Quantum sucks.


Maxwell demon is no wonder.

[ This experiment just controls electric current. ← No wonder. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Second law of thermodynamics is violated !?

In Maxwell demon thought experiment, a small demon quickly opens or shuts the door between two boxes, so that only fast molecules (= hotter ) pass the door.

As a result, hot molecule becomes hotter and the second law of thermodynamics is violated !?

This explanation is wrong, because a demon needs energy to open (or close ) the door which is heavy enough to block the molecule.  So total energy is Not spontaneously increased.

In this experiment, they just artificially control the electric current between two materials. using an external device.  That's all.  No wonder.

Actually in this p.11, they admit it is unclear whether this work can be harnessed to run third task.


Quantum computer is scam.

[ Quantum computer still consists of only "two atoms" ? ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Quantum computer is still two atoms ?  ← useless !

Quantum computer is one of the biggest science scams where all corrupt academia, corporations, media collude to defraud taxpayers of money.

IBM and Intel's 50-bit quantum computer is still theoretical, Not viable.   D-Wave 2000-bit computer is Not quantum computer, Not faster.

People and governments are deceived into investing money in phony computer.

This experiment just uses only two atoms , which is Not computer at all.

They just call two energy levels "two spins" or "qubit".
No computation is done in this experiment.


Skyrmion --- unreal quasiparticle.

[ No practical use = magnetic vortex is called "skyrmion" ? ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ Just complex magnetic pattern. = No practical use.

Quantum mechanis has given up clarifying true microscopic mechanism.

Instead, they focus on fabricating fictitious unreal quasiparticle with adjustable fake mass and charge  to explain physical macroscopic phenomena.

This week research is about skyrmion, which is not real particle, just a fictitious quasiparticle.

Skyrmion is just another name for some vortex-like magnetic pattern.   --- still No practical use.

The present condensed matter just pursues unreal quasiparticle with fake charge and mass.


Neutron star is fiction.

[ Gravitational wave is fiction and too subtle to confirm. ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ The present physics wastes money in fictional science.

These kinds of research are waste of time and money.

You cannot confirm imaginary neutron star, because they are too far away from the earth.  And gravitational wave is too weak to believe.

All they detected as gravitational wave is a unrealistically tiny change (= only one thousandth of a proton !? ) of ligo arm.  ← unrealistic !

It's impossible to distinguish such a small change.  Detector uses too-long-wavelength laser light to distinguish this small change.

Actually, All Higgs boson, gravitational wave, BigBang, black hole remain useless in our daily lives.  ← Those are all fiction.


Superposition = Parallel worlds is fantasy.

[ One cat can be dead and alive at the same time !? ]

(Fig.5)  Alternate between upper and lower states = Parallel worlds ?

Quantum mechanics claims that a single cat can be dead and alive simultaneously in two parallel worlds.  But this idea is just a unreal fantasy.

You cannot observe this uncanny dead-and-alive cat.  The moment you observe it, the cat becomes dead or alive ( this p.2 ).

Though this Schrodinger cat (= superposition ) cannot be observed, they try to use it in quantum computer which is impractical forever.

When physicistis prepare the state where an atom is just classically alternating between two energy levels or currents, they call them "Schrodinger cat".

This "superposition" paper is just theory, Not experiment.

This experiment just measured blue (= ground state ) or red (= excited state ) of each atom.  Each atom cannot be in the two energy levels at the same time.

So superposition = dead and alive cat has No experimental grounds.



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