers ).

If the time around the black hole stops, and it can move, it means that black hole can move faster-than-light seen by B !

Because while the time stops, black hole can move instantly, seen by B.

This proves that Einstein general and special relativity contradict each other !


Black hole cannot be formed !

[ Infinite time is needed to form black hole, so impossible. ]

(Fig.21)  Time stopping on black hole prevents its formation.

The clock time stops on the surface of black hole from viewpoint of distant observer ( on earth ).

So it needs infinite time to form black hole from collapsed star.
It means black hole does Not exist now, different from this claim.

Black hole is one of the largest scams in science history ( this myth #2 ).

But if they give up black hole, physicists would have nothing to do in Einstein relativity.  This is the reason unreal black hole survives.


Black holes collide ?   ← Fake news !

[ Time stops, but black hole can move and collide ? ]

(Fig.22)  Time stop,  but black hole can move ?  ← paradox.

The media say two black hole collided and merged into one.  ← Fake news !

Einstein theory says time stops around black hole, seen from distant earth.
So, all things around each black hole must stop (= not move or collide ! )

When two black holes are approaching, a black hole keeps moving with respect to another black hole ?  This is paradox.

Because a black hole appears to move at infinite speed = faster than light, seen from another black hole (= time stop ), which violates Einstein relativity.

Then, both of these two black holes slow down and finally stop with respect to each other, when they are approaching ?

This is also impossible, because all things around each black hole stop, so they cannot push or influence (= slow ) another black hole.


Black hole is self-contradictory, so doesn't exist.

[ A rod can move at "infinite" speed (= faster-than-light !? ) between two black holes ?  ← Paradox ! ]

(Fig.22')  ↓ A rigid rod between two black holes approaching each other.

Nobel prize in 2017 was awarded to gravitational wave which was said to be generated from the collision between two black holes.  ← It's impossible, though.

The current mainstream cosmology insists the (imaginary) black holes were formed by the collapse and shrinking of starts by their own gravity.

So black holes formed in different places may approach and collide with each other some day.  ← But this black hole collision exposes serious paradox inherent in Einstein relativity.

Here we think about the case where two black holes are approaching each other at a speed of v, and there is a very long, rigid stationary rod between them.

When each black hole passes each end of this rod, this "rod end" appears to be moving at infinite speed (= faster-than-light ! ), seen from a observer on the surface of black hole.

↑ This unrealistic faster-than-light motion clearly contradicts Einstein relativity which forbids any objects from moving faster than light from any points of view, which means Einstein relativity is self-contradictory and wrong.

Because Einstein general relativity insists the clock time ticks slowly and stops on the surface (= event horizon ) of black hole by gravitational time dilation, seen by the outside observer (= for example, the place around the center of the long rod ).

Seen from the outside observer, the rod end is approaching each black hole surface at a constant speed of v.  But the clock time near black hole stops.

 ↑ The rod can pass the surface of black hole, even though the clock time on the black hole surface stops ?  ← The rod appears to be moving at almost infinite speed seen from the black hole surface (= because it takes No time for the rod to move some distance. = hence, infinite speed ).  ← contradicts Einstein relativity which is based on the maximum light speed c.

This is clearly a paradox, so Einstein relativity is false.

To avoid the paradox, if the rod starts to move at the same speed of v in the same direction (= rightward ) with the black hole-1, the "rod left end" doesn't need to pass through the surface of black hole-1 at infinite speed.

↑ But in this case of the rod moving rightward, the rod has to pass through the surface of black hole-2 at infinite speed (= seen from the black hole-2 surface ), hence, the paradox remains.

The rod is very rigid, and the rod is attracted to both black holes externally (= Not internally ) by their gravity in the opposite directions.  So the rod cannot contract or get shorter.

Therefore, the rigid rod ends have to pass through each black hole surface at a speed of v (= seen by the outside observer ), which means the rod end appears to pass each black hole at infinite speed (= far faster-than-light ! ), seen from each black hole surface.

So Einstein general and special relativity includes serious self-contradiction and paradoxes by gravitational time dilation, hence wrong.

Nobel committee gave prestigious science prizes to "science fiction".  ← Actually, black hole and its research have never been useful for our daily life, except for getting prizes or wasting taxpayers' money in fictional cosmology and telescopes.


Black hole = center of science fraud.

[ There is No evidence for black hole, which is just "scam". ]

(Fig.23)  ↓ Black hole = portal to another universe !?

Half a century has passed since first discovery, black hole is still useless.  Only the media and academia are making a big fuss about it.

Black hole = portal to parallel universe and extradimension is just fiction fabricated by academia ?

Einstein relativity says the clock time stops near black hole, from outside observer on the earth, black hole can never be formed within finite time contradicting BigBang.

Then how do physicists mistake some other things for fictional black hole ?
Black hole must be very massive and dense packed in very small region.

Astronomers found X-rays from distant quasar is red-shifted, only from which and BigBang theory, they estimate how far away and how massive the black hole is.

But lights traveling very long distance (= billion light years ! ) in universe are naturally red-shifted by Compton scattering by a large amount of dusts and debris.

The most doughtful evidence is they estimate black hole size only from the fact that X-ray varies its brightness rapidly, which indicates unseen black hole is small ?  ← nonsense ( this p.5 ).

And Doppler shift of X-ray indicates gases are moving very fast around massive black hole ?   None of these observations can prove black hole.

In solar flare of the Sun, its massive energy can accelerate particles to alomst light speed causing Doppler shift, and emit high-energy X-rays which intensity rapidly changes, which don't need black hole.

Pulsar = rotating neutron star ? is incorrect, too.  Stars such as Sun are rotating, but Not pulsar.  Pulsar is caused by "vibrating interstellar molecules" blocking other stars' lights on and off.

The current cosmology ignores interstellar matter causing red-shifted light and various high-energy flares by nuclear fusion in stars, which can explain all above phenomena mistaken for black hole.


Light is bent by refraction, NOT by Einstein.

[ Light refraction by air is much stronger than gravity. ]

(Fig.24)  ↓ Light is bent by air, NOT Einstein gravity.

Einstein general relativity claims that light is slightly bent by gravity.  But the earth's gravity is too small to observe it.

We can observe the light is strongly bent by the air due to classical light refraction.  Light refraction is far stronger than gravitational lensing ( > 1000 : 1 ) !

Einstein relativity cannot explain light refraction, so they ignore it.  Light deflection is not by general relativity but by classical theory.

Test of Einstein theory is targeted at stars too far away to confirm.  They introduced artificial dark matter where gravity failed.  ← nonsense.


Einstein is useless.

[ Einstein relativistic effect is doubtful, too weak, useless. ]

(Fig.25)  Too week Einstein time dilation is hidden in the air medium.

Einstein relativity is useless in our daily lives.
So we can say Einstein theory is unreal, and it'll be no harm, if we forget Einstein.

Einstein tests such as black hole and BigBang are meaningless, because they deal with just imaginary things which are too far away to confirm.

Einstein relativistic effect includes fatal paradox, and too weak to be useful, even if it is real.

GPS time correction doesn't need too weak relativistic effect.
Atmosphere has much larger effect than very tiny relativistic effect in GPS.

All particles inside large hadron collider cannot be isolated or confirmed, so doubtful, useless.

PET is due to "electron capture", which doesn't need unreal antiparticle.

So neither Einstein special nor general relativity is useful for our daily lives.
Their research is waste of time and money.


Einstein  is fake news ?

[ Einstein "must" be right,  even if he is "wrong". ]

(Fig.26)  ↓ Einstein gravity is wrong → unseen dark matter ?

The media is fake,  then, Einstein tests which the media repeat meaninglessly, are also fake news ?

In fact, Einstein is wrong.  Correctly, Einstein is Not allowed to be wrong.

Physicists found many cases where Einstein gravity is invalid in galaxy rotation and gravitational lens.

Then, they invented invisible, undetectable, hypothetical dark matter to fix these contradictions.  ← Einstein survived ?

Einstein rejected "ether" filling space, then, to explain Coulomb force, they invented "virtual photon", which is unreal and contradicts Einstein.

Again, Einstein's theory survived !  making lame excuses, "dark matter is not aether!", "virtual photon is just math tool !"

Whatever contradictions appear, Einstein is Not allowed to be wrong.  Fake news media hide Einstein true paradoxes.

Academia uses Einstein fake science as a political tool to get subsidy from governments or raise university tuition.



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