Corrupt university, journal, fake news


Brain research stalls.

[ Brain disease is incurable due to useless science. ]

All brain diseases, dementia, Parkinson, ALS are devastating.
Still No cure for those diseases, the causes of which are unknown due to useless quantum mechanics.

See this week physics is still useless.


Stem cell research has No future.

[ Fantasy 'science' deprives patients of a chance to cure disease. ]

Exact mechanism of stem cell and carcinogenesis still remains unknown.

Medical researchers still have to rely on very old and primitive methods such as blind "random screening" and "trial and error" approach where they just culture stem cells in petri dishes with various substances to see which substance may affect stem cell behavior.


Diabetes  ← No cure,  insulin forever.

[ Unreal quantum physics prevents curing diseases. ]

(D-1)  ↓ Only old, primitive treatment is left for medicine,  

Nearly 400 million people worldwide are suffereing from diabetes, and the number of patients is increasing rapidly.

Diabetes causes serious complications such as blindness, limb-amputation and kidney failure.

There is No cure for diabetes.  Even type 2 diabetes eventually has to take insulin injections to control blood sugar levels.

See this week physics is still useless.


HIV is incurable forever.

[ As long as quantum physics is used in basic science. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Molecular mechanism of HIV is unknown.  

About 40 million people are infected with HIV or AIDS worldwide.  The number of the patients is increasing every year, and about 1 million people still die of HIV-related disease now.

HIV is one of the most serious diseases and public health concerns.

There is No cure for HIV.  Once you get HIV, you have to take a medicine for the rest of your life.

See this week physics is still useless.


Alzheimer treatment  is hopeless.

[ Dementia is incurable forever due to fantasy physics. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Alzheimer treatment is deadlocked ↔ fantasy  

Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia.
It progressively damages a person's memory, judgement, language and independence.

The number of Alzheimer patients is growing rapidly in the aging society.
It imposes tremendous burden not only on patients but also on their family.

Despite longtime researches, it is Not known what causes Alzheimer.  There is No cure for Alzherimer's disease, nor any proven ways to prevent its onset.

See this week physics is still useless.


Cancer therapy,  No progress.

[ Cancer is still incurable due to useless "basic" physics. ]

(B-1)  ↓ Insuperable barrier between fantasy physics and  

Breakthrough in cancer treatment could change the world ?
Cancer research news is full of "exaggerations" to get your hope up.

Despite a large amount of time and money spent in these researches, many diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer are still incurable.

See this week physics is still useless.


"Force" is missing in quantum physics.

[ Quantum mechanics is useless in our daily life.  Why ? ]

(Q-1)  ↓ How to "solve" Schrödinger equation of  

Nobel prize in econimics was awarded to Harvard, MIT professors who fight against "poverty", while they mercilessly impose exorbitant tuition on students.

Evidence shows these "elite" universities tend to shun low-income students.  Academia tries to increase students from the world for their fake sciecne to get more subsidy in the name of Nobel prize ?

Despite the record-cold temperature, scientists rely on "unscientific" violence and teenage girl Greta as a "saint" to push their dubious science or religion ?

Blindly believing scientists is dangerous.  If scientists say "fantasy parallel worlds and extradimension are the only theory of everything !", they can get taxpayers' money limitlessly for their shady science ?  ← ridiculous.

Governments should check whether "scientists" who are not elected by voters are wasting taxpayers' money in meaningless, fake science or not.

Quantum mechanics is still completely useless in all applied science such as medicine and drug design.  Biologists ignore quantum physics which is based on unreal quasiparticles and many-worlds ( this p.2, this p.2 ).

You can never find quantum mechanical method in "actual" researches on DNA, protein, cancer and Alzheimer which still rely on conventional biology kits with enzymes gotten from bacteria, cells, and "trial and error" approach, Not looking into atoms.

Because Schrödinger equation which is the only way for quantum mechanics to deal with atoms, is completely useless in actual molecules, proteins and medicine.

We experience various "forces" in our daily life.  Force is indispensable for constructing buildings and transporting goods.  We cannot live without "force".

But what if the current basic physics = quantum mechanics ignores "force" ?  It is impossible to manipurate atoms, molecules and proteins without "force" for curing diseases forever.

The present physics says there are four fundamental forces in the nature.  But none of them are real.

Electromagnetic force is said to be mediated by unreal and unobservable virtual photons whose mass can be imaginary ( this p.3 ).  Their calculation always diverges to infinity, which is unavailable in our daily life.

Fractional-charge quarks can never be detected or isolated.
Quarks are also said to be mediated by unreal virtual gluons, which are unobservable, too.

Neutron is said to emit unreal virtual weak boson whose mass is unrealistically heavy and whose weak force is undetectable in our daily life.

Gravity is mediated by virtual graviton in extra-dimensions ?
All these fundamental forces lack reality without practical application.

Schrödinger equation of quantum mechanics cannot use real "force" or force carriers.  It just relys on fake imaginary energy.

Schrödinger equation has No exact solution except for one-electron hydrogen atom.  In all other multi-electron atoms or molecules, we have to choose some arbitrary approximate trial wavefunction as "fake" solution.

This trial (fake) function is called "basis set".
You can choose any arbitrary trial functions (= basis set ) freely from infinite choices.

After choosing trial functions, we integrate the whole Schrödinger equation to get fake energy, instead of solving it (= because we cannot solve it ).

OK.  We can get "one fake total energy-1" of multi-electron atoms.
But we cannot do or predict anything just by getting this fake energy.

Next, we choose different trial fucntion and get different fake energy-2.  Then, we choose different trial function and get different fake energy-3.

Repeating this process many times, we can get many different kinds of fake atomic energies.  Then we pick the lowest energy from these many fake energies gotten using different trial functions.  The lowest energy means the most stable state of electrons.

The problem is there is No limitation on the form of trial functions.
We can choose any trial functions (= basis set ) from infinite choices.

So finding the lowest energy from among infinite different energies gotten from infinite different trial functions takes infinite time, if we really try to do it ( this p.2, this p.13 ).

So the current quantum mechanical calculation based on random "guess" and "choice" of trial functions is "art" rather than science.

Why do we have to adopt such a complicated and unscientific quantum mechanical method in atomic energy calculation ?
Because there is No "force" in quantum mechanics.

If we can calculate "force" between electrons and nuclei, we can easily predict which direction each electron will move until it arrives at the most stable (= lowest-energy ) state.

So if "force" is available, calculation and comparison of infinite different trial functions as seen in quantum mechanics are unnecessary !

The problem is each electron always spreads over all space as electron cloud in quantum mechanics which prevents easy, realistic calculation.

If each electron is a real moving particle, electrons can avoid each other, and we can easily find the lowest energy (= stable ) state where electrons are just on the opposite sides of a nucleus.

But a electron cloud spreading all space cannot avoid each other in quantum mechanics which uses unphysical mechanism of "penetrating wavefunction" to cause attraction where only fake energy (= Not force ) can be gotten by integrating wavefunction.

It's not enough just to compute electromagnetic force.
We have to compute Pauli principle = repulsive force.

But quantum mechanics does Not admit Pauli repulsion to be a real force.  It cannot describe Pauli principle using real physical objects ( this p.6, this p.3 ).  Why can't Pauli principle be force ?

When we calculate forces betweem two atoms A and B, we have to calculate forces between electrons of atom A and B.  ← Even this basic calculation is impossible in quantum mechanics !

Pauli principle adopts strange math trick called "antisymmetric wavefunction" where if we exchange any two electrons, the sign of the total wavefunction becomes the opposite.

To do so, electrons 1 of atom A must exist both in atom A and B.
Similarly, electrons 2 of atom B must exist both in atom A and B.

So electrons belonging to atoms A and B are indistinguishable according to quantum Pauli principle.

As a result, calculating forces between electrons 1 of atom A and electrons 2 of atom B is impossible, because electrons 1 exist both in atoms A and B at the same time like in parallel worlds = superposition.

All quantum mechanics can do is integrate the wavefunction to get unphysical exchange "energy" (= Not force ) as Pauli repulsion.

By calculating force, we can predict which direction each electron or atom will move in chemical reaction, and construct useful nano-machine to cure diseases like constructing building in our daily life.

Schrödinger equation uses the same mechanism of Coulomb electric energy and de Broglie wave as Bohr's realistic model, which is why Schrödinger equation also can get energies close to real values.

But in multi-electron atoms, calculating and comparing infinite kinds of fake energies by Schrödinger equation is impractical and useless.

We prove Schrödinger equation cannot get exact energy (= conserved as the single total energy ) in multi-electron atoms, so wrong like contradictory Pauli exchange energy.

Using two basic principles of Coulomb force and de Broglie wave, we can easily get exact, concrete electron's orbit and compute "real force ( including Pauli repulsion )" to predict the direction of chemical reaction.

Unfortunately, in 1920s when quantum mechanics was invented, there were No modern computers to calculate multi-electron atoms using realistic moving electrons.  This was the start of fake science disaster as you see today.

See this week physics is still useless.


Where does science stop ?

[ Quantum old model keeps us from advancing forever. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Quantum mechanics has No physical picture by  

Here's a question for you.
Did you find any Nobel winners this year whose research is very likely to be useless forever, just the media and academia make a big deal of it ?

About a century has passed since BigBang, expanding universe was first proposed.  BigBang is still useless for us.

See this week physics is still useless.


Nobel prize is the biggest obstacle to science ?

[ New 'geocentric theory' dominates academic world. ]

(N-1)  ↓ Protecting useless science forever is the true role of  

Nobel is the most honorable, prestigious prize in the world.
But what if Nobel prize is the biggest obstacle to science ?

Famous figures, Trump and Greta are mentioned as possible winners.
Nobel is used just as 'attention-getter' or contributes to anything ?
We need to review it.

Science awarded Nobel prize can be classified into two groups.

One is 'useful' science which actually improved our daily life.
Another is 'symbolic' but 'empty' science for which huge taxpayers' money has been wasted, making No contribution to our society.

Who benefits from those 'useless' science ?
When some science gets prestigious Nobel prize, a large amount of money pours into it from around the world.

All the media and academia sensationalize it as if Nobel was the only absolute 'arbiter' of science.  Anyone opposing it is excommunicated and persecuted like Galileo.

Once academia and universities receive huge benefits of influential Nobel, they desperately try to protect their vested interests and positions, even if it is 'fake science'.

It's like the church = then academia persecuted 'heretic' to protect their old Aristotelian geocentric theory which dominated the world for more than 1000 years and solidified their academic status.

'Persecution' alreadly started as 'crackdown' against free speech and global warming skeptics, while the world is freezing in the record-cold temperature.

Once Nobel approves imposing 'tax' and fake science on people, nobody is allowed to oppose them ?  ← It's very dangerous tendency and could change Nobel from its 'prestigious prize' into a major obstacle to the development of new science.

J.J. Thomson discovered an electron as a "moving real particle".
Bohr's atomic model succeeded in predicting precise energies based on this moving electron and experimentally confirmed de Broglie wave.

Science tragedy started from here.
Imagine atoms where more than two electrons are flying around and interacting with each other.

How can you compute the orbits or trajectory of those electrons ?
Of course, in 1920s, there were No convenient computers.

It was impossible to calculate those complicated orbits of multi-electron atoms only using a pen and paper.  So physicists had No choice but to give up realistic electron model.

Instead, Schrödinger equation of quantum mechanics came.
Schrödinger equation also uses the same principle of de Broglie wave and Coulomb energy and got exactly the same energy results as Bohr model.

The problem is the orbital angular momentum of Schrödinger equation can be unrealistically zero, which causes an electron to crash into a nucleus and destructive interference of de Broglie wave.

So quantum mechanics started to say "Forget realistic picture of electrons !  A single electron can be everywhere simultaneously like a dead and alive cat living in parallel worlds !"

Furthermore, quantum mechanics had to invent "unphysical spin" where an electron must be spinning faster-than-light to generate magnetic field which accidentally agreed with Bohr magneton.

This spin is uncanny because an electron must rotate twice = 720o (= Not 360o ) to return to its original state.  So quantum electron spin completely lost its reality.

How could Schrödinger equation deal with multi-electron atoms without computers ?  Of course, Schrödinger equation could Not have exact solution in multi-electron helium, either.

They just choose fake (= approximate ) solution with freely-adjustable parameters and integrate it ( instead of solving it ), which takes infinite time.

Schrödinger equation of multi-electron atoms cannot have true solution, which means Schrödinger wavefunction inside a atom is a collection of different total energies (= the total energy is Not conserved as a single one ), which is physically unimaginable.

Heisenberg changed the interpretation of real de Broglie wave into "uncertain probability" where we can never know the precise motion of electrons inside atoms lost in fantasy worlds.

Nobel prize officially endorses this eternally "uncertain" physics with Pauli strange spin, prohibits us from looking deeper into atomic reality forever, which means it obstructs the science development.

Fake science news became conspicuous to make useless physics "look" useful.  If PC and smartphone really use quantum mechanics, these machines could already have been created and commercialized just when quantum mechanics was born in 1920s.

But they couldn't.  Those state-of-the-art machines and transistors were discovered by "trial and error" far later, irrelevant to old quantum physics.

Since Einstein rejected "space medium", the physics needed unreal virtual particles with imaginary mass to express all particle interactions.

Feynman found these infinite virtual particles filling all possible states give only meaningless infinity.  So they adopted very dishonest, artificial trick to cancel this infinity to get tiny finite physical values ( this p.4 ).

This QED trick called renormalization faced strong opposition even from founders Dirac and Feynman as "hocus-pocus".

But Nobel prize endorsed these unreal virtual particles about which you probably didn't know, because Nobody uses this useless, nonphysical QED virtual particles in our daily life which is said to apply only to very tiny negligible value by artificial trick.  ← Impractical science started.

From here, we can classify useless science ( forever ) which got Nobel prize into four groups.

The first group is imaginary elementary particles which allegedly appeared for too short time to detect directly only inside artificial circumstance = particle colliders.

These doubful short-lived particles can never be isolated from other garbage irrelevant particles inside colliders, so unavailable and useless forever except for Nobel prize and wasting taxpayers' money in meaningless collider.

God particle, Higgs, weak boson and quarks belong to this group.
Fractional-charge quarks can never be isolated or useful even after Gell-Mann = the father of quark died.

The second group is imaginary objects which are too far away from the earth to confirm, so useless forever.

Fictional BigBang, black hole, neutron star and meaninglessly repeated Einstein tests belong to this group.  Black hole is still useless even after half a century has passed since its first discovery, except for Nobel prize and meaningless telescope.

The third group is imaginary objects which has "too small effect" on detector.  So these too faint ghost-like objects are physically meaningless and useless forever.   Here are some examples.

Dark matter cannot be detected even by "ultra-sensitive" detectors.
Gravitational wave is said to change LIGO detector by only one thousandth a proton diameter, which is too weak and useless forever except for Nobel prize.

The fourth group is fictitious particles which can never be observed.
They try to explain real phenomena using unreal things such as quantum parallel worlds, negative kinetic energy, extra-dimension, QED virtual and quasi-particles in solid physics.

BCS theory in superconductor got Nobel prize, where unreal quasiparticles such as phonon and Bogoliubov are just nonphysical math symbols which cannot give us any concrete physical shape.

It means the absolute ruler = Nobel prize officially started to force physicists to use unreal, nonphysical quasiparticles without replacing them by real particles even in applied physics.  ← Physics stops progressing forever !

Fractional-charge quasiparticle (= not quark ) also got Nobel prize ( this p.280 ).

Nobel winners, Anderson and van Vleck also push fictitious quasiparticles.  Just recently, topological unreal quasiparticle won Nobel prize ( this p.19, Majorana )  ← Condensed matter physics close to us is disastrous.

If you try to use real particles instead of unreal virtual or quasiparticles to explain physical phenomena, you are persecuted by Nobel prize and academia as "heretic", like geocentric theorists denounced Galileo !

Nobel prize was awarded to parallel-world quantum computer which is fiction and still useless ( forever ).

Nobel winners, Gross and Hooft are also pioneers of virtual particles ( this p.2 ) and extradimensional string theory, which cannot even be tested, so useless forever.

Prize was originally to encourage scientists to clarify deeper "real" mechanicsm in the nature, which benefited our society.

But the current excessive prizes are just a political tool to make useless, fictional science "look" useful, which not only wastes our taxpayers' money but also obstructs our future science development forever.

See this week physics is still useless.


AI  in quantum mechanics ?

[ "God equation" of quantum physics is useless. ]

AI and machine learning are just a mere "method" of helping other theories governing physical phenomna to compute faster.  AI itself is Not a theory.

So if the basic physical theory remains old and useless, no matter what fancy AI technologies you use, it is meaningless.

See this week physics is still useless.

See this week physics is still useless.


Why Einstein can't play golf  ?

[ You can't hit a ball in the current physics = No real force ? ]

In fact, playing "real" golf is impossible in Einstein physics.
To play golf, you have to hit a ball with a club, which needs "force".

See this week physics is still useless.


What is  'University'  ?

[ University censors and restricts free idea, science. ]

(U-1)  ↓ You cannot learn new things in 'dictatorial'  

What is "university" ?  When it was hard to publish and copy books, university was the most efficient way for many people to get new knowledge.

Now you can get almost all knowledge using books and internet without wasting money in expensive university.  Why do many students still go to useless college ?

We are 'brainwashed' ?  Many politicians still try to spend huge taxpayers' money in useless college-for-all plan against the trend.  They cave in to big educational industry ?

What if 'university' restricts our free idea, speech , prevents us from exploring new science ?

Even if you graduate from college, you cannot answer the questions "What causes Coulomb force ?", "What's the shape of a photon ?", "Why doesn't electron spin stop ?"  ← College makes you ignorant ?

The present physics is full of fantasy such as parallel worlds, extra-dimension, BigBang, black hole, unreal quantum cat and computer.  ← College teaches fake science ?

Trump and Brexit revealed mainstream media is fake news.  But if the current science is wrong, it means all the media and adademia have deceived us for 100 years.  Is it possible ?

If fake news continued for 100 years, the media and academia get used to it, and feel No guilt about lying.  For example, "Gravitational wave proved Einstein was right" is untrue.

Einstein general relativity has flaws, it cannot conserve energy or generate wave.  So Einstein introduced nonphysical "pseudo-tensor" as gravitational fake wave.  There are many possible pseudo-tensors with freely-adjustable parameters ( this p.5 ), so it cannot predict anything or prove Einstein theory.

If Einstein was right, the "time stop" prevents black hole from forming, colliding and spinning. = Academia feels No guilt about these fake news, if they chose wrong science 100 years ago.

Actually, these black hole and gravitational wave are still useless, just wasting taxpayers' money, which fact proves they are 'fiction'.

In the early 20th century, Bohr's realistic model agreed with experimental results, assuming a moving electron generates de Broglie wave which was confirmed and avoids destructive interference in quantized orbits.

"Accelerating electron loses energy ?" is fake news fabricated later to deny Bohr model, because classical Bohr model was accepted then and got Nobel prize.

When a single electron is a collection of smaller charges storing energy, it loses energy by acceleration, breaking into smaller charges.  But a single electron is inseparable (= No 'stored energy' field ) in Bohr model, it doesn't lose energy just by acceleration.

The problem is there were No modern computers in 1920s, so physicists couldn't compute complicated electrons' motions of helium or bigger atoms.
Bohr model failed to explain helium atom including two electrons without computers.

But physicists couldn't wait for so long time until modern computer was invented later.  They had to continue their research (= even if relying on unreal model ) to get research funds or promoted.

Realistic atomic model failed, so only unrealistic model was left, this is quantum mechanics which nobody understands.

Quantum mechanics stopped treating an electron as a real moving object, instead, it just shows static electron cloud, though the electron has kinetic energy.  ← contradiction !

Hydrogen of quantum mechanics has unreal zero angular momentum which means an electron moves in one-dimensional linear orbit and crashes into nucleus.  Its de Broglie wave interferes with itself destructively.

Zero angular momentum cannot generate observed magnetic field.  So they introduced unreal electron spin (= faster-than-light rotation ? ), which accidentally agreed with Bohr magneton.  ← too good to be true !

This is why quantum mechanics had to discard realistic picture of atomic electrons, instead, treats each electron and light (= photon ) as nonphysical math objects with No physical figure.

So these colorful pictures of particles are fake images to deceive laypersons and make the current unreal physics look real.  Quantum physics can only describe each particle as nonphysical math (= a or b ).

There is No evidence of a photon = particle nature of light.  Both photoelectric and Compton effects showed light's energy is related to its wavelength, which means light is a wave,  a photon is Not a particle.

If we treat light as a photon particle traveling in the space without medium, in two-slit experiment, a photon has to pass both slits simultaneously using two different parallel worlds.

Light interference and refraction by Huygens prove a light is a wave traveling through "medium" at different speeds like sound waves.  No evidence for a photon.

Textbooks and the media hide the fact that the present physics discarding "medium" uses unreal virtual photons with imaginary mass as force, because an electron cannot emit a 'real' photon conserving total energy and momentum.

This unrealistic picture of a photon was compatible with unreal Einstein theory without medium and formed mathematical (= nonphysical ) quantum field theory and led to fictional extra-dimension of Einstein dream.

"Atomic bomb proved Einstein mc2" is fake news.  Nuclear energy is potential (= Not kinetic ) energy, which means "medium (= rejected by Einstein )" around particles has real mass changed by potential energy which was first shown by Maxwell.

Einstein copied Maxwell mc2 in the wrong way.  Einstein mass is illusion, "A mass can change freely by observer's motion without any external medium ?"
An electron moving at higher speed generates higher-energy de Broglie wave in the surrounding medium which increases its electron mass as shown in Maxwell mc2.

"QED using unreal virtual particles is the most successful theory" is fake news.  QED calculation always gives infinity ( this p.4 ), so they just artificially subtract infinity from infinity to get small finite value by ad-hoc renormalization.

Actually, Feynman and Dirac criticized this QED trick as "hocus-pocus".
Nobody uses this QED in our daily lives, which proves QED is an unrealistic, meaningless theory.

Unreal quantum theory can only increase illusory particles.
Fractional-charge quark, weak boson, Higgs, dark matter (= supersymmetry ) are all undetectable in our world, which means they don't exist like virtual particle.

They just claim "some particle was found" just by seeing "irrelevant garbage" inside collider.  Actually, no matter how many times physicists say "some particles were found", these particles are still useless, just wasting taxpayers' money.

These God-particle pictures are all fake.  Quark, weak boson, Higgs, supersymmetry are all just nonphysical math objects with No physical figure.
"Symmetry" is an artificial concept fabricated to develop this nonphysical theory, irrelevant to our real world.

Quantum mechanics cannot solve helium, either.  It just chooses fake solution with freely-adjustable parameters.

So "quantum mechanics is successful theory" is fake news, it cannot deal with multi-electron atoms, they have to rely on unreal quasiparticle model with fake (= effective ) mass and charge to explain variable physical phenomena.

They resorted to bogus rough approximation called "band model" which treats the whole solid (= made of many electrons ) as "fake one quasi-electron" with fake (= effective ) mass which can be negative.

So "computer transistor and smartphone use quantum mechanics" is fake news.  Band model relies on unreal quasipartice.  Tunnel is Not ghost quantum phenomenon.  Useful transistor was discovered by trial and error, Not by quantum mechanics.

Now we have modern computers.  So physicists can graduate from unreal quasiparticle model and express physical phenomena using only real electrons and nuclei by the current computer's power and technology to cure disease.

But once the unreal theory is establised and deep rooted, it is very difficult for physicists to discard this unreal quasiparticle model which got even Nobel prize.

Dismissing unreal quasiparticle model means we have to dismiss all the current theories such as quantum mechanics, Einstein and fake Green technology.

So academia has to continue using this useless obsolete quantum physics which obstructs all applied science, prevents us from curing diseases.

University and journal desperately protect this old science, reject research papers against their so-called "mainstream" theory,  brainswash students controlling all the media.

"Einstein is right !" is a blatant fake news.  Textbooks hide Einstein's true paradox.

Einstein says a moving clock ticks slower, which causes twin paradox in two satellites in the same orbit (= the same gravitational potential = No gravitational time dilation, so twin paradox appears )  Textbooks mention only the case where twins experience different gravitational potentials which cancel twin paradox.

GPS time error must be corrected real-time by ground stations irrelevant to Einstein.  So Einstein relaticity is meaningless in GPS.  "PET using antiparticle ?" is fake news.

Einstein relativity contradicts electron's de Broglie wave, rotating disc, "predicting future", force and Lorentz magnetic force where observer can charge wire ? = debate still continues.  These are true paradoxes showing Einstein is false.

Can we disprove quantum mechanics ?  Yes.  The total energy E of the atom is the sum of kinetic and Coulomb potential energy.  If the atom has exact solution and energy, this total energy E is always conserved (= E is constant, wherever electrons are ).

An electron of quantum mechanics cannot be a "moving point particle" avoiding other electrons which must include a time variable and be expressed as delta function which diverges to infinity when it is differentiated by kinetic energy operator.

So each electron of quantum mechanics always spreads in all space as electron cloud.  Wherever two electrons are (= two electrons of helium can be everywhere independently in all space ), their total energy must be conserved, which is impossible, because a helium must split into three independent unreal hydrogens.

There is No concept of 'force' in quantum mechanics where Pauli repulsion is Not admitted as real force ( this p.6 ) but as nonphysical, unknown antisymmetric math.

Pauli principle of bigger atoms is expressed by combining two hydrogen orbitals as (anti)symmetric wavefunction.  If the atom has the exact solution (= total energy E is conserved ), the total energies of symmetric and antisymmetric wavefunctions must be same, which means No Pauli exclusion energy appears.

The current Pauli principle is old, introduced 100 years ago.  It assumes only the case where multi-electron atoms cannot have exact solution.  = No exact solution → integrate fake chosen solution instead of solving it → Pauli exclusion energy appears as nonphysical exchange energy by this integral.

In multi-electron atoms, only when electrons avoid each other in one-dimensional orbits (= Not spreading as electron cloud ), the total energy of the atom can be conserved.

Destructive interference of electrons' de Brioglie waves can explain 'real' Pauli exclusion force.  An electron must cross the opposite-phase orbit of another electron's wave "perpendicularly" to avoid destructive interference.

But when the atom contains too many orbits, all electrons cannot cross other electron's opposite-phase orbit one-to-one perpendicularly = some electrons must be parallel to other electron's opposite phase which causes destructive interference of de Broglie waves and kicks out the electrons.  ← 'real' Pauli exclusion force.

Unless we admit 'real' moving electrons avoiding each other, real de Broglie wave which gives orbital radius and real Pauli force, we cannot move forward to control each atom or cure disease, though we already have the technology, only old quantum mechanical model prevents it.

Academia has the biggest political power to collect the entire world's huge taxpayers' money freely even for fake science (= AI, global warming ) and political correctness.

Academia controls all the media and pressures politicians with that money.  Student debt forgiveness, school bus, school mental health, child-care, open-border .. all lead to increasing students and tuition, profiting useless university.

The current 'sci-fi' physics is Not science, they focus only on 'philosophical activity' such as selling books, holding conference, lecture, sticking to old history forever. = No progress, or back to the middle ages ?

We have to awake from 100-year-old fake news by academia and university.

See this week physics is still useless.


Our universe is fiction ?

[ We live in a 'fairy-tale' world made by science writers ? ]

(S-1)  ↓ What you believe is true may not be true in  

What if we live in a fictional world such as Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan ?   You may not believe it, but this is true story.

We believe 'fiction' or screenplay written by some writers as truth and schools teach it to students.  This horrible story is really true ?

In their script,  Trump and Brexit were supposed to lose.

Our universe is expanding faster-than-light from BigBang spawning other universes ?  Black and worm holes are 'gateways to alien worlds' ?

Space is 11-dimensional, filled with fictional negative-mass gravitons ?
All these things are 'fiction' written by physicists = science writers ?

Vacuum is not empty, filled with unreal virtual particles with imaginary mass ?  All proton, neutron, Higgs use these illusory virtual particles ?

Around you, birds are singing, plants amass energy by photosynthesis.
How do the current textbooks tell you about it ?

Quantum mechanics tells you that each electron can be in two places at once in photosynthesis like a dead and alive cat in two parallel universes.

This bold and logic-defying idea is called "superposition", which is the current mainstream physics which claims a particle splits into two parallel worlds also in double slits.

These parallel worlds are unobservable like 'fairy-tale'.  They claim if we try to peer into these parallel worlds, they suddenly split into a single real world.  ← too good to be true !

Birds sense Earth's magnetic field using faster-than-light spooky entanglement ?  Of course, nothing can exceed light speed, so it's also 'fairy-tale'.  No real thing is 'teleported'.

Plants, biology and computers use 'ghost-like' tunnel and fictitious quasiparticles ?  Quasiparticle is unreal with fake mass and charge.

Physicists waste time in creating fictional monopole, fractional-charge, even sonic-black hole and another universe using quasiparticles.

Green new technology using 'unreal' quasiparticle is useless, scam.  Global warming is just 'publicity stunt' by politicians ?
The world is actually cooling, which damages crops and causes flood ?

Why is such a miserable thing happening ?
Why does nobody try to fix it ?  We have to look back on the past.

In 1920s when quantum mechanics was born, there were No computers to compute complicated forces among many electrons.

So physicists should have waited to deal with multi-electron atoms and molecules until modern computers were invented ?  Witouht computers at that time, only one-electron hydrogen can be solved (= helium cannot ).

Of course, physicists couldn't wait for so long time.  They had to continue their research ( even if it is unreal ) to get research funds and promoted.

Some great physicists opposed it.  Einstein disliked quantum mechanics.  Feynman said "Nobody understands it", "QED is hocus-pocus" like Dirac.  But most physicists had to continue research.

They resorted to bogus rough approximation called "band model" which treats the whole solid (= made of many electrons ) as "fake one quasi-electron" with fake (= effective ) mass which can be negative.

So "computer transistor and smartphone use quantum mechanics (= use unreal particle )" is untrue.  If quantum mechanics really contributed to computer technology, computers could've been easily made using quantum mechanics in 1920s.

Ordinary people don't know the current solid physics is useless filled with these unreal quasiparticles.  We are deceived by false images of fake news which try to make the current physics look 'cutting-edge', useful.

Now we have modern computers.  Then, physicists discard unreal quasiparticle model and express physical phenomena using only real electrons and nuclei ?  This is very difficult.

Because the present quantum physics depends on unreal quasiparticle model which got Nobel prize.  So discarding quasiparticles means you have to discard all of the current theory including Einstein.

Physicists must keep using this useless quantum physics which obstructs science and prevents us from curing diseases forever.

Academia controls the 'scientific idea' by writing that script with the biggest political power.  When they say something was found ( even if it is useless ), they can get the entire world's huge taxpayers' money freely.

Political correctness is also a 'political tool' introduced by academia to get taxpayers' money like climate change.  They can pressure politicians and use them like 'puppets' by those huge money.

The current 'sci-fi' physics is Not science but ' literature' or 'poem' to sell books obssessed with old history.  = No more scientific progress.

Why do so many students still want to go to useless college with high tuition and debt ?  Using internet and books, you can get almost all knowledge without wasting money in expensive university.

Because academia controls your idea as a "science writer" of the world.  Even if you avoid going to college, you cannot invent new technology.  Science was stopped by academia which controls all the media brainwashing us.

So you have no choice but to go to university to get useless degree which is the only tool by which employers judge your ability in this 'fairy-tale' world.

If the basic science stops progressing, there is No more American dream, No chance to reverse the situation, the wealth gap is fixed or wider.

We have to get back real "science" from authoritarian science writer = academia which freely controls our idea by rewriting the script of the world's science as they like.

See this week physics is still useless.


Mainstream science is wrong  ?

[ Humans believed unreal flat-earth,  then quantum physics, too ? ]

(G-1)  ↓ Academia = mainstream science was wrong →  

For more than a thousand years, humans believed flat-earth was real, and church = the then academia taught it as a mainstream science.

Technology developed, and ships could go very far in the age of exploration, peope noticed flat-earth was wrong.

Until then, scientists against flat-earth = the then mainstream science had been persecuted.  Is it possible such a thing will happen again ?

97% scientists believe global warming is real.
It could be wrong ?  The world is actually cooling ?

Academia, scientists had believed unreal flat-earth for far longer time than quantum mechanics = the current mainstream science invented in 1920s.

Then, quantum mechanics and Einstein relativity which were only 100-year-old could be wrong ?  The current academia = schools teach students wrong science ?

The present physics is full of occult things such as parallel worlds, a dead and alive cat, extra-dimension, changing the past.  How have we believed these weird science for 100 years ?

In 1920s, there were No modern computers.  Physicists couldn't compute three-body helium atom using Bohr's realistic model which succeeded in hydrogen-like atoms.

Realistic atomic model failed without computers, then physicists needed unrealistic model discarding real moving electrons.  It was quantum mechanics.

Nobody understands quantum mechanics which is mystery forever.
Quantum mechanics cannot solve helium, either.  It just chooses fake solution with freely-adjustable parameters.

So quantum mechanics is useless, cannot deal with multi-electron atoms, they have to rely on unreal quasiparticle model with fake (= effective ) mass and charge to explain it.

Quantum computer using fictional parallel worlds and quasiparticle failed with No progress.  All applied science was obstructed by unreal quantum physics. = Cancer and Alzheimer are still incurable.

Why didn't we doubt these fantasied physics until now ?
Because we are 'brainwashed' by fake news which were debunked by Trump and Brexit against globalist = academia.

Photoelectric and Compton effects prove a light is a particle (= photon ? ).  This is blatant fake news.  All these phenomena involve light "wavelength", which means light is "wave".

Light interference, refraction by Huygens prove a light is a wave traveling through "medium" at different speeds like sound waves.  No evidence for a photon.

Uncanny quantum mechanics has to rely on unreal parallel worlds to explain this interference, which was compatible with Einstein relativity dismissing real "medium".

Quantum mechanics is silent about the 'shape' of a photon, it just shows nonphysical math object with No physical figure as a photon.

Most textbooks avoid the fact that the current physics discarding "medium" uses unreal virtual photons with imaginary mass as force. = Mainstream science lacks reality.

"Tunnel is quantum effect", "Bohr model's accelerating electron loses energy ?" are fake news, too.  Even classical Bohr model was accepted then and got Nobel prize.

Uncertain quantum mechanics is more unrealistic, avoids the detailed atomic picture, just saying an electron has kinetic energy, but does Not move !?

"Accelerating charge emits energy" is Not about a single electron of Bohr's hydrogen (= stable by de Broglie wave ) but about "many small charges" forming electric fields.  So this logic cannot be used to deny classical atomic model.

"Atomic bomb uses Einstein mc2 ?" is false.  Nuclear energy is potential (= Not kinetic ) energy, which means "medium (= rejected by Einstein )" around particles has real mass which was first shown by Maxwell.

Einstein copied Maxwell mc2 in the wrong way.  His relativity says unrealistic things "A mass can change freely by observer's motion ?"  = mass is illusion ?

GPS time error must be corrected real-time by ground stations irrelevant to Einstein.  So Einstein relaticity is meaningless in GPS.  "PET using antiparticle ?" is fake news.

Physicists waste time in imaginary particles of colliders and fantasy BigBang, black hole which cannot be formed by stopping time.  So black hole doesn't exist.  All these concepts are illusion.

"Einstein was right !" is fake news to get taxpayers' money.  Those doubtful physics ignores other factors than Einstein.  Light is bent by "atmosphere or dusts (= Not Einstein )",  Gravitational wave is unreal pseudo-tensor irrelevant to Einstein relativity.

Fake "commercial" is one of fake news about fictional quantum computer and technology to get taxpayers' money.  Actually the fake 'commercial' computer is useless with No progress.

The current 'sci-fi' physics is Not science but 'literature' to sell books of old history.  Useless physics causing mental illness, the only jobs left for physicists are science writers or bloggers.

Schools teaching fake science destroy students' future, and cause mental illness.  But academia tries to use this 'mental health' as 'business', because 'physical health' is difficult for the current useless science to handle.

Worthless university needs to create other 'money-making' tools such as political correctness, fake AI and climate change.

Academia has the biggest political power, can collect the world's huge taxpayers' money ( even for fake science ), control the media and politicians.

Student debt relief, child-care, open-border .. All lead to increasing students and tuition, which will just increase victims of fake science, worsen mental illness.

If basic science stops progressing, all industries stop, which makes political debates boring.  ' School bus' or 'vague love' is the current top issue ?

See this week physics is still useless.


AI robots take human job  ?

[ Quantum mechanics is useless in AI and human body. ]

AI is not worth spending taxpayers' money for.  AI is just "publicity stunt" rather than technology, as seen in Tesla.

See this week physics is still useless.


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