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All our science stops advancing !

All these weird situations are attributed to useless science stopping its progress, which is useless except for selling their books.

Because the basic physics tool (= DFT ) remains useless, with NO ability to predict physical phenomena.

Popular scientists such as Brian Greene try to deflect people's attention from their exorbitant tuition to fake science, though teleportation is unreal.

Energy representation is based on unrealistic spin as shown in MIT.

Science also lied about spin-orbit in alkali atoms, they have nothing to do with spin !

All these fantasy physics originates in useless Schrodinger equation for multi-electron Helium atoms !

Stable tenure professor positions will Never increase under the current false science !

Antihydrogen of antimatter (← ? ) is also doubtful and useless for our science.

This recent Harvard physics research is unclear about what they are seeking, because they try to hide their wasting tax in useless science.

Liberal-elites-training school MIT again tries to mislead people into wasting their time in fictional quantum computer in journal Science.

Top journal Nature and Hawking are just "political tools" to brainwash people into giving up Brexit, forcing scientists to do useless researches.

NYTimes and MIT Scott (= known as harsh attacker againt Trump ) try to mislead corporations such as Microsoft into wasting money in unrealistic quantum computer.

Nobel laureate Krugman and Scott should give up, stopping their selfish remarks.

Physicists and the media also violate the legitimate physical rules of nature, just reporting "fantasy" physics.

As shown in this historic Trump victory and Brexit, the media and academia are lying also about "science", hiding truth.

Quantum mechanics cannot show "realistic" picture in molecular bonds.

Corrupt academia should admit they teach wrong science, instead of spending their large endowment in false-advertising to justify their exorbitant tuition !

Clinton tries to raise tax to feed wrong and useless science field, ignoring truth.

The faster-than-light electron spinning cannot explain true molecular bond.

Nobel committee probably hates useless gravitational wave being used as "political tool" in presidential election, though Topological material is also useless.

Clintons deceive students, colluding with corrupt academia with exorbitant tuition.  Caltech uses their staff as political tool to get Nobel prize for their pseudoscience.

MIT Nobel laureate Krugman and Krauss (= gravitational wave advocator ) should stop lying, misleading students by useless science, ignoring truth.

Even after Clinton accused many US citizens falsely, MIT professor still supports corrupt Clinton, misleading students by his pseudoscience ignoring truth.

MIT Nobel laureate, Krugman seems to intentionally ignore Clinton's lies.  It's like MIT's false gravitational wave and wrong basic physics.

It means the corrupt media and universities also spread useless science with parallel worlds, based on wrong physics, destroying young students.

Corrupt universities and the media brainwash people using fake science such as quantum computer, BigBang and Schrodinger equation which is useless forever.

Also in "CP violation" in neutrino, they repeat useless experiments forever.

Particle colliders LHC waste our tax in pursuing useless particles.

This Nature paper deals with only "five ions", NOT fantasy quantum computer.  String theory looks more "stringy", which is NOT science term but just meaningless "poem".

"Dark matter killing dinosaurs ?" is also a fiction to just sell books !

In fact, black hole doesn't exist, because it contradicts Einstein special relativity.

Clinton cannot be trusted, who lied about e-mail and TPP, like universities' false science.

Private universities are using their ample funds extorted from students and tax for destroying students' careers by phony and useless science !

Not only in elections, the media is lying about fictionl science such as quantum computer, BigBang and physics.

Mentor shut out the right criticism that Einstein contradicts de Broglie wave without admitting it.  All contradictions originate from useless quantum mechanics.

LIGO is lying again.  This second gravitational wave is smaller and more doubtful than the first one with only 1/1000 of proton radius.   Black hole cannot collide !

Hawking should stop deceiving people by his "phony religion" and useless science, before criticizing Trump.

I doubt Trump with "Trump university" is thinking about college tuition seriously.  I recommend attorney general to check whether other universities teach "useless fiction".

I ask Ethan why top journal Nature ignores basic science in cosmology ?
New particle (?) and forces are unreal, depending on virtual particle !

Useless collider saves nothing, just wastes our tax like black hole satellite.  Gravitational wave and Big Bang are unreal with NO proof !

Harmful top journal Nature ignores basic science.  MIT depends on wrong massless Dirac fermion.

Continued from this criticism.

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