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Gravitational lens,  Einstein is false.

[ Light is bent by "air refraction"  more than gravity ! ]

(E-1)  Einstein gravity theory is nonsense.   is bent ?

Einstein general relativity claims that light is bent by gravity.
Top journals mislead people by false narration !

This gravitational lens is too weak, so we cannot observe it under the earth's gravity.  Instead, light refraction by atomosphere is real !

Classical mechanics proved that light is bent between different materials.  Light refraction by air can bend light much more than weak gravity.

Einstein relativity rejected "light medium" has to ignore "air medium".  The only practical use, GPS is working well without Einstein theory.

Einstein gravity is useless except for the media, journal,  university's political tool to raise tuition and get taxpayer's money !

I heard one of reasons Theresa May lost seats is she tried to regulate internet free speech, persuaded by the giant media, BBC ?

Internet is the only tool to exclude the mainstream media's fake news which brainwash us by fake science such as parallel worlds and extradimensions !

Einstein gravity lens proves to be wrong !


Pauli spin is useless.

[ Electron spin is unrealistic and unneeded. ]

(P-1)  Pauli spin is non-physical object.  

Electron spin is unrealistic.  If a tiny electron is actually rotating, the electron's surface speed must far exceed light speed c.

You cannot see each electron actually rotating.  "Spin" is just an imagination, non-physical.  Electron spin disagrees with various experiments.

The media is just fake news about spin !  Top journals are just greedy university' political tool under the pretense of "science journal".

Spin is useless except for nonphysical theory,  scam computer,  fictional action, 10-dimensional string,  wasteful collider, birthday.

Extra-dimensional professor reveals physics is "political tool", NOT science.

Electron spin cannot explain Pauli exclusion principle.


Schrödinger equation stops all science !

[ Useless quantum mechanics stops all science development ! ]

(Q-1)  Schrödinger cat in unreal parallel worlds.   

Schrödinger equation in quantum mechanics was invented in old 1920s as a tool to calculate atomic behavior.

But it is known that Schrödinger equation cannot solve multi-electron atoms, instead, just can choose convenient fake wave function as approximation.

So Schrödinger equation is completely useless in predicting molecular behavior, and it stops all applied science !

It's just a source of fantasy parallel worlds.  Greedy universities try to extort taxpayer' money and raise tuition for unreal science !

Schrödinger equation is useless except for many-worlds, publishing journal, scam computer, birthday and blog.

Climate change is one of largest science scams to defraud taxpayers of their money using fake news media like big bang and black hole (= unreal ! ).

Gravitational wave is again too weak (= 1000 times smaller than a proton ? ) has nothing to do with Einsten.  The media is lying with corrupt academia.

See the proof that Schrödinger equation is wrong !


Wave or particle  is nonsense.

[ A electron splits into parallel worlds in two-slit ? ]

(D-1)  A single electron interferes with each other.  

In two-slit experiment, even a single electron can interfere with each other, meaning a electron splits into two different paths ?

Quantum mechanics claims that an electron splits into two different parallel universe, and it shows fantasy multiverse = many worlds.

Since Einstein rejected 'real medium', physicists have to rely on unreal virtual particle and parallel worlds in actual experiments.

If we admit 'real medium' in space, we can explain a single particle's interference without fantasy parallel universes and Einstein paradox.

Top journals spreading an unreal cat = dead and alive at once is greedy university's political tool to criticize government and Brexit.

Fake news media also deceive people by fictional parallel universe.  Unreal many-worlds has nothing to do with biomedical !

Quantum world is useless except for university's lecture, video, twitter.

All science fields including biomedical stop at useless basic physics !


Quark  is unseen and unreal.

[ Quark with fractional charge (= -1/3e .. ) cannot be confirmed ! ]

(Q-1)  Neutron consisting of a proton and an electron is     ?

Neutron is known to decay into a proton and an electron.  But they start to say a neutron consists of three unseen quarks.

The problem is a quark with fractional charge can neither be isolated nor confirmed !  So we don't need fictional particle, quark.

We can simply say that protons inside a nucleus are bound by electrons inside neutron, not needing imaginary strong force or gluon.

The media reporting unseen quarks as if they were real is just fake media, because fractional-charge quark can never be separated to confirm !

Quark is useless except for getting Nobel prize, imaginary early universe, extradimensional string theory, video, twitter, blog.

All these imaginary particles are only inside virtual collider !


Antimatter  is  unneeded.

[ PET uses electron capture, NOT antimatter ! ]

(M-1)  Positron emission = electron capture ?     

The only practical use of antimatter is PET which uses positron (= antimatter of electron ? )  But in fact, PET doesn't use antimatter !

Positron emission (= beta plus decay ) creates completely the same results as electron capture.  So PET can be explained by electron capture.

They believe the unrealistic reaction where a stable proton decays into a heavier neutron and an positron, which violates energy conservation !

There is NO other way than to break lighter proton into heavier neutron, if positron emission is true, because electric charge must be conserved.

Other antimatter created in high energy accelerator is useless and too unstable to believe.

They cannot separate "pure antimatter" from other infinite amount of irrelevant particles, which indicates antimatter is just a statistical artifact of other particles.

Antimatter is useless except for news, making movie, university, publishing journal, Einstein mc2 and twitter.

In fact, Einstein mc2 is unrealistic and wrong.


General  relativity  is useless.

[ GPS has nothing to do with Einstein relativity. ]

(E-1)  GPS time = the only practical use ?     ← lie !

The only practical use of Einstein general relativity is GPS.  But in fact, this GPS has nothing to do with Einstein relativity.

They say Einstein relativity changes GPS satellite clock only by 38 microseconds per day.  This effect is too small to believe !

There are many other factors causing GPS error.  Atmosphere is the largest factor which directly influences GPS signal.

Even if satellite clock is correct, receiver clock is often incorrect.  So very tiny relativistic effect is hidden in other large irrelevant effects, and meaningless.

We need to increase satellites and rely on position-known station to guess target position correctly.  Einstein relativity is unnecessary.

Academic 'elite' is just a globalist puppet to stop Frexit and Brexit.
Einstein news in the mainstream media are all fake news !

Graviational wave and dark matter have nothing do with Einstein theory.  Black hole and bigbang are useless.

General relativity is useless except for selling books, publishing journal, giving lecture, celebrating anniversary, birthday, reference frame.

In fact, general relativity contradicts special relativity !


Entanglement = spooky action  is meaningless.

[ Faster-than-light spooky action at a distance is a total lie. ]

(E-1)  We find ball-1 is blue → ball-2 becomes red ?  =

Entanglement claims two objects can be connected by faster-than-light spooky action, which proves Einstein was wrong ?

But this quantum mechanical claim is untrue and useless.  Because it does NOT allow faster-than-light communication.  So entanglement research is meaningless.

In figure above, one ball is blue and another is red.  Whether ball-1 is blue or red is unknown.

The moment we find the ball-1 is blue, ball-2 becomes red simultaneously (= faster-than-light !? )  This entanglement is just classical phenomenon, not quantum.

Quantum mechanics misinterpret "ball-1 is blue or red" as "ball-1 is blue and red simultaneously in two parallel worlds".

The media is just a political tool to mislead people, as Le Pen says.
They hide the fact negative mass is just fake effective mass.

It is obvious that "science march" is masterminded by avaricious universities such as MIT and Harvard to increase their tuition !

Quantum entanglement is useless expept for publishing journal, getting prize, giving lecture, video and blog.

All these mess originates from quantum mechanics lacking useful model !


Superposition = parallel worlds is fantasy.

[ One cat can be dead and alive at the same time !? ]

(S-1)  Two states "alternating" → two states at the "same" time !?  

Quantum mechanics claims that a single cat can be dead and alive simultaneously in two parallel worlds.  But this idea is just a unreal fantasy.

You cannot observe this uncanny dead-and-alive cat.  The moment you observe it, the cat becomes dead or alive ( this p.2 ).

Though this Schrodinger cat (= superposition ) cannot be observed, they try to use it in quantum computer which is impractical forever.

When physicistis prepare the state where an atom is just classically alternating between two energy levels or currents, they call them "Schrodinger cat".

Or just by dividing an illusory photon into two classical lights, they call it "dead-and-alive Schrodinger cat".  Lights can overlap.

Greedy universities try to use these unreal parallel worlds to justify their exorbitant tuition and science march !

Parallel worlds is useless except for getting prize, publishing journals, documentary, university, and blog.

The media and academia are just "political tools" to mislead people into giving up Brexit.

Now basic physics stops !


Photon is illusion.  Light is OK.

[ All phenomena can be explained by classical light ( not photon ) ! ]

(P-1)  ↓ A photon is a source of unreal parallel worlds !  

Einstein photoelectric effect does NOT prove a photon (= light particle ? ).  Light frequency proves photon is classical light.

No one can see a single photon.  So the mainstream media, "light particle captured" is a fake news ( these experiments measure only electrons, not photon ).

A single photon detector just detects ejected electrons ( not photon ) !  Quantum mechanical idea that an electron emits a photon is impossible.

When an electron emits ( or absorbs ) a photon with different masses, it violates energy and momentum conservation.  So they rely on unreal virtual photon.

They claim a single photon splits into two different paths in two parallel worlds.  This shows a single photon is NOT a particle, but a classical light which can split !

All physical phenomena can be explained by classical light, a photon particle is unnecessary, except justifying fraudulent university tuition.

A photon is useless except for getting prizes, publishing journals, no reality, video, quantum gravity and blog.

Quantum mechanics is useless for our technology !


Gravitational wave is a hoax.

[ Gravitational wave is doubtful, too weak to believe ! ]

(G-1)  slight change of only one-thousandth of a proton ?  

Gravitational wave just wastes money, doing nothing useful to our daily lives, though more than 1 year has passed since its discovery news.

They claim that LIGO could detect the very slight change in length of one-thousandth the diameter of a proton (= 10-18 meter !? ).

Thinking commonsensically, it's impossible to distinguish such a very slight change far smaller than a hydrogen nucleus.

This "too weak" gravitational wave is completely useless except for getting Nobel prize or justifying fraudulent university tuition.

In fact, the mainstream media "Einstein theory was right, confirmed" is all "fake news" !  Gravitational wave contradicts Einstein theory.

The news "capture image of black hole" is also fake news.  Because of "time stop" the black hole can neither be seen nor formed !

Gravitational wave is useless except for publishing journal, TV media, workshop, black hole, rumor and blog.

All these messes originate from "occult" quantum mechanics.


Dark matter is  unneeded.

[ Even very sensitive detectors cannot catch dark matter ? ]

(D-1)  Untoucheable dark matter is illusion, useless.  

Einstein rejected "real medium" in space, so physicists had to rely on unreal virtual particles to explain actual force such as Coulomb.

In the same way, they had to introduce imaginary dark matter to explain galaxy rotation, after Einstein rejected "real matter" ignoring fatal paradoxes.

To prove the existence of dark matter, we must find a large amount of dark matter that exerts strong force enough to push stars !

But even very sensitive detectors cannot find this doubtful dark matter, though it should make up 85 % of universe.  It means dark matter is illusion.

Dark matter they pursue in sensitive detector like xenon is too faint and too weak to rotate galaxy.  Those doubtful detection system allows illusory particles.

Dark matter is useless except for selling books, giving lecture, publishing journals, the media, TV, getting prize, university and blog.

Forget fantasy another dimension, and we should start real science.


Quantum computer is "scam".

[ Corporations and governments are wasting money in fantasy ! ]

(Q-1)  Quantum computer (= parallel worlds ) vs. d-wave  

Quantum computer is said to be faster by simultaneous computing using parallel worlds where each bit can take many different states at the same time.

Despite longtime research, quantum computer remains useless, so it's scam, though they repeat the same boring phrase "there'll be breakthrough in near future !"

It includes only five quantum bits, which easily break relying on unreal particle.  There is NO experimental proof of parallel computing.  Still in its infancy.

Corporations and govenments are deceived by the establishment media, as shown in this.  There are two groups in quantum computer, D-Wave or not.

D-Wave (= slow ) is not a calculator, it just seeks the lowest energy state.  D-Wave has nothing to do with computer, its comparison is meaningless.

Quantum computer is useless except for getting prize, publishing journals, university, giving lectures and blog.

Quantum computer is one of "fake targets" under useless quantum mechanics.


Big Bang is fantasy,  waste of time.

[ Big Bang, expanding universe have NO influence on us ]

(D-1)  except for getting prize, selling books, giving lecture ..   

The present science claims that our unievrse is expanding faster than light.  Hypothetical dark energy causing expanding universe is NOT diluted.

So its energy is not conserved, violating the basic physical principle !  Cosmic microwave background is too uniform to prove expanding universe.

Strange to say, no matter how fast our universe might be expanding, the earth and Sun are NOT expanding at all !

It means Big Bang research with NO influence on our daily lives is just a waste of time and money.  The media misleads us into fantasy.

Big Bang is useless except for getting prizes, selling books giving lectures in college, publishing journals, Einstein episode, birthday , making blogs.

Greedy universities try to raise their tuition and pressure govenments to waste money in unrealistic science such as Big Bang and climate change.

Our top priority should be to advance the real science for our daily lives, rather than doubtful climate change.


Black hole is useless,  because it's just fiction.

[ Black hole has made NO contribution to our daily lives ! ]

(H-1)  except for getting prize, selling books, giving lecture ..   

Since Nobel prize was awarded, Black hole has done nothing useful for our daily lives.  It means black hole is just a 'science fiction'.

Hawking holographic black hole is based on unreal extradimensions.  'Time stop' prevents forming black hole, so the media is fake news.

Black hole is useless except for selling books, publishing journals, giving lecture, Hollywood movie, and making blog.

Physicists repeat the same cliche "quantum computer will be realized in near future !"  But it's untrue.  Quantum computer is 'scam' like global warming.

Instead of wasting time and money in fictional black hole too far away to confirm, we should focus on improving real technology on the earth.


Higgs is a waste of money !

[ Large Hadron Collider (= LHC ) is useless, just wasting our tax ! ]

(H-1)  Large colliders are useless except for prizes, journals, books ..   

Since Higgs got Nobel prize, this 'elusive' God particle and large hadron collider have made NO contribution to our daily lives, which means useless science.

They just waste our tax in useless gigantic particle colliders, deceiving people using all the media, like  global warming fraud.

Because under the stopped science, scientists need some "fake targets" to get research funds and make money even by threatening people.

The ultimate goal for the present scientists is to get prestigious prizes such as Nobel, these prizes do NOT contribute to our daily life !

Higgs research is useless except for selling books and mascot, giving lecture and seminar, publishing papers in journals, posting blogs

All the media often say "god-like Higgs boson is giving mass to everything", these are "fake news".  Very rare Higgs boson can NOT give mass to us.

They say "Higgs field" around us gives mass to particles, but Higgs field cannot be found around us !  So they are meaningless and a waste of money.

Governments should not waste tax in useless colliders, instead should spend it in useful and real infrastructure.

Quantum mechanics stops computer science !


Einstein   =  fake news for 100 years !

[ All the media is 'fake news', also in science for a long time. ]

(E-1)  NBC, CBS, NYT with 100-year history are "fake news" like   

Trump is right.  Almost all the media are "fake news", deceiving people, distorting the fact.  CNN conducted censorship.

All these media and academia are just "tools" to brainwash people, controlled only by several large organizations ( including US and EU ) to divide a country.

Fake news are all the media such as NYT, NBC, CBS (= spreading useless gravitational wave ).  Even public NHK (= tied with ABC ) is reporting fake news.

If the media with a 100-year history proved to be fake, old quantum mechanics and Einstein may be "fake theory", too.

In fact, all the media and academia keep hiding true paradoxes in special relativity.  Time stops around black hole, so black hole doesn't exist.

They try to deify Einstein, keep celebrating his birthday even long after his death.  People are deceived by academia into wasting tax in useless telescope and probe.

The curent basic science is of NO practical use, except for getting prize, publishing journal, selling book and giving lecture.

All our science stops advancing !


Useless basic physics stops all applied science.

[ University is 'the media' for donors under pretense of academia. ]

(M-1)  Useless science → universities become the "fake" media.  

If the current basic science remains useless, cannot predict any atomic interactions, it stops all other applied science such as condensed matter, biology and medicine.

This situation does serious damage to students and all industry.  It changes universities into the "fake media" for donors to keep their profit under fake science.

When some "large organizations" try to force people to do something against their will, the first thing to do is bribe the media and academia to brainwash people.

Because advice of famous academic professors may have large influence on people.  They work only for their donors, sacrificing their students by exorbitant tuition.

These 'large lucrative organizations' control all the media, all academia, journals, trying to stop Trump, Brexit. and free speech.

All these weird situations are attributed to useless science stopping its progress, which is useless except for selling their books.


Fake science needs 'fake targets'

[ Fake science is useless except for Nobel prize, journals, selling books .. ]

(D-1)  Black hole, BigBang, Higgs are useless for our daily lives !  

The present science is useless.  Universities with exorbitant tuition dysfunction, working only for donors to release fake news and fake target such as 'climate change'.

Black hole and worm hole are "useless fiction" except for publishing journals.  Gravitational wave is too weak, worthless except for seeking Nobel prize or lecture topic.

Brian Greene tries to incite "science march" by his fantasy "parallel universe" theory for his lecture.  Too "faint" dark matter is meaningless except for selling their books !

Higgs and "quantum spookiness" have made NO contribution to our daily lives.  So they created "artificial fake targets" such as prestigious prize, journals to get research funds.

Imaginary "black hole paradox" in California university is really worth raising tuition, driving students into homeless and food shortage ?

People and governments are deceived by corrupt academia and the media into believing the present science taught in universities is useful, wasting out tax !

Because the basic physics tool (= DFT ) remains useless, with NO ability to predict physical phenomena.


Trump blasted  NYTimes as 'fake news'.

[ NYTimes having longer history than Einstein is unreliable ! ]

(S-1)  So the basic physics with shorter history is more unreliable.  

Trump blasted NYTimes as "fake news" ( ex. presidential election, liberal elite Krugman .. )  Trump is right.  The current media is filled with "fake news".

But NYTimes has a very long history, it was established in 1851.  The current physics such as quantum mechanics and Einstein has a shorter history ( 1910 ~ ).

So if NYTimes with longer history is "unreliable fake news", the current physics with shorter history may be also unreliable and fake !

They are misleading students by "fake science" such as "sorry, Einstein" and teleportation, which has nothing to do with superluminal action and Star Trek !

Universities ( Caltech Sean, Harvard Lisa ) use other unrelated issues as "camouflage" to conceal their exorbitant tuition !

Popular scientists such as Brian Greene try to deflect people's attention from their exorbitant tuition to fake science, though teleportation is unreal.


Trump speech -- unlock mystery of space ?

[ Universities teaching useless science should reduce their tuition ! ]

(T-1)  Trump inauguration speech:  "Real" science can cure disease !  

In inauguration speech, Trump criticize US college exorbitant tuition as "flush with cash".  After that, universities tried to deflect criticism from their high tuition by attacking Trump.

Caltech Sean (= many-worlds believer ) and Harvard Lisa (= extradimensionist ) try to switch subject from their "exorbitant tuition" to unrelated "women's march" !

Trump said they would unlock the mysteries of space.  But the current science is too useless as shown in 10-dimensional unified theory (= Brian Greene is Trump denier ).

Unseen black hole cannot be formed.  Big bang is useless.  Gravitational wave is too weak to believe.  These "pseudoscience" has NO influence on us, even if we ignore them !

Unless we free from the stupid restraint of old theory, it's impossible to free the earth from disease, as Trump wishes.

Energy representation is based on unrealistic spin as shown in MIT.


Drug price is so high !  Why ?

[ Useless fantasy science in universities raises drug price ! ]

(S-1)  Useless science prevents us from developing new safe drug !  

There is the good news that Trump will negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices, which is skyrocketing in US.

In fact, phony science such as parallel worlds taught in universities is also one of the reasons for high drug price.

If universities teach only useless science, they are worthless except as "transit points" to law or medical schools.  So they try to desperately increase law school students.

As a result, it increases medical malpractice suits, raising medical costs.  The present quantum mechanics is useless, cannot predict any useful values.

So NO pharmaceutical companies can utilize quantum mechanics to develop new drugs, which makes clinical trials unpredictable, raising drug costs.

President Obama published his climate change paper in top journal Science.  But Science is scientifically unreliable as shown in fantasy cat which is alive and dead !

Science also lied about spin-orbit in alkali atoms, they have nothing to do with spin !


Hawking is just a "puppet" scientist.

[ Hawking believing "fantasy" black hole supports climate change ? ]

(H-1)  Hawking seems to be very busy, denying Brexit, Trump, Parexit ..  

Recently, many scientists such as Brian Greene (= Trump denier ) start to celebrate Hawking birthday like the "guru" of religious cult.

Hawking is known as an opponent of Brexit against the will of UK citizen.  Furthermore, he slams Trump and climate change deniers with Nobel laureates.

But Hawking advocates unrealistic black hole and extradimensions, ignoring their physical inconsistency !

Even the current basic science remains "fantasy".  Why can these popular scientists know the true reason for climate change ?  ← It's impossible !

Hawking should criticize the increase in UK university tuition instead of denying Brext and Parexit !

All these fantasy physics originates in useless Schrodinger equation for multi-electron Helium atoms !


Female scientists are exploited by corrupt academia ?

[ Scientists end up in unstable postdoc, NOT tenure professors ! ]

(P-1)  Tenure professors NEVER increase under "useless" science !  

After the news of Vera Rubin (= dark matter pioneer ), many tenure professors such as Brian Greene suddenly started to advocate "women scientists".

This tendency is very harmful to both female and male new scientists who will probably end up in unstable postdoc or fellowship, NOT stable tenure professors.

Under the present "fantasy" (= useless ) physics such as parallel worlds and 10 dimensional theory, posts of stable tanure professors will Never increase !

Female ( and male ) scientists are deceived into spoiling their career by useless science.  Corrupt academia conceals this important fact !

As shown in Harvard professors lying about GOP electors, the current academia is dishonest and considers women as "convenient tools" to deceive governments !

Even Caltech Sean was denied "tenure".  Famous female blogger Sabine was fired from assistant professor and ends up as temporary research fellow.

Stable tenure professor positions will Never increase under the current false science !

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holiday !?

[ Loss of freedom to say "Merry Christmas" in America ? ]

(Me-1)  Evil global establishments try to suppress free speech ?  

Saying "Merry Christmas" is NOT allowed in America anymore !?  This is one of recent topics in Japanese internet message boards.  Comments are as follows:

"I came to realize why Trump won the election.  US people are sick of the abnormal atmosphere where even saying 'Merry Christmas' is inadmissible. "

"In Japan, we are basically Buddhists.  But we say 'Merry Christmas' in December, and then visit Japanese Shinto shrines in January.  Why only America is not ?"

Globalists, establishments and mainstream media try to suppress internet free speech under the name of "liberal".  "Happy Holiday" is one of those plots, I think.

"Dark matter" research is a waste of tax money.  Dark matter is useless except for selling their books or getting Nobel prize.

After Einstein ignored "real" medium, all they can detect is very faint useless signal or nothing as dark matter.  Those too weak dark matter is doubtful, meaningless for us.

Antihydrogen of antimatter (← ? ) is also doubtful and useless for our science.

Harvard "inconsistent" claims about science.

[ Harvard believes unreal extradimension and global warming. ]

(Ha-1)  Harvard believes unreal science, denying electoral college ?  

Global warming is such a complicated phenomenon that NO one knows the real reason for climate change.  Even the current basic science is only speculation.

Harvard professor Lisa Randall is often criticizing Trump administration as "climate change denier".  It's the university's formal policy.

Surprisingly, they believe fictional extradimenion where our world consists of 11 spacetime dimensions which causes useless science.

Krauss (= advocator for gravitational wave ) also misleads people into fictional science.  Dark matter is useless except for selling their books !

Harvard professor is lying and denying US constitutional electoral college where more electors rejected Clinton, indicating illegal voting.

This recent Harvard physics research is unclear about what they are seeking, because they try to hide their wasting tax in useless science.

Liberal elites incite violence to threaten democracy ?/

[ Liberal media try to arouse "artificial hatred" only for election. ]

(Sc-1)  Convenient "liberal" is used to suppress free speech.  

In this election, all mainstream media and "liberals" were too biased against Trump.  It means US democracy was threatened under the name of "liberal".

Liberal elite, Krugman tries to destroy US constitution.  They forcedly apply "old mediaeval" story in the current women's right.  ← too extreme !

Most arson attacks on black churches happened during Clinton campaign just before elections.  ← What a coincidence !?

Liberals try to arouse "artificial violence and hatred" to divide people only for election, and trying to suppress free speech under the name of "liberal".

Caltech liberal elite Sean also tries to incite "meaningless conflict" to conceal wasting tax in useless gravitational waves.  Nobel prize is so important ?

Liberal-elites-training school MIT again tries to mislead people into wasting their time in fictional quantum computer in journal Science.

Who is behind the attempt to recount ?

[ What group urges Jill Stein to recount votes ? ]

(Na-1)  Some "common" supporter of Jill and Clinton ?  

It is said that Jill Stein demanded recount of votes in presidential election for proving "integrity" (← ? )   But her cause of recount is very doubtful.

Because all states where she demanded recount are won by Trump, NOT including states Clinton won. ←unfair !  Green party itself seems to oppose her effort.

Then who is behind her recount ?  Probably, some common fundraiser and supporters of both Clinton and Jill are behind this attempt to delay Trump presidency.

I remember that Jill blasted the DNC for rigging primary against Sanders.  Then she should protest in front of "Clinton's house" instead of Trump tower, I think.

Top journal Nature and Hawking are just "political tools" to brainwash people into giving up Brexit, forcing scientists to do useless researches.

Weird relation between electoral and popular votes

[ Clinton's popular votes surpass Kerry despite fewer electoral votes ]

(Qu-1)  ↓ What is behind this strange discrepancy ?  

Trump won the presidential election in a landslide.  But Hillary got more popular votes than Trump by 2 million.  This is very strange.

Bush won the election in 2004 ( electoral vote: Bush= 286 vs. Kerry=251 ).
Clinton lost the election ( electoral vote: Trump= 306 vs. Clinton= 232 ).

But the increase in Clinton's popular votes from Kerry ( by 5 million ) is much bigger than the increase in Trump's votes from Bush ( by 0.3 million ) !

Wikileaks proved the Democratic primary was rigged against Sanders.  Clinton could never win the presidential election after her scandals (= Clinton foundation, e-mail.. )

Instead of harder rigging voting machine, Clinton camp chose illegal voting as their last resort, as Wikileaks revealed ?  Clinton got more votes than Obama in California.

Clinton family has great influence on the present government and states, can change the whole rules in favor of them ?

NYTimes and MIT Scott (= known as harsh attacker againt Trump ) try to mislead corporations such as Microsoft into wasting money in unrealistic quantum computer.

US democracy will be recovered by Trump victory ?

[ Celebrities are not allowed to support Trump ? ← democracy ? ]

(Ha-1)  Hollywood stars cannot declare openly support for Trump ? 

Here is one of topics talked about in Japanese internet message boards recently.  A hip-hop star Kanye West confessed that he would have voted for Trump.

But he added that he felt persecuted for supporting Trump as a celebrity.  Paris Hilton had to be tight-lipped on supporting Trump.  Why ?  Free speech is suppressed !?

Comments in message board are: "People in Hollywood and show business would be fired, if they declare supporting Trump !" "Liberals don't care about democracy."

Even in academia, students are forbidden from supporting Trump like Hollywood.  Unless we can support the opposition party, it means the end of democracy !

Top university Harvard repeatedly criticizes both Trump and Sanders.  Though Harvard tries to mislead people by useless and unrealistic science about climate change.

Nobel laureate Krugman and Scott should give up, stopping their selfish remarks.

Strange discrepancy in electoral & popular votes.

[ Electoral college Trump won is also proportional to population. ]

(Ph-1)  In some area, Clinton outpaces Obama despite her scandals.  

Trump won the presidential election in a landslide ( Electoral votes 306 vs 232 ).  But the media says Clinton won popular votes.  This is very strange.

Because the number of electors ( and House ) is also almost proportional to the population in each state ( based on the census in 2010 ).

So the winner of electoral college naturally becomes the winner of popular votes, too.  The only exception is Bush vs. Gore where their votes were almost the same.

The popular votes are still being counted, and the media may intentionally delay updating the results ( Trump clearly won Michigan, but the media delay reporting it ).

Comparing the elections in 2012 and 2016, Clinton's votes are fewer than Obama due to her fatal scandals in almost all states, and Trump exceeds Romney.

But only in some regions such as California, Texas, Florida, Clinton's votes tend to outpace Obama.  This is strange, because everyone knows Clinton's corruption.

Many of them might be legal votes against Trump immigration policy.  But accidentally, easier registration law was passed for accelerating illegal voting ?

Wikileaks revealed Clinton camp knew that even voter ID cannot stop illegal voting.  We were worried that Clinton camp might rig election like the primary against Sanders.

Physicists and the media also violate the legitimate physical rules of nature, just reporting "fantasy" physics.

The media collapsed !  They are wrong.

[ Corrupt media, pundits lost people's trust by Trump historic victory. ]

(Va-1)  ↓ The media, academia controlled by "corrupt" money   

In US presidential election, Trump won in a landslide !  The mainstream media repeatedly argue that Clinton has 90 % chance of winning.  They proved to be wrong.

NO poll companies can predict Trump win in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  The media try to intentionally delay updating the result ?  Popular votes are still being counted.

Despite full support of the media, academia, Hollywood, Clinton couldn't win the election.  Sensible voters were NOT misled by Harvard professors' lie.  Democracy has survived !

As many people think, Democratic party's establishment kicked out the right candidate, Sanders.  This is one of the main reasons why Clinton lost.

Japanese internet message boards are filled with words congratulating Trump.  The main media such as NHK repeatedly arguing "Trump is sure to lose !" are shit.

As shown in this historic Trump victory and Brexit, the media and academia are lying also about "science", hiding truth.

Voter suppression using "fake" Assange ?

[ Assange in wikileaks is dead or alive now ? ]

(Do-1)  Clinton ordered US authority to abduct Assange ?   

After FBI restarted investigating Clinton's server, her top assistant Abedin is missing.  Many people are worried about whether Wikileaks Assange is alive or dead now.

It seemed that secretary of state Kerry pressured Ecuador into cutting his internet.  There is a rumor that some authority abducted him into US, ordered by Hillary.

It is revealed that Clinton foundation spends its big money in "voter suppression" using fake polls.  Finally, they started to use "fake" Assange for it ?

Voice of phone in Argentina conference (← ? ) is clearly different from true Assange.  "Fake" Assange said Trump will lose, NOT mentioning Clinton foundation.

This video contradicts the fact that he already knew that Trump wins in true polls.  We should not be deceived by the media biased in favor of Clinton.

Corrupt academia uses Nobel laureate Krugman, Columbia Woit (= believer in pseudo-model ), and MIT Scott (= believer in pseudo-computer ) as "puppets".

Quantum mechanics cannot show "realistic" picture in molecular bonds.

Trump won Wisconsin early voting ?

[ Clinton ordered universities to "suppress" free speech among students ! ]

(Sh-1)  Clinton bribed by corrupt academia "threatens" students   

It seems that Clinton tied with universities is suppressing free speech of students !  They try to destroy democracy in US, colluding with the "corrupt media".

Caltech uses their staffs ( Sean ) as a "puppet" to mislead students.   Polls were rigged in favor of Clinton to carry out election fraud ?

Trump seems to win early voting in Wisconsin ( Trump 40%,  Clinton 29 % )  Though this claims it's not true, Gary got 20 %, which is very realistic, considering angry Sanders' supporters.

If Trump wins Wisconsin in a landslide, Republican candidate wins that state for the first time in the past 30 years, meaning Trump winning presidential election.

And these polls turn out to be fake.  In fact, Trump won all online polls in a landslide, attracting huge crowds in his rally.

Corrupt academia should admit they teach wrong science, instead of spending their large endowment in false-advertising to justify their exorbitant tuition !

Even online polls were rigged by Clinton

[ Trump clearly won 3rd debate due to "Clinton's scandal". ]

(Bo-1)  But some online polls were "rigged" in favor of Clinton !   

Trump won the first presidential debate in all online Polls both in left and right wing sites ( except CNN ).  And the gap has widened in 2nd debate.

After Clinton's outright lie and corruption, she clearly lost 3rd debate, too.  She couldn't justify her email problem.  High rating supports Trump victory.

But some online polls such as FOX seemed to be rigged by Clinton camp, as I predicted, regardless of right and left wing polls.

Wikileaks revealed Clinton foundation paid Monmouth university to release fake poll in favor of Hillary.  Educational universities are allowed to cheat in poll ?

Controlling all mainstream media makes us suspect that the election also may be rigged by Clinton's large campaign fund.

Clinton tries to raise tax to feed wrong and useless science field, ignoring truth.

Trump won the second debate, too.

[ Poll: Trump will win presidential election in a landslide. ]

(Mo-1)  The 2nd debate was very exciting !   

Almost all Polls show Trump won the 2nd debate like 1st debate.  Again, CNN (= Clinton news network ) released fake poll.  High rating supports Trump victory.

Several sites such as seemed to manipulate their polls in favor of Hillary.  I bet more online polls will be rigged by Clinton camp after the last debate.

Clinton and her biased media try to bring up trivial Trump's locker-room talk 11 years ago.  It backfired, reminding us of Clinton's past raping and accusing their victims.

E-mail revealed Clinton mocked US citizens, thinking only about Wall street.  Hillary should answer why she destroyed her emails and avoid reporter's questions.

Clinton controling all the media try to destroy democracy, suppressing free speech.  How many times does NYTimes try to endorse Clinton ?

Clintons aim to plunder people's savings to feed corrupt academia.  This is the reason MIT professor of pseudoscience still supports them.

The faster-than-light electron spinning cannot explain true molecular bond.

Democracy will be destroyed by Clinton

[ Clinton, establishment destroy democracy controlling the media ! ]

(To-1)  Election fraud, control of all the media to deceive people   

The result of vice president debate ( Pence = 83 %,   Kaine = 13 % ) is another proof that almost all US people choose Trump than corrupt Clinton.

Clinton, establishment try to control all the media to mislead people by fake poll, even after she mocked supporters of Trump and Sanders.

This is the beginning of "democracy collapse".  Journalists criticizing Clinton are purged.  Obama administration conceals the relation with corrupt Clinton foundation.

Everyone ( even here in Japan ) has already lost trust in the mainstream media through this very important presidential election and Brexit.

If Hillary win, free speech will be suppressed by exercising her governmental authority.  She also uses corrupt academia with exorbitant tuition to mislead people by fake poll.

It's very likely that Clinton camp plans election fraud like against Sanders.  Election monitoring committees in all states should keep a strict watch over it !

Nobel committee probably hates useless gravitational wave being used as "political tool" in presidential election, though Topological material is also useless.

Trump wins the first debate ( and election )

[ True polls show Trump will win presidential election by landslide. ]

(No-1)  Trump brought about "record-breaking" TV rating.   

The first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton breaks record as most-watched in US history, exceeding Reagan and football.

Watching it on satellite TV, I was very impressed by Trump thinking passionately and seriously about all American people, clearly Trump won the 1st debate.

Clinton looked "sleepy", probably by her Parkinson or its drug.  She said the election is "democratic", NOT apologizing to Sanders' supporters about rigging primary !

All online polls showed Trump won the debate by landslide, though Time seemed to intentionally increase Clinton's votes.  Only CNN poll by registered voters is the opposite.

These results proved that all the past polls in favor of corrupt Clinton were rigged and false, regardless of left and right wing polls.

The unfair debate in favor of Hillary will just encourage more Trump supporters to go to vote for him with the opposite effect.  Hillary will never win the election without rigging.

Clintons deceive students, colluding with corrupt academia with exorbitant tuition.  Caltech uses their staff as political tool to get Nobel prize for their pseudoscience.

Why dying Hillary sticks to presidency ?

[ Clintons go to jail if they lose election ? ]

(Va-1)  Why seriously sick Clinton wants to be president so much ?  

Hillary clinton, who collapsed during 9/11 ceremony, has been seriously ill (= Parkinson disease, stage 3 ) since long time ago

Even after this video was out, Clinton camp tries to mislead people by false poll, cooperating with private universities with exorbitant tuition, because false poll is their last resort.

Though she has been suffering from serious illness since long time ago, why she and president Obama cling to her presidency, even by putting her life at risk ?

One reason is Clinton used state department for their corrupt foundation.  If Trump win, everything will be revealed, and Clintons may go to jail, which they fear ?

Clinton is short of money, so stealing money from her poorest supporters ?  Assassins hired by Clinton to murder important witnesses might blackmail Clinton for money now ?

So, dying Clinton wansts to be a president to smother their dirty fact, even by using body double and stealing nominee from Sanders ?

MIT Nobel laureate Krugman and Krauss (= gravitational wave advocator ) should stop lying, misleading students by useless science, ignoring truth.

Hillary Body double !?

[ Clinton should honestly admit her Parkinson and body double ]

(Fe-1)  This is NOT Hillary, but her "body double" after 9/11   

Clinton was finally caught collapsing, which could be predicted from her recent bad health episodes.  Her family should recommend her to give up election.

Clinton's fall, cough, aspiration pneumonia and blue lens clearly show she is Parkinson disease and unqualified for presidency.

Despite her bad health unfit for presidency, private universities with exorbitant tuition try to mislead people by false poll, which is Clinton's last resort.

Woman after collapsing was clearly one of her "body doubles", NOT Hillary herself.  Body double looks younger and thinner with mole.

Her body double with different palm line and smile had longer forehead and tried to hide her hairline by different hairstyle.

Even if Hillary drops out of the race by health problem, her supporters, establishment and corrupt academina would never admit Sanders.

Even after Clinton accused many US citizens falsely, MIT professor still supports corrupt Clinton, misleading students by his pseudoscience ignoring truth.

Sanders could win primary over Clinton ?

[ Sanders didn't know true corruption in Hillary's private server ]

(Mo-1)  Clinton's "stealing" votes angers Sanders' supporters   

Clinton could win Democratic primary by stealing vote from Sanders skillfully.  Despite this, Clinton tries to take mean advantage of Sanders' fame for getting votes.

During primaries, Sanders and most people ( including I ) thought Clinton just used private email server inadvertently without malice.

But it's untrue.  Clinton used private server to conceal the fact that she exploited the State depertment for Clinton foundation to take bribe from donors.

Clinton smashed those email devices with hammer, and wiped out her corrupt evidence using "special software" deliberately.

If Sanders knew these true corruption hidden in her email, he could win ?  It might be still hard while Democratic delegates were threatened by Clinton's "hit list".

Clinton pretended to be a friend of students just to beat Sanders, because without Clinton, the current exorbitant tuition itself would have never happened.

Though Hillary tries to attribute her health problem to mere "Trump allergy", it contradicts her claim that her severe concussion caused her bad memory.

MIT Nobel laureate, Krugman seems to intentionally ignore Clinton's lies.  It's like MIT's false gravitational wave and wrong basic physics.

Pro-Clinton scientists are "unscientific" ?

[ Hillary’s lousy lies make her defenders look like fools ]

(Pa-1)  Clinton's illness is just 'conspiracy' ?  Trump is mentally ill ?  

Despite Clinton's outright crime, the corrupt media and universities released false polls, because "fake poll" is the last resort left in Clinton's camp.

Clintons causing the current skyrocketing tuition succeeded in removing Sanders by "rigging election", colluding with corrupt academia such as Harvard.

Everyone knows Clinon is seriously ill, and cannot climb flight of stairs.  Hillary's secret servive had to prop up her while she makes a speech.

The corrective lens for double vision proved Clinton's "brain damage".  Difficulty in swallowing might cause her serious cough.

Despite these clear evidences, pro-Clinton media repeat "childish" remarks such as " conspiracy !", firing honest doctor and journalist.

Instead, pro-Clinton Harvard scientists argue "Trump is narcissistic disorder", Stanford Susskind calls him "lunatic".  These remarks are all unscientific and childish.

Colbert believes Green's unrealistic 10-dimensional string world ?  "Puppet" professor and Caltech Sean hide the corruption in Clinton's private server.

It means the corrupt media and universities also spread useless science with parallel worlds, based on wrong physics, destroying young students.

Why college tuition is so high in US ?

[ Clinton made student loans "non-dischargeble" ]

(Sh-1)  How private universities made students "slave" to loan ?  

Despite Clinton's repeated lies unfit to presidency, corrupt media and private universities with exorbitant tuition released false polls to mislead people.

Clinton tied with corrupt academia succeeded in kicking out Sanders by "rigging" election, and it is rumored that they even commit murder to hide their crime.

The day after I introduced ABC live polls where Trump leads Clinton ( Trump= 80 %,   Clinton = 4 % ), ABC deleted those two true polls from their website !

One of the main reasons why US university tuition skyrocketed is Bill Clinton made student-loans "non-dischargeble" in bankruptcy in 1998 !

Furthermore, Clinton administration started to privatize Sallie Mae (= student loan enterprise ), which boosted skyrokecting tuition.

Of course, corporate-backed Clinton is closely tied with this loan shark, contributing to raising college tuition, making students "slave" to loan.

Corrupt universities and the media brainwash people using fake science such as quantum computer, BigBang and Schrodinger equation which is useless forever.

The media lie about poll and science.

[ Fake poll by the media is Clinton's "last resort" ? ]

(Ne-1)  Fixing primary, corruption, health problem will flood.  

Despite many negative factors such as election fraud, her health, corruption, crime, all the media desperately claim Clinton will beat Trump by a landslide.

If you were a Clinton campaign manager, you would try to bribe all the media (= both left, right wings ) into releasing "fake poll" to hide her bad truth.

Frequent polls every three days in August are meaningless, except to mislead people.
True polls show that Trump will win the election by a landslide.

Trump attracts much more crowd than Clinton in their rally.  Even private universities with exorbitant tuition use false polls as a tool to back corrupt Clinton.

Clintons seem to put people in hit list to involve them in crime.  The fact that almost all media lie about election means they surely lie about fictional science, too !

This Nature's Hawking radiation is NOT true black hole, but just a sound wave.  So meaningless.

Also in "CP violation" in neutrino, they repeat useless experiments forever.

Top universities support election fraud ?

[ Pro-Clinton media teach students that rigging election is right ? ]

(Pa-1)  ↓ The current educational system is corrupt.  

Clinton and her establishment rigged election to kick out Sanders.  But top universities such as Harvard and MIT still support her (= election fraud ).

It shows the current educational system is totally corrupt.
CNN with student news also contributed to excluding Sanders.

Clinton's tackling college sexual assaults is a sham, not regreting their rape.  It is rumored that Clinton ordered burglary and murder to destroy their crime evidence.

Mysterious deaths continue around Clinton.  The current top universities teach students that frauds committed by people above the law are allowed ?

Private universities use false polls and TV drama as a tool to distort fact and brainwash people into thinking universities are worth exorbitant tuition.

They spread useless science such as unreal quasiparticle and Schrodinger cat (= fantasy parallel worlds ), which destroy young students' careers.

The current physics failed and nightmare.  Even critics of string theory just repeat their same cliche with NO progress.  New physics is meaningless for us.

Particle colliders LHC waste our tax in pursuing useless particles.

Poll after convention is rigged ?

[ Trump beats Clinton in TV rating (= substantially true poll ) ]

(In-1)  But Clinton leads over Trump in Cnn/Fox poll ?  

Despite total failure by election fraud, the major media lie about Clinton's bounce and Sanders' supporters who Never vote for corrupt Clinton.

FOX is also bribed by Clinton just after revealing her lie, because Clinton's camp thinks bribing Republican FOX will cause Trump's supporters emotional damage.

Instead of these doubtful polls, true national poll is seen in TV rating where Trump speech beats Clinton's at which Sanders was displeased and left Democratic party.

One reason for the recent biased poll is to hide Clinton's bad rumors by Wikileaks.  The only way for Clinton with scandals is her establishment's rigging poll and election.

Obama government is brainwashed by pro-Clinton Harvard with exorbitant tuition into wasting US people's tax in useless quantum information, as shown in email.

This Nature paper deals with only "five ions", NOT fantasy quantum computer.  String theory looks more "stringy", which is NOT science term but just meaningless "poem".

Emaillary Clinton: "Rig primary to exclude Sanders !"

[ Clinton, establishment threaten democracy by fixing election. ]

(Da-1)  Private universities deceive people, bribing the media.  

WikiLeaks confirmed that Clinton = establishment rigged Democratic primary to kick out Sanders.  Her resignation is too late after the mission accomplished.

Clintons bribing the media threaten democracy.  The major media never mention their fraudulent university and "Clinton Cash" revealing their true corruption.

Sanders' supporters Never vote for corrupt Clinton, despite the media's control.  Clinton's true mission was to foil Sanders' original plan, rather than Trump.

Private universities such as Harvard, MIT bribed Clinton and her media to spread fake science such as quantum computer and information.

Private universities use Hollywood and TV drama to brainwash students into thinking "fraudulent university" is useful despite their exorbitant tuition.

So Clinton nomination by rigging primary to exclude Sanders means students' dream was broken by corrupt academic organization and her bribed media.

"Dark matter killing dinosaurs ?" is also a fiction to just sell books !

Black hole is fiction created by "corrupt" academia

[ The corrupt media hypes Clinton and fictional science. ]

(Bl-1)  ↓ NYT says Clinton's winning chance is 76 % !?  

NYTimes says Hillary has 76 % chance of winnning.  Nobody believes this number considering her email scandal and Sanders' angry supporters for her rigging primary.

Clinton, establishment try to control people bribing the main media into releasing the false poll.  We cannot believe CNN poll of Clinton's up from June despite her email scandal.

Clinton camp tries to bribe all the main media simultaneously to show false poll before conventions, because if only one of the media is in favor of Clinton, we find it's untrue.

The corrupt media lying about the election also lie about the fictional science, black hole.  Physicists deceive people by fantasy black and white holes !

Top journal Nature, Hawking, Higgs turn into just a political tool by the corporate-owned media to stop BREXIT, rather than science, threatening democracy.

In fact, black hole doesn't exist, because it contradicts Einstein special relativity.

Hillary's largest mission = Sanders's out !

[ Clinton and private universities foiled Sanders' revolution. ]

(Un-1)  Clinton makes students "slaves" to university !  

Many people were disappointed at the news that Sanders endorsed corrupt Clinton, selling his soul to the "queen of wall street".

Clinton's mission was accomplised by foiling Sanders' original free tuition.  Even if she is defeated by Trump, she will live a luxurious life using money from her backers.

Students are victims of Clinton !  If public universities adopt Sanders' original free tuition plan, private universities will be forced to reduce their exorbitant tuition.

Private universities (= one of "establishments" ! ) frustrated Sanders' original free tuition by force, supporting corrupt Clinton, rigging Democratic primary.

Clintons with dirty connection to private university don't care about students' happiness.  In fact, Clinton tries to change public universities to private ones.

Clinton's idea of free-tuition only for low-income students was already adopted by luxurious private universities such as Harvard.

If they adopt free-tuition only for low-income families, universities just increase rich ( or out-of-state ) families, raising tuition, kicking out low-income students.

Clinton cannot be trusted, who lied about e-mail and TPP, like universities' false science.

Who want to kick out Sanders ?

[ Clinton and private universities try to dupe students ! ]

(Fe-1)  Private universities and Clinton control the corrupt media.  

Sanders advocating free tuition is the most qualified to be Democratic nominee, as everybody wishes.  Then who the hell try to kick out Sanders ?

Private universities try to bribe the corrupt media into keeping quiet about skyrocketing tuition and kick out Sanders, supporting Clinton.

Clintons above law try to manipulate even attorney general openly to avoid their criminal charges.  No wonder they rigged Democratic primary !

It's much easier for establishment to rig Democratic primary to exclude Sanders unduly than UK referendom.  Private universities clearly pull the string behind the primary.

Clinton and her corrupt media fool Sanders and his supporters, overlooking Clinton's lie and foundation.  So she is just pretending to accept a part of Sanders'.  We cannot believe her.

In fact, Clinton's idea will just widen wealth-gap.  Even if she really makes tuition free only for low-income families, universities will increase rich students.

Major universities such as Harvard enroll only a small percentage of low-income students.  So Clinton's plan deprives low ( and middle )-income students of the chance to enter universities.

Private universities are using their ample funds extorted from students and tax for destroying students' careers by phony and useless science !

Internet comments can be trusted ?

[ Clinton should give up Democratic nominee to Sanders. ]

(So-1)  The Establishment distort world's media and internet !   

The "establishment" controls almost all main media by their corrupt money.  For example, Reuter's false poll of UK remain 52 % vs leave 48 % was the opposite.

If the media is corrupt, the internet comments can be trusted ?  Unfortunately not.  Even here in Japan, the establishment hires "fake posters" for message boards.

They are repeatedly posting false comments, "Trump is dangerous !  UK leaving EU destroys its economy !"  Their superficial comments are "single-pattern", easily distinguished from "real" posters.

The fact that the establishment hires "fake posters" even in Japan means they surely hire them also in US and UK to post biased comments in favor of Clinton and UK's remain !

If Clinton had to rely on the corrupt media and rigging Democratic primary, she should give up the nominee to Sanders for the happiness of a majority of US citizens.

Unnatural simultaneous academic support for Clinton shows they surely exchanged "dirty pledges" to keep extorting exorbitant tuition from students !

Not only in elections, the media is lying about fictionl science such as quantum computer, BigBang and physics.

Poll can be trusted ?  The media is corrupt ?

[ The media hides "truth" in poll and gravitational wave ! ]

(Qu-1)  Poll biased in favor of Clinton ?  

New poll argues Clinton leads Trump by 7 %.  These polls can be trusted ?  In fact, these polls are too biased against Trump in choosing respondents and questionnaire.

The media hides the fact that 34 % respondents were Democrats and only 28 % were Republicans ( this p.7 )  Poll is much easier to rig than Democratic primary !

Monmouth university should lower its exorbitant tuition before conducting doubtful poll.  Hiding important facts reminds me of doubtful gravitational wave.

The media always exaggerates only "Einstein's gravitational wave !", but they hide the fact that its signal is too weak (= only 1/1000 proton's radius change ! ) to believe.

LIGO (= corrupt MIT, Caltech ) also hides the fact that gravitational wave (= pseudotensor ) contradicts Einstein relativity.

Nature deceives people again, its "trapped four ions" has nothing to do with imaginary quantum computer (= scam ! ) more powerful ( ? ) than classical one.

Mentor shut out the right criticism that Einstein contradicts de Broglie wave without admitting it.  All contradictions originate from useless quantum mechanics.

We cannot trust the media any more ?

[ The media controlled by dirty money threatens democracy. ]

(QM-1)  Washington post, NYTimes are bribed by Clinton ?  

Many battles between Trump and Washington post are seen recently.  I have some sympathy for Trump, because this press is also biased against Sanders.

Almost all main media is too biased in favor of Clinton who controls ( ? ) them by her largest campaign fund, which threatens neutrality and democracy.

Here is a typical example.  NYTimes pressures Sanders to quit the race, saying "Sanders' stay in race means he is sexist !"  Nonsense.

If Clinton is elected instead of Sanders, free college tuiton plan is discarded, which will do more damage to a lot of women.  Then which is more "sexist" ?

The present useless science and Nobel prize are used only as a convenient tool for some purpose of "vested interests".

LIGO is lying again.  This second gravitational wave is smaller and more doubtful than the first one with only 1/1000 of proton radius.   Black hole cannot collide !

The media is "corrupt" in election.

[ The media controlled by "dirty money" is too biased against Sanders. ]

(Co-1)  Sanders has NOT been eliminated from nominee !  

Though almost all media claim Clinton clinches Democratic nomination, this is untrue and "media-hype" as seen in fictional science.

Clinton has NOT yet won the nominee until the Democratic convention on July 25.  I think even if Clinton tries to get back Sanders' supporters, it will be very difficult.

Because Sanders' supporters don't believe the media controlled by Clinton's large campaign fund, so keep voting for Sanders despite the media's repeated claim that Clinton is already a nominee.

Furthermore, Sanders' supporters are probably very angry at the unfair media biased" against Sanders.  Clinton's media strategy against Sanders failed, I think.

For Clinton to regain Sanders' supporters, she must accept Sanders' idea ( free tuition in public universities is indispensable ! ), even if she clashes with the corrupt media.

Clinton should NOT use "Trump's kids" as a excuse for avoiding free-tuition !
US skyrocketing tuition is a very deep-rooted problem, as shown in this, this.

Hawking should stop deceiving people by his "phony religion" and useless science, before criticizing Trump.

What is the "true" enemy in election ?

[ The media controlled by for-profit universities hide "true" issues ! ]

(Un-1)  For-profit universities use "racism (sexism) " as a tool.  

The most important topic in this US Presidential election is "growing wealth gap" caused mainly by skyrocketing college tuition (= top issue ! ).

It's very strange that the main media Rarely deal with this university tuition problem.  Instead, the media seems to distract people's attention to other "racism" and "sexism" issues.

US is already more equal racially and sexually than any other countries.  The media controlled by for- profit universities use it to hide true problem (= tuition, wealth-gap ) !

People noticing this media's trick support Donald Trump who could be elected nominee despite the media's harsh attack.

Though the media ( controlled by universities ) criticize Sanders advocating free-tuition as "socialist", more and more people are supporting him now.

Clinton spending the largest campaign fund in the media is seen as a "symbol" of growing wealth gap created by people monopolizing wealth.

I'm sure only Sanders can stop rising college tuition, which even Obama couldn't.  Hillary linked to vested interests (← ? ) is very likely to allow skyrocketting tuition.

If Clinton with e-mail problem is beaten by Trump, the primary between Sanders and Clinton is substantially the one between "Sanders and Trump".

I doubt Trump with "Trump university" is thinking about college tuition seriously.  I recommend attorney general to check whether other universities teach "useless fiction".

Growing wealth gap is the main theme in election.

[ Rising college tuition with students' debt widens wealth gap in US. ]

(Vi-1)  Who will stop or continue wealth gap, skyrocketing tuition ?  

The most important topic in this US Presidential election is "growing wealth gap".  Hillary Clinton has been at the political center with her husband for a long time.

It gives the impression that she is very likely to continue ( or widen ) the present wealth gap, which is the reason she loses to Trump in recent polls, rather than "scandal".

US college tuition is disastrous, skyrocketing even in public schools !  Graduates ( and dropouts ) have to be burdened by debt for long years even after leaving universities.

So students ( and their parents ) have to be like "slave" to student-loan debt, and give up what they want to do in life, which accelerates growing wealth-gap.

Built-up stress from this skyrocketing tuition causes so-called "Trump phenomena".  But he said almost nothing about solving tuition poblem, just distracting people's attention from it !

It's very strange that the US main media rarely deals with this rising college tuition (= top stressor ! ), indicating the media is bribed by for-profit universities.

The media controlled by for-profit universities criticize Sanders as "socialist", though free-tuition has nothing to do with socialism.

I ask Ethan why top journal Nature ignores basic science in cosmology ?
New particle (?) and forces are unreal, depending on virtual particle !

Skyrocketing college tuition is top stressor in US.

[ Trump phenomena originate from "skyrocketing tuition". ]

(Da-1)  The major media are "bribed" by for-profit universities ?  

This news says Hillary expects Bill Clinton to fix economy.  But she forgets one important thing.  College tuition has skyrocketed even in public school !

It's meaningless to focus only on economy without lowering exorbitant tuition !  Built-up stress from skyrocketing tuition causes "Trump phenomena".

I'm afraid this Trump phenomenon is illusion, because he said nothing about solving tuition problem !  Sanders thinks most seriously about students' future.

The major media are probably bribed by for-profit universities to avoid this college tuition in the presidential election !  So we rarely see that issue in the media.

Who cares about trifling things such as e-mail and Darth-Vader ?
Unless we solve the fundamental problem, nothing would improve !

Useless collider saves nothing, just wastes our tax like black hole satellite.  Gravitational wave and Big Bang are unreal with NO proof !

Presidential election, free university tuition ?

[ Who stops exorbitant tuition in fraudulent universities ? ]

(Pr-1)  US college tuition has skyrocketed faster than inflation !  

US presidential electron seems to be a battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Exorbitant college tuition is clearly one of most important topics.

As far as I see, Bernie Sanders thinks most seriously about students' future and free tuition.  Trump doesn't worry about disastrous university tuition so much ?

Instead, he seems to try to distract people's attention to unrelated foreign issues.  Clinton should make more efforts to reduce tuition to be free like Sanders to win the election.

She should realize that the college tuition has skyrocketed under the current government she belonged to !

But of course, only increasing subsidy and grant is meaningless, because universities surely raise tuition in proportion to student loan !

Governments should check whether universities really teach useful science or fiction for their exorbitant tuition !  Entanglement needs fantasy many-worlds.

Harmful top journal Nature ignores basic science.  MIT depends on wrong massless Dirac fermion.

Continued from this criticism.

See also the previous version of criticizing top journals.


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