A photon is impossible.


Soap bubble shows light is wave, Not a particle.

[ A photon (= light particle ) can be slower and faster ? ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Refraction = a photon particle accelerates, again !?   

A light particle is photon ?  This seems to be an established fact, but even a simple question of "light is wave or a particle ?" is still unanswered.

To come to the point, a photon particle is impossible.
Soap bubble tells us a light is wave, Not a particle.

Colorful pattern of soap bubble and thin film is caused by interference of light waves reflected from the top and bottom of the film.

How can you explain this interference with a light particle = photon ?

When a light enters some medium such as water, its direction is bent at a fixed angle by refraction.  If light is a particle, it is scattered in random directions.

It is known that light slows down in medium, and accelerates again when it exits.  A photon can automatically be slower and faster ?  ← impossible !

Are there some convenient things which "push" a photon to light speed again, when they find the photon exits the medium ?  ← impossible.

The only explanation is that light is wave Not a particle, and Huygens principle can easily explain this phenomenon.

Light can be divided with polarizations which can be freely changed.
A particle cannot do this.  A photon is also an electromagnetic wave.

When a light is scattered by electrons and loses its energy, a photon's speed must slow down.  But a light speed is always constant, instead, its wavelength is longer, which is another proof of "wave".

Quantum mechanics tells us nothing about what shape of a photon, or how it interacts with an electron.  It just shows nonphysical math objects as photons.

A photon itself cannot be detected.  All they can detect is electrons' current ejected by light ( this p.7, this Fig.1 ), so there is No proof of a photon.

Actually, this news just uses vague phrases "In the future, .. information technology ?"  ← still useless in an illusory "photon".


Quantum mechanics obstructs science.

[ It relies on unreal quasiparticle with fake mass and charge. ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Useless quantum mechanics stops science.

Quantum mechanics, which was invented 100 years ago, cannot deal with multi-electron atoms, so it has to rely on fictitious model with unreal quasiparticles with fake mass and charge.

This research is just a theory using unreal quasiparticle = Magnon = spin wave, which is just nonphysical math symbols with No shape ( this p.34 ).

This research is also just a theory for imaginary quantum computer, and just says "for future applications ?"  ← still useless, nothing is realized.

This news just says "shed new light on .. ?", and says nothing about its practical use.  They just observed some atoms using ordinary laser lights.

Quantum entanglement sends nothing, it's slower than light.

The latter part of this news just uses vague phrases "in the near future ?" Their purpose of entanglement was changed from "spooky action" into unrelated "noise reduction ?"  ← still useless.



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