Quantum unreal model.


Gravity wave is fiction.

[ "Acoustic" gravity wave is confusing. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Acoustic gravity wave is just sound wave.

Acoustic gravity wave is a very confusing name.
This acoustic gravity wave is just ordinary sound wave, NOT gravitational wave.

This is one of bad influences of useless Nobel prize.

The media intentionally use the name "gravity wave" to attract people's attention, though it has nothing to do with original gravity wave.


Dark matter is fiction.

[ Dark matter is contradictory. ]

(Fig.2)  Dark matter doesn't exist near the earth ?

Dark matter in news is only about very distant galaxy.
Why isn't abundant dark matter on the earth ?

They say dark matter is powerful enough to rotate the whole galaxy.  But even very sensitive detector cannot detect it.

Artificial dark matter is unnecessary, if we admit "medium" from the beginning.


Spin model is unreal.

[ Quantum mechanical model is unrealistic. ]

(Fig.3)  Material → quantum model → pseudospin ?

Quantum mechanics gives up clarifying true mechanism, instead, uses unreal concepts such as quasiparticle to explain actual phenomena.

Quantum spin liquid is also very abstract, unrealistic model.
J is artificial parameter adjustable freely.

S is unreal pseudospin, which leads to unreal quasiparticle.

We have to give up abstract quantum model and replace it by more realistic model.


Physics remains useless.

[ Physics is filled with useless things. ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ Dark matter, gravity wave, spin are unreal.

This week's physics is acoustic gravity wave, dark matter, spin liquid.
All these physics are useless, waste of time, as I explained above.



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