Unseen physics = unreal.


Cosmology pursues illusion.

[ Physics is wasting money in "imaginary" concepts. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ BigBang, black hole are unreal.   

This study claims they found "missing matter" somewhere in universe.
But whether they claim it or not has No influence on our daily lives.

The present physics wastes a large amount of money in these "imaginary" uselsss concepts such as black hole and BigBang.

Physicists take advantage of the fact that whatever unreal things they say, we cannot go or disprove them which are too far away from the earth.


Physics is filled with unreal quasiparticles.

[ Quasiparticle has fake mass and charge. ]

(Fig.2)   Quasi-particles will remain "fake" forever

Quantum mechanis has given up clarifying true microscopic mechanism.

Quantum mechanics just fabricates fictitious unreal quasiparticle with fake mass and charge  to explain experimental results, so useless.

Physicists try to describe some semiconductor using unreal fractional-charge quasiparticle, and effective mass ( this p.4 right )

As long as we rely on these fictitious concepts, we cannot advance science.


Majorana fermion is unreal quasiparticle.

[ Artificial Majorana quasiparticle in solid physics. ]

(Fig.3)  Quantum mechanics depends on unreal quasiparticle.

Majorana is unreal quasiparticle, which does not really exist due to their fake charge and mass.

This research claims they can use fictional quasiparticle Majorana to describe some classical phenomena.

Of course, this study has nothing to do with imaginary quantum computer.


Dark matter, fifth force   ←  fantasy

[ New fifth force between dark and normal matters ? ]

(Fig.4)  ↓ Why dark matter cannot be found only around the earth ?

This research claims they might find new fifth force between hypothetical dark and normal matters.

Strange to say, these "powerful" dark matter cannot be found only around the earth.

This kind of physics just pursues illusion which is too far away to confirm directly.


"Quantum transfer" is illusion.

[ Classical light between two atoms = quantum computer ? ]

(Fig.5)  ↓ No fantasy quantum computer here.  

This research claims they made "quantum transfer" which may be used in quantum computer in the future.

But all they did is just transmit classical light between two atoms (= here, artificial atom of supeprconductor ).

Of course, if there are only two atoms, you cannot make quantum computer or technology, so this research is meaningless.

Nature likes to add "quantum" to everything, say, quantum internet and information, all of which are impractical forever.


Electron spin is unreal.

[ Electron spinning speed is faster-than-light !? ]

(Fig.6)  ↓ This has nothing to do with unreal "spin"

This strangely claims electron spin was controlled by electric field.  In fact, this has nothing do with "spin".

Faster-than-light electron spinning is unreal, which cannot be observed directly.

All we can measure is magnetic field of spin, which accidentally agrees with electron's orbital motion of Bohr magneton.

They applied light to sample, and thoese light-ejected electrons are scattered by some target metal.

They just call this "scattering direction" "spin", which cannot be directly measured ( this p.2 ).

Point-like spin cannot affect electron's scattering direction or electric field.  Electron orbital motion can.



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