How physics becomes wrong ?

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How did we pick wrong physics ?

[ Quantum mechanics is unrealistic and useless. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ How did we pick useless quantum mechanics ?

Quantum mechanics is a completely unsuccessful and impractical theory.

Quantum mechanics is unreal, they claim a single electron can be everywhere in fantasy parallel worlds.

Why did we have to pick this unreal quantum mechanics ?

In 1920s when quantum mechanics was born, there were No computers.
So physicists could not compute three-body problem = helium classically.

Schrödinger equation in quantum mechanics could not solve Helium, either.

They had to use illogical approximate method where they just choose some fake wavefunction with artificially adjustable parameters without solving it, instead, just integrate it.

This is the start of unreal quantum mechanics.
"Choosing approximate (= fake ) solution" means this method is useless, forever.

The word "approximate" is wrong, because we prove it is impossible that Schrödinger equation has exact solutions in multi-electron atoms.


Quantum "spin" is fantasy and useless.

[ Electron's spin cannot stop !  It doesn't return by 360o rotation ? ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Classical orbit and electron spin have the same magnet !?

In 1920s when there were no computers, physicists could not compute multi-electron atoms classically.

So they had no choice but to use nonphysical Schrödinger equation, which claims electron's orbital angular momentum is zero, so it crashes into nucleus !?

Quantum hydrogen has zero angular momentum, so they needed to fabricate electron spin, which accidentally has the same Bohr magneton as classical orbit.

The electron spin is uncanny, it cannot stop or slow down even after many reactions !  It needs 720o rotation to return !

An electron is very tiny, so it has to be spinning faster-than-light to generate magnetic field, so spin is Not real "spinning" ?  The media misleads people ?

The point is, we cannot see this unreal spin itself.  All we can detect is its magnetic field, which happens to be the same as classical orbit.

The Stern-Gerlach experiment measured silver atom's magnetic field (= by electron's orbital motion ), it cannot measure a single electron's spin.

Spin cannot explain Pauli principle, maximum electron number, they keep using fictitious spin in solid physics, which shows "electron spin" is unreal and useless.


Solid physics in quantum mechanics is unreal.

[ Fake electron, quasiparticle with fake mass in metal ? ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ Quantum mechanics lacks reality.

Schrödinger equation is useless, then, how does quantum mechanics handle solid-state physics with muli-electrons ?

Surprisingly, they treat the whole solid as if it were a single fictitious quasi-electron with fake (= effective ) mass, which can be negative or changed in different directions !

In this "fictitious" quantum mechanics, all concepts such as mass, pseudo-spin, momentum are illusion ( this p.12 ).

Quantum mechanics has to rely on many unreal quasiparticles with fake mass to explain various phenomena, so wrong.


Quantum mechanics uses unreal quasiparticle.

[ Quasiparticle is unreal with fake mass and charge. ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ Phonon is unreal quasiparticle.

Quantum mechanis has given up clarifying true microscopic mechanism.

Instead, they focus on fabricating fictitious unreal quasiparticle with adjustable fake mass and charge  to explain physical macroscopic phenomena.

They made up various unreal quasiparticles to describe different phenomena such as virtual fractional-charge anyon, Majorana, skyrmion, phonon, monopole.

All these fictitious quantum particles are expressed only as nonphysical math symbols with No real figure, so useless.


Quantum mechanics  is useless.

[ Science stops at "nonphysical" quantum mechanics. ]

(Fig.5)  Quantum mechanics is useless, unrealistic ↓

Quantum mechanics was invented in old 1920s when there were No computers, so quantum mechanics is Not a theory using computer to describe atomic behavior.

Quantum mechanics uses "fictitious things" to describe atomic behavior instead of computers.  They can only express each electron as nonphysical "math letter (= c )" with No detailed picture.

This electron has fake (= effective ) mass, which can be negative.  ← unreal
These fake electrons are not enough to explain phenomena, so they invented unreal quasiparticles.

For example, they created fictitious "phonon quasiparticle" to express atomic vibration, which is also abstract math letter with no physical picture, so it is useless.

They invented fictitious "exciton quasiparticle" combining an electron and a hole to explain solar cell, which is a key technoology for climate change, but useless.

This "exciton quasiparticle" is also nonphysical "math letter" with No concrete shape, and they try to increase this fictitious particles in vain.

This "fictitious" physics is useless, so physicists introduced crazy idea = parallel universes for "imaginary" quantum computer, which is scam.


Science is full of fake news.

[ How do the media and academia deceive people and governments ? ]

(Fig.6)  ↓ Useless quantum mechanics → unreal quantum computer.

Quantum mechanics relying on unreal things is useless, forever.
Then, how are the media and academia deceiving people and governments now ?

They made up fictitious target = unreal quantum computer to make the current useless physics "look" useful.

Journals and the media try to link all useless quantum experiments to imaginary quantum computer in the "future (← ? )".

They claim quantum computer will use fantasy parallel universes where a single cat can be dead and alive at the same time, but it can never be observed !

There is No proof of this unreal parallel-world computing so far.
Quantum computer is still useless and in its infancy even after long-time researches.

To get subsidy, academia and corporations need to make up "fake purpose" = quantum computer, which words are always seen in any meaningless papers and science news as "imaginary future target".

The truth is the present physics based on quantum fake particles is making No progress.  Taxpayers are deceived by academia, the media and corporations.


Quantum field theory is unreal.

[ Virtual photon, Higgs, quark are all nonphysical with No real figures. ]

(Fig.7)  ↓ Quantum field theory discards real atomic picture.

Quantum mechanics and quantum field theory are too old, so they only describe each particle as nonphysical math letters.  ← useless.

They can only express Pauli exclusion principle as nonphysical abstract math relation which tells us nothing about its real mechanism ( this p.3 )

"Photon (= particle light ? )" is also just nonphysical math letter.  ← useless.

Each electron can interact only with unreal virtual photon, which is also nonphysical math letter ( this p.14,  this p.11 ).

All calculation results by quantum electrodynamics (= QED ) unrealistically diverge to infinity, so they artificially remove its infinity to get tiny finite values.  ← nonsense.

This renormalization technique ( finite = ∞ - ∞ ) is nonsense, just wrong math trick, of course, useless.  Actually nobody uses this QED in daily life.

To remove infinity, the bare charge and mass of an electron must be unrealistically infinite ( this p.2 ) !  ← crazy.

All other particles such as quarks and Higgs are nonphysical math letters with No real figure ( this p.6, this p.4, this p.11 ).

So these quantum field theory can tell us nothing about real physical detailed mechanism, and the current science stops progressing at these old useless theories.

The final form of this quantum field theory is unreal 10 ( or 11 ) dimensional quantum gravity.  ← nonsense.


All quantum particles are unreal.

[ Higgs, quark  are "imaginary" particles inside collider. ]

(Fig.8)  They cannot separate Higgs, quark from accelerator = unreal.

Almost all particles (← ? ) in standard model are unreal and unnecessary, because we cannot isolate those imaginary particles from particle colliders.

Actually Large hadron collider (= LHC ) and Higgs research are still useless and end up wasting taxpayers' money.

They just repeat the same kind of meaningless experiments of "Higgs decays into something ?"

Very short-lived Higgs or quark cannot be observed directly.
They just pick up some electrons and light in a pile of irrelevant garbage.

It is said that trillions of protons' collisions are needed to produce only one Higgs.  ← insane !

All these reactions must include unreal virtual particles, which contradict the current theory.  ← the current theory is wrong !

We cannot isolate or confirm these " imaginary" Higgs or quarks, so we can say these particles are unreal, useless.

Like imaginary quantum computer, they made up fictitious target = BigBang to mislead taxpayers into wasting money in useless gigantic colliders.


Why science stops advancing ?

[ Technology is great,  but theory is wrong. ]

(Fig.9)   The current technology can manipulate a single atom.

We already have technology of manipulating a single atom.

So we should be able to make and manipulate tiny molecular machine to cure fatal disease.  But we cannot

Because the current basic physics is useless and discarded real atomic picture.

We need only two basic physical conditions to predict all atomic behaviors with the help of modern computers.

If there is only Coulomb-force condition, atomic (elecron orbital) radius is not determined.

de Broglie wavelength determines atomic size, and it can explain the different sizes between carbon and silicon.

These two conditions can explain the maximum electrons' number (= Pauli principle ) correctly, without unreal spin.

This simple atomic model (= only Coulomb + de Broglie ) can be easily applied to much bigger, complicated molecules with the help of computer to cure fatal disease.

So the first thing we should do now is discard the current old useless theories, and adopt more realistic ones to control each single atom for future nanomachines.



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