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Where did we take a wrong step in physics ?

[ Inability to compute multi-electron atoms in 1920s ]

(M-1)  ↓ made us accept fantasy, useless  

When did physics turn into fiction such as parallel worlds, quantum ghost, illusory dimensions, negative mass ?

There are still many incurable diseases despite years of research which seeks only fictional quantum 'technology' in vain.

It means all applied science such as medicine stops progressing.  Still Nobody understands basic quantum physics which has been the only atomic theory for 100 years.

Why is such a weird thing happening in the current science and academic world ?

In 1913, Niels Bohr proposed realistic atomic model which successfully explained all hydrogen-like atoms and ions, agreed with various experiments.

Bohr's atomic model was very reasonable.  Many experiments confirmed that moving electrons actually cause de Broglie wave and its interference.

When the electron's orbit is an integer multiple of de Broglie wavelength, it becomes stable by avoiding destructive interference.

The tired cliche that Bohr's electron may be losing energy is based on false assumption fabricated later to justify unreal quantum mechanics, as seen in the fact that Bohr model was once accepted by then-academia and got Nobel prize.

Bohr model failed to explain two-electron helium atom which is three-body problem, its calculation needs modern computers that did Not exist in 1920s, therefore, Bohr model had No choice but to fail despite its realistic atomic theory due to lack of computers.

Bohr's simplest circular orbit failed to explain actual helium energy because of its ignoring destructive interference of de Broglie waves.

In three-body helium's orbits, Coulomb forces between electrons and de Broglie waves are changing from moment to moment, so its calculation was impossible without the current computer technology, which didn't exist in 1920s.

Schrödinger equation of quantum mechanics also uses the same assumption as Bohr model that quantized atomic energies are determined by Coulomb energy and an integer times de Broglie wavelength orbital ( this last ).

This is why both Bohr model and Schrödinger equation give exactly the same atomic energies and average Bohr orbital radius through two same common conditions.

Their difference is Schrödinger equation including unrealistic zero orbital angular momentum where an electron always crashes into a nucleus, hence its linear motion causes destructive interference of electron's de Broglie wave.  ← Quantum mechanical atomic model is unstable, so false.

Quantum mechanics started to claim an electron is Not actually moving inside an atom, though the electron actually has kinetic energy.  ← self-contradiction !

It is well known that the use of reduced mass instead of electron mass can get more accurate energy which is another proof that an electron and a nucleus are "actually moving" and Bohr model is right.

But in 1920s, there were No convenient modern computers to calculate three-body helium atom using realistic Bohr's model, and physicists could Not wait until the modern computers appeared 50 years after (= in 1920s, physicists couldn't even 'imagine' a computer itself might appear in the future ).

So to explain complicated atomic spectrum of large atoms, physicists had No choice but to play foul by making up unreal electron spin.

A tiny electron has to 'spin' much faster than light to generate observed magnetic field which strength accidentally agreed (← too good ! ) with magnetic field (= Bohr magneton ) caused by Bohr model.

And the electron spin needs to unrealistically rotate twice (= 720o ) to return to its original state instead of 360o rotation.

So quantum mechanics started to say "spin" is Not actually spinning, or spin can't stop, though they claim "spin" has angular momentum.  ← self-contradiction, again.

The small splitting of spectral lines called fine structure was originally explained by Bohr-Sommerfeld model (= without spin ) perfectly, and later, quantum mechanical Dirac model with unreal spin accidentally got the same result as Bohr-Sommerfeld fine structure ( this last ).  ← too good !

It shows quantum mechanics is just a nonphysical math trick made fit for experimental results and the existing theory they pick in a unfair, artificial way.

Small atoms such as hydrogen show very simple spectrum lines.  Unreal spin was introduced as one of artificial parameters to explain larger atoms' complicated spectrum which are probably caused by many-electron interacting effects ( Not unreal spin ).

Anyway, quantum mechanics is unable to solve any multi-electron atoms.  It just chooses fake approximate solution, which cannot predict ground-state or excited-state energies (= caused by artificial spin ? ).

So whether physicists use spin model or not is meaningless from the beginning, because they cannot predict any "spin"-related energies using quantum mechanics anyway.

Meaningless use of unphysical "spin" shows physicists constantly crave "some models, theories or rules" ( even if they have nothing to do with reality ), as shown in the current only unified string theory which developed based on illusory 10 or 26 dimensions, wrong math and nonphysical rule called symmetry.

The most crucial difference between quantum mechanics and Bohr model is the definition of a particle and wave.

Quantum mechanics dismissed real entities such as an electron particle and de Broglie wave, instead, it just mixes a partcle and wave as one nonphysical wave function.

Therefore, in quantum mechanics, even a single electron spreads out over all space as fuzzy electron cloud (= whether an electron is a particle or wave is uncertain ).

They claim this fuzzy cloud densities at different areas show "different probabilities" of finding an electron.  ← This forced interpretation has No factual grounding.

If quantum mechanical picture is correct, a single particle has to pass through two slits at once like a ghost using fantasy parallel worlds to cause observed interference.

In Bohr's realistic picture, an electron just passes through one of two slits, and de Broglie wave around the electron can pass both slits, which model can naturally explain two-slit interference without relying on fictional quantum parallel worlds.

This Bohr's realistic model needs some "medium" filling space which was ignored by Einstein relativity.

Einstein relativity is self-contradictory, because it needs unreal virtual particle with imaginary mass to explain actual forces ( this p.3 ).

Feynman QED uniting quantum mechanics and special relativity needs unphysical virtual particles and artificial math trick based on infinite bare charge (= No practical use ), which was criticized even by founders as "hocus-pocus".

Light interference, refraction and electron's de Broglie wave clearly demonstrate the existence of some "medium" in space like other waves.

Quantum mechanical electron cloud is problematic especially in multi-electron atoms, which also proves quantum mechanics is wrong.

The sum of electron's kinetic energy and Coulomb potential energy is the total energy E which must be always conserved and constant.

Only in one-electron hydrogen atom, Schrödinger equation has exact solution where the total energy is always conserved (= constant ) wherever the electron moves inside an atom in the ground state.

So in one-electron hydrogen, forced interpretation of electron cloud density as probability is unnecessary, because whether the electron moves into higher or lower density area, its total energy always remains the same constant (= conserved ).

In unsolvable multi-electron atoms such as helium, Schrödinger equation has to artificially guess and choose fake approximate solution called trial function or basis set with freely adjustable parameters, which has No ability to predict any new values, therefore useless.

This trial fake solution consists of hydrogen-like wavefunctions each of which spreads over all space as electron cloud connected by adjustable coefficient parameters.

After choosing this (fake) solution (= trial function ), they integrate it ( instead of solving it ) to obtain fake meaningless energy.

We proved Schrödinger equation of multi-electron atoms can never find true solution due to its electron cloud wavefunction spreading over all space, so quantum mechanics is wrong.

Because quantum electron cloud cannot avoid other electrons, though Coulomb repulsions are actually working between two electrons' clouds.  ← Conserving total energy by avoiding other electrons is impossible in quantum mechanical cloud.

For the total energy to be conserved, when two electrons approach each other, Coulomb potential energy becomes higher due to repulsion between two negative electrons, hence electrons kinetic energies decrease and two electrons have to get away from (= avoid ) each other to conserve energy.

Even this basic physical principle cannot be satisfied in unrealistic quantum mechanics.

The only total energy that unsolvable multi-electron Schrödinger atom can obtain is Not a constant energy but an "average total energy" of many different total energies in different electrons' positions at different "probabilities".

Solvable hydrogen atom  → Total energy is conserved and constant.
Unsolvable multi-electron atoms  → Total energy is Not conserved or constant.

So only in unsolvable multi-electron Schrödinger equation, the forced interpretation of electron cloud as "probability" is necessary to get the "average" energy value.

Even integrating these chosen electron's (fake) wavefunctions is extremely difficult and time-consuming, therefore Schrödinger equation is practically useless ( this p.6, this p.13 ).

If each electron can be expressed as a realistic point charge like Bohr model, Coulomb force can be easily and instantly calculated ( force is just expressed as a simple equation = two charges divided by distance2 ).

If each electron spreads out over all space like quantum mechanical cloud model, even simple calculation of Coulomb energy between two electrons takes extremely much time.

Because we have to integrate two complicated wavefunctions ( this p.10 ), which is the total sum of all possible Coulomb interactions between many infinitesimal smaller charges inside electron cloud.  ← So calculating larger atoms is impossible in this inconvenient quantum mechanical method.

These quantum electron clouds cannot avoid other electrons, so to get molecular binding energy, quantum mechanics has to rely on "cheating" to lower total energy in unfair way which lowers only kinetic energy by violating energy conservation law and Virial theorem ( this p.3 ).

So quantum mechanical molecular bonds based on cheating have nothing to do with actual molecules, hence physically meaningless.  ← Another proof that quantum mechanics is wrong.

Quantum mechanical wavefunctions interpreted as "electron's probability" cannot avoid each other, because the electron cloud wavefunction must be always symmetrically distributed around the nucleus (= hence, the electron's probability also must be evenly distributed around the nucleus ).

If we try to localize each electron to one side of a nucleus to avoid another electron, quantum "electron-probability" wavefunction needs to be sharper at the electron's point, therefore drastically increasing the electron's kinetic energy which is expressed as a derivative of wavefunction.

For example, if we try to express quantum electron as a localized point particle like classical atomic model, the electron's probability wavefunction needs to be sharp delta function at the electron's position where the electron's kinetic energy (= derivative of wavefunction or delta function ) increases to infinity, which cannot form stable molecular bond (= lowering total energy is impossible ).

So the only realistic molecular model obeying energy conservation law by electrons avoiding each other must be like Bohr model where each electron is an actually moving particle and its de Broglie wave is generated around the electron particle (= so separating a particle from its wave is necessary. )

Mixing a electron particle and wave as "one weird probability wavefunction" as seen in quantum mechanical Schrödinger equation is unable to describe actual stable molecules.

Strong repulsion by Pauli exclusion principle can be actually measured.  But quantum mechanics neither accepts Pauli repulsion as real force nor gives any physical interpretation to Pauli principle ( this p.6, this p.3 ).

So ad-hoc model expressing Pauli principle as nonphysical antisymmetric wavefunction is meaningless, lacking force carriers and physical reality, even if physicists can measure that force ( this p.10 ).

We proved this antisymmetric Pauli exclusion model by quantum mechanics is self-contradictory, hence wrong.

So in larger atoms, molecules and solids, these quantum mechanical interactions based on contradictory assumptions are not only impractical but also physically meaningless.

Under this useless quantum mechanics, physicists stopped thinking about actual interactions among many electrons.  Instead, they consider the whole molecules or solids consisting of many electrons as one fake quasi-electron model called band theory.

And they replaced Schrödinger equation of multi-electron atoms by one fake electron model ( this p.3 ) called density functional theory (= DFT or Kohn-Sham theory ).

This bogus one-electron approximation = DFT is most widely used in quantum mechanics now.  But of course, it is impossible to describe actual multi-electron molecules or solids by one-electron pseudo-DFT model, therefore, it always fails.

DFT replaced many-electron potential by fictitious effective potential called exchange-correlation functional which form is unknown, so can be artificially chosen (= therefore, unable to predict physical values ).  It lacks physical reality, and always fails ( this p.17 ).

So quantum mechanics has to rely on unreal quasiparticle model with fake mass and charge to describe physical phenomena of all materials consisting of many electrons which Schrödinger equation fails to explain.

The current climate change technology such as solar cells also depends on fictitious quasiparticle, which is why the current electric car is still useless (= forever ), and green new deal is impossible, nothing but science scam.

Humans already have technology of observing and manipulating each single atom using atomic force microscope (= AFM ).

So we should already be able to control atoms one by one and construct useful nano-machines to cure diseases.  But we still cannot.

Because useless quantum mechanics does Not allow scientists to use realistic atomic model except fake quasiparticle model with unreal one-electron approximation (= DFT ), when they interpret measured atomic forces.  ← Science stops progressing.

This useless basic physics made "scientists" invent fake science such as global warming, AI and quantum computer to keep getting taxpayers' money.

Actually, a wave of extremely cold weather is hitting the world.
The media hides the true fact that global warming is illusion.

See this week physics is still useless.


Human 'technology' is helpless in viruses.

[ Fictional basic science obstructs curing diseases. ]

However many fancy and expensive science prizes are awarded, however fancy AI allegedly 'predicted', old-style quarantine is still the only way to prevent viruses from spreading.

Because the current only atomic theory = quantum mechanics is useless.

See this week physics is still useless.


Textbooks are wrong ?

[ Quantum mechanics "cheats" in molecular bonds, so wrong. ]

(B-1)  ↓ Coulomb energy cannot cause    in QM ?

Why are we still unable to treat viruses ?  Why is 200-year-old vaccination still considered as the leading medical technology even now ?

Because the current science is bent only on fiction.

See this week physics is still useless.


No benefit of quantum mechanics.

[ Biology received No benefits of useless quantum physics. ]

(B-1)  ↓ Fantasy quantum mechanics has No benefits for  

All textbooks and news just repeat a tired cliche "quantum mechanics is the most successful theory."

But still No physicists understand weird quantum mechanics.
In fact, unrealistic quantum mechanics is Not used in any practical technology.  These are fake news.

In order to prove a "successful" basic theory, it must be applied to biology and medicine for treating diseases, because all living things are made of atoms.  Now quantum mechanics is the only atomic theory.

Contrary to the media-hype, quantum mechanics has No benefits for any applied science such as biotechnology, as shown in many incurable diseases.

All techniques used in the current biotechnology and medical research are based on natural enzymes obtained from natural organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

It means even the latest biotechnological tools for uncertain drug development rely on naturally-obtained proteins or enzymes.

↑ Unfortunately, the current humans, academia or "scientists" have No technology of designing and creating useful biological protein tools from scratch, because the current fantasy basic physics called quantum mechanics prevents biologists from utilizing atomic interactions.

This is why there are still many incurable diseases such as cancers, HIV, Alzheimer, autoimmune diseases .. despite an incredible amount of money wasted for their medical researches across the world for a long time.

We cannot know precise atomic or molecular interactions among proteins and enzymes in cells of our bodies, viruses, cancers.. due to unrealistic quantum mechanics, which is why there is No way to find dreamlike effective vaccines by predicting and eliminating serious side effects even now.

For example, the detection of COVID-19 viruses still has to use the very old technique called polymerase chain reaction or PCR.

DNA polymerase enzymes used in this PCR test for increasing and replicating target DNA sequences were obtained from natural bacteria.  ← These PCR enzymes were Not designed or created by human technology from scratch.

↑ The current human technology based on fantasy quantum mechanical atomic theory is completely helpless with No contribution to the current biology and medicine.

Biological researchers tried to find and create many different kinds of enzymes by cutting and recombining different bacterial enzymatic DNAs through these naturally-obtained enzymes instead of creating artificial enzymes from scratch using quantum mechanics.

Natural enzymes for cutting DNA at specific sites are called restriction enzymes which were discovered from natural organisms such as bacteria.

Natural enzymes for recombining two different DNAs (= after they are cut by restriction enzymes ) are called DNA ligase which also came from natural organisms such as bacteria, viruses and bacteriophages.

In order to change RNA to DNA, the current researchers use another natural enzymes called reverse transcriptase which was also obtained fron natural organisms such as retroviruses.

↑ Using these naturally-obtained reverse transcriptase enzymes, we can change viral RNA sequences into DNAs, and amplify them by ordinary PCR reactions which technique is called Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).

↑ These very old biological techniques such as PCR or RT-PCR are still used even in the latest biological and medical researches.  ← Shocking facts = Our basic "science" stops progressing now.

So the current biological technology depends on very old procedure combining these naturally-obtained enzymes (= called cloning ) with No progress ↓

Isolate natural DNA or RNA sequences  → RNA is converted to DNA by natural reverse transcriptase enzymes.  → cut different DNAs by natural restriction enzymes  → combine these two cut DNAs by natural ligase enzymes  → produce new fusion DNAs, proteins or enzymes.  → new biological tools ?

↑ It means if we cannot find useful natural enzymes from natural organisms, we cannot artificially manipulate our body's proteins or DNAs for treating incurable diseases or developing new drugs, because useless atomic theory = quantum mechanics prevents biological researchers from utilizing atomic interactions for medical development.

Developing vaccines, immunotherapy, immunoassays, immunological tests also depends on natural immune systems (= by injecting some antigens to humans or animals ) for producing "lucky antibodies" whose effectiveness is uncertain and unpredictable until they actually use them in humans in experimental clinical trials.

Humans cannot artificially design or create effective antibodies due to the lack of access to atomic interaction thanks to fantasy quantum mechanical theory.

↑ This means whether we can find effective vaccines, drugs or not is completely up to "chance" or luck, which has nothing to do with the current "science" or technology (= fantasy quantum mechanics ), unfortunately.

In spite of the current dead-end basic "science", an incredible amount of taxpayers money continues to flow into these so-called "science", which huge money ends up being used to just control all the media, politicians across the world and even censorship ignoring true scientific facts, endangering free science and speech like Galileo era.

It is still impossible for us to find miracle drugs or truly effective vaccines.
The current Ivermectin and allegedly-new antiviral drugs (= still-uncertain effectiveness due to emergency use ) just delay viral proliferation only in mild-symptom patients, No current drugs can completely remove harmful viruses from our bodies, as seen in incurable HIV.

↑ Actually, almost no countries try to stop using uncertain vaccines (mandate), social distance, mask or lockdown, even after new antiviral drugs were allegedly made.  ← It means the world's governments admit there are still No effective drugs against COVID-19 replacing vaccine mandate.

Probably, sooner or later, the world is gradually going to rely on natural herd immunity giving up fruitless lockdown, vaccine mandate or social distance which destroys economy.  ← Relying on natural herd immunity after all means they admit the current science is still helpless for treating viruses, just wasting a huge amount of taxpayers' money in so-called (fishy) "science" research.

These huge (fishy) fruitless "science" money is likely to be used in "globalists" controlling all the world's media and academia which have No free speech as seen in them keeping silent about massive election fraud.

The recent gene-editing CRISPR systems were also obtained from natural bacterial immune systems.  ← CRISPR proteins were Not created by human technology due to useless atomic theory.

Green fluorescent protein (= GFP ) widely used in the current biological research was also obtained from natural organisms such as jellyfish, instead of being designed by the original human technology from scratch.

↑ In conclusion, No current biological research tools or enzymes depend on the creation through fictional quantum mechanical atomic theory, which fantasy atomic theory is not only useless but also preventing us from developing effective drugs.

Then, what on earth are 'scientists' doing every day ?
They are steeped in selling the same kinds of books with different titles about overused physics story which hasn't progressed for 100 years.

Because the current science is useless except for academia to sell books or repeat old-style lecture talks, podcast, seminar, (seeming) science prizes meaninglessly without practical use of fictional parallel worlds, black hole and quantum computer.

Global warming science is scam, too.  Because scientists refuse to advance the basic technological innovation, by continuing to use fictional quasiparticles with unreal mass in solar energy technology, while they demand more research funds.  ← self-contradiction

So Greta should criticize 'scientists' instead of Trump.
The current science is the main culprit of obstructing useful science.

Actually, the world is shivering with the record cold weather, contrary to global warming.

Due to stalled dead-end basic "science" called (fantasy) quantum mechanics, "scientists (+ corporations )" had No choice but to artificially create fake applied "science" only to get research funds from taxpayers' money as seen in fruitless vaccine mandate, passports, and still-impractical green new deal technology which seeming 'science' just restricts people's freedom of speech, free true science by making our lives inconvenient raising meaningless "science" taxes due to the lack of technological innovation (= because of its intrinsic fake science ).

Fantasy BigBang, black holes (= which imaginary objects are too far away to go and confirm ), particle physics (= just wasting money in meaningless gigantic colliders ), parallel-world quantum computers (= never realized ), quantum biology (= irrelevant to actual biology ) are all useless meaningless pseudo-science just wasting taxpayers' money with No technological innovation.

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum calculation is impractical.

[ Science is hampered by old Schrödinger equation. ]

(F-1)  ↓ Quantum mechanics is useless in  

All things including human bodies on the earth are made of atoms and molecules which consist of electrons and nuclei.

It's clear evidence showing quantum mechanics, which purports to be the only theory governing atomic behavior for the past 100 years, does Not work in applied science at all.

Physicists blindly use quantum mechanics based on old Schrödinger equation as the only atomic calculation tool without grasping its physical meaning.

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum mechanics failed in medicine.

[ Without bacteria and mice, we can do nothing. ]

We are still far from controlling proteins.  Correctly, there is Not even one protein that humans can design or control in the current biotechnology which ignores quantum physics because of its unreality.

See this week physics is still useless.


No cure for autoimmune disease.

[ As long as fantasy quantum mechanics is used. ]

Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common autoimmune disease which damages bones and cartilage, causing deformity and disability, worsening patients' quality of life.

There's No cure for these autoimmune diseases due tu useless quantum mechanics.

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum mechanics is unreal.

[ But still failed quantum physics is the only choice. ]

Still No cure for cancer and dementia despite longtime research.
How much time and money did we waste in this hopeless science ?

What exactly causes these diseases is still unknown.
Some abnormal DNA and proteins must be related to them.

It proves there is something wrong in the current basic quantum mechanics which we blindly trust as "theory of everything".

See this week physics is still useless.


Biotechnology  is meaningless.

[ If quantum mechanics is used as basic science. ]

Despite an enormous amount of time and money spent in research, many deadly diseases

In fact, as long as scientists continue the current biotechnology and research, all attempts to overcome those diseases are destined to fail.

See this week physics is still useless.


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