Entanglement is meaningless.


Spooky action is useless.

[ Entanglement is just "classical" manipulation ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Two particles are just classically oscillating.   

Quantum entanglement (= spooky action ? ) can not send any real informations fastet-then-light.  So useless, waste of money.

The media exaggerate Einstein spooky action using fake picture, but all they did is ordinary classical mechanics.  Entanglement itself is illusion, doing nothing.

In the above figure, blue and red particles are classically oscillating up an down.

They adjust them so that when one particle is at upper position, another particle is at lower position.

They just call this "adjustment" "entanglement", which has nothing to do with spooky action, they are just classical oscillation.

Quantum teleportation is also useless, cannot send anything.


Photon is classical light.

[ Photon detector detects electrons, Not photon. ]

(Fig.2)  Shine classical light (= photon ? )

Photon is illusion.  In this photon detection, they just shine classical light and call it "photon".

All photo detector can detect is electrons ejected by classical light.

The present physics just treat "weak light" as "quantum photon".


Muon doesn't exist.

[ Muon is a unnecessary elementary particle. ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ Unstable muon easily decays into electron ?

They say unstable muon has very short lifetime (= 10-6 s ? ) , and easily decays into an electron.  So this muon is useless and unnecessary.

Muon is thought to be Not an elementary particle, but just a transient state of high energy electron.

Any unstable particles such as muon cannot be separated from collider to confirm its reality.

An attempt to measure very slight magnetism of muon is doubtful and unreliable.

It's nonsense to try to measure very small magnetic moment of muon, sorrounded by infinite very high energy particles flying, which disturb the result.

These kinds of experiments are meaningless and waste of money.


"Quantum catch ?" is misleading.

[ They just use classical light ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ Classical lights just travel between mirrors

" Quantum chatch " is misleading titile, because they just use classical light and mirror.

When an (artificial) excited atom is trapped between mirrors, classical light emitted from the atom is trapped in them, interacting with the atom for long time.

They just call this state "quantum memory" or "quantum catch".

All they use here is classical light, mirrors and atoms ( this p.8 , this p.2 ).

This technology is useless, impractical.



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