Journals = fake news.


Nature group spreads fake science.

[ Quantum teleportation sends nothing, so meaningless. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Nature's media fake news phrase.   

Nature publishing group is the only commercial journal which monopolizes the current (pseudo-) physics market, brainwashes people, destroys young physicists' career by fake physics.

They are telling lies in imaginary quantum computer, which is useless forever.

Fake news journals use "confusing phrases" to deceive readers, as if the current (pseudo-)physics was advancing, though it is unreal.

Phrases such as "Teleportation is key step ? ", "potential ? to (future) quantum computer", mean these experiments have realized nothing yet now.

Quantum teleportation cannot send any information, so useless, no matter how many times they publish these meaningless papers.

From ① we send blue ball to ③, and red balls to ④.

They just detect this blue ball and another red ball from ② at detector ③, and claim "red" state of ② ball is teleported to "red" of ④.  That's all, nothing is sent here ( this p.5 ).

It is very dangerous that only a handful of journals monopolize and manipulate the current (fake) science market, prevent developing new science to protect their "vested interests".


Quantum mechanics uses unreal things.

[ An electron splits into quasiparticles, "spin" and "charge" !? ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Quasiparticle is unreal particle.

This paper claims they observed a single electron splits into unreal quasiparticles, "spinon" and "charge" !?

Of course, this "quasiparticle" is fictitious particle, which does not exist.

Quantum mechanics is too old and useless, they just repeat these meaningless experiments based on fictitious things, just to publish their papers in journals.


Fake news science.

[ The media uses misleading phrases to deceive readers. ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ These experiments have done nothing useful yet.

Quantum mechanics is useless, so the media and journals need to use very "confusing pharases" to deceive people to hide the fact their current science is useless.

Phrases such as "Quantum computers of the future will be .." and "Spintronics holds promise for .." mean these papers have not realized any useful things yet now.

The current scientists are wasting their research lives just in publishing papers in meaningless journals, instead of realizing useful things.


Black hole research is meaningless.

[ Physics is wasting money in "imaginary" black hole. ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ BigBang, black hole are unreal.

Physicists repeat meaningless black hole research, which goes nowhere, except for wasting taxpapers' money, deifying Einstein and Hawking.

They just imagine "fictional" black hole, which is too far away to confirm.

Furthermore, black holes cannot exist, which takes infinite time to be formed.  So black hole is also one of big "fake news".


Gravitational wave is useless, fiction.

[ Black hole collision is impossible. ]

(Fig.5)  ↓ Black hole, gravitational wave are just imagination.

Too weak gravitational wave is still useless, just ends up wasting taxpayers' money, except for getting Nobel prize, like wasteful Large hadron collider.

Gravitational wave is called "pseudo-tensor", because gravitational wave contradicts Einstein general relativity, so it cannot prove Einstein is right.  ← the media hide it !

So "gravitational wave = Einstein is right !" is also one of fake news, like unreal black hole collision.

All they detected as gravitational wave is a unrealistically tiny change (= only one thousandth of a proton !? ) of ligo arm.  ← unrealistic !

It's impossible to distinguish such a small change.  Detector uses far-longer-wavelength laser light to distinguish this small change.



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