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Top journals "endorsed" fake science.

[ Sin of top journals Science, Nature = fake science spreader. ]

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Actually, the current leading theory of everything uniting Einstein relativity and quantum mechanics is just a "science fiction" embracing fantasy extra-dimensions and its leading physicists still "endorses" untrustworthy candidate only for protecting their dubious "science", trying to keep us ignorant of truth.

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Top journal Nature "crushes" true science.

[ Flat earth pseudo-science and twitter's war on free speech. ]

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In Galileo's era, free thoughts, free speech and true "science" have been suppressed by then-academia = medieval church.  People had been compelled to accept imaginary flat-earth pseudo-science blindly.

Have you ever thought the same horrible "science-fiction" story is happening even in the present highly-modernized society ?

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Top journal 'Science' endorses fake science.

[ Today's 'science' sees atoms only as 'fictional' particles. ]

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Quantum mechanics hampers interpreting the microscopic observation of atoms.

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Science journals spread fake science.

[ Why cannot we apply 'electrons' to medicine ? ]

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The current so-called "science" is just "illusion" which is getting us nowhere near curing diseases ?  Dazzling prizes are just "camouflage" to hide inconvenient truth ?

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Nobel prize is steeped in fake science.

[ Science journals and Nobel are a source of fake science ? ]

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What if today's sacred "science" taught in schools is just a lie ?
Schools and universities are just the places infested with viruses and science fiction, tormenting students by raising tuition ?

If so, the highest academic organizations such as prestigious Nobel prize and top science journals could be a main source of immoral, fake science.

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum computer is fiction, forever.

[ Unreal fractional-charge anyon quasi-particle → robust fictional quantum computer ?  ← nonsense. ]

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Recentry, the top peer-reviewed science journal Nature gave sensational coverage to fictitious quasi-particle called "anyon" which might have finally be found,  though it's an unreal particle ?

Quasiparticle with unrealistically-changeable fictitious mass is Not an actual elementary particle.  Real particles must have their own unchangeable, definite charge and mass.

Why is a quasi-particle, which is just made of other multiple elementary particles pretending to be an independent (fictitious) particle, such a big deal ?  Is it even worth "science" ?

This unscientific tendency dominating today's academia worshiping unreal objects is seen in the way physicists "intentionally misinterpret" observed electric current called quantum Hall effect as one caused by illusory quasiparticles.

When electric current is flowing under some electric and magnetic fields, its electric conductance (= reciprocal of resistance ) sometimes shows peculiar quantized values.

When this electric conductance is a fraction times e2/h (= e is electric charge, h is Planck constant ), this phenomenon is called "fractional quantum Hall effect".

All real particles such as electrons and protons have their unique unchangeable definite charge (= the smallest charge is always "e", which cannot split into a smaller fractional-charge ! ) and mass.

So it is certain that all physical phenomena including this quantum Hall effect are caused by behavior of real electrons and nuclei with fixed charge (= an integer multiple of charge "e" ) and mass which can neither be changed nor divided  under any electromagnetic fields.

But today's quantum mechanics is so unrealistic as to say stupid things: this "fractional Hall effect" is caused by "illusory fractional-charge quasiparticle" called anyon ( this p.18 ).

Of course, a real electron can never split into smaller fractional-charges except in "imaginary" world.  Ignoring this obvious fact, Nobel commitee awarded illusory fractional-charge quasiparticle the most prestigious Nobel prize ( this p.17 ).  ← The end of real "science".

Furthermore, today's physics claims electrons inside this quantum Hall effect can unrealistically change not only their charge but also "mass" into fictitious effective mass which can even be fictional negative mass ( this p.5 ).

So the current only atomic theory = quantum mechanics relying on fake quasi-particle model with unrealistically-changeable charge and mass clearly disagrees with real-world phenomena caused only by "real particles", hence, quantum mechanics is false.

What's the true physical mechanism behind this quantum Hall effect allegedly riddled with imaginary fractional-charge quasiparticle anyons ?
One of these unreal anyon quasiparticles is said to be Majorana fermion.

Each time it has to face "truth", quantum mechanics always withdraws into its own 'shell' isolated from real world, and says quantum Hall effect may be caused by unphysical "topology" full of gibberish like "Berry phase" and "Chern number".

What the heck are these "topology", Berry phase and Chern number ?  ← These are real objects ?  Can we touch them ?
Unfortunately all these unfamiliar gibberish concepts are just ghost-like illusion, appearing only inside theoretical physicists' heads.

Artificial concept called Berry phase was introduced as "fictitious (= Not real ) magnetic field" appearing only inside fake quasi-momentum (= k ) space.
Berry phase is neither real phase nor real magnetic field ( this p.5, this p.4 upper ), hence No physical meaning.

Surprisingly, insane quantum mechanics allows this fake magnetic field = Berry phase to have unrealistic magnetic monopole called Chern number ( this p.5 right-lower, this p.6 ).

Hypothetical magnetic monopole is just fiction which is said to unrealistically separate north and south poles of magnet.
Of course, unphysical magnetic monopole can Not exist in our daily life except as fake quasiparticle.

So quantum mechanical fake picture of Hall effect haunted by illusory quasi-particle, monopole and fictitious magnetic field called Berry phase is just a nonsense unscientific theory telling us nothing about true physical mechanism based on real particles.

The media and academia repeatedly insist future quantum computer utilizing fictional quasiparticle would be "robust" against disturbance (= noise ), error-free, fault-tolerant, because it is "topologically protected" ?

↑ Fictional quasiparticle has such a "supernatural" power, which real particles don't have, for future imaginary computer, though quasiparticle itself does Not even exist ?  ← How contradictory today's quantum theory is !

Why can physicsts so confidently and unrealistically assert still-imaginary quantum computer based on unreal quasiparticles ( which Microsoft pursues in vain ) could be such a superb, robust and error-free dreamlike machine ?  ← Out of their mind ?

What are "physical grounds" for this imaginary "robustness" of still-unrealized quantum computer ?

They circulate unsubstantial hypothesis that when the world lines (= illusory trail ) of anyon quasiparticles pass around each other, those fictitious trails intertwine with each other like imaginary threads or shoestrings and form "braids" which is hard to separate, hence, could be a hypothetically robust and stable quantum computer ( this 3rd paragraph ) ?

↑ This explanation is nonsense and groundless, Not referring to any real physical objects, hence, showing No detailed convincing reason why imaginary quantum computer could be robust.

In fact, there is No real evidence that imaginary future quantum computer could be robust.  Physicists just artificially invented "fake rules or principles" which are physically meaningless, irrelevant to our real world.

When we exchange positions of two real particles twice or make one particle go around another particle and return to its original position, the whole situation also returns to its original state.

But according to their artificial hypothesis, when we exchange unreal anyon quasiparticles or make one anyon go around another anyon and return to its original position, the whole situation becomes completely different from the initial state !

↑ Of course, such an occult thing would never happen in our real world, so anyon quasiparticle is purely fiction, but physicists recklessly try to make imaginary quantum computer based on fictional anyon quasiparticle and its artificially-invented hypothesis.  ← nonsense.

This uncanny anyon-quasiparticle's behavior is expressed in the nonphysical way that exchanging two anyon quasiparticles causes their wavefunctions to acquire additional fictitious phase (= e ).

This fictitious phase (= e ) is supposed to take "any" values, so Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek named this unreal quasiparticle "anyon" ( this p.18 ).
← So even today's top physicists are wasting time in "fictional objects".

Different from real particles, quasiparticle anyons leave their "fictitious trails" in space where anyons passed around.  ← Though physicists never clarify what this trail caused by anyon-quasiparticle is made of.

This fictitious unseen trail allegedly left by anyon quasiparticle could be entangled with other anyon's trail, which engraves "fictitious phase" in their trail as an information of how anyons passed each other, according to their ad-hoc hypothesis.

They try to exploit this "fictitious trail or phase" caused by exchanging two hypothetical quasiparticle anyons as "memory (= information )" of imaginary future quantum computer ( this p.13 ).  ← nonsense.

↑ This artificial rule physicists suddenly fabricated out of nowhere about swapping quasiparticles causing unseen trail or phase ( this p.3 ) is meaningless with No reasonable grounds, because it has nothing to do with our real world from the beginning.

As long as anyons are fictitious quasiparticles (= Not real elementary particles ) which cannot be isolated or confirmed, their empty theory about "fictitious trail or phase" left by anyons is also invalid and useless for any dreamlike future computers.

Two hypothetical anyon quasiparticles pass each other, exchange their positions (= called "braiding", this 5th last paragraph ) and cause unseen ghost-like phase shift (= e ) in their fictitious trails.

↑ Physicists artificially interpret this picture as the way this artificial phase shift information would be encoded in intertwined quasiparticles's trails like a braided cord or hair, which can be loosened but Not undone ?  ← so quantum computer could be robust ?  ← nonsense.

↑ This imaginary hypothesis treating fictional intertwined trails (= memory information ? ) left by unreal anyon quasipartices as "robust braided cord or threads" could be a reason why future quantum computer based on quasiparticles would be robust and immune to error ( this p.3 left ) ?  ← Impossible !

Imaginary paths or trails of two quasiparticle are "braided" like imaginary threads or shoelaces tied in knots, which knot could be used for imaginary robust quantum memory, just because the knots is usually hard to untie (= hence, robust ? ), regardless of whether those knots are real or not ( this 4th-5th paragraphs,  this 8th-10th paragraphs ) ?  ← Baseless empry hypothesis !

↑ This reason why fictional quantum computer based on unreal quasiparticles could be "robust" is insane and meaningless, because all these anyon quasiparticles and their fictitious trails or phases ( this p.2 right ) allegedly created by swapping two unreal quasiparticles are just illusory artificially-proposed concepts ( this p.3 right middle ).

So there is No physical evidence that illusory quantum computer could be robust against noise, empowered by imaginary fractional-charge quasiparticles.
The media and academia are blatantly spreading fake news such as "robust dreamlike quantum computer !" based only on groundless hypothesis.

Actually, Nobel laureate Frank = a namer of 'crazy anyon' seems to obsess only about how to use his pseudo-science and Nobel prize for a "cheap political tool" like extra-dimensional Witten, because their so-called "science" can never be put to practical use.

So the latest sensational news published in Nature physics claiming "direct observation of (unreal) anyon quasiparticle (← ? )" is nonsense and meaningless research, as long as quasiparticles themselves do Not really exist.
← This "sad" fact would never change, as long as we embrace unphysical quantum mechanics.

Quasiparticle anyons ( and imaginary quantum computer ) still ( and forever ) have No practical application ( this 2-4th last paragraphs ).

Physicists just measured some change of "electric current" or "conductance", fitted these observed electric parameters to their ad-hoc anyon pseudo-model and claimed this may be a "direct evidence of anyons" , without directly isolating or observing fictitious anyon quasiparticle ( this 7th paragraph, this p.3 right ).

The present quantum mechanics based on unphysical Schrödinger equation is completely useless in describing multi-electron material, so it has to insanely treat the whole many-electron material as one-pseudo-electron or unreal quasiparticle model with fake mass and charge.

This is reason why physicists had to introduce non-existent fractional-charge anyon quaiparticles to explain some electric conductance seen in quantum Hall effect, ignoring the fact that an elementary particle = electron can never split into smaller fractional charges.

Fractional quantum Hall effect can be realistically explained using quantized electron's de Broglie wave ( this p.7 ) where the electric conductance changes depending on the "number of electron's orbital layers and vacant quantized orbits" under different electromagnetic fields.

↑ This realistic interpretation of quantum Hall effect needs "real many electrons" which are actually moving and causing real de Broglie waves, which is impossible in today's unrealistic quantum mechanical picture where physicists always have to treat the whole multi-electron solid as unrealistically "indistinguishable one-pseudo-electron band model".

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum mechanical model is ridiculous.

[ Band model uses unreal quasi-electron with fake mass and quasi-momentum. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Fake quasi-particle mass model =   ?

The current atomic theory = quantum mechanics is weird and unrealistic.

Quantum mechanical calculation tool = nonphysical Schrödinger equation cannot even specify the exact position and velocity of each electron.
← True atomic behavior would be undisclosed by today's "science" forever.

This weird physical theory claims each electron must always spread all over space as vague probability cloud (= still lacks physical reality ) which means an electron exists in multiple different places simultaneously using fictional parallel worlds.

This fuzzy electron cloud covering all space in quantum mechanics causes serious problems and contradiction.  It cannot even generate the most fundamental force = Coulomb electric force enough to form molecular bonds.

To generate fake molecular bond energy instead of using real Coulomb force, quantum mechanics has to rely on crazy assumption that all different electrons are indistinguishable existing in all different atoms and places simultaneously using fantasy parallel worlds.

These "ghost-like" electrons always existing in every place and every atom by splitting into multiple parallel worlds cause nonphysical "exchange energy" which occult energy cannot be described by any real physical objects on the earth.

This nonphysical exchange energy is supposedly essential for causing main attractive pseudo-(= Non Coulomb ) energy in molecular bond ( this p.3 ) and repulsive pseudo-energy in Pauli principle.  ← This pseudo-energy is unrealistic, because there is only "exchange energy" with No "exchange force" or force carrier.

All physicists failed to give realistic physical meaning to this uncanny exchange energy ( this p.6, this p.11 ).  Feynman finally admitted Nobody understands occult quantum mechanics.

So quantum mechanics, which can Not use any real physical force between particles or distinguish each individual electron, is a completely useless dead theory, because it is inherently unable to describe multi-particle reactions in many-electron solids and materials in a realistic way.

Then, how are today's physicists using this useless obsolete quantum mechanics to describe actual many-paricle (= many-electron ) materials such as metal, molecules, crystal, semiconductor and solar cells ?

Unbelievably, quantum mechanics resorts to illegitimate tricks of treating the whole many-electron material as "one single fake quasi-electron" model ( this p.2 ) called band theory ( this p.2 ).

In this bogus quantum mechanical approximation called "band theory", its one pseudo-electron representing the entire material is supposed to have fictitious mass (= called effective mass, which pseudo-mass can be freely changed even into unreal negative mass, this p.51 ),  fake quasi-momentum and effective-pseudo-potential energy ( this p.11 ).

All today's physicists can do is artificially manipulate and change these fake physical concepts such as quasi-electron's effective mass and other pseudo-parameters (= spin-orbit interaction ) to fit experimentally measured results ( this p.3, this p.6 ) instead of predicting new physical phenomena using actually-existing real particles.

Quantum mechanics tries to hide and pack various complicated many-electron phenomena into "nonphysical band model" with artificially-manipulable fake electron's mass which can be freely changed = contradicting the fact that all real particles such as an electron and proton have their unique unchangeable definite mass.

So quantum mechanics contradicting physical reality by manipulating originally-unchangeable particle's mass is intrinsically useless with No ability to predict any new physical values based on real partciles.

Each time we observe some new physical phenomena of materials, quantum mechanics just forces us to fabricate new artificial pseudo-particle models and manipulate their nonphysical parameters such as fake electron's effective mass, instead of using real electrons with definite unchangeable mass.

Quantum mechanics can only roughly express the relation between energy and pseudo-momentum as a nonphysical band (= band theory can Not specify each particle's position ! ) of quasi-electron with unreal (= effective, this p.3 ) mass which tells us nothing about true mechanism of how exactly real electrons and nuclei interact with each other and cause various physical phenomena inside materials.

All materials can be roughly classified into three groups: conductor (= through which electron current can easily flow ), insulator (= electron current cannot flow ) and semi-conductor (= electric current conductance lies between conductor and insulator ).

Quantum mechanics describes this macroscopically-observable electric conductance using only two nonphysical linear bands (= of course, these nonphysical bands themselves cannot be seen ) which include No real electron picture.

The upper band is called "conduction band" where electrons can flow as electric current, and the lower band is called "valence band" where electrons are tightly bound to their nearest nuclei, causing no electric current (= How exactly electrons are actually moving and interacting in each band is unknown forever as long as we embrace quantum mechanics ).

When the energy band-gap between these conduction and valence bands is wide ( or narrow ), electrons cannot ( or can ) move up to conduction band or flow as electric current.

The point is energy levels of these bands and their energy gap between conduction and balence bands have to be experimentally determined after measuring electric conductance of each material.

It is Not that quantum mechanical band model itself can 'predict' new energy gap or state of unknown material.  Instead, after experimentally measuring electric current of materials, physicists artificially adjust (= manipulate ) and determine the energy band-gap parameter of each material to fit experimental results.

Therefore, quantum mechanics and its band model can actually do nothing about 'predicting' new physical values, instead, it just "adjusts" free parameters such as band-gap energy to experimental results.  ← There is No harm in forgetting this meaningless quantum mechanical theory.

Topological insulator is a composite material that behaves as an insulator in its interior but whose surface behaves as a conductor.

This exotic topological material got Nobel physics prize in 2016, but it still has No practical application ( using quantum mechanics ).

Because quantum mechanics tries to aim at illusory energy-efficiency utilizing unreal quasiparticles allegedly popping up (= of course, these ghost-like quasiparticles are directly undetectable ) inside topological insulator.

All research papers on this topological insulator use only ambiguous hackneyed phrase "potential ( like seen in this abstract )".  ← These indecisive expression in the media means there is still No practical application of topological material allegedly containing fictitious quasiparticles.

How does quantum mechanics describe physical mechanism (= conductor only on the surface ) of topological insulator ?

According to quantum mechanics, the upper conduction band has fictitious positive electron's effective mass and the lower valence band has unrealistic negative effective mass.

Physicists claim topological insulator's band has an imaginary 'point of intersection' between these two bands of positive and negative effective masses.
So this "middle point" indicates the existence of fictitious zero-mass fermion ( this p.20 ) which is also an unreal quasiparticle.  ← this quantum mechanical explanation based on unreal quasiparticles is far from "true mechanism" inside topological insulator.

Energy efficient solar cell is indispensable for stopping global warming ( if it was real ).  To do so, we need to elucidate true physical mechanism inside solar cell.

Quantum mechanics says an electron in valence band absorbing a photon (= a particle of light ? ) is excited and moved up to conduction band in solar cell.

But, first of all, a real electron cannot interact with (= absorb or emit ) a real photon, so if electromagnetic wave is not light wave but a photon particle, this photon must be unreal "virtual photon" with unphysical imaginary mass.

After absorbing this imaginary photon, quantum mechanics says the electron interacts with the energy of a "phonon" which is one of unreal quasiparticles representing thermal atomic vibration of material.

↑ So, quantum mechanics can Not describe actual atomic motion or vibration inside material using real particles such as electrons and nuclei, instead, it has to rely on fictitious quasiparticle model ( atomic vibration → phonon quasiparticle ) even now.  ← Quantum mechanics is intrinsically unable to describe real physical mechanism based on real particles.

And then, an excited electron into conduction band and a hole (= created by excited electron ) left in valence band are said to bind each other to form another quasiparticle called exciton ( this p.7, this p.2 ).

Contrary to the media's sensational narration, all these fictitious quasiparticles such as exciton and phonon are expressed just as nonphysical, abstract math symbols with No physical figure ( quasiparticle = a, b, c ? .. this p.8 ) whose too simple interaction equation tells us nothing about detailed physical mechanism of how real electrons have to form unreal quasiparticles inside solar cell ( this p.2 ).

This unreal quasiparticle exciton is also supposed to have its fake (= effective ) mass which is a freely changeable value different from true electron's definite mass.
All other quasiparticle's pseudo-parameters are also freely-adjustable ( this p.6 ) meaningless physical values in predicting some actual values or phenomena.

And quantum mechanics says this unreal exciton quasiparticle decomposes into other quasiparticle called polaron ( this p.3, this p.2 ) which pseudo-polaron-quasiparticle just represents some state where an electron inside solid interacts with other electrically-polarized crystal atoms or nuclei.

↑ Again, quantum mechanics refuses to describe interaction between electron and other atoms inside solar cell using real particles, instead, it always has to rely on unreal quasiparticle model even now and forever.  ← Quantum mechanics is intrinsically an unscientific dead theory which has nothing to do with real objects.

This polaron quasiparticle is also supposed to have its fake effective mass (= freely-adjustable parameter, so meaningless for predicting new physical values, this p.8 ).

↑ It is imposssible to know true underlying atomic and (real) electrons' behavior inside solar cell under the current dead atomic theory.  ← How can we realize a "miracle energy-efficient solar cell" satisfying the demanding Green-new-deal ?  ← Impossible dream forever !

You might have often heard the media's hackneyed phrases "modern computer's transistors wouldn't have been realized without quantum mechanical band theory."  ← This is a complete lie.

As I said, quantum mechanical band theory replaced actual many-electron behavior or reactions by "one-pseudo-electron" and unreal quasi-particle model with fake (= effective ) mass which is freely-adjustable (= contradicting real particle's definite mass ) to artificially fit observed phenomena.

So, the quantum mechanical band theory based on unreal concepts has No ability to predict true transistor's mechanism of how real electrons are actually moving, responding and interacting with each other when a computer is running.

Semiconductos used in modern computer's transistors were invented by researchers' persistent efforts, long experience and "trial and error" approach where existing quantum mechanical theory was completely useless for developing or predicting new transistors.

Transistors and LED consist of two types of semiconductors (= p and n ) including different impurity atoms.

These different semiconductors have different band energies (= heights of conduction or valence band energies are different between different p- and n- type semiconductors ).

Each band is supposed to contain different "one-pseudo-electron" and quasi-particle model with fake effective mass (= freely-changeable, different from true electron's unchangeable mass, and their band pseudo-energy gap is also freely-adjustable meaningless parameter ).

This quantum mechanical band model intrinsically can never explain or predict real electron's interaction inside computer transistor due to its unphysical quasi-particle and effective mass model, as seen in other topological insulator and solar cells.

Depending on components and the magnitude of voltage applied to these transistors, they just artificially change and manipulate the energy levels of each semiconductor's conduction and valence bands ( by which electron's fake effective mass is also manipulated ) after experimentally measuring the change of electric conductivity depending on applied voltage ( this p.19, this p.156 ).

↑ Quantum mechanics is helpless, it cannot 'predict' how each band energy changes responding to applied voltage in transistors in advance.

So it is Not that quantum mechanical band model contributed to developing semiconductors for modern PC transitors, but that after physicists invented practical semiconductors by "trial and error" approach, they artificially adjusted fictitious quantum mechanical band model parameters such as fake electron's effective mass and band energy to fit observed semiconductor phenomena.

Developing useful transistor's semiconductor was the first.  → Fabricating quantum mechanical band model with fake quasi-particle and effective mass was later.
← Quantum mechanics has nothing to do with modern computers and smartphones.

Superconductivity is a physical property observed in certain materials where electrical resistance vanished and magnetic flux fields are expelled.

Quantum mechanical BCS theory got Nobel prize in 1972 by allegedly explaining physical mechanism of how this superconductor occurs.
How could weird quantum mechanics describe superconductor ?

BCS theory claims unreal quasiparticle called "virtual phonons" unrealistically bind two repulsive electrons and form fictitious Cooper pair ( this p.9 ), which is said to condense into the lowest superconducting band-energy state called Bose-Einstein condensate.

But it's impossible for two negative electrons to attract each other disobeying Coulomb repulsion between electrons.

This unreal virtual phonon model is supposed to approximately represent "vibration of many positive nuclei or atoms" which appear to attract a pair of electrons via fictitious quasiparticle phonons.

As you see, quantum mechanics just replaced interactions caused by real electrons and nuclei by fictitious quasi-particle model.  ← Because today's quantum mechanics intrinsically cannot deal with complicated many-electron behavior inside material using real particles and real forces, so completely useless atomic theory as a tool for other applied science.

And quantum mechanics says this Cooper pair can break into another unreal quasiparticle called Bogoliubov quasiparticle ( this p.9 ).

These phonon quasiparticles and Cooper pair can be expressed only as abstract, nonphysical math symbols which tell us nothing about true detailed mechanism of what is actually happening inside supercondutor using real electron interaction.

We have to discard today's quantum mechanical unreal quasiparticle concept and nonphysical band model which just artificially fabricate and manipulate quasi-electron's fake effective mass to fit experimental results = hence, useless for 'predicting' new actual physical phenomena.

Otherwise, we can never clarify true underlying atomic behavior and mechanism using real physical objects or electrons' interaction.  ← Using fictional quantum mechanical concepts in other applied science such as medicine and nano-technology is impossible forever (= probably, quantum mechanical unreal quasi-particle model will be helpless in drug development ).

Unfeasible Green new deal lacking technological innovation due to today's useless basic atomic theory has become just a pie-in-the-sky "political tool" like other fake science for outdated academia colluding with corporations to get taxpayers' money, pretending to be "real science".

The current schools and meaninglessly-expensive educational facilities were reduced to a mere hotbed of harmful viruses, = useless except for indoctrinating students with superstition called "fake science".

Actually physics professors are obsessed only with killing time by using their pseudo-science such as extra-dimensions as pseudo-political tools.  ← Our science technology will Never progress if we blindly continue to believe in this "superstitious academia". = Deadly diseases won't be cured, either.

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum mechanics fails to explain physical phenomena.

[ Topological insulator is caused by unreal quasi-particle ? ]

(T-1)  ↓ Unphysical reason = quasiparticle, time symmetry  

Coronavirus reinfections raise the possibility that ongoing vaccine development for acquiring herd immunity is doomed to fail.

We need to find other treatments for damaging viruses as soon as possible.
But the current outdated "science" is completely helpless except for protecting academia's old vested interests at the sacrifice of students.

Because the current mainstream science = quantum mechanics, dominant pseudo-atomic theory is far from clarifying actual physical phenomena.
The current basic physics refuses to use real physical objects as a tool to unravel true underlying mechanism.

As long as we blindly embrace the current fictional quantum mechanics as an absolute "science", we could never find a true cure or develop effective drugs for deadly diseases and viruses.

Here are some typical examples of us worshiping quantum mechanical falsehood even in the highest ranking academia.  Nobel prize physics in 2016 was awarded to exotic matter called "topological insulator".

Getting the most prestigious Nobel prize means this "topological material" has actually improved our daily life or cured some diseases ?  Unfortunately, this exotic matter did nothing.  It is still ( and forever ) an impractical matter.

Nobel committee used vague phrases " opened the door on an unknown world where matter can assume strange states ? .. Many people are hopeful of future applications ?"  ← so, still No practical application.

"Topology" is originally the branch of mathematics concerned with abstract doughnut shape, Not a physical entity.

In physics, topological insulator is used just as a general name for some "composite material" that behaves as an insulator in its interior but whose surface contains conducting states.  ← That's all.  No more detailed physical meaning or explanation.

Topological insulator is often said to have the "potential (= Not realized yet )" to be an "energy-efficient device" in the future.  ← What can cause this "energy-efficiency" ?

Surprisingly, quantum mechanics says fictional "massless quasiparticle" may cause this strange "energy-efficiency" (= just an unsubstantial theory, No experimental proof ), because they say "massless particle" would travel faster with less energy loss, if it really existed.  ← Of course, we cannot see such a fictional ghost-like quasi-particle.

So the present only atomic theory = quantum mechanics can Not explain any actually-happening physical phenomena or its underlying mechanism using real particles or objects.  ← The current "science" intentionally avoids physical "reality".

Instead, quantum mechanics has to rely on unreal (= unseen, intangible due to "nonexistent" ) quasiparticle model which pseudo-particles allegedly have fake mass (= called "effective mass" ) and charge to explain macroscopic phenomena.

It means even if we continue to use this unrealistic quantum mechanics, underlying atomic behavior and true mechanism will be unknown forever, because this mainstream "science" firmly forbids us from using real particles as basic atomic tool to describe actual many-particle physical phenomena.

Schrödinger equation = fundamental calculation tool of quantum mechanics can neither distinguish different individual electrons nor handle multi-electron materials in a practical and realistic way.  ← Completely useless equation as an atomic tool.

Therefore, the present physics has to treat any many-electron materials as a single pseudo-electron model called band theory where a fictitious quasi-electron with fake (= effective this p.5 ) mass (= which could even be unreal negative mass ) is expressed as nonphysical linear bands including fictitious quasi-momentum (= instead of real particle's motion ) and pseudo-potential energy ( this p.2 ).

The media repeatedly emphasizes this topological insulator would be "robust" because it is protected by nonphysical thing called "time reversal symmetry".  ← What the heck is this "time symmetry" ?

This "time reversal symmetry" is just an artificially-introduced, meaningless concept which has nothing to do with our real world.  ← So, quantum mechanics losing touch with reality can Not give any logical reason why topological insulator could be "robust" in the "imaginary" future.

"Time reversal" is a kind of "unrealistic situation" where clock time is literally reversed using fictional "time machine" and each particle starts to move or spin in the opposite direction like in Alice's wonderland.

Quantum mechanics insists illusory quasiparticles called "massless Dirac, Weyl, Majorana fermions" with the opposite spins are moving in the opposite directions on the surface of topological insulator ( this p.9 ).  ← Of course, we cannot directly see these fictional quasi-particles.  These are just "imagination".

All real particles such as electrons, protons and nuclei inside material have their peculiar definite mass, so these uncanny massless quasiparticles allegedly popping up on the surface of topological insulator are purely illusionary objects.

This quasiparticle's imaginary motion in two opposite directions allegedly possessing unphysical spins (= represented just as two arrows with No physical shape ) are expressed as abstract ad-hoc band model which tells us nothing about what real shape each particle has or how they are actually moving inside material.

If the clock time (= t ) could be reversed in imaginary world, the direction of motion (= momentum and spin ) of this fictitious quasiparticle should also change.

So massless quasiparticle with up (or down ) spin moving rightward (or leftward ) should change into a particle with down (or up ) spin moving leftward (or rightward ) under this "imaginary" time reversal.  ← The initial state is supposed to contain quasiparticles with both right- and leftward motions, up and down spins, hence, the whole state is unchanged under time revsersal, which they call "time reversal symmetry ( this p.7 )".

Though physicists argue this nonphysical "time reversal symmetry" is the only reason for "robust" topological insulator (← ? ), this logic is nonsense, telling us nothing about real physical reason or concrete mechanism of what exactly causes conducting surface of topological insulator, covered up by fictional quasi-particles.

This time reversal and quasiparticle model are just illusory concepts existing only inside theoretical physicists' heads, Not in the real world.

Physicists needed to make up fictitious concepts of unreal massless quasiparticles and artificial nonsense rule (= time reversal symmetry ) just to explain special conductivity of material (= actually irrelevant to unreal quasiparticle ) in the current irrational mainstream quantum "science".

Furthermore, they recklessly try to use this illogical topological insulator allegedly consisting of fictitious quasiparticle for pie-in-the-sky quantum computer.  ← How can fictitious ghost-like quasi-particles be applied to a practical sophisticated computer ?  ← Impossible !

Recently, the media started to sensationalize new crystal called "time crystal (= time travel ? )" which was first proposed by Nobel prize winner Frank Wilczek.

When time crystals ( or ions ) are oscillated at a certain frequency by some external stimulus ( such as laser ), time crystals are supposed to respond and faintly ocsillate with a different frequency or period from the external oscillation.

That's all. Nothing mysterious.  This time crystal just "faintly oscillating at a peculiar frequency" is completely useless with No practical application ( this 5th last paragraph ) yet.

So the media and academia seem to try to use the name of prestigious "Nobel prize" in order just to attract public attention and make intrinsically-useless time crystal "look" meaningful (even by exploiting irrelevant fictional time travel, this 1st sentence ).

What causes this time crystal ?  Again, quantum mechanics tries to explain this faint oscillation of time crystal as the result of nonphysical "time symmetry breaking" without showing any more detailed realistic mechanism.  ← nonsense theory.

Actually, the original paper of Nobel laureate Frank (= first advocator of still-useless time crystal ) just mentioned nonphysical abstract concept (= "time reversal symmetry, this p.2 left )" with No detailed real physical mechanism behind time crystal.

And Frank unscientifically tries to connect this time crystal to irrelevant fictional extra-dimensions.  ← Like in this way, the current "mainstream basic science" has pursued only meaningless imaginary concepts since its foundation 100 years ago.

Even in the latest research on this time crystal, physicists try to explain helium-3 faint magnetic oscillation using unreal quasiparticle model.  ← nonsense.
As long as quantum mechanics relies on fictitious quasi-particle or nonphysical fabricated concept = symmetry, true physical mechanism will never be clarified covered up under fictitious concepts.

Energy-efficient solar cell is crucial for the so-called "Green-new-deal" to evolve from the current radical crazy impossible dream into some realistic one.

But the basic atomic theory = quantum mechanics always tries to explain the underlying mechanism of solar cell using unreal quasiparticle exciton model with fake (= effective ) mass ( this p.4, this p.3 ) which tells us nothing about detailed real mechanism of what's going on inside solar cell.

Hence, ironically, the current mainstream "science" worshiped by greeners makes Green-new-deal an useless radical impossible dream, forever.

Green-politicians intentionally ignore the fact that colder weather could increase more victims of coronavirus and damage economy next winter = far earlier than imaginary warmer future based on dubious data of climate change whose technology makes No progress due to the current fictional "science", as I said.

Actually, the recent world's weather is not so hot as the media, "scientists" and Greta make a big fuss about it.

If "scientists" brainwashing people with unreal extra-dimenions pull the strings behind presidential candidates, we would be forced into the world of more "darkness" and ignorance where only science fiction dominates, pretending to be "science".

See this week physics is still useless.


Physical meaning is still unknown.

[ Scientists blindly use irrational Schrödinger equation. ]

(S-1)  ↓ Quantum mechanics uses unreal    equation

Quantum mechanical Schrödinger equation has No ability to describe reality.

See this week physics is still useless.


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