" Topological "  is meaningless


Quantum material is based on unreality.

[ Topological material uses fictitious quasiparticle. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Classical mechanical phenomena = unreal quasiparticle ?

This paper deals with classical mechanical phenomena of turning heat into electricity.  The problem is they try to explain it using fictitious "topological" theory.

Topological is "math", Not physics.  It is based on unreal quasiparticle.

Quantum mechanis has given up clarifying true microscopic mechanism.

Instead, they focus on fabricating fictitious quasiparticle with adjustable fake mass and charge  to explain macroscopic phenomena.

So as long as we stick to old quantum mechnaics, we cannot go deeper into microscopic realistic molecular interaction.


Quantum = imagination.

[ Spin and phonon quasiparticle are unreal ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Explain Light interaction using "unreal concepts" ?

This experiment just applied classical light to some material and saw their interaction.

The problem is they try to explain this light-materal interaction using unreal quasiparticle phonon (= another name for "vibration" ) and magnon ( this ).

Faster-than-light electron spinning is unreal, which cannot be observed directly.

Observe classical macroscopic phenomena → Quantum mechanics uses unreal concepts to explain microscopic atomic interaction.  ← useless forever.


Classcial vibration = quantum physics !?

[ Apply ultrasound → vibrate plate = classical mechanics. ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ This is just classical mechanics.   

This title (= quantum physics ? ) is misleading, because it's just classical physics.

In this experiment, they just apply ultrasound to some plate, which vibrates by the sound wave.  That's all.

The problem is they try to use unrelated "topological insulator" where only the "edge" is conductive,  to interpret this experiment.

In above experiment, only the plate on the "edge" vibrated by sound wave.  ← Only the "edge" part is common with topological insulator.  ← meaningless analogy.

"Vibration by sound" has nothing to do with electrical conductivity.
This kind of stupid, unscientific "analogy" is everyhing in the current quantum physics.


Quantum computer is scam.

[ The madia and academia must stop fake news in fraudulent computer. ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ This is quantum computer algorithm ?

Quantum computer is scam ( D-Wave is Not quantum computer, Not faster ).  Now, IBM and Intel try to exaggerate only computer "bit number" (= still only 50 bits, useless ).

They hide the important fact that even if they increase the bits, their computer will never be faster.

Because they cannot use unrealistic parallel-world computing (= this is why quantum computer could be faster ) in algorithm.

So now, they are just doing classical "single-world" computing (= real ) in quantum algorithm, and try to increase "bits" as classical computer.  ← meaningless.

This latest research is only three-bit quantum computer ?  ← useless.

Grover algorithm is meaningless, where if we want to get the value "01" out of four choices, we just manipulate those bits using artificial light to get the result "01".  ← No faster.

In fact, they vary artificial parameters in manipulating device to get the convenient result.



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