Useless  quantum mechanics


The current physics  is unreal.

[ Many electrons in solid = a single electron with "fake mass" ? ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Quantum mechanics relys on fake things.   

Quantum mechanics was introduced in old 1920s, when there were no computers.

So they had to rely on "fictitious concepts" to deal with multi-electron solid physics instead of computer.

They use band theory which expresses the whole solid as a single "fake electron" with fake (= effective ) mass which can be negative, and changed artificially to explain phenomena.

Furthermore, they invented fictitious quasiparticles to explain crystals called topological insulator.

This old theory, quantum mechanics, which relys on fake particles, is useless, forever.


Gravitational wave from "dark photon" ?

[ Gravitational wave is too week to believe, and useless. ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Dark photon = fiction.

Though gravitational wave got Nobel prize, it's still useless, just ends up wasting money, like large hadron collider, Higgs.

Because this gravitational wave is doubtful, too weak to be useful.

This paper claims gravitational wave detector can detect fictional dark photon, which may mediate dark matter.

No matter how many times they invent new hypothetical ( unreal ) particles, it is meaningless, if we cannot use them in our daily lives.


Quantum computer is scam.

[ Quantum computer is still useless, after long-time research. ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ Simulate "topological" ← what use ?   

Quantum computer using unreal parallel worlds is scam.

This is the reason quantum computer is still useless, cannot replace ordinary computer at all.

D-Wave quantum computer is Not a calculator, but just a system which gradually settles down to its most stable state, which is Not faster at all.

They use big tech and corporations just as "advertisement" to collect investment money, though they know quantum computer is useless forever.

Nature group, which monopolizes the current (pseudo-) physics market, also contributes to spreading this fake science = quantum computer.

"Simulating topological ?" means nothing.  "Topological" is just an artificial fictional state physicists invented just for research and papers.


Physics makes No progress.

[ The media misleads people by confusing expressions. ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ These confusing phrases mean "nothing realized".   

The current physics makes No progress.
The media uses "confusing expressions" to mislead readers as if the current physics was advancing.

All these phrases "proposed a method to accelerate", " could transform the way", "Computers will be powerful" mean nothing is realized now, these researches are meaningless.

This paper uses vague phrase "This device can be used as a scientific tool ..", which has nothing to do with practical use, so this research is useless, too.

These confusing phrases in journals are used just to deceive governments and get research funds for useless quantum mechanical experiments.


Anti-matter is unreal.

[ Anti-hydrogen is an artifact of other irrelevant particles. ]

(Fig.5)  Collide protons with metal → anti-hydrogen !?  

Nature likes to report anti-matter.  But in fact, anti-matter is just fiction.

Anti-hydrogen is said to consist of positron and anti-proton (= antimatter of proton ? ), which is produced by colliding protons with metal target.

They get those infinite secondary-products (= ±ions ) through magnetic field to separate positive and negative charged particles.

And they jump to the wrong conclusion that those negatively charged particles are all anti-protons, which violates momentum conservation, so unreal

It's impossible to separate particles with different mass only through magnetic field.  Even positive particles are mixed with negative particles by scattering.

Antimatter cannot be detected directly.  All we can detect is "light" which is said to be emitted from anti-matter annihilation.

So anti-matter is unreal, just a statistical arfifact of other irrelevant particles.  PET does Not need antimatter.


Entanglement is fiction.

[ Physicists waste their time in useless fiction. ]

(Fig.6)  ↓ Entanglement is nonsense, Not science !

Quantum entanglement (= spooky action ? ) can not send any real informations fastet-then-light.  So useless, waste of money.

In Fig.6, the source emits a pair of lights with the same polarization (= vertical or horizontal is unknown ) in the opposite directions.

When you know the light A is vertically polarized, it means light B is vertically polarized, too.

They just call this state as "polarized lights A and B are entangled !"  ← Nonsense, Not science.

This research is based on nonsense idea that very distant quasars may cause this meaningless entanglement.

Faster-than-light spooky action is illusion created by imaginary particle = photons, entangled photons can be explained by light classically.



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