Criticize University and journals.

Top. Spin doesn't exist.
Higgs, QCD. Topological insulator
BigBang, Cosmic Inflation is "fantasy".
QED magnetic moment is fake. (15/1/1)

" Everyday - Einstein ! " is true ?

[ The only practical use, GPS doesn't need relativity. ]

(Ev-1)  GPS, PET are the only practical use ?  

We need Einstein relativity every day ?
In fact, the only practical use of relativity is GPS.

You may feel strange about a recent wsj article quoting Einstein (?) GPS.
Because the relation between relativity and GPS is a very old story ( in 1985 ).

If they are confident that Einstein relativity is absolutely right, why does wsj, one of the largest media, need to repeatedly emphasize it now ?

If Einstein relativity suvived 100 years, passing every test (?), why do physicists need to repeat meaningless test to prove relativity ?

In fact, GPS does NOT need Einstein.  GPS is affected largely by atmospheric medium.  Inaccurate time difference is unknown, gotten from four satellites' data.

Also about antimatter, the only practical use (?), PET can be explained by electron capture, not needing "positron emission".

Everyday - quantum mechanics ?

[ The only hope, tunnel doesn't need quantum mechanics. ]

(Ev-2)  Tunneling happens only in very short ( ~nm ) barrier.  

I bet if educational victims suffering from loan sue universities and the media for hiding true paradox and impossible black hole, they would surely win.

They claim Einstein relavitiy is a basis of all physics, so it hampers all science !  It's dangerous breakthrough prize urges relativity, ignoring flaw.

Quantum mechanics is used every day in smartphones ?
But the present physics lacks reality.  They mention quantum tunnel.

Though quantum tunnel argues an electron can tunnel through some barrier (= insulator ), the definition of this "barrier" is very vague.

In fact, the length of this barrier (= insulator ) needs to be very short (= nanometer ! ) to cause tunnel.

See scanning microscope ( ~1 nm ) and transistor ( 12 nm ).
It's natural a small amount of electrons pass very short "insulator" under some voltage.

So "everyday Einstein and quantum mechanics !" is false advertisement for universities to justify exorbitant tuition !

Unreal physics hampers all science.

[ All students pay exorbitant tuition for useless science ! ]

(Bi-1)  Many-worlds, quasiparticle are a basis of science ?  

Rising university fee is the biggest problem all over the world.
Even if you study biology and physics, the degrees are useless, causing skill mismatch.

I wonder why almost No governments question whether universities really teach useful (?) things.  Getting Nobel prize is everything ?

Without Nobel prize, science in university is of no use ?
The media's hype is one of reasons, which destroy students' career ?

Their main reason is the basic physics lacks reality ( see many worlds ).
Schrodinger equation cannot solve muti-electrons, so useless.

Electron spin lacks reality, its spinning exceeds light speed ( this p.2 ).
So quantum mechanics relies on unreal quasi and virtual particles !

If basic physics lacks reality, all applied science is hampered !
So all students including lawyer are forced to pay exorbitant tuition for nothing.

Molecular biology stalls due to useless physics.

[ Biology has stopped since 1970s →fatal diseases remain incurable. ]

(Bi-2)  Biology still relies on Old technique = PCR, cDNA.   

All biological processes ( enzymes ) depend on interactions among electrons. So knowing precise electrons' behavior is indispensable for curing fatal cancer, ALS, Altzheimer ..

But quantum mechanics is so useless that molecular biologists don't use it at all !  The present biotechnology was established in old 1970s, and we still rely on them now.

Everybody can easily do these biology experiments using kit and manual.  Commercial enzymes can do all RNA, cDNA synthesis, PCR and recombination.

These commercial enzymes were extracted from natural bacteria.
We cannot design and make artificial enzyme from scratch !

GFP fluorescence technique was gotten from jellyfish.
Antibody for protein immunofluorescence is produced by old methods immunizing rabbit ..

So there are No other methods than finding "natural" enzymes or medical herbs.
It takes much time and depends on "good luck".

Even if some side effects happen, we cannot handle them without knowledge of precise molecular mechanism !

Why university research just wastes money ?

[ "Exciton" in MIT is unreal quasiparticle, so useless ! ]

(Mi-1)  ↓Creation (= a ) and annihilation (= a ) of each particle ?  

Worthless degree problems continue.  I wonder why almost No governments question whether universities really teach useful (?) things.

This showy MIT news may make you feel as if universities were doing "cutting-edge" research.  But in fact, these are just "exaggeration" to collect money.

They say when photon hits chromophore, it produce "exciton", which is a unreal quasiparticle.  Why do they rely on "quasiparticle" instead of "real" particle ?

Because the present physics has no ability to give "concrete" figure of each particle.  All it can do is create and annihilate each particle.

They just put electron (= c ) and hole (= β ) side by side, and call it "exciton" ( this p.11 )  All these are nonphysical symbols with no shape.

"Exciton" study made NO progress !

[ Each particle remains nonphysical symbol (= a ), forever. ]

(Mi-2)  Compare exciton particles in 1978 and 2015 !  

The problem is all universities and the media just show colorful pictures, hiding truth.  So ordinary people don't know about unreal quasiparticle !

Research on "exciton" is progressing ?  See MIT 1978 paper p.3.
They just expressed each exciton as abstract symbol (= a ) with no shape.

Compare it with the latest Caltech 2015 paper p.2
Exciton is still the same abstract symbol (= a ) with no shape.

As you see, studies in unreal exciton have made no progress.
So universities just waste exorbitant tuition and tax in useless things, forever !

To hide these inconvenient facts, they concentrate only on ( social ) media to mislead people and governments, using top prizes as a "bait".

Also in "pie-in-the-sky" quantum computer, university uses bloggers to mislead people into feeling as if their researches were progressing steadily.

Why "antimatter" research is useless ?

[ Positron emission = electron capture !? ]

(Na-1)  ↓Positron emission is impossible.  

Worthless university degree is the biggest problem all over the world.
Research on antimatter is really worth exorbitant tuition ?

They say antimatter is useful (← ? ) as PET in hospital.
The point is they do not detect antimatter but emitted electromagnetic wave.

In fact, "positron emission" in PET can be replaced by real "electron capture", because they both have the same effect on a nucleus ( this p.3 ) !

In Na nuclide, they argue both positron ( β+ ) emission and electron capture produce the same Ne.  ← Emitted "light" energy is the same, indistinguishable.

Positron emission is unrealistic, because a proton decays into a heavier neutron, causing "fantasy" perpetual machine !

So real "electron capture" is what actually happens in PET instead of unreal "positron emission".  = antimatter is useless.

Antimatter production = "momentum" is gone ?

[ When the light changes into (anti)matter, its momentum is gone. ]

(Na-2)  Light → positron + electron at rest ?  

Though today's Nature claims they measured "antiprotons", it is doubtful and meaningless.  Because they cannot confirm the existence of antimatter directly.

They claim collision among gold nuclei may produce a small amount of antiproton.  But almost all particles are other electrons and positive ions (= not antiproton ! )

So it is impossible to measure their trajectry ( in magnetic ) and distinguish random scattering in infinite unrelated particles.  And antimatter is too unstable to confirm.

The purpose of antimatter research is a single-pattern.  The media just repeat "antimatter-missing puzzle !", with no progress.

The point is antimatter disobeys energy and momentum conservation !
When a light (= energy 2mc2 ) produces a pair of positron and electron at rest, the light momentum is gone !

The incident light always has momentum (= p ).  But after the light spends all its energy in producing a pair particles at rest, the initial momentum is missing !

So this antimatter production is unreal ( see this middle ) and useless forever.

Dark matter really killed dinosaur ?

[ Why dark matter with "large" mass cannot be felt ? ]

(Da-1)  Dark matter (= 100 × protons ! ) is like "ghost" ?  

Volkswagen recall spread.  I wonder why the first news of "recall" was replaced by "discount sell" ?   Volkswagen controls the media all over the world ?

Also in education, despite worthless degree, the media and university just repeat "Science and Nobel prize are top priority !", looking away from "reality".

Lisa Randall is a "celebrity" Harvard physicist, sells new book about dark matter.  It's regrettable that universities concentrate only on advertising strategy.

Einstein's physics rejected "real matter" (= ether ), ignoring fatal paradox and virtual particles.  But later, they needed "real matter" for galaxy rotation !

So they defined "artificial" dark matter.  Strangely, it cannot be seen or detected, though it occupies 30 % of universe.

They say dark matter candidate (= WIMP ) is much heavier (= 100 × protons ), but it cannot be felt.  Why is it so unnatural ?

What shape is dark matter ?  ← nothing ?

[ Dark matter = supersymmetry model lacks physical reality. ]

(Da-2)  ↓Supersymmetry lacks physical grounds !  

Einstein relativity is useless.  Lisa introduced other type of "ad-hoc" dark matter ( photon ).  Of course, whether this idea is right or not has no influence on our daily life.

Don't forget the fact Lisa is a believer in extradimensions and parallel worlds, because 10 dimensional string is the only "theory of everything" now.

Furthermore, the present physics relies on nonphysical symmetry (= invariant equation of motion under some transformation ).

An extension of it is supersymmetry, which all "mainstream" physicists except Woit believe.  What shape and size does a dark matter have ?

The point is the present physics has no ability to express "concrete" figure of a particle !  All it can do is create (= a ) and annihilate each particle.

Dark matter candidate neutralino (= supersymmetric particle ) has no realistic figure.  It only shows abstract and nonphysical symbols as "dark matter" ( see this p.5 ).

So their dark matter research within SUSY will be of no use, forever.

Why China's new collider is a waste of money ?

[ Particle physics cannot avoid "unreal" virtual particles. ]

(Vi-1)  ↓Coulomb, Higgs depend on fictional virtual particles.   

News say China may build new particle collider in the future.
But I bet, this new "Babel tower" for God particle will end up wasting people's tax.

Because all particle physics reactions need unreal virtual particles.
Even Coulomb force depends on unreal virtual photon.

What the fuck is "virtual particle" ?  They can move faster than light !
In beta and Higgs decay, W boson is virtual, disobeys Einstein mass formula.

The problem is ordinary people don't know about these virtual particles, which are indispensable for the present physics !  Why ?

Because the media and university shut off all true informations !
The square of mass of virtual photon is always negative ( m2 < 0 ) !  Impossible !

Virtual mass-squared is negative ( m2 < 0 ).

[ Virtual particle has imaginary mass, its mass-squared is negative ! ]

(Vi-2)  ↓If energy (E) and momentum (p) are conserved ..   

They claim all physical phenomena must obey Einstein energy equation.
Of cource, the rest mass (= m ) and its square must be positive or zero.

But surprisingly, the mass squared of virtual particles is negative ( m2 < 0 ! )  See this p.3 and this p.10.  This is the reason virtual particles lack reality.

In Vi-2, an incident electron ( with energy E and momentum p ) emits virtual photon, and stops (= only rest mass energy, mc2 ).

When total energy and momentum are conserved, the mass squared of this virtual photon is always negative ( see detail ).

As you see, the current Einstein relativity not only depends on unreal virtual particles, but also includes fatal paradox, so useless.

So students all over the world are taught wrong science, pay tuition, and their career is destroyed.

Why university's research is useless ?

[ Harvard  'electron density wave'  model lacks reality. ]

(Ha-1)  The present physics avoids "clear mechanism" !  

Worthless university degree is the biggest problem all over the world now.  I'm frustrated universities hide truth and flaw, controlling the media.

The problem is whether the current universities are doing useful research ?  A recent Harvard paper deals with "electron density wave" in superconductor.

What the heck is electron ( charge ) density wave ?
They say above some temperature, electrons are trapped in local positive ions.

That's all.  In this charge density wave, electron cannot move freely, losing superconductivity, so useless.

The present physics only shows nonphysical symbol as each particle.
(Anti)ferromagnet model is this, where no more detailed description is seen.

Charge denisty model is just a single abstract equation ( this p.2 ).  Their parameters are just adjusted to experiments.  No ability to predict any values.

University stops at unreal quasiparticle !

[ Superconductor model relies on unreal quasiparticle, so useless. ]

(Ha-2)  ↓Bogoliubov quasiparticle lacks reality.  

In this Fig.1, the present superconducntor model relies on unreal phonon quasiparticle.  This Harvard paper (p.2) relies on Bogoliubov quasiparticle, too.

Relying on "not actual" quasiparticle means the present science stops pursuing the truth !   It hampers all applied science.

Furthermore, this Bogliubov quasiparticle contradicts normal particle.
This quasiparticle consists of creation and annihilation of electrons ( this p.4 ).

So "create + annihilate = zero" is what this quasiparticle is !
The problem is the current superconductor model stops at old BCS model, forever.

Why did we fall into so serious situation ?
It all comes down to unreal (= useless ) wavefunction and faster-than-light spin.

Why Einstein relativity is worthless ?

[ General relativity is too small, doubtful and useless. ]

(Gp-1)  Only 0.01o per century is relativity ?  

Worthless university degree is the most serious problem all over the world now.  Einstein is still celebrated in university, even after 100 years have passed.

The point is whether Einstein relativity is really worth teaching for exorbitant tuition ?  His black hole, faster-than-light Big Bang are useless.

In fact, all topics in Einstein relativity is just a waste of time.
For example, advance of Mercury's perihelion is useful for our daily life ?

They say general relativity can explain a slight change (= 0.01o per 100 years ! )  But this change is too small to believe, so useless, despite the media-hype.

It's impossible to know correct mass ( distribution ) and shape of each star, which influence this slight change for 100 years !

Also in pulsar, which is 21000 light years away, its orbital change is too small to believe ( only 0.000076 seconds per year ! ).  Of course, these tests are useless for us.

Einstein relativity is useless in GPS.

[ Atmosphere has a greater influence, so relativity is meaningless. ]

(Gp-2)  Without Einstein,  GPS works "correctly".  

So all general relativistic effects made no contribution to us, so worthless to teach.  Gravitational deflection of light is natural due to attracted dusts around stars.

GPS really cannot be available without Einstein relativity ?
They argue GPS needs relativistic correction of only 38 microseconds per day !

This effect is too small to believe. And relativistic clock time cannot avoid fatal twin paradox.  The point is Einstein relativity is useless for GPS.

Because the variable atmosphere (= medium ) around the earth has a great influence on GPS electromagnetic signal and its velocity.

So even if relativity is right, we cannot predict GPS time correction !
So we have to rely on empirical model for correction of variable atmospheric effect.

Or we can use atmospheric time correction in some known location.
So anyway, even if Einstein relativity is right, it's useless for GPS correction.

We have to pay more attention to fatal paradoxes ( this, this ) than too small, doubtful effects above !

Einstein  'electromagnetic'  paradox.

[ Magnetic force contradicts Einstein relativity. ]

(El-1)  Neutral current → "Positive" by observer's movement !  

Unfortunately, Einstein relativity includes fatal paradox.
Relativity is a basis of spin-orbit, fine structure, quantum field.

So while universities accept Einstein, all fields ( ex. biology ) are useless, and students must pay exorbitant tuition for worthless degree !

I'm frustrated no university and media mention true paradox, so people remain ignorant of truth.  Electro magnetic paradox is an good example.

In El-1, magnetic field B is generated around a neutral electric current.
An external charge (+) stops, so it feels neither magnetic nor electric force from the current.

But when an observer moves, he sees the charge "moving" in the opposite.
So this "moving" charge feels Lorentz magnetic force, only when observer moves !

To cancel this magnetic force, the neutral current changes into positive, when observer moves !  = new electric force cancels magnetic force ( this p.2 ).

Observer moves  →  a charge is pulled !

[ A negative charge is attracted, when observer moves !? ]

(El-2)  ↓ Einstein relativity shows "fatal" paradox !   

The point is when an external charge (-) is at the side of the electric wire.
This negative charge is attracted toward positively charged wire, when observer moves !

This is clearly a fatal paradox.  Electric force acting on this negative charge cannot be cancelled by Loretnz magnetic force.

How does special relativity handle this phenomenon ?  Charge (= ρ ) and current (= J ) are Lorentz-transformed ( this p.3 ), which causes positive ρ' from neutral current ( ρ = 0,  J isn't zero ).

But Lorentz transformation of electro (= E ) magnetic (= B ) fields contradicts it.  Parallel electric field (= E|| ) remains zero, even when the current turns positive !

This contradiction originates in magnetic force disobeying Einstein relativity.  So universities must honestly tell students about these paradoxes, before destroying their career.

Social media and "unreal" physics.

[ Unreal concepts survive only inside the media. ]

(Me-1)  How does the media make "unreality" look valuable ?  

Volkswagen recall is a hot topic.  Strangely they mentioned no "detailed way" of fixing car.  There is a rumor that Volkswagen has a big influence on the media.

This affair shows more serious problem. Because also in "science" world, the media may distort physical facts, yielding to big academic power (= money ).

The present physics is filled with unreality ( parallel worlds, extradimension ). It allows useless universities to raise tuition as they like.

What value and meaning do these unreal concepts have ?
What encourage physicists all over the world to continue researching on useless things ?

Unfortuantely, physics prizes and social media ( twitter, youtube, blog ) play important roles in making "unreality" look like "reality".

Public "lecture" and "prize" are meaningful ?

[ Without lecture and prize, these unreal things are "forgotten". ]

(Me-2)  Virtual incentive = lecture, prize, media, journal ..  

Recently many famous physicists often give public lectures ( this, this ).
But now is the internet age !  So everybody can get the latest informations at home.

This means buying tickets for public lectures is meaningless ?  For example, in this lecture, people are interested in Brian Greene himself, NOT fantasy 10 dimensions.

So public lecture is just one of "festivals", NOT a lecture for teaching people detailed physics.  In fact, they never mention unreal aspects and quasiparticle.

Various prizes ( this, this ) were establised to make useless concepts look valuable.  So scientists aim only at "top prizes", not to contribute to our society !

And physicists ( especially "theoretical" ) devote all their energies to the social media ( twitter, blog ) instead of developing physics itself.

This is all due to the "dead-end" and "not-working" basic physics.

Schrödinger and de Broglie wave.

[ Schrödinger equation "secretly" includes "de Broglie" wave. ]

(Sb-1)  ↓de Broglie relation in Schrodinger hydrogen.   

"Quantum mechanics is the most successful theory" is a big lie.
Because this theory cannot predict multi-electron atoms. So useless.

What the heck is Schrodinger equation ?
It's based on two postulates: Coulomb and de Broglie relation.

de Broglie wave relation was confirmed in many experiments ( this, this ).  So Schrodinger equation adopts this de Broglie relation as momentum operator.

Except Schrodinger's de Broglie waves are a little distorted, and lack reality.

An integer times de Broglie wavelength.

[ Schrodinger hydrogen obeys an integer times de Broglie wave ! ]

(Sb-2)  Schrodinger's orbital is n × de Broglie wavelength.   

Historical magic shows Bohr- Sommerfeld model agreed with experimental results and Schrodinger's hydrogen.  Is it a pure coincidence ?

Bohr model's orbit must be an integer times de Broglie wavelength.
Then, Schrodinger's hydrogen also obeys "an integer times de Broglie wavelength" ?

In fact, Schrodinger orbitals also must be an integer times de Broglie wavelength like classical quantum thoery !  See Fig.1,  this last.

"Boundary" condition at both ends ( r= 0,∞ ) in Schrodinger hydrogen corresponds to de Broglie condition ( see this p.11, 12 ).

When we use u = rR as radial wavefunction, de Broglie relation is clearer ( this (3) and this p.3 ).

As you see, Schrodinger hydrogen clearly obeys "n × de Broglie wavelength" !
But its angular momentum = zero is contradictory, so useless as precondition.

Einstein "spooky action" is a big lie.

[ Superluminal entanglement is useless, meaningless, so unreal. ]

(Ns-1)  Unreal spin is another name for two energy levels.  

Today's Nature claims Einstein spooky action was proved (← ? ).
Faster-than-light ?  But we cannot send "real" information superluminally.

So superluminal entanglement, which cannot send information faster-than-light, is useless and meaningless, except for aiming at top journals.

People probably cannot understand what these articles mean ( see this ).
Because the media avoids detailed explanation to hide unreal aspect !

First, electron spin lacks reality, its spinning far exceeds light speed c ( this p.2 )  We cannot see unreal spin.  They just call "two energy levels" spin up, down.

"Long introduction" is often just an "empty talk", repeating the same boring thing ( ex. Einstein episode ). So skip to the middle in these news ( this, this ).

No unreal spin,  No spooky action !  Period.

[ They just detect "light", nothing about spooky "spin". ]

(Ns-2)  ↓There is No superluminal action.  All "classical".  

The imporant thing is they cannot detect unreal spin up and down.
When illuminating an atom, it emits much lights (= photon ? ) only when its energy level is "0" ( this p.3 right ).

So when a detector detects only one photon (= light ), they interpret it as "entangled" state, where one atomic spin is "up (= energy level 0)", another is "down (= energy level 1)".

That's all.  And these atomic spins (= two energy levels ! ) are artificially changed by illuminating them with other lights.

So there is NO mystery in these experiments.  They just adjust each atomic energy level using light ( one is "0" level, another is "1" level ) deliberately.

The present physics is dead-end.  So physicists desperately try to find topics, even if it's unreal, useless ( quasiparticle, quantum computer, symmetry ).

Superluminal link is illusion, caused by stretching meaningless Bell inequality.
And this is one of reasons why universities waste money in useless things.

'Photon is particle or wave ?'  is dead-end.

[ How long will the media continue "fruitless" question ? ]

(Ph-1)  Electromagnetic wave = a photon particle ?  

I wonder why the media and universities avoid the "heart of problems".  They don't mention inconvenient facts and flaws of the present physics !

It reminds me of Volkswagen recall, where the media mention only unrelated episode, nothing about the "detailed way" of fixing car, which owners want to know first.

The same thing can be said about "what the shape of a single photon ?".  So "wave-particle duality" remains a mystery to ordinary people, forever.

Also about quantum computer, the media avoids truth, so people cannot know it well.  It's easy just to say it will be realized "someday" to collect money.

We cannot see a photon (= light ? ) directly.  They just imagine a photon only from photoelectric effect, where only "ejected electron" can be measured.

"Light frequency (= c/wavelength ! ) means a photon is just electromagnetic wave.  "First photon capture ?" turned out to be media- hype.

Photon is a formless symbol,  forever.

[ A photon is a single math symbol with NO shape.  Period. ]

(Ph-2)  ↓ Wave or particle debate is meaningless.  

In fact, "photon is a particle or wave ?" has made NO progress since 1920 !  The media just repeat the same thing ( 2011, 2012, 2014 ) to attract people.

It is said a photon can be described by Feynman QED. But this theory just shows a photon as a formless math symbol (= a ).  Period.

Electron is also an useless symbol.  About interaction between photon and electron, they just put unsubstantial symbols side by side.  Period.

Within quantum mechanics, this decription of a photon doesn't change.  It means the debate and news on "photon is a particle or wave ?" remain fruitless.

As I said, the present dead-end science allows "useless universities" to raise their tuition as they like, and it is a hotbed of education scam !

Schrödinger  "distorts"  de Broglie relation !

[ Quantum theory uses de Broglie relation,  but "distorts" it ! ]

(Db-1)  de Broglie reltion = derivative + wavefunction.  

I'm afraid "distrust of the media" is increasing now ( ex. false advertising ).
Science is not a exception.  "Quantum mechanics is real !" is a big lie.

In de Broglie relation, electron's momentum (= p ) is equal to h/λ ( λ = wavelength ), which was experimentally confirmed ( this, this ).

So Schrodinger equation adopted this de Broglie relation as "derivative" form.
Momentum operator (= derivative of wavefunction ) links p and λ.

Of course, when momentum p is zero, its square p2 must be zero, too.
Db-1 shows a case of a wavefunction being basic "cos" or "sin" form.

First and second derivatives mean momentum p and p2, respectively.
When its wavelength λ is infinite, both p and its square p2 are zero.

This is quite natural.  Bohr model using the same de Broglie relation also agreed with experimental results.

Momentum p is not zero, but its square p2 = 0 !?

[ Second derivative ( p2 ) = 0,  first derivative (= p ) is not zero ! ]

(Db-2)  ↓ Quantum mechanical wavefunction is unreal.  

The problem is quantum mechanical wave functions distort original de Broglie relation.  Db-2 is hydrogen 2p radial wavefunction ( this, this last ).

This site (3) shows de Broglie derivative is valid in radial direction.
"2p" wavefunction has unreal negative kinetic energy on both sides.

Left side is due to increased tangential kinetic energy, right side is due to increased potential energy.  To cancel them, radial kinetic energy must be negative !

On these boundaries, the second derivative is zero ( p2 = 0 ), but first derivative is not zero ( p is not zero ) !  This is ridiculous.

It's quite natural that when p is zero, its square p2 is zero, too !
So quantum mechanics distorts original de Broglie relation, and uses wrong math !

The present physics is filled with unreality, and Einstein relativity ignores true paradox.  It is a origin of "higher education scam" !

Spintronics ? = higher education scam.

[ Electron spin lacks reality, its spinning far exceeds light speed ! ]

(Ha-1)  Spin magnet is too weak to explain ferromagnet.  

Higher education scam is the biggest problem all over the world now.
You may think Spintronics and excitonics are useful (← ? ) for your career.

But almost nobody knows electron spin lacks reality !
Its spinning far exceeds light speed ( see this p.2 ).

You may hear spin is tiny magnet with the magnitude of Bohr magneton.
But this is not true, and disagrees with experiment.

Spin-spin magnetic interaction is too weak to explain actual ferromagnet.  See this p.6 this p.7.  Spin can be replaced by more realistic model.

Then, what the heck does this Harvard's spin model mean ?

Spin model remains useless since 1920.

[ Spin interaction ? is just abstract symbol with NO reality. ]

(Ha-2)  ↓ Spin-spin interaction model is nonphysical.  

If spin is real, we can use it as "useful tool" to predict anything.
But we cannot.  This paper uses "Heisenberg" spin model ( this p.3 ).

But this Heisenberg spin model is too old, which was introduced in 1920s, because spin magnetic interaction is too weak to explain actual material ( this p.2 ).

The problem is this spin model just puts nonphysical symbols side by side.
Parameter J is arbitrarily chosen.  J > 0 = antiferromagnet, J < 0 = ferromagnet.

That's all.  And this very old style (= JSS, S = spin ) has not changed since 1920s !  Because electron spin lacks reality, which has to rely only on nonphysical symbols, forever.

This interaction J is just a "fitting parameter" or depends on DFT ( this p.2 ).
This DFT is not first-principle, which depends on freely-chosen functionals.

So commercial universites must stop "misleading advertisement" at once, and reduce their exorbitant tuition !

University must stop "useful" fraud.

[ The present physics only shows "formless" symbol as a particle. ]

(Ne-1)  Electron, photon are unsubstantial math symbols.  

What shape is a single photon ?  Long answer is unnecessary.
A photon is just abstract, formless math symbol ( a = photon ).

All the present physics can do is two simple actions, create and annihilate each particle, which has NO ability to describe actual complex phenomena.

So physicists concentrated on making artificial quasiparticle = NOT actual particle.  Exciton is one of these unreal quasiparticles.

Universities ( this, this ) repeatedly claim this fictitious exciton may be useful (← ? ) for future solar cell and nanotechnology.

But it's impossible.  Because these quasiparticles remain "NOT actual" particle.  If they pursued truth, they would NOT have made artificial quasiparticle from the start !

The problem is universities make students pay exorbitant tuition fee.
So teaching useless concepts as fake promising "science" is unforgivable.

Quasiparticle is unreal, formless symbol.

[ Quasiparticle is just a "trick" using meaningless symbols. ]

(Ne-2)  Quasiparticle = trick with nonphysical symbols.  

Top journal Nature still deals with unreal quasiparticle, though I repeatedly criticized them ( this, this ).  So the present science stops in solid physics.

Quasiparticle "exciton" is just a pair of electron (= c ) and its hole (= β ).
NO physical shape in this nonphysical symbol ( this p.2, this (8) ).

Polariton is also unreal quasiparticle.  Polariton consists of a pair of exciton and photon ( this (15) , this (12) ).  That's all. It's not a modern physics !

In this way, all the present physics can do is make artificial quasiparticles ( this, this ).  So useless.  People are deceived, because universities hide truth !

This is the reason "fantasy many worlds" and "faster-than-light Big Bang" are dominant in the present physics, destroying students' future.

Einstein bends rigid rod without touching it ?

[ Observer can bend rigid rod just by moving !? ]

(Ep-1)  Different clock times in different positions.   

Einstein relativity is NOT successful theory at all.
People are "brainwashed" by them ( this, this ).

They hide true paradoxes ( electromagnet, force, GPS ) and unreal concepts.

A straight rigid rod is moving along a square frame as shown in Ep-1 left.
But special relativity claims this rigid rod is bent when the observer is moving !

In Lorentz transformation, clock times (= t' ) seen from moving observer are different in different positions ( x = 0, 1 ) under the same t (= time from rest observer ).

For this time t' to be the same, we have to adopt smaller t (= past ) in the position x = 1.  So moving observer sees the past event in the right position ( Ep-1 right ).

When the rod is moving only in one (= horizontal ) direction, this rod is Lorentz contracted, related to different clocks.

When the rod is moving in two directions (= first vertical, later horizontal ), it is bent from moving observer !  So Einstein can bend rigid rod just by moving !

Einstein can change "future" of the rod ?

[ "Block" without touching the rod can change the rod shape ! ]

(Ep-2)  "Block" changes the rod "future" direction.   

The problem is that the only right part of the rod has NOT arrived at the turning point.  So this rod doesn't know whether there is some obstacle in the turning point.

If we insert some "block" in the turning point before the rod (= right part ) has arrived there, the whole rod cannot turn to the left, because the rod is rigid.

This means, the instant we insert a block, even the left horizontal part of the rod turns upward, though the block doesn't touch the rod !  See the detail.

This is clearly a fatal paradox.  It's caused by strange relativistic "time change" in moving observer.

In special relativtiy, Lorentz transformation is everyhing, which can bend any rigid rod, when the observer is moving without touching it !

When the rod is moving in two different directions, the fatal paradox is made clear.  So universities must reduce exorbitant tuition, when they teach "unreality".

Nobel prize is "final goal",  useless after it ?

[ What is important ?  "Getting Nobel prize" really matters ? ]

(No-1)  ↓"Unreal" concepts remain useless after Nobel prize !  

What's the most important ?  Getting Nobel prize ?  Top journals ?

I'm grieved that Nobel prize is the only goal of the present physics which lacks reality !  If some concept is real, it will be useful for our daily lives someday.

Though Higgs got Nobel prize, this elusive particle made NO contribution to us, because Higgs "boson" doesn't give mass, Higgs "field" (← NOT found ! ) does.

Big Bang got Nobel prize. But its faster-than-light expansion lacks reality and useless, because the earth and Sun are not expanding !

Black hole got Nobel prize, but it's impossible to see black hole from the earth due to severe time dilation.  So "falling into black hole" is meaningless.

Dark matter accounts for 30 % of our universe?  But we neither see nor detect it, except as doubtful "missing energy" like SUSY. So useless forever.

Gravitational wave is too faint to be useful, and its pseudotensor contradicts relativity and energy conservation ! So unreal.

Extradimension, inflation causing multiverse are unreal, useless, forever.

Unreal "condensed matter" after Nobel prize.

[ Fictional quasiparticle, spin remain useless after Nobel prize ! ]

(No-2)  Fractional charge "anyon" remain unreal, useless.  

Quantum mechanics lacks reality.  Electron spin far exceeds light speed ( this p.2 ).   Anyon = fractional charge is unreal quasiparticle. But it got Nobel prize !

The serious problem is physicists stop asking what these unreal quasiparticles are, forever !  They just concentrate on new artificial quasiparticles ( this, this ).

Much more serious problem is ordinary people don't know the present physics is filled with fictional quasiparticles, because the media and universities hide it !

Topological insulator is strong Nobel candidate.  But it's filled with unreal quasiparticles such as massless fermion, monopole and Majorana.

So physicists aim only at Nobel prize, NOT trying to put it to practical use !  This is what the present physics is.

If basic physics remains unreal and useless, all other applied science remains useless, and unable to cure fatal disease.

And this is the main reason of mismatch in the labor market after graduating university !   Good decision to stop harmful telescope.

Quantum computer is "hocus-pocus" !

[ Quantum computer is just a fiction exaggerated by the media ! ]

(NQ-1)  Quantum computer = only two bits, useless.  

Though the media repeatedly say "quantum computer will outperform a supercomputer someday !", it consists only of two bits in recent Nature.

So quantum computer is far from practical.  The media should stop using misleading words such as " full-scale", "breakthrough", "step closer to quantum computer" !

It will cause "distrust of the media", I'm afraid.
Quantum computer can only calculate 3 × 5 = 15 with 50 % error.  Useless.

D-Wave quantum computer turned out to be NOT faster than classic computer.  Quantum computer was originally made up as "camouflage" target of unreal quantum mechanics.

In this paper (p.7), each bit consists of two energy levels, which can survive only 60 μs (= T2 ).  This extremely short lifetime shows it is impractical forever.

Faster-than-light "spinning" is unreal.

[ Electron spin is unreal, cannot agree with experiments. ]

(NQ-2)  "Spin" in quantum computer is misleading.  

This paper claims they used electron spinning "up" and "down" as a bit.  But spin lacks reality, it far exceeds light speed ( this p.2 ) !

If they really used electron spin, they could control them using only magnetic field. But they controlled "spin" by electric field via exchange force ( this middle ).

"Electric-controlled spin" is NOT real spin, because spin is magnet.  They just artificially defined some "two energy levels" as spin up and down.

Furthermore, spin "singlet" "triplet" exchange interaction, which are much stronger, have nothing to do with spin magnetism ( this p.6 ).

Though spin g factor must be "2", they changed the g-factor electrically ( this Fig.2 ).  So this Nature's spin is NOT real spin but just "virtual" spin.

Spin magnetism is too weak to explain Pauli exclusion principle, so it cannot be used as useful axiom.

Universities must stop forcing blogger to spread "imaginary" quantum computer, and must reduce exorbitant tuition, if they mislead students !

We want to know "physics",  No more "episode" !

[ The media doesn't explain why neutrino oscillation means "mass" ! ]

(pN-1)  Neutrino penetrating the earth "decreases".   

Nobel prize physics was given to "neutrino oscillation (= change ) implying it has mass."  Neutrino traveling at light speed was thought to be massless.

But even if you see various news ( this, this, this ), you propably cannot see why neutrino oscillation means "neutrino has mass".

Because the media and universities try to report only "unrelated episode" and career of Nobel laureates,  NOT "physics mechanism" itself !

Neutrino can pass through the earth.  But the detector found neutrino penetrating the earth decreases compared to that from above ( this p.2,  this middle ).

Neutrino from Sun also decreases, too.  It is natural that neutrino decreases after traveling a long way !

But they interpret this phenomenon as "neutrino change (= oscillation )", and argue it's due to fictional "neutrino mass", making artificial, ungrounded assumption !

So "neutrino mass" is far-fetched interpretation, lacking physical grounds, different from other real "electron mass".

"Neutrino = a particle with mass" is unrealistic !

[ Accelerating neutrino to light speed needs "infinite" force !? ]

(pN-2)  Neutrino with mass can penetrate the earth ?   

Neutrino is "ghost-like", and can pass through even the earth !  Thinking commonsensically, it's impossible that a particle with mass can penetrate the entire Earth.

Neutrino cannot stop, it always travels at light speed or a little faster than light.  If so, the instant a neutrino is produced, it is accelerated to the light speed ?

This sudden acceleration needs "infinite" force !  So impossible.
Neutrino is thought to be some high energy wave like electromagnetic wave.

"Neutrino = wave" can naturally explain why it always travels at light speed through the common medium and easily passes through the earth.

All the present physics can show is nonphysical math symbol as neutrino ( this p.18 ) and interaction.

As long as the present physics and Nobel prize avoid the concrete picture of neutrino and particle, our science stops, making universities useless !

Neutrino oscillation means it has mass ?  Really ?

[ The present physics "avoids" the concrete picture of neutrino ! ]

(Neu-1)  Neutrino penetrating the earth is "wave" !   

This year's Nobel prize physics is given to neutrino oscillation, which means neutrino has mass ?  Unfortunately, this interpretation is "far-fetched".

Nobel comment " Standard model is incredibly successful" is very doubtful, because it has NOT been proved in our real world ( only inside "virtual" accelerator. ) !

First, what the heck is neutrino ?  Neutrino always travels at light speed and passes through the earth easily !  Though neutrino cannot stop, it really has "mass" !?

Unstable muon decays into an electron and "muon neutrino (= νμ)".  When neutron decays into proton, it emits electron neutrino (= νe ).

Considering neutrino penetrating the earth, we can think neutrino is some "wave" rather than a particle with mass !

All the presetn physics shows is abstract math symbol (= Majorana ) as neutrino which lacks concrete physical picture !

"Neutrino change (= oscillation ) = mass" is artificial !

[ ↓ This assumption is very artificial and does NOT show reality ! ]

(Neu-2)  ↓ Neutrino oscillation = mass ?     

Standard model claims if we observe neutrino oscillation (= the kinds of neutrino change ), it means neutrino has mass (← ? ).  But this is based on very artificial assumption !

They claim each neutrino consists of different neutrinos (= ν1 and ν2 ).
So the probability that neutrinos change ( νe → νμ ) is shown in Neu-2 below ( this p.4 ).

The total energy difference (= E1 - E2 ) is equal to their mass difference (= Δm ).  So they claim when there is "neutrino mass difference", the probability of neutrino change is NOT zero.

As you see, this assumtion of Neu-2 is very artificial, and lacks physical grounds !
The present physics cannot show concrete figures of each particle and transition !

It is natural that some neutrino (= high energy wave ) changes its property, when it moves the long way.  So the concept of "neutrino mass" is nonsense and artificial definition.

Rethink unreal quantum mechanics. -- Nobel

[ Faster-than-light "spin" + parallel worlds = quantum mechanics ! ]

(Re-1)  Angular momentum = zero → crash ?    

In Schrodinger equation, angular momentum of s orbital is zero, which means the electrons always crash into the nucleus !  Impossible.

Universities pursue only "fantasy" parallel worlds in quantum wavefunctions ( this, this ).  It is useless.  "First-principle" is a big lie.

They created artificial spin to explain magnetism. But this "spin" lacks reality, its spinning speed is faster than light ( this p.2 ) !

Surprisingly, fine structure can be explained by Sommerfeld model without spin.  They call its agreement "histroical magic".

Spin is too weak to explain Pauli exclusion principle, ferromagnet ( this p.6 ) and alkali doublet.  So they completely disagree with experiment !

So they escaped into unsubstantial symbol, quasiparticle, symmetry and "pie in the sky" quantum computer.   Higgs lacks reality, it's only inside the media.

But we are brainwashed into believing quantum mechanics is real.  It's terrible !

Rethink strange Einstein relativity. -- Nobel

[ Virtual photon, 10 dimensions,  faster-than-light Big bang ! ]

(Re-2)  A square of mass is negative ! = virtual photon.    

Almost nobody knows there is fatal paradox ( this, this ) in Einstein relativity.  Surprisingly, a square of mass in virtual photon (= Coulomb force ) is negative.

The only theory of everyhing is 10 dimensional string theory.
Faster-than-light expansion (= Big bang ) is just "fiction".

It's impossible that black hole is formed within finite time !  So physicists all over the world waste their time in imaginary paradox, tempting new victims.

If Nobel prize is given to these theories, new students are forced to pay exorbitant tuition and suffer mismatch in the labor market.

I ask universities and the media to tell people the truth about the present physics lacking reality ( ex. quasiparticle ).

Nobel prize "hampers" curing fatal disease ?

[ "First-principle" method is a big lie. It cannot predict anything ! ]

(Fp-1)  "First-principle" DFT is misleading.    

Now many patients are suffering from serious diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer, ALS.  Knowing concrete electrons' behavior is vital for curing fatal diseases.

It's regrettable that quantum mechanics is useless, turned to "philosophy" = unreal parallel worlds ( this , this ), rather than practical physics.

The problem is ordinary people are deceived into believing quantum mechanis is most successful.  Because the media and universities repeat it many times.

To put quantum mechanics to use, Schrodinger equation has to predict molecular behavior.  "First-principle" density functional theory (= DFT ) is used in molecules.

Though universities ( this p.3 ) claim this DFT is very successful (← ? ), it's completely untrue and misleading people !

In DFT, "electron interaction" part is unknown ( this p.2 ), so we have to choose different functionals suitable for each situation.

There are "infinite" options in these functionals, so it can substantially predict NO values.  So useless.

DFT relies on freely-selected functions  ← useless !

[ First-principle DFT just chooses functionals which fit experiments ! ]

(Fp-2)  Freely-chosen functionals predict nothing !    

Nobel prize for DFT was inevitable, I think.  Because there were NO other theories than quantum mechanics in the era of NO computers.

The problem is the name of first-principle ( or ab-initio ) is misleading people !
"First-principle" means they can predict actual values only from original theories.

Many arbitrary functionals were invented in DFT, and someone always found a case where they fail ( this p.17 ).  So there is NO successful functional so far.

DFT is NOT first-principle at all, but just empirical, which can predict nothing ( this p.23 ).

Even now, physicists rely on this useless DFT as "first-principle" in topological insulator and spin Hall.  It relates to unreal quasiparticle.

As I said, there are only classical (= real ) orbits (+ de Broglie wave ), which can predict multi-electron atomic behavior concretely with the help of computers.

You know this↓ before Nobel prize ?

[ The present physics is unreal and useless, forever ! ]

(Nc-1)  Quantum field theory, Higgs are unreal.    

After Nobel prize for Higgs, various news and book argued Higgs doesn't exist.  Because Higgs boson is unseen, untouchable and unsubstantial.  Where is Higgs ?

Though this Nobel prize spurred plans for new collider ( this, this ), I bet it will turn out to waste our tax and destroy environment, like Hawaii telescope.

What irritates me is there is very wide discrepancy between the media and actual physics !  Everyone knows "God particle", but they don't know what Higgs is.

All quantum theory can do is two simple actions, create and annihilate each electron and photon.  So there is NO room to develop this theory in this abstract math.

This is the reason physicists turned to nonphysical symmetry, which is artificial rule where equations need to be invariant under phase transformation.

To keep this invariance, they introduced Higgs ( this p.10 ).  There is NO physical grounds for this ( gauge ) symmetry.  So Higgs based on it is nonphysical, too.

Condensed matter physics lacks reality, too.

[ All the present physics can do is line up meaningless symbols. ]

(Nc-2)  ↓ Electron - phonon (= quasiparticle ) interaction.    

News sites of university tend to show only colorful pictures, but the present condensed matter physics is just a list of meaningless symbols of unreal quasiparticles.

I often see questions, "How Higgs, photon and electron interact ?", "Why dark matter doesn't collide with other particles ? " in various sites.

The answer to these questions is "they interact through interaction term.", "dark matter doesn't have these terms."  That's all.  This is what the present physics is.

They just place abstract operators side by side, and call them "interaction".
The last term of Nc-2 is interaction between electron and phonon ( this p.2 ).

As you see, it's impossible to apply this abstract physics to practical science !
This useless science causes skill mismatch after graduating university.

So universities must reduce exorbitant tuition ( this, this ) drastically, if they stick to useless science !

Why Einstein's revolutionary equation is wrong ?

[ Einstein mc2 requires "force F change" → paradox ! ]

(Nt-1)  Balanced scales lean to the right in moving frame !   

Recently Nobel prize twitter praised Einstein mass energy equation.
Unfortunately, this comment is misleading. It is NOT revolution at all.

Because they don't mention true paradox of Einstein relativity, like electromagnetism and rigid body paradox !

Hiding paradox caused unreal virtual particle, 10 dimensions, asymptotic freedom through this.  They don't mention useless symmetry.

Einstein mass energy relation is "artificial", NOT deduced from Lorentz transformation.  Because it requires the change of forces F only in y direction.

Ordinary people don't know about this artificial "force change" causing paradox.  This force F is real ( ordinary ) force, not "four-force".  See this last and this p.15.

Only when an obeserver is moving (= Nt-1 right ), balanced scales lean to the right, because force Fy changes !  This is one of true paradoxes universities hide.

Antiparticle violates basic physical rules !

[ Antiparticles disobey energy and momentum conservation ! ]

(Nt-2)  Energy is NOT conserved by Coulomb energy.   

Though they say pair production of antimatter proved Einstein mc2, this is NOT true !  Energy from antiparticle can be replaced by electron capture in PET.

The reason why antiparticles are unreal is they disobey energy and momentum conservation !  They say antiparticle is created through pair production from "light".

When the energy of incident light is above the threshold (= 2 × mc2 = rest mass energy ), a pair of electron and positron is created. Because the total energy is conserved ( 2mc2 = mc2 + mc2 ).

But they forget "Coulomb energy" between new electron and positron !  The moment a pair of electron and positron is produced, their opposite charges attract each other !

Due to this Coulomb energy, the total energy is NOT conserved ( 2mc2 = mc2 + mc2 - Coulomb ! ).  So it's impossible to create antiparticle from neutral electromagnetic waves !

If Nobel prize endorses violating basic physical rules, all applied science is unreal and useless.  Universities must reduce exorbitant tuition, if they teach "unreality" !

Why is "Spin" useless ?

[ If 'spin' is real,  we can predict anything by spin.  But we cannot. ]

(Pl-1)  Two axioms → prediction ?   

The present quantum physics is based on two axioms, Schrodinger equation and Pauli exclusion principle.

If these two axioms are true, we can predict any physical values using these axioms ?  Unfortunately, the present physics cannot be used in applied science.

Quantum mechanics cannot predict multi-electron atoms, which means there are some defects and "contradiction" in these two axoims.

This is the reason physicists create unreal quasiparticle using useless symbols.  The problem is ordinary people don't know the present physics lacks reality !

Commercial universities waste ample funds extorted from exorbitant tuition only in advertising fiction.  Because real science is gone.

In fact, Higgs, black hole, Big bang are all unsubstantial and exist only inside the media !  So people believe "fiction" fabricated by university and the media !

This is what the present science is.  It's filled with "deception".
Nobel prize should NOT be used to spread these fictions misleading students !

Spin disagrees with experiment  ← NOT axiom !

[ Spin magnetic energy contradicts Pauli exclusion principle. ]

(Pl-2)  Spin magnetic dipole energy is too weak !   

One basic axiom, spin lacks reality. Faster-than-light if spinning ( this p.2 ) !  Furthermore, this spin magnetic moment cannot explain various experimental facts.

If "spin" disagrees with experiment, it cannot be used as "axiom" to predict any values.  The third electron of Li is excluded from 1s by Pauli exclusion principle.

This Pauli repulsive force is as strong as Coulomb ( > 30 eV ).  But they try to explain this Pauli exclusion by "spin" direction ( ↑ ↓ ).  It's insane and impossible !

Because spin-spin magnetic energy is too weak (= only 0.0001 eV, see this p.6 )  So whatever happens, "spin" can never cause strong Pauli exclusion repulsion.

Not only Pauli exclusion but also ferromagnetism is too strong to be caused by weak spin - spin interaction.  See this p.7, this p.7.

Also in spin-orbit coupling and spin Hall, experimental results disagrees with theories !  So this "spin" axiom doesn't work, and cannot predict any values.

Nobel committee should clarify Pauli exclusion !

[ Pauli exclusion principle is due to "anticommute" ( aa + aa = 0 ) ? ]

(Pa-1)  The present physics cannot clarify Pauli exclusion !    

In Pauli exclusion principle, the same spins ( ex. up, up ) cannot enter the same orbital.  So the third electron of lithium is excluded from 1s orbital into 2s.

This repulsive force is too strong to be caused by weak spin magnetic moment.
So they introduced new "exchange force".  What the heck is this "exchange" force ?

Ordinary people don't know all the present physics can do is two simple actions: create and annihilate each electron !  That's all, so useless.

They argue Pauli exclusion "force" is due to "anticommute" of two electron symbols ( this p.3, this #4 ).  " aa+aa=0 " is Pauli exchange force.  ← NOT physics !

Nobel prize should clarify this "Pauli exclusion force" to develop applied science, rather than "fictional" black hole, 10 dimensional string, Big bang !

It's good Thomson reuter removed topological insulator and spin Hall from Nobel candidate, because unreal quasiparticle and quantum computer hamper science !

Lamb shift is NOT by unrealistic quantum trick !

[ Aritificial QED trick ( ∞ = ∞ + α ) is nonsense, unphysical ! ]

(La-1)  Lamb shift at n = 2 is fine structure at n = 3 !    

Lamb shift got Nobel prize, and they say it's explained by QED theory.  But as Dirac and Feynman attacked it as "hocus-pocus", QED is artificial trick, NOT physics !

Hiding truth and cheating people of exorbitant tuition with the slogan "technology" is unforgivable.  The present quantum theory lacks realtiy.

In fact, this small Lamb shift splitting can be explained by Bohr-Sommerfeld fine structure !  Lamb's electron bombardment method is NOT accurate.

Lamb himself admitted many parameters are based on very optimistic assumptions ( this p.10 ) and a half of transition lines were missing ( this p.13 right ).

The latest result is based on saturation spectroscopy removing Doppler shift.
Artificial selection rule leaves only n = 3 → n = 2 transition as Lamb shift ( n = 2 ) measurement.

Using Sommerfeld fine structure equation, you find this Lamb shift at n = 2 is just equal to n=3 l=3 → n=2 l=2 transition in old quantum model !

Considering unreal spin contradicts experimental results, Lamb shift does NOT support fantasy quantum theory.

Why "Spintronics" is useless and fiction ?

[ "Spin" is unreal and artificial just to fit the facts ! ]

(Sp-1)  "Spin" also has Bohr magneton !  Why ?   

The present science stops and pursues only fiction.  Even down-to-earth solid-physics is based on unreal quasiparticle.  It leads to preventing curing disease !

People and corporation are deceived into throwing money into "fiction", spintronics and quantum computer !   Faster-than-light "spin" lacks reality.

It's known that hydrogen has magnetism equal to "Bohr magneton", predicted by Bohr model.  Quantum mechanics replaced it with unrealistic "spin".

Like historical magic of fine structure, this electron spin has Bohr magneton, too !  See this p.2.  Though "spin" has nothing to do with Bohr model.

Angular momentums of "orbital" and "spin" are "1" and "1/2", respectively.
This "1/2" was artificially defined only for complicated specral lines of Na.

Then they defined spin g-factor as "2" to compensate for 1/2 such that spin and orbital magnetic moments are both equal to one Bohr magneton !  See this p.2.

This artificial distortion is the present physics !  If Nobel prize is given to topological insulator using "spin", our science will be paralyzed for long time !

There is NO experimental proof of "Spin" !

[ There are NO direct reliable data of anomalous Zeeman effect ! ]

(An-1)  H, Li atoms = normal Zeeman.  Only Na = spin ?    

Nobel prize candidates includes spin Hall effect with "relativistic" spin-orbit coupling.  But "faster-than-light spin" lacks reality, so it's undesirable.

They say anomalous Zeeman effect proved the existence of "spin". But all you can find is "sodium" case ( see this p.3 ) !  Because there are NO other reliable data for doubtful spin !

Na lines may be due to inner electrons ( n=1,2 ), NOT spin.  H and Li atoms show normal Zeeman (= Paschen-Back, see this last ), except fine structure.

There is NO quantitive analysis of this Na splitting interval based on Lande g factor !  You can find only more complicated atoms ( Hg p.4 or Fe p.7 ).

K atom has neither direct nor indirect estimated g-factor (= gJ, this p.9 ).  Direct Rb measurement showed discrepancy between theory and experiment ( this table II ).

So there are NO direct reliable results of Lande g-factor (= anomalous Zeeman effect ), meaning electron "spin" is doubtful with NO proof.

Why "spin-orbit coupling" is fantasy ?

[ Sodium D-line is "too big" for spin-orbit interaction ! ]

(An-2)  Na+ ion effective charge is +e → +3.5e !?    

Historical magic showed Bohr-Sommerfeld model completely agreed with experimental fine structure lines, though it has NO spin !

In fact, Sodium (= Na ) D line is NOT spin-orbit coupling !
Because spin-orbit coupling is too weak to cause large Na D line splitting energy !

Hydrogen D line splitting is only 0.00004 eV, and Na D line splitting is very large, 0.0021 eV !  This Na large splitting requires that charge of the whole Na+ ion must be +3.5e !

Of course, the whole single Na+ ion must be close to +e.  This +3.5e is unrealistically large, so spin-orbit coupling is NOT happening in Na !

To be precise, effective charge of Na+ is about +1.8e based on first ionization energy.  Because wider gaps of n=2 electron shell make positive charge a little larger.

Other alkali have bigger splitting energy. So effective charge of single K+ or Rb+ ions must be +5.9e or +10.0e instead of +e !  "Spin" is even more impossible !

Quantum theory shows D line splitting is proportional to Z4/n3 ( Z = effective charge, n = energy level ).  See this last, this p.7. Using them, you can compute Z.

Universities ( this, this ) must admit unreal " spintronics" is useless, and reduce exorbitant tuition now !

Why "real" Bohr-Sommerfeld is forgotten ?

[ Fine structure agreed with Bohr-Sommerfeld model ! ]

(So-1)  Bohr-Sommerfeld = quantum mechanics !?    

In Nobel lecture ( p.1 last ) of Lamb, they say "fine structure splitting by spin-orbit interaction agreed with Sommerfeld's 1916 theory."  This is amazing.

Because Bohr-Sommerfeld model doesn't have unrealistic spin !  See this last.
Why did such a amazing agreement between Sommerfeld and quantum mechanics happen !?

In Historical magic ( p.2, 3 ), Einstein said "Bohr-Sommerfeld model must be right! It's a tremendous result !"  Why we don't know this Sommerfeld's great work ?

Later, Einstein and Schrodinger himself rejected ridiculous quantum mechanics in which a thing can be in two places at once, when we don't see it.

The media and universities tampered with real physics history, hiding inconvenient facts to justify their exorbitant tuition by force !

This is the reason almost NO people know that Bohr-Sommerfeld model completely agreed with experimental fine structure, and later Dirac theory "emulated" it.

Lamb shift is so small that we cannot see its line directly. Its experiment is based on "artificial" and ad-hoc assumptions.

When will we stop thinking "fantasy" black hole ?

[ "Unseen" black hole is waste of "infinite" time and money ! ]

(Nb-1)  " Time stop " forbids black hole formation !    

Hypothetical black hole swallows everything, so it's impossble to see black hole.  They just imagine fictional black hole only from x ray fluctuation ( this p.5 )

Black hole is so far away that we cannot see matters rotating (← ? ) around black hole.  If x ray fluctuation means some "luminary" oscillating on its axis, black hole is unnecessary !

It takes infinite time for black hole to be formed, because time stops on the surface of black hole. So theoretically, black hole does NOT exist now ( see this, this #2 )

Though today's Nature reports "fictional" black hole, its research is making NO progress, NO value except as the media's topic ( see 1979, 1990, 2000, 2015 )

Statesman should notice that wasting tax in "fiction" and imposing exorbitant tuition on promising students will ruin countries.

Unfortunately Nobel prize for unreal black hole stimulated physicists all over the world to waste their precious time in meaningless paradox !

Universities and the media must honestly admit black hole doesn't exist, gravitational waves (= pseudotensor ) contradictis Einstein relativity.

Quantum computer is "pie in the sky" forever.

[ University and the media made "illusion" to make money ! ]

(Qc-1)  If Nobel prize is given to "illusory" concept ..    

What irritates me is that universities and the media exaggerate "pie-in-the-sky" quantum computer, mislead people and corporation into investing money in "illusion" !

Though they repeat "steps closer to quantum computer !", it will never be of practical use.  D-Wave turned out to be NOT faster than classic PC.

Due to the media-hype, people don't know the fact that all quantum computer can do is too simple calculation: 15 = 3 × 5 with 50 % error !  ← Useless.

Because quantum computer is NOT "computer" yet.  It consists only of several bits !  It easily breaks within microseconds !

Since quantum computer cannot do practical calculation, it's impossible to determine whether they are faster or slower, forever !

In other words, university and blogger can continue claiming "ultrafast quantum computer will be realized someday !", knowing it'll never happen.

"Quantum computer" is abused as "illusory target" of unreal quasiparticle ( this p.28 ).  So if Nobel prize is given to "camouflage" target, many people will be misled !

Why is unreal magnetic monopole needed ?

[ Artificial monopole "quasiparticle" for meaningless symmetry ? ]

(Mo-1)  Monopole "quasiparticle" is unreal.    

The present physics can do nothing but two simple actions: create or annihilate each particle with NO reality.  This is the reason university is useless for its tuition.

But people don't know this fact, because the media and university team up to hide truth (= fatal paradox,  useless quantum mechanics,  fake first-principle ... )

Under this math (= NOT physics ! ), all they can do is aim at meaningless symmetry.  Magnetic monopole is fiction with only one magnetic pole.

But physicists try to create artificial monopole quasiparticle, which is NOT actual particle ( see this p.5 )  Why they try to create fictional quasiparticle ?

Because the present physics has gone the wrong way, all they can do is make up "artificial" condition and rule, which fit wrong theories, by force !

Meaningless symmetry between "magnetic" and "electric" is needed for unreal 10 dimensional string and grand unified theory.  That's all. NOT physics !

"Fictional" magnetic monopole  ← Nobel prize ?

[ Fictional Berry monopole → massless Dirac quasiparticle ! ]

(Mo-2)  ↓Topological insulator lacks reality !    

Fictional monopole is needed to explain conventional theory, even if it is wrong.  So they introduced fictional magnetic field (= Berry phase ) in momentum space.

Relying on fictional phase ( this,  this p.21 ) means the present physics has collapsed !  But it's Nobel prize candidate with useless topological insulator !

Even the latest solid physics relies on fictional monopole ( this middle picture,  this p.4 ).  So the current universities waste money in unreal quasiparticles !

Artificial monopole in topological insulator is a hotbed of unreal quasiparticle and faster-than-light spin.  They must rely on "real" particle, NOT fiction !

They can choose convenient phase condition to explain Hall effect, abusing its unreality ( see this p.5 ).

If Nobel prize is given to these fictional concepts, our science will die, and cannot cure fatal disease, meaning we are "beaten" by the violence of nature, forever !

"Berry phase" is artificial, lacks reality. ← Nobel ?

[ The present physics concentrates on unreal Berry phase, monopole ! ]

(Be-1)  Berry phase is "unreal" magnetic field in momentum.    

The present science stops, so they still indulge in Einstein "revolution" ( alive ? ) and its quiz, ignoring fatal flaws.  This fraud caused university's exorbitant tuition and arresting Hawaiian.

The present universities concentrate on fictional "Berry phase", which often became Nobel prize candidate with topological insulator.   What the heck is Berry phase ?

As the media hides truth, I aim to tell people truth instead of them.
In a word, Berry phase is "artificial" magnetic field lacking reality.  See this middle.

In real world, magnetic field (= B ) is defined as line integral of vector potential (= A ).  Believing meaningless analogy, they replace its coordinate (= x ) by momentum (= k ) space.

So magnetic flux (= Φ ) corresponds to Berry phase ( see this p.21 ) in momentum space.  So this Berry phase is fictional magnetic field in "another space" !

This artificial phase causes fictional monopole, which doesn't exist except unreal quasiparticle.  Berry phase invites quasiparticle and 10 dimensional string theory !

So if Nobel prize is given to artificial Berry phase, our science remains "fictional", forever, causing "skill mismatch" all over the world !

University "blocks out" real information !

[ The media and university hide "unreal physics" from people ! ]

(Nb-1)  Ordinary people "don't" know unreal quasiparticle !   

The reason I attack university is they hide "unrealistic aspects" of the present physics to justify their exorbitant tuition !   Do you know quasiparticle ?

University news sites ( this, this ) make you feel as if the present physics was real and "cutting-edge".  But they are misleading and hiding unreality of the current physics !

Today's Nature deals with Dirac cone, which means "unreal quasiparticle", which is NOT actual particle !   For example, see artificial pseudospin ( this p.11 ).

But MIT and the media intentionally avoid using the word "quasiparticle" !
Princeton ( compared with its news ) also tries to hide the existence of quasiparticle from people.

People don't know "unphysical" Dirac equation and meaningless symmetry caused Higgs.  Because cern misleads people by "unrelated songs", NOT telling the truth.

In the present solid physics, all they can do is two simple actions: create or annihilate each particle using abstract symbol.  So useless.

I bet universities and the media continue hiding these unrealistic aspects to justify their exorbitant tuition !  My website is to tell people "truth", which they hide.

Wrong theory needs 'artificial' rule of spin !

[ Quantum mechanics needs "artificial" rules, Hund, Pauli exclusion ! ]

(Ru-1)  Artificial rule cannot support quantum mechanics.   

Boring cliche, " Quantum mechanics is the most successful theory" is a big lie, fabricated by commercial universities to justify exorbitant tuition.

In fact, Einstein ( whom they deify ) never accepted unrealistic quantum mechanics throughout his life.  If quantum mechanics is wrong, why could it survive ?

If you try to make some wrong theory compatible with actual phenomena, all you can do is make "artificial (= false ) rules" by force !

In "artificial" Pauli and Hund rule, two electrons cannot be in the same states with respect to "spin" and "orbital".   ex. 'up' and 'down' spins in "2px" orbital.

But this Pauli rule is too coercive and unnatural.  "Spin" and "orbital" are completely different kinds !  Why can they place them in the same level ?  Impossible !

Though unrealistic spin (= faster-than-light ? ) has nothing to do with Bohr's orbit, spin is accidentally the same as Bohr magneton !   ← Too good !

The point is this spin magnetic dipole-dipole energy is too weak to explain strong repulsion in Pauli exclusion principle and ferromagnet ( see this p.7, this p.3 ).

This is the reason they artificially defined new "exchange force" to explain this Pauli rule.  It's a typical example of "wrong" theory relying on new "coercive" rules !

Dirac rescued Einstein relativity from extinction !

[ Quantum theory would have stopped without Einstein relativity. ]

(Ed-1)  Dirac → "unreal" symmetry → Higgs, quasiparticle    

Though the media often say Einstein relativity contradicts quantum mechanics, it's a big lie.  Without special relativity, quantum mechanics would have stopped since 1920 !

In fact, Einstein relativity includes fatal paradox, though ordinary people don't know it.  But if they honestly rejected Einstein, NO fields ( Higgs, condensed matter ) would have appeared !

Without Dirac equation, Einstein relativity would have fallen into oblivion as "crazy" theory.  Dirac combined relativity and faster-than-light spin.

Though Dirac equation is the most important and influential, people don't know it well.  Because Dirac theory is "mathematical" rather than physics, the media hates to mention it.

Quantization of Dirac fields gives only abstract operators as electron.  They claim its anticommutation means Pauli exclusion principle.

Artificial and unphysical rule (= gauge symmetry ) defines quark and neutrino ( this, this p.18 ).  This Higgs symmetry is the basis of superconductor, photon acquiring " mass".

But the present physics ( ex. massless Dirac quasiparticle ) lacks reality !  It means relativity failed.

Relativistic Dirac started "useless" math symbols !

[ Relativistic theory gives unreal virtual photon and useless particle. ]

(Ed-2)  Lorentz invariant Dirac equation → photon QED.    

All Dirac equation can do is two simple actions: create and annihilate each particle and antiparticle.  Interaction with photon is also meaningless symbols, so useless.

Then why is Dirac equation so valuable ?  The only value of Dirac equation is its Lorentz symmetry (= equation is invariant under Lorentz transformation ).

Einstein made Maxwell equation compatible (← ? ) with relativity, which caused fatal electromagnetic paradox.  The interaction between Dirac electron and photon caused virtual photon violating relativity !

Lorentz invariance needs integral from -∞ to ∞, which diverges to infinity in any calculation !  So unreal.  Though university claims QED passed most stringent test, it's misleading.

In QED, they just artificially eliminate inconvenient values from infinity to get good values !  To Dirac's credit, he never accepted this suspicious QED ( see this p.2 )

General relativity is doubtful, too. GPS paradox,  black hole doesn't exist,  dark matter and energy are artificial,  gravity wave contradicts relativity !

As a result, unreal 10 dimensional string theory is left as the only "theory of everything" !  University must reduce exorbitant tuiton, if they teach "unreality".

Why quantum mechanics is "artificial",  unreal ?

[ Massless Dirac fermion = unreal quasiparticle is "made" by force ! ]

(Sd-1)  Measuring photoelectron → "massless" electron ?   

Boring cliche,"Quantum mehanics is the most successful theory !" is a big lie, fabricated by universities to justify their exorbitant tuition.

If quantum mechanics is wrong, why can they repeat it's very successful ?  Because physicists fabricated "artificial phenomena" which fit quantum equation by force !

Unreal quasiparticle in condensed matter is a typical example of it.
"Dirac node" in a recent Science means massless Dirac fermion ( see this p.2 ).

The point is massless Dirac and Weyl fermions are unreal quasiparticle, which don't really exist !  So they just made "artificial" objects, which fit quantum theory ( this p.9 ) !

This massless Dirac fermion is slower than the light speed, which violates relativity.   They ( see this p.5 ) claim this massless fermion was observed by photoemission in ARPES.

"Photoemission" means they observe ejected " electron" with mass, and misinterpret it as "massless".  So this "massless fermion" is selfcontradictory, and unreal !

It's based on wrong assumption that parallel momentum of ejected electron is invariant.  So if topological insulator gets Nobel prize, our science will stop !

Why particle physics has gone the "wrong" way ?

[ The media and university "ridicule" people for their ignorance ! ]

(Pa-1)  Phase ( gauge ) transformation has NO meaning.   

What irritates me most is that the media hides the truth, exaggerating "God particle". It means the media ridicules people for their ignorance !

It's impossible that only the "nonexpert" media did it.  Hiding truth originates from university's strategy to raise tuition.  See gravity wave, fake first-principle.

For example, ordinary people do NOT know where Higgs came from !  All the present physics can do is two simple action: create or annihilate each particle ( ex. emit photon ).

Of course, there is nothing we can do, based only on these simple meaningless actions.  So they fabricated unrelated artificial rule (= gauge symmetry ) by force !

In this artificial rule, when field operators do phase ( gauge ) transformation, its equation is invariant (= gauge "symmetry" ).  But "mass term" breaks this invariance ( see this p.13-17 ).

To keep gauge invariance, they transfer excessive mass term to other Higgs equations. This is the reason Higgs is needed ( see this p.9 ).  ← It's very hard to call "physics" !

The point is "phase" and "symmetry" have NO physical meaning !  So cern is indulged in unreal extra dimensions and meaningless quiz ( this, this ).  Students are forced to pay exorbitant tuition for useless science !

Why "Higgs boson" has NO physical reality ?

[ The present physics cannot answer what Higgs boson looks like ! ]

(Hi-1)  Symbol "h(x)" = Higgs has NO physical appearance.   

Though the media reported "God particle Higgs" infinite times, ordinary people do NOT see what Higgs really is !  Because the media and universities do NOT tell the truth !

For example, what appearance do you think Higgs boson has ?  It looks like comic ? comedy ? or heavy metal song ?  Why people don't know it, despite countless news ?

In fact, there is a very wide discrepancy between the media and physical facts, which allows university to raise tuition for nothing ( this, this ) !  Students are deceived !

Different from fascinating images, Higgs boson is just one math symbol "H ( or h )". That's all.  See this, this (8), this p.10. So Higgs has NO physical shape and reality.

The present physics stops progressing from unsubstantial math symbol, forever. Instead, they create artificial quasiparticle and pursue meaningless symmetry.

It is natural that universities are useless, based on wrong physics.  The media and universities must tell people the truth ( quasiparticle, paradox ) honestly to decrease victims of "fake" science !

So new linear collider ( ILC ) is also waste of money, useless forever, like LHC.

How an electron emits a photon (= light ) ?

[ Quantum mechanics lacks reality in electron emitting photon ! ]

(Em-1)  Electron emits "virtual" photon violating relativity !   

In quantum mechanics, an electron emits ( or absorb ) a photon.  Universitiy's sites ( this, this ) may make you feel as if they were "real" and awesome !  But is it true ?

In fact, all the present physics can show is unsubstantial diagram for electron emitting photon.  And this emitted photon is virtual photon, which is NOT real.

This virtual photon disobeys Einstein mass relation.  See this p.5, this p.14.
So, unreal.  Furthermore, each electron and photon are abstract symbols with NO shapes !

So all they can do is create or annihilate each particle !  These "too simple" symbols show the present physics is completely useless.  The media must NOT use misleading images ( this, this ).

As long as we stick to this useless quantum mechanics, we cannot make progress to clarify deeper mechanism and cure fatal disease.

Quantum mechanics lacks physical reality.

[ An electron is annihilated, a photon is created ?  ←NOT physics ! ]

(Em-2)  Only particle creation and annihilation in photon emission ?   

All quantum mechanics can do is two simple actions: create or annihilate each particle.  Electron is expressed by Dirac fields (= ψ ), and photon is Maxwell equation (= A ).

When an electron emits a ( virtual ) photon, incident electron is annihilated, a photon is created, and outgoing electron is created.  That's all they can express. So, useless !

This process is one simple interaction term ( this, this ).  Dirac and Maxwell fields in this term include creation and annihilation operators of electron and photon.

Universities and the media must tell people honestly that the present physics can do nothing, and useless.  So they must reduce exorbiant tuition drastically now !

Why "Photon" (= light quantum ? ) is unreal.

[ "Photon" is just math operator (= a ) with NO physical reality. ]

(Ph-1)  "Photon" is "fiction", fabricated by the media !   

Ordinary people are deceived into believing universities use exorbitant tuition in useful (← ? ), leading-edge research, when they see photon images ( this, this ) ?

OK, then what are the size and shape of a single photon ?  Unfortunately, the present quantum theory cannot show concrete physical property of a photon !

Colorful photon images ( this, this, ) are fake, which were fabricated by the media controlled by ample funds of commercial universities.

Contrary to this image, all the present physics can show is abstract symbol, in which one photon is created or annihilated. That's all ! NOT physics.  See this, A-161, this p.9.

It's impossible to put the light (= photon ? ) to practical use, if all we can express is two simple states (= one photon is created or vanished, that's all ) !

Why are we in such a miserable situtaion in science ?  The present quantum theory has stopped its progress since 1920, gone into the wrong direction.

Even in this tough situation, commercial universities had to make money, which caused wide discrepancy between the media and physical facts, and raising tuition with skill mismatch.

The media and universities must tell people "truth" honestly, and admit university is useless now.

Why Hawking black hole is NOT science ?

[ Black hole information paradox is "fantasy",  just waste of time ! ]

(Hw-1)  Hawking is used by university and the media to make money !   

Recently, I saw strange titles, "Hawking solved black hole mystery ?"  See this.
The media says informations are stored in the boundary of black hole. But we cannot confirm it.

Hawking is already a very old sick patient. Does it mean other younger energetic researchers are lazy, doing nothing ?  His NO black hole also stirred worldwide debate.

Everyone has a chance to develop theories, irrelevant to famous or not ?  NO !  The present physics is "artificial", lacking reality. So influential authority has the final say !

First, severe time dilation ( from distant observer ) forbids black hole formation !  See this, this #2.  So we cannot see black hole now !   This is self-contradictory between 3 and 5.

So "imaginary" black hole and its paradox are meaningless, waste of time,  just convenient tools for universities and the media to collect money, destroying young students' career !

In fact, black hole information paradox has made NO progress ( 2004, 2007, 2014 ) since 1974, except as topics of the media and universities ( this, this ).

Ignoring fatal flaws of relativity and black hole formation is a kind of "fraud" !
They have to reveal the present problematic physics honestly, to develop science.

Why Einstein relativity with flaws survived ?

[ Dirac equation = special relativity + quantum mechanics, is the key ! ]

(Ed-1)  Dirac equation is the "only hope" of Einstein relativity !   

People are deceived into believing Einstein relaivity is the most successful theory.  We don't know true paradox with GPS, and virtual particles contradict relativity.

Because universities ( this, this ) and the media deify Einstein, hiding fatal flaws !
"Science" should NOT be "political" and fraud. It has to face just real facts !

Admitting Einstein relativity led to doubtful Higgs, virtual photon, Big Bang, dark matter.  Though they lack "reality", why can Einstein relativity survive ?

Dirac equation ( replaced Sommerfeld ? ) is the key, which combined faster-than-light spin and special relativity through Einstein mc2.  But this mc2 is wrong with paradox !

Dirac fields describe all electrons and quarks.  But it just shows abstract creation (= a ) and annihilation (= a ) operators with NO concrete shape ( see this ) !

This useless relativistic quantum theory clearly obstructs our science !  University must honestly mention this fact, NOT raise tuition, to stop "skill mismatch" all over the world !

Big Bang, Dark energy are wrong,  just "fiction" !

[ Dark energy is NOT diluted, even while universe is expanding !? ]

(Da-1)  Dark energy = negative pressure is unreal.   

Recently, they argue our universe is expanding at a accelerating rate from Big Bang.   NYTimes says controversial Hawaii telescope is to see this early universe.

Again Hawaiian people were arrested. Though the media likes to use the title "science vs. religion clash !", they forget Big Bang is NOT science but just fiction !

To accelerale expansion of universe, its internal pressure (= dark energy ) is NOT diluted by expansion !  See this, this.  So they started to say it has strange negative pressure.

But contrary to this theory, the distance between the earth and the sun is NOT expanding !  This is the reason why artificial fifth force (= chameleon ? ) was proposed.

This Big Bang is a hotbed of unreal multi-universe.  "NOT diluted" dark energy (= 70 % of universe ? but we cannot see it ! ) means it is wrong and NOT science.

Uniform cosmic microwave contradicts Big Bang !

[ Cosmic microwave background (= CMB ) is too uniform, NOT remnant of early universe ! ]

(Da-2)  Uniformity of CMB is lost during 13.8 billion years !   

It is said the most conclusive evidence for Big Bang is uniform cosmic microwave background (= CMB ).  Red shift can be explained by losing energy (= "tired" light ).

Wider supernova lines (= time dilation ? ) is similar to wider marathon runners.  And it's impossible that uniform CMB is the remnant of Big Bang, contrary to this.

They say this CMB originates from 380 thousand years after Big Bang, which became uniform first by faster-than-light inflation.  So this CMB survived for extremely long time (= 13.8 billion years ! )

This CMB is too uniform and too isotropic. Its temperature is 2.73 K with extremely small variation ( ±0.00003 K ! ).  See this, this middle.

Thinking commonsensically, microwaves lose their uniformity scatterd by various space dust during extremely long time (= 13.8 billion years ) !

The present physics ( university ) ignore fatal paradox of Einstein relativity. So they cannot rely on some "ether-like matter" to explain uniform microwave, instead of unreal Big Bang !

If we admit fatal relativistic flaw, we can replace all artificial dark energy, matter and virtual photon by a single real space matter, forget fantasy extradimensions !

Fifth force ?  "Chameleon particle" is fiction !

[ Chameleon particle causes "expanding repulsion" of dark energy ? ]

(Sc-1)  Mass of "chameleon" is larger near other particles !?   

I'm surprised that prestigious Science deals with imaginary particle, " chameleon" seriously.  It's about Big Bang (= faster-than-light expanding universe ! )

To accelerate expanding universe ( with Nobel prize ), its repulsive force, dark energy must have strange negative pressure (= as its volume increases, its pressure increases ! ).

So this abnormal dark energy is new "fifth force", different from other known forces.
They argue "imaginary" chameleon particle causes this dark energy force ( see this latter ).

But contrary to this theory, our earth is NOT expanding.  To explain this inconsistency, they argue the mass of chameleon becomes bigger near other objects (← Too good to be true ! )

Changing chameleon mass clearly violates the theory of Einstein, whom the media and university falsely deify.  Larger mass implies its force is weaker ( see this middle ).

This experiment showed NO force change around aluminum sphere, meaning NO detection of chameleon.  UCLA must reduce tuition, if they waste money in "fiction".

But I'm afraid if top journals admit the slight "atomic force" is dark energy by mistake someday ( forced by universities ), we will continue believing " illusion", forever.

Unreal "quark" obstructs new nuclear energy !

[ Fractional charge quark cannot be isolated ! ←Quark is "delusion". ]

(Cl-1)  Quark model obstructs clarifying nuclear structure !   

Recently, president Obama announced a measure to counter climate change.  I'm afraid scientists and universities use this "climate change" to collect wasteful research funds and raise tuitions.

Research on "nucleus" is indispensable for finding new clean energy such as nuclear fusion and removing radioactive waste of nuclear power ( ex. Fukushima ).

But when you peer into the present nuclear physics, you will be surprised that it is filled with unreal concepts !  They say each nucleus consists of fractional charge quarks.

But each quark cannot be isolated due to artificial rule ( see this, this ), except unreal quasiparticle, anyon.  So "quark" is "fiction" just to explain meaningless symmetry.

The present nuclear physics (= qcd ) depends on unreal 10 dimensional string theory.
So this fantasy physics clearly obstructs developing new nuclear energy !

They argue quark can be confirmed by jet (= we only detect "light" and electrons ).
This site says each time a pair of quark and antiquark is produced, they snap strong force !

This quark (← ? ) "jet" is too good to be true, just "imaginary".  They ignore strong Coulomb force between quark and antiquark !  There is NO convenient repulsion enough to snap them !

Just because it got Nobel prize ( exploited by university ! ), does NOT mean quark is real.

Clampdown on free speech in physics world !

[ Criticizing "mainstream" physics (= "unreality" ) is forbidden ! ]

(Fr-1)  Main physics = 10 dimensional string, many worlds !   

What countries restrict the "freedom of speech" the most strictly ?  China ?  Russia ?  In fact, "Physics world" clamps down on "free speech" the most tightly !

The present physics consists of "fantasy" such as parallel worlds ( this, this ), Big Bang (= faster-than-light ! see this ), unreal quasiparticle and 10-dimensions ( this, this ).

I warn people that if you doubt one of these unreal concepts, your career will be destroyed in physical society !  Because they say there is only one "consistent theory.

This site says there was only one critic challenging Witten, no matter how unrealistic his 11-dimensional M theory with 10500 many-worlds is.  So "free speech" is restricted.

Even if ordinary people criticize "mainstream" physics ( ex. Big Bang, spin ) in various bulletin boards, moderators delete these comments !  ←NO free speech in internet !

Commercial universities control the media, hiding inconvenient facts (= paradox, virtual photon ). So we don't know the present physics is based on unreal quasiparticle and symmetry !

Journals will also reject your real new ideas. Bloggers are limbs of university.  So there is NO free speech in "physics world", which hampers our real science !

Why large hadron collider (= LHC ) is useless trash ?

[ Particle physics is based on meaningless "symmetry". ← NOT physics ! ]

(Ce-1)  "Symmetry" has NO physical meaning, so Higgs is unreal.   

Contrary to the media-hype = God-particle ( this, this ), physics theory with Higgs has NO physical meaning !  It's based on "symmetry".  What the heck is symmetry ?

This site (p.1) says, "when the action (= total energy ) is invariant under gauge transformation, it's called symmetry." This gauge is NOT physics but artificial math ( see this p.13 )

They artificially extended this symmetry to "matrix" ( see this p.2 = SU(2) symmetry ).
SU(2) means weak force, and SU(3) means fractional-charge quarks, which cannot be isolated, so unreal.

When these particles have "mass" ( term ), the symmetry is broken. So they artificially transfer "mass" term to other Higgs equations ( this p.6 ).  This is the reason Higgs is necessary.  Nonsense.

Let me remind you that this symmetry has NO physical ground, so Higgs and quark are just artificial math concepts with NO reality !

Even after Higgs and quarks were discovered (← ? ), our daily livings had NOT changed at all.  It's safe to say these doubtful particles don't exist, except the media ( this, this ).

"Standard model is very successful" is a big lie !

[ Weak boson, Higgs detected at LHC contradict the original theory ! ]

(Ce-2)  W boson (= 80 × proton mass ) violates energy conservation !   

You may often see, " standard model is the most successful, agrees with every (← ? ) single experiment !" in various sites.  But in fact, this boring cliche is untrue.

These phrases were probably fabricated by commercial universities. You are scammed.  As you see, LHC ( sponsored by universities ) and Higgs made NO contributions to our society !

Higgs is said to be the origin of giving mass to our universe.  But Higgs detected at LHC is too rare and too unstable to give mass to everything !  One higgs needs trillions of collisions !

In excuse of it, they started to argue " Higgs boson does NOT give mass, Higgs field does !"  See this. So if we cannot detect Higgs field (= sea ? ) around us, Higgs is useless !

In this theory, a neutron emits very heavy weak boson into a proton in beta decay.  So the mass of this weak boson must be equal to the slight difference between neutron and proton.

But this weak boson is about 80 times heavier than a proton, so this beta decay disobeys energy conservation ! They claim weak boson is virtual (= NOT real, see this, this ).

As you see, these weak boson in beta decay and Higgs field are completely different things from LHC. So this theory is basically unsuccessful and "pie in the sky" !

If topological insulator gets Nobel prize, science "ends" !

[ Topological insulaor is a "hotbed" of unreal quasiparticle, monopole ! ]

(ST-1)  "Massless" Dirac fermion contradicts Einstein relativity !   

This week's Science paper deals with topological insulator by MIT, Stanford.
Quantum mechanics is useless, but Forbes and MIT mislead people into worshiping exorbitant tuition !

Topological insulator was often mentioned as Nobel prize candidate. But it consists of unreality such as faster-than-light spin and quasiparticles (= "fantasy" monopole and Majorana ).

Quasiparticles are NOT actual particles.  So the present science stops its progress, NOT asking what these fictitious particles really are, forever, which hampers curing disease.

Massless Dirac fermion is one of unreal quasiparticles.  Surprisingly, Stanford argues this massless Dirac fermion moves 200 times slower than the light speed !  See this.

This massless Dirac fermion contradicts Einstein relativity in which massless particle must always move at the light speed c.  See this and this.

According to Einstein relativity, each particle has relativistic energy and momentum.
But if it is massless ( m = 0 ) and slower than light ( v < c ), this energy always becomes zero ( E = 0 ) !  Nonsense.

So this massless Dirac quasiparticle is self-contradictory, and if Nobel prize is given to this "problematic" topological insulator, our science will die !  See 10 dimensional string.

Antimatter is a convenient tool to mislead people !

[ Antipaticle is too unstable, its energy is NOT conserved ← unreal ! ]

(Na-1)  Pair production "violates" energy conservation (← Coulomb ) !   

Antimatter can attract people's attention so easily that the media ( this, this ) tend to advertise it extensively.  But in fact antiparticle doesn't exist, which was fabricated by universities to fit the theory.

Our universe is made only of "matter" ( NO antimatter is seen around us ! ).  In excuse of it, Unversities claim "there was slightly more matter than antimatter !"  Nonsense.

Though Nature claims antiprotons's mass was measured (← ? ), their lifetime is too short ( 10-10 sec ) to call real.  They just repeat the same, NO progress ( 1998, 2004, 2011 ).

The reason why antiparticles are unreal is they disobey energy and momentum conservation !  They say antiparticle is created through pair production from "light".

When the energy of incident light is above the threshold (= 2 × mc2 = rest mass energy ), a pair of electron and positron is created. Because the total energy is conserved ( 2mc2 = mc2 + mc2 ).

But they forget "Coulomb energy" between new electron and positron !  The moment a pair of electron and positron is produced, their opposite charges attract each other !

Due to this negative Coulomb energy, this total energy is NOT conserved ( 2mc2 = mc2 + mc2 - Coulomb ! ). So antiparticle is unreal with paradox.   PET is just electron capture.

Physics prize is abused by universities to raise tuition !

[ Dirac medal was awarded to "unreal" fractional-charge quasiparticle ! ]

(Dm-1)  Fractional charge= anyon is "unreal" particle !   

This year's Dirac medal was awarded to unreal quasiparticle, anyon ( or Majorana ).
Anyon has "fractional charge", whih cannot be isolated like quark ( see this, this ).

They just misinterpreted "fractional" Hall effect as unreal quasiparticle with "fractional" charge !  Nonsense.  But it's good ICTP honestly used 'quasiparticle', different from Princeton.

Winners:  Caltech, Yale = unreal quasiparticle, Rutgers = 10 dimensional string !
So, the present universities waste exorbitant tuition in these unreal concepts !

But ordinary people do NOT know universities just pursue useless fantasy such as quasiparticle.  Because physics prizes ( Nobel ) are abused by universities to justify them !

Unfortunately, Some of Nobel prizes were awarded to "unreality", quark and Big Bang (= faster-than-light expansion ! )  Harvard exploits Nobel prize as "advertising tool".

Milner's prize ( who likes wasting money ? ) was awarded to "fantasy" concepts, too.  So the present prizes were reduced to a "convenient tool" for universitits. ←NOT "science" prize !

"Precondition" makes it possible to predict molecules !

[ Within n × de Broglie wavelength, the lowest Coulomb energy can be found. ]

(Pr-1)  de Broglie wave + Coulomb → the lowest energy !   

Quantum mechanics cannot predict multi-electron atoms, so useless that it hampers curing fatal disease such as cancer.  And it causes "skill mismatch" all over the world, after universities !

"First-principle" quantum method is misleading, which false name was probably introduced by commercial universities to collect money.  They just choose "approximate" functions.

Schrodinger equation could get correct hydrogen solution, based on "two preconditions",
Coulomb energy + ② de Broglie wave relation.  See this.

Thinking commonsensically, we can predict any complicated molecular and protein structures using these two preconditions, within which, we just find the lowest-energy molecular structure !

But even now, we cannot predict multi-electron atoms, using quantum mechanics, which forces us to rely on unreal quasiparticles in condensed matter physics.  Why ?

Because Schrodinger equation "contradicts" de Broglie wave, and cannot handle multi-electron Coulomb force, though it started from these two preconditions !  Self-contradiction !

Schrodinger equation "betrays" two preconditions !

[ "Unreal" de Broglie waves (← s-orbital ) + NO Coulomb solution ! ]

(Pr-2)  S-orbital has NO angular momentum, Destructive wave !   

Though Schrodinger equation is based on de Broglie wave relation, it changes those waves into unreal things !  For example, de Broglie wave of s-orbital with NO angular momentum.

Davisson-Germer and electron diffraction experiments showed electron's de Broglie wave causes destructive ( constructive ) interference, which expels the electron.

Electrons in s-orbital have NO angular momentum, it means "linear" oscillating motion.
So de Broglie waves in s-orbital cause destructive interference with themselves (← unstable ) !

Furthermore, "second derivative" expression contradicts original de Broglie relation, It causes unreal negative kinetic energy (← only "radial", so has Nothing to do with tunnel ).

In multi-electron Schrodinger equation ( ex. helium ), it's impossible to find exact solution, which cancels "variable" Coulomb potential term to get a single ground state energy.

No solutions (= NO fixed single ground state energy ) mean its total energy is NOT conserved, because its energy is "NOT fixed" (= changing in various positions ).

So Schrodinger equations betray two preconditions (= de Broglie + Coulomb ), which is the reason they cannot predict energies in multi-electron atoms !  Only classical methods obeying two preconditions can.

Schrodinger equation of Helium is impossible !

[ Schrodinger helium "cannot" cancel variable terms ←"a single" ground state energy is impossible ! ]

(Sh-1)  Canceling variable potential terms is impossible in He !   

You may often see, " quantum mechanics is the most successful theory" in various sites ( this, this ). But this boring cliche started by commercial universities to collect money is untrue.

"Well-tested theories" in this site is a big lie, too. They ignore fatal paradox.  So abc about telescope is misleading and helping universities raise their tuition "abnormally" !

Schrodinger equation cannot predict multi-electron atoms ( see " fake" first-principle ), so useless.  Because they cannot find exact solution which gives a single (= lowest ) ground state energy of helium.

Sh-1 is Schrodinger equation of helium ( see this ).  To get a single "fixed" ground state energy E, variable potential energy term must be cancelled out by other terms.  But it's impossible.

For example, if we choose "r12" as helium solution (= ψHe ).  Second derivative (= 2 ) in kinetic term gives very complicated and unrelated values, which cannot cancel the potential terms (= 1/r ) !

You will find any forms of ψHe cannot cancel the potential term. Try it !  So Schrodinger equation has NO exact helium solutions with a single "constant" ground state energy E. So, wrong.

"Dark matter" is a convenient tool to mislead people.

[ People fall into a "trap" of universities which exalt unseen dark matter. ]

(Da-1)  Though dark matter isn't detected, why it is popular ?   

The present universities waste money in "imaginary" Big Bang, for this fantasy, Hawaiian people are arrested unjustly, and many students are forced to pay exorbitant tuition.

Though they argue dark matter makes up 30 % of our universe, it cannot be detected.
In excuse of NO detection, they say "dark matter hardly interacts with other particles !"

Though dark matter has NOT been detected, only the media repeatedly reported this "imaginary" dark matter in vain ( 1995, 2000, 2008 ) to mislead people.

Because universities have to furnish topics, which attract people's attention to justify their exorbitant tuition,  using "dark matter" and quantum computer.

To keep people from being bored, university related the dark matter with parallel universe and ghost.  Finally Harvard started to argue dark matter killed dinosaurs !  Nonsense.

Ignoring true paradox forced physicists to create other ether-like matter to explain "galaxy rotation curve". This is "dark matter".  But, seeing uniform CMB, matters in space are quite natural.

Even if they claim dark matter may be detected as missing energy at LHC, its extremely small detection chance doesn't mean large amount of "actual" dark matter !  So meaningless like Higgs.

Spin-orbit coupling = relativistic effect is illusion !

[ "Spin-orbit" of semiconductor is completely different from Relativity ! ]

(SO-1)  "Spin-orbit" of GaAs contradicts the original relativistic effect !   

Recently, university tuition is soaring abnormally, and this president avoids truth.
Universities waste money in unreal and playful concepts ! (← symmetry magazine = Stanford )

A recent Harvard paper argues they observed "spin-orbit" coupling in GaAs.
But " Spin" itself lacks reality, its spin speed far exceeds the light speed !

They say "spin-orbit coupling" is relativistic effects. When an electron is moving in electric field, its "rest frame" feels magnetic field, causing spin-magnetic interaction ( see this, this p.5 )

This spin-orbit coupling constant by special relativity is fixed value, negative (= -10-6 Å2 ).
Of course, if special relativity is right, any materials must obey this coupling constant !

But this Harvard's "spin-orbit" in semiconductor (= GaAs ) is completely different !  It is by six orders of magnitude stronger, and the opposite sign (= positive, +5.3 Å2 ), compared with the original relativity !

To explain experimental energy splitting, they changed the original definition by force !
See this p.6,  p.2 left,  p.4 right.  Even sodium D-line contradicts spin-orbit coupling.

In the original paper (= Fig.2 ), they just fit parameters to experimental data (← NOT first principle ! ), using unreal effective mass (= 0.067 × electron mass, see this p.7 ).

So, artificial "spin-orbit" lacks reality, only for meaningless time-reversal symmetry !

GPS time correction includes 'twin paradox', so wrong !

[ We cannot know which clock of two moving satellites runs slower ! ]

(Gp-1)  Moving clock runs slower → Twin paradox ! → GPS wrong !   

You may often hear "GPS shows Einstein's victory !" in the media ( this, this ).  Again this boring cliche is untrue, which was probably started by commercial universities to collect money.

They argue a satellite clock ticks faster ( only 38 μs per day ← too small to believe ! ), combining time dilation and general relativity.  See this this.  But this far-fetched interpretation is wrong !

According to special relativity, moving clock ticks more slowly.
In Gp-1, two satellites are moving around the earth at the same speed "v" in the opposite directions.

The distances between the earth and both these satellites are always the same "r".
From the viewpoint of "A" satellite (← rest frame ), "B" satellite is moving, so "B" clock runs slower.

But from the viewpoint of "B" satellite, "A" satellite is moving, so "A" clock runs slower !
This is "famous" twin paradox.  GPS time correction includes fatal paradox, so wrong !

How does another clock tick, seen from one satellite ?

[ Rotating frame (= satellite rest frame ) includes "centrifugal potential". ]

(Gp-2)  Rotating frame = gravitational + centrifugal potential.   

In special relativity, moving clock runs slower.  But it's impossible to prove twin paradox using only special relativity, which does NOT allow "U-turn".

So we have to use general relativity to prove twin paradox, and "GPS correction is wrong".
In fact, general relacitiy is very simple, which adds only gravitational potential to special relativity.

From the viewpoint of "B" satellite (= Gp-2 right ), the whole space is rotating in the opposite direction, and "B" satellite is "stationary", which feels the same amount of gravity and centrifugal force.

So in rotating frame ( ex. "merry-go-round" ), we have to add another "centrifugal potential" to gravitational potential.  Coriolis force doesn't do work, so NO potential ( see this p.9 )

The distance (= r ) between the earth and two satellites are always the same, so these two potentials are the same in A and B.  All we consider is time dilation in moving clock by special relativity ( this p.6 ).

As you see, from the viewpoint of one satellite (= A or B ), another satellite (= B or A ) looks to be moving, so A ( or B ) clock runs slower then B ( or A ) !  This is clearly a paradox.

Einstein 'time dilation' is illusion !

[ Proof (← ? ) of time dilation is doubtful with twin paradox ! ]

(Ei-1)  Oscillating Al+ ion's clock ticks more slowly ?  ← doubtful !   

Universities are hiding true paradox, misleading students, imposing exorbitant tuition, which led to arresting innocent Hawaiian people for fraudulent telescope !

Though the media ( this, this ) repeatedly claim "Einstein's relativity is right !", this boring cliche is untrue.   Forbes says "time dilation" was confirmed in Science paper.

Accoding to Orzel, the time in oscillating Al+ ion at a speed of 30m/s becomes slightly slower.  This ion absorbs 1.12 × 1015 Hz light (= 4.6 eV ) in transition between S and P.

They claim moving ion absorbs the 1119999999999999 (= 1.12 × 1015 - 1 ) oscillating light per second due to time dilation.  This change is too small to believe !

First, they ignore twin paradox. From the viewpoint of moving ion, stationary ion is moving, which clock ticks slower contrary to this experiment !  ← Fatal flaw like GPS.

Second, the true velocity of moving electron is much higher than that of the whole ion (= 30 m/s = too slow ! )  So they ignore Doppler effect with respect to "fast" electron (← NOT ion ! ).

As you see, the present physics tries to force us to blindly believe Einstein relativity, based only on these doubtful experiments.  Compare this and this.

'University' deprives students of new employment !

[ University prevents progress of "new technology", new jobs ! ]

(Em-1)  "Fantasy" quantum mechanics hampers new technology.    

Next-generation jobs using new technology have NOT appeared since IT computer revolution.  It causes unemployment and mismatch in the labor market all over the world.

Because the present universities teach only useless things, imposing exorbitant tuition ( see this ).  So university is responsible for hampering new technology producing new job !

Quantum mechanics is based on parallel universe, solid physics dominated by unreal quasiparticle, 10 dimensional string and black hole.  So useless.

Though universities claim quantum mechanics may be applied to biology (← ? ), its DFT calculation ( this, this ) is "fake" first-principle and cannot predict anything.

Molecular biologists use only old biotechnology ( 1970s~ ), NOT quantum mechanics, which cannot handle multi-electron atoms, depending on artificial basis set ( see this last ).

If biology cannot use "electron-level" interaction, it is useless ( ex. STAP = Riken, Harvard ), which prevents creating new jobs for students in life science and all other applied fields.

So the present students ( including law and medical ) are forced to pay too much tuition by university (= hiding true flaws ) for useless science !

Why is tuition fee in "top" university so exorbitant ?

[ Universities "deceive" students using "fictions" to extort money ! ]

(Un-1)  ↓ This university ranking is clearly for "raising" tuition fee !   

According to this ranking, all top universities such as Harvard, Princeton .. impose exorbitant tuition fees on students !  One glance is enough to find this ranking is to raise tuition fee !

Though Harvard has as much as $35 billion endowment, they paid almost NO tax ( see this ), disguised as "nonprofit" (← ? ), enrolling small percentage of low-income students.

It is unforgivable that even state universities ( California, Michigan ) raised tuition fees to $12804 !, not including other costs such as rooms.

This ranking really means the university with high tuition offers useful knowledge to students ?   Unfortunately, they teach only useless and "imaginary" concepts !

The basic science stops due to unreal quasiparticles and faster-than-light spin.
So all they can do is pursue "imaginary" early universe, 10-spacetime extradimensions and parallel worlds !

What is most unforgivable thing is to hide true paradox ( see this ), which lead to unreal virtual particles. Harvard must honestly tell people about unreality, NOT by "fake" advertisement.

Easier access to student loan will end up raising tuition fee by fraudulent university !
University must reduce exorbitant tuition fee drastically, if they continue misleading people !

Top university = exorbitant tuition fee !  Why ?

[ Commercial universities have controlled everything through the media ! ]

(Un-1)  Why tuition fees do NOT decrease by competition ?   

According to university ranking, All top universities such as Harvard, Princeton impose exorbitant tuition fees on students.  Why their tuition cannot decrease by competition ?

These rich universities enroll only a few low-income students, increasing income inequality !  If cheaper universities provide more useful skills, rich universities reduce their tuition, too ?

Unfortunately, the principle of competition is NOT working in the present universities !
Because the basic science stops since 1920s, which prevents emergence of cheaper useful colleges !

So all top-ranking companies can rely on is "name brand" of university, when recruiting students.  Top universities have controlled "a course of action" in science for many years.

In fact, the present physics lacks reality in parallel worlds, standard model, black hole.
If Nobel prize, journals resisted university, they were ignored as "third-rate" by the media controlled by university !

If commercial Harvard, Stanford were "state-operated", they would NOT have been allowed to waste exorbitant tuition fees in advertising fake theories, hiding fatal paradox (= fraud ! )

Continued from this criticism.

See also the previous version of criticizing top journals.


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