Quantum technology = scam.


Quantum internet, communication, scam.

[ Quantum internet, network, computer .. are useless. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Atoms emit or absorb classical light, Not quantum.   

Quantum internet, network, communication ? ...  The media is always full of such "quantum" fake news.

"Quantum internet" is a vague term.  It is still in its infancy, exaggerated by the media, and has many shortcomings.

Quantum internet tries to use a single light particle = photon as communication, which cannot exceed light speed, so nothing new.

A photon is just "very weak classical laser light" (= Not a particle ! ), which interacts with each atom, they just call those atoms "quantum memory" = Nothing new.

A very weak, fragile light = photon is impractical.  The media uses misleading phrases "A step closer to future internet ?"  ← still useless, nothing realized.

They believe rediculous idea that two overlapped polarized classical lights mean a dead and alive cat superposed photon in fantasy parallel worlds.

Quantum cryptography uses "light" as key.  Very weak light (= photon ? ) is impractical, easily destroyed by eavesdropper, which is detectable, but it's only after light is destroyed, so meaningless.

Quantum computer using fantasy parallel worlds failed with No evidence of "speed-up".  Fake "commercial" term is just to deceive taxpayers.

Quantum computer and technology rely on unreal quasiparticles with fake mass and charge, ex. Majorana and plasmon quasiparticles.  ← unrealistic technology.

To hide this uselessness, they use vague phrases such as "new insights ?"  The last of this and this news just say "possibility in the future ?", "first step towards .. ?"  ← still useless.


What is electron 'spin' ?

[ Quantum mechanics shows No detailed figure of spin. ]

(Fig.2)   Spin is just nonphysical math symbol without reality.   

What is electron spin ?  It is called 'spin', but Not real 'spinning' ?

Quantum mechanics has avoided answering even this simple question for 100 years, which clearly obstructs our science.

They just show abstract nonphysical math symbol (= S ) as 'spin', tell us No more detailed mechanism of spin.

Because they know 'spin' lacks physical reality.

Each time physicists measure some magnetic field of material, they always try to use unreal spin, which obstructs science, prevents us from exploring deeper mechanism.

The news just repeats "empty" phrases " surprising quantum effect ?".  The last of this news just says "quantum sensors can be used in the future ?"  ← still useless.



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