"Einstein is right !"  is wrong.


'Einstein is right !' is wrong.

[ The media misuse "Einstein right" in unrelated subjects. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ BigBang, gravitational wave contradict Einstein.

In fact, "Einstein is right!" is wrong.
The media misuse this convenient cliche just to attract attention.

Einstein original theory rejected BigBang.
But later, the media started to say "Einstein was right in BigBang!"

Gravitational wave is called "pseudo (= fake ) -tensor", because gravitational wave contradicts Einstein relativity.

But later, the media started to say "Einstein is right !" in unrelated gravitational wave.  All they want to do is use this eye-catching phrase.

This paper misuses "Einstein right", because Einstein theory says nothing about "neutrino oscillation".

All of these "Einstein right" physics is useless, just waste of money.


Quantum computer is fake news.

[ "Quantum computer" is a convenient eye-catching fake phrase. ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ This experiment just measured reflected classical light

This title is fake news, because this experiment has nothing to do with unreal quantum computer or spin.

The last of this abstract says "understanding of current-induced spin and polarized light", where No quantum computer appears.

They just applied electric current and measured classical light reflected from that metal ( this p.5 ).  That's all. No quantum computer or spin.

This "quantum computer" title is fake news, too.
All they did here is change microwave into light.

And unreal quasiparticle phonon is used here, as seen in this abstract last.

So all of these experiments are useless, just to publish papers in meaningless journals.


Muon doesn't exist.

[ Muon is a unnecessary elementary particle. ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ Unstable muon easily decays into electron ?

They say unstable muon has very short lifetime (= 10-6 s ? ) , and easily decays into an electron.  So this muon is useless and unnecessary.

Muon is thought to be Not an elementary particle, but just a transient state of high energy electron.

Any unstable particles such as muon cannot be separated from collider to confirm its reality.

An attempt to measure very slight magnetism of muon is doubtful and unreliable.  All they can detect is "electron", Not imaginary muon.

It's nonsense to try to measure very small magnetic moment of particles, sorrounded by infinite very high energy particles flying, which disturb the result.

These kinds of experiments are meaningless and waste of time.


Quantum computer is fiction

[ Quantum computer still consists of 3 atoms ?  ← useless ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ "Only 3 atoms" cannot make computer !   

This experiment has nothing to do with fictional quantum computer.

This quantum system uses only 3 atoms.
All they did was measure three atoms using classical light.  Period.

It's impossible to make useful computer with only three atoms.


Dark matter research is waste of money.

[ No dark matter is found → but many imaginary candidates ? ]

(Fig.5)  ↓ Why "abundant" and powerful dark matter is NOT found on the earth ?

Dark matter was introduced to explain galaxy rotation.
Strange to say, No dark matter is found nor felt around the earth.

Physicists try to detect this imaginary dark matter using very sensitive detector.  These methods contradict the original theory.

If dark mater really exerts strong power enough to push the entire galaxy, we can easily feel those strong winds of dark matter !  But nothing is felt.

It's natural to think the space is filled with the common medium which exerts strong forces such as electromagnetic, gravitational forces, galaxy rotation.

Artificial dark matter and unreal virtual particle are unnecessary.

"Unseen dark matter could interact with normal visible matter at their convenient times" is too good to be true.



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