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What is  'math'  ?

[ 'Math' is a tool to hide unrealistic physics ? ]

(P-1)   Electron and photon are unreal 'math' Not    ?

What is 'math' ?  Math is a tool to calculate the behavior of physical objects.
Of course, the objects handled by math must be real,  otherwise meaningless.

But the current physics lacks reality with crazy parallel worlds and extra-dimension.

Math is used to hide these fantasied quantum world ?
'Elegant' and 'beautiful' math is just an excuse for unreal physics ?

Or after all, math is just to sell books and enjoy their review as hypocritical academia's money-making tool, like fake global warming ?

What shape is a photon (= a light particle ) ?
Answering such a question is real physics.

But if a light is a photon particle instead of a wave, it cannot interfere with itself = disagree with facts.  So the current physics cannot decide whether light is a particle or a wave.  =still mystery.

An electron also causes de Broglie wave and can interfere.  But the current physics dismissed real medium, wave and atomic picture.

Instead, quantum mechanics relies on fantasy parallel worlds.
A particle or wave is still unknown, we cannot decide what shapes of a photon and an electron.

So physicists gave up 'physics' and started to use 'math' as an excuse to hide the current unrealistic physics.

Physics can only describe each electron and photon as nonphysical math objects (= a, b .. ) with No physical figure, which tells us nothing about reality.

An electron is an unreal math, 'repulsive force' (= Pauli principle ) among electrons is admitted Not as a real force but just as nonphysical 'antisymmetry'.

This abstract math needs fictional virtual particles and quasiparticle such as phonon to explain physical phenomena.  Those fictitious particles are also just nonphysical math ( this p.4, this p.14 )

Weak boson, quarks, Higgs and supersymmetric particles are also unreal math objects with No physical shape ( this p.5, this p.22 ), so useless.

Black hole is unreal, gravitational wave is nonphysical math = ( pseudo-tensor ? ).  Physicists are still silent about what those waves are made of, so useless except for Nobel prizes.

In old 1920s when there were No computers to calculate three-body helium atom, quantum mehcnaics had to give up real objects such as real electrons, wave, medium.

This unrealistic idea of quantum mechanics was just compatible with Einstein relativity (= gave up real medium and wave ), and formed mathematical (= nonphysical ) quantum field theory and fantasy extradimension of Einstein dream

Physicists use 'math' as fake target, which has nothing to do with real objects.  It just stops our science from progressing  forever.

See this week physics is still useless.


Electron is  'moving'  ?

[ Physics discarded real atomic picture.  →  Science stops. ]

(Q-1)  Science stops progressing in unreal    

Electrons are moving ?  Of course, electrons can move.
But the current physics does Not allow electrons to move inside atoms !

This is self-contradictory, because all electrons have kinetic energy, which means electrons must be moving.  ← then quantum mechanics is wrong ?

Quantum physics discarded "real" atomic picture, just shows uncertain electron cloud, which tell us nothing about detailed mechanism of atoms = still mystery.

What is "reality" ?  Light and a single electron cause interference, which proves an electron is moving through some "medium" generating de Broglie wave.

This real picture of electron and its wave agrees with the fact that an electron in atom can be stable when it avoids destructive interference.

In refraction, light can be slower and faster in different mediums. All such phenomena prove light is wave traveling through medium like sound wave, Not as a particle.

Vague quantum mechanics also uses de Broglie wave, but does Not admit its reality, instead, they need unreal parallel worlds to explain interference.

Quantum mechanics cannot accept real de Broglie wave, because zero angular momentum makes electrons crash into nucleus and its linear de Broglie wave interferes with itself destructively.

Why did quantum mechanics become so fantasy and useless ?
The main reason is there were No computers to calculate three-body helium atom in 1920s.

Schrödinger equation could not solve helium atom, either.  But quantum mechanics resorted to dishonest, unreliable approximate method to compute multi-electron atoms.

They just choose trial function with freely-adjustable parameters as fake solution, and integrate it (= instead of solving ).  "Choosing" means it is useless to predict atomic energy.

They made up strange electron's spin which spins faster-than-light and needs 720o rotation to return, though it has the same magnetic moment as real Bohr's orbit.

Quantum mechanics giving up real picture can only express each electron and photon (= light quantum ? ) as nonphysical math objects with No detailed figure.

Using unreal spin and nonphysical math (= anticommutation ), they rejected "real force" of mathematical Pauli principle ( this p.6 ), though it actually exerts real repulsive force in lithium.

Quantum model without real moving electrons can Not conserve total energy in multi-electron atoms, which proves quantum mechanics is wrong.

We already have technology to manipulate each single atom, so we could have clarified every molecular behavior in human body and cured incurable diseases, but we cannot.

To make theories useful, we have to admit "real things" such as real electrons and real waves as basic tools to describe Coulomb and Pauli exclusion force.

But accepting real wave and real electron in real medium means we have to discard Einstein relativity, black hole, virtual and quasi-particles, parallel-world quantum computer, so the current mainstream theory must collapse.

To protect useless university and its old science, we sacrifice development of real new science,  preventing us from curing cancer and Alzheimer disease forever.

This is why the current physics is Not science but literature, poem or philosophy, selling history books, wasting money in useless extra-dimension, parallel-world and global warming.

See this week physics is still useless.


Physics is  ' literature '  ?

[ Einstein is Harry Potter or history  rather than science ? ]

(P-1)  ↓ The current physics is just lieterature or history.  

Physics is Not science but literature such as Harry Potter, Stephen King, Romeo and Juliet ?

Physicists become "science writers", stick to historical old stories, sell books in amazon, aim at the best-seller list in NYTimes.

They believe fictional parallel worlds and extra-dimension as fake theory of everything.  It's like comic global warming is fake with no innovation.

The media and academia repeatedly celebrate Einstein birth day and anniversary of meaningless eclipse, unreal cat and distant imaginary objects.

Einstein physics really deserves so much attention ?
They are always crazy about his trivial episodes like religion.

Einstein relativistic effect is too small.  Even if the Sun slightly bent the light from distant star, it's meaningless for us.  Light was just bent by atmosphere, Not Einstein.

GPS clock is set to run slightly slower (= only 38μs/day ) before launch, considering relativity ?  But many other factors cause time error after launch, which needs constant correction by ground station.  So Einstein with paradox is unneeded in GPS.

Quantum mechanics and Einstein relativity are useless, based on fake particles such as virtual particles and quarks, which originate from basic false idea.

These "fictional" science will be just neglected and forgotten by people, unless the media and academia advertize it to attract attention, just like unneeded college.

This is why they constantly hold meaningless festival and lecture, celebrate anniversary and prize, make TV documentary, still calling 100-year-old obsolete theory "revolution".

The current physics is just literature or history to sell books, pretending "science".

See this week physics is still useless.


What is  ' Prize '  ?

[ Nobel prize is the ultimate goal of corrupt science ? ]

(N-1)  ↓ Academia, globalists' political tool =  

What if the current science taught in school is fiction ?
Governments stop using taxpayers' money in unneeded science ?

Or academia invented science prizes and makes people falsely believe that their science is worth spending money for, just because they got Nobel prize ?

Nobel prize as the fake ultimate goal of science is dangerous, could be used as a political tool to tax people for fake global warming and attack Brexit and Trump.

It has the largest political power, controls the media and academia, restricts free speech as a new absolute ruler by which we are on the road to destruction.

"Brexiteers decreased ?" proved to be illusion like Hawking black hole.
In Sweden where schools bully students doubting global warming ?, Greens lost seats.

Physicists are obsessed with fictional science such as extra-dimension, multiverse, selling history books, forgetting its practical-use, and finally discarded reality.

Academia under Nobel prize forces useless science except as political correctness on us.  Employers have to rely on worthless degrees which is the only tool to judge students under fictional science skill, allows tuition to skyrocket.

Unreal black hole and BigBang got Nobel prize a long time ago, those things are still useless just wasted taxpayers' money, which is the true role of Nobel committee.

Here is a question.  The current physics argues there are many elementary particles, most of which got Nobel prize.  How many of them are useful for us ?

The answer is zero.  All these particles turned out to be useless, just a waste of time and money.  Electrons, protons, light were known to exist before the current theory.

Higgs, weak boson, quarks are undetectable, not only lack reality but also self-contradictory, because all reactions must go through unreal virtual particles contradicting Einstein mc2.

Despite this fact, particle physicists' greed for bigger wasteful collider is limitless, misleading laypersons making imaginary target (= mystery ?)

Condensed matter is terrible, too.  Fictitious quasipaticles with fractional-charge, nonphysical Cooper pair and phonon got Nobel prize ( this p.3, this p.4 )

If unreal quasiparticles got the most prestigious Nobel prize, physicists would never try to discard these fake particles, preventing science from advancing forever !

Quantum computer using fantasy parallel-worlds is still useless with No progress, but got Nobel prize, which is abused as nothing but an origin of fake news.

We should stop blindly deifying Nobel prize = the origin of fake science and deception, and focus on the practical-use of science.

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum enigma lasts forever ?

[ Closing your eyes to 'reality' keeps mystery mysterious forever. ]

(T-1)  ↓ Every quantum "riddle" originates from  

College is scam. Education is hypocrisy.  Fake Einstein dream is fictional extra-dimension.  Physics is "entertainment", no longer science.

Physicists think only about selling books, tickets, their lectures are meaningless, deliberately avoid unfavorable facts to mislead naive laypersons.

The world is colder.  Academia, pundits try to control mainstream media, rig poll for fake global warming, which was rejected by clever voters.

Instead of donations, ridiculously high tuition must be reduced, otherwise they'll be used just as advertisement for universities to get more subsidy for useless science.

Why did scientists discard reality ?  In early 20th century, Einstein rejected "space medium" and its real wave, followed by quantum mechanical unreal picture.

Correctly, Einstein rejected only "medium" moving independently from the earth, which corresponds to dark matter or dark energy.  ← Contradiction !

In two-slit experiment, constructive and destructive interference of all waves such as light, sound, water needs "medium".  A particle in empty space cannot interfere with itself.

But the current physics based on Einstein forbids "medium" filling space.
Closing your eyes to reality (= medium ) keeps quantum world "mystery" forever.

A single particle can split and pass both slits like ghosts in parallel worlds where observer's consciousness changes the past ?  Quantum physics is no longer science !

All particles feel forces.  Without real medium, we have to rely on unreal virtual particles as fake force carrier, which is just nonphysical object ( this p.6)

If the space is filled with medium, a moving electron generates wave, which was actually detected as de Broglie wave, which is real, Not illusion.

The current physics closed its eyes to real medium and force surrounding particles, which was started by Einstein, caused fake particles and obstructs science forever.

See this week physics is still useless.


'Fake' science needs to create 'fake' particles.

[ If academia is wrong, scientists are wasting time in "imaginary" particles. ]

(P-1)  ↓ A neutron decays into a heavier unreal W boson ?  

Imagine what happens if the current science is wrong.
Academia needs to prepare fake science and guys.

Nobel prize is reduced to a political machine to monopolize tax for unneeded collider and fake global warming even in record-cold May.

Politicials are academia's puppets to spend those tax in fake useless science as subsidy, which just skyrockets tuition, destroys kids' future.  Vicious cycle.

Quantum mechanics sold its soul to unreal parallel worlds in two-slit experiment, so they needed to create unreal concepts also for other phenomena, forever.

It is impossible for a light thing to emit or break into a heavier thing.
But the current physics collapses without this ghost-like reaction.

In β- decay, a neutron is said to decay into a proton and a much heavier W- boson, which is unreal, because a ligher neutron cannot emit a heavier W boson.

So physicists make excuses this W boson is virtual, Not real.  ← Not science !

In β+ decay, a proton is said to decay into a neutron and a much heavier W+ boson, which includes two impossible things.

First, a ligher proton cannot emit a slightly heavier neutron, let alone much heavier W+ boson.  This is the consequence of using unreal basic physics.

All particles in quantum mechanics are just nonphysical math symbols, which tell us nothing about detailed mechanism of physical phenomena.

Electrons and photons (= light ) are just "math objects" with No shape !
Nonphysical Feynman diagram is their only tool to describe particles' reactions.

In Feynman diagram, they just put math letters side by side to express "interaction" where real particles must always interact with unreal virtual particles or quasiparticles phonons.

Pauli principle is Not real force, but nonphysical "anti-commutation" which tells us nothong about how repulsive force in Pauli principle is genereted.

"Standard model = particle physics is the most successful theory" is a total lie.  All those imaginary particles are only inside artificial environment of colliders, = Not the real world.

W boson of weak force and Higgs are also nonphysical concepts which are silent about detailed mechanisms of giving mass ( this p.4, this p.4 ).

To recover "reality", we have to admit "real things" such as real moving electrons, real medium and real Pauli exclusion force, instead of unreal virtual particles and quantum parallel worlds.

See this week physics is still useless.


China teleportation is a weapon ?

[ Quantum teleportation is Not Star Trek, but fake science. ]

(T-1)  ↓ Just measure light polarization = teleport ? or  

Recently, Chinese satellite succeeded in teleportation.
This could be a new weapon ?  Or just science fiction ?

The world is full of fake science such as black hole, Big Bang, parallel worlds, a dead and alive cat, extra-dimensions and global warming.

Quantum teleportation can Not send real things or information faster than light.  No Star Trek.  Why do the media and academia make a big deal of it ?

Quantum mechanical view of atoms is uncertain, tell us nothing about detailed mechanicsm.  It is "philosophy" rather than science, so useless.

The only 'certain' idea of quantum mechanics is each particle can be in multiple 'uncertain' states simultaneously like a dead and alive cat until measurement.

We split a light into two perpendicular polarizations, horizontal or vertical is unknown until measurement.  Quantum mechanics calls these polarizations "entanglement".

When we measure and know one of the lights has "horizontal" polarization, it 'determines' instantly another light has "vertical" polarization.

They misinterpret this "instantly" as " faster-than-light" spooky entanglement.  As you see, this entanglement concept is meaningless, sends nothing.

When we mix one of the light (= horizontal ) with another light (= vertical ), measure and know their polarizations are perpendicular, it 'instantly' determines there are two 'vertical' lights here.

They just call this 'measurement' 'teleportation' which sends nothing without ordinary classical communication ( this p.5, this p.2 ), so meaningless.

Actually, academia doesn't say this teleportation is useful for sending some message.  It is just for ambiguous 'security ?'

Because fragile light (= photon ) is easily broken and detectable when eavesdropper tries to intercept it.  But "easily broken" light is useless as stable communication tool, so meaningless.

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum mechanics is 'socialism' ?

[ 'Authoritarian' academia bans new science ? ]

(P-1)  ↓ Academia shackles us to old useless    forever !

Sanders, socialist  vs. Trump, capitalist is one of most likely pairings in 2020 presidential election.

The downside of 'socialism' is that it may hamper scientific development due to too strict control by authority.  Is the present world really capitalism ?

In fact, all countries including democratic states are 'socialism' with respect to science.  More precisely, 'authoritarian' socialism where No free science is permitted !

Nearly a century after its founding, quantum world is still strange mystery.  Even a simple question "Light is a particle or wave ?" is unanswered, correctly, 'such a question itself is forbidden'.

Two-slit interference of a quantum particle occurs by fictional parallel worlds = a hometown of dead and alive cat, or just philosopher's imagination ?

Quantum mechanics doesn't tell us how electrons are moving inside atoms, it just shows three options -- many-worlds, philosopher's consciousness or Shut up !

If the basic science stops, all applied science and the entire society stop progressing.  People have to endure boring monotonous work with No improvement, No dream.

Actually, many diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer are still incurable.
Moore's law is ending. Computer industry focuses only on 'price competition' giving up innovation.

To keep stealing taxpayers' money, academia and corporations need to make up 'fake scientific target', colluding with the media = the origin of fake news.

Quantum computer using fantasy parallel worlds failed with No evidence of "speed-up".  Fake "commercial" phrase is just to deceive laypersons.

Self-driving car and artificial intelligence (= AI ) are scam, seeing AI experts specialize in fictional parallel universe and 11 dimensions.

Global warming is the best example of fake science by 'authoritarian academia' with No plane, No cow, No steel.  You are forced to believe it even in record cold spring !

Under useless basic science, No technological innovation in green energy.  Tesla failed.  This bill would just impose unneeded old electric car on taxpayers.

How has the present situation become so extremely weird where political correctness and pseudoscience are rampant ?

The main reason is that science had gone off the rails 100 years ago when there were No computers.  Physicists had to rely on nonphysical model of unreal quasiparticles and spin to deal with multi-electron atoms.

Once theory has been establised, and 100 years have passed, it is very hard to discard it, no matter how unrealistic it is.  ←This is why the current science stops progressing.

Even when physicists measure forces of a single atom, they are Not allowed to use real force model in Pauli repulsion ( this p.6 ) with real 'moving' electrons forbidden by nonphysical quantum mechanics.

See this week physics is still useless.


Smartphone uses quantum mechanics ?  ← lie !

[ The current science is full of big lies. ]

(C-1)  ↓ Smartphone is based on experience, Not on   

Pseudo-science = academia urges politicians to waste more tax in worthless colleges and their fake science = global warming.

Warren's subsidy plan will just increase tuition limitlessly, which is their true aim, hypocrite, politicizing pseudo-science.  Remember what they did to Kavanaugh ?

The media about Trump collusion was full of fake news.
Science news by those media is full of fake news, too.

Nobody understands quantum mechanics with parallel worlds, a dead and alive cat which are weird, baffling.  Is this old physics really useful ?

In fact, widely-accepted common knowledge "Smartphone and PC transistor use quantum mechancis !" is fake news.

Computer CPU is a collection of simple transistors, which can recognize only two informations = 0 or 1 depending on stored charge in capacitor.

When you apply voltage to base (or gate ) in transistor, it changes semiconductor conductance and electric current flows, charge is stored, switch off and on.

So if you want to make computer and transistor, you need to find this suitable semiconductor which can be controlled by applied voltage.

This semiconductor research had already started in 1800s far earlier than quantum mechanics was born.  They just repeated experiments by trial and error.

In 1947, Bell laboratory researchers finally discovered "best semiconductor" through many failures.  The existing theories did Not work, only their experience and persistence brought them success.

Only after workable transistors were invented, physicists started to apply ad hoc quantum mechanics to transistor.  So experiment was first, and its theory was later.

The problem is old quantum mechanics cannot deal with complicated multi-electron atoms.  They introduced nonphysical band model in semiconductor.

Quantum mechanics treats the whole electrons inside semiconductor as "one quasi-electron" with fake (= effective ) mass and momentum ( this p.2, this p.13 ).

In this quantum band theory, fake electron and hole can move with unreal mass, interacting with unreal quasiparticles ( this p.11 ).  All those artificial parameters are freely-adjustable, completely useless.

Quantum mechanics does Not admit Pauli principle as real force where we cannot set up real electrons' model.  Those nonphysical quantum model prevents us from moving forward.

Actually, since its first discovery, the transistor's basic structure has Not changed.  All they can do is increase 'simple-structured transistors', which already reached the limit.

We must discard useless quantum mechanics, and describe electrons and Pauli exclusion force as real model only by which we could move forward to manipulate each atom and cure fatal diseases.

See this week physics is still useless.


Black hole is 'sexist' ?

[ Pseudo-science is used as 'politics'.  ← Not science. ]

(B-1)  ↓ Political correctness in useless collider and    ?

Woman behind the first black hole photo is fake ?  Is it 'sexist' ?

First of all, this black hole picture is fake, media-hype, Not a real photo.
We cannot see black hole, No light can escape from it.

Orange color around 'doubtful' first black hole photo is false, too.
Dusts around black hole completely block visible light from near black hole.

This telescope can Not detect visible light.  Radio wave has far lower energy than visible light, and is emitted from 'everywhere' not only black hole.

These radio waves are easily scattered by infinite dusts while traveling extremely long way, so it's impossible to prove black hole only from this 'artificial' photo.

Black hole itself is fake, because time dilation stops its formation.
Caltech used the same PR tactics also in unreal gravitational wave.

Black hole is still useless, though half a century has passed since its first discovery.  Those useless physics is used only as 'politics' to attack opponents as "fascist".

Black hole is nothing but a political tool, which is why the media talks only about political correctness = "sexist" irrelevant to actual science.

CERN also joins in "sexist" politics, because Higgs and all imaginary particles inside colliders are useless except for Nobel prizes or taxing people, Not science.

Global warming is a typical example of political pseudo-science exploiting Holocaust and migration even in freezingly cold spring.

The current physics is Not science, but 'political show' or 'literature' to sell books.  Politicians try to waste more taxpayers' money in unnecessary colleges.

Academia = globalists stop science, open border to increase population and tuition using 'human right' tool, though university is the most discriminatory organization in favor of the rich.

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum mechanics is useless in AI.

[ ' Computers use quantum mechanics '  is fake news ! ]

(C-1)  ↓ Unreal quantum mechanics is really used in    ?

Even democratic UK starts internet censorship like North korea ?

If internet regulators = academia and traditional publishers are a source of fake news, it just increases vicims of fake science.  No free speech like Galileo era.

First picture of black hole and its orange ring is fake news.  "Stopped time" and dusts completely block visible lights from unseen black hole.

'Press conference' or 'events' to get the media's attention is their true aim for illusory black hole, which is useless for half a century, just wasting taxpayers' money.

"Computers use quantum mechanics ?" is fake news, too.  " Machine learning", AI, self-driving are just 'empty catchphrases' to deceive investors.

Nobody understands quantum mechanics, which is still weird, puzzling using unreal parallel worlds.  How can we use it in modern computer ?

Computer CPU is composed of simple transistors which can recognize only 0 or 1 depending on stored charge and electric current.

Voltage applied to the base semiconductor can change its electric resistance and current like faucet where charges stored in capacitor memory express 0 or 1.

This transistor was invented based on experience and classical electromagnetism, Not using quantum mechanics (= Schrödinger equation ) or unreal spin.

Quantum mechanics does Not allow "moving electrons", it just shows vague electron cloud.  But classical picture of moving electrons is used to explain computer semiconductor.  ← contradiction !

Quantum mechanical semiconductor uses nonphysical "band model" with unreal quasiparticle with fake (= effective ) mass and artificially adjustable parameters ( this p.3 ), which useless model contributes nothing to the current computer.

Tunnel is Not quantum mechanics which claims balls penetrate walls like ghost.  Even insulator has large empty space through which electrons move, when it is thin and voltage is applied.

So quantum mechanics is completely useless, meaningless and even harmful to modern science.

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum mechanics → medicine ?

[ The world is aging,  but the basic science is useless. ]

(B-1)  ↓ Unreal parallel-world, quasiparticle =    ?

In aging society, healthcare and drug cost are rising across the world, not only Obamacare.

The only solution to reduce medical cost is technological innovation, but the world still believes unscientific global warming even on record-cold days.

To achieve this, we have to apply the basic quantum mechanics governing molecular behavior (← ? ) to biology and medicine.

In Google search, you may often find "quantum biology".
What the heck is this quantum biology ?   Is it useful ?

Quantum mechanics is still weird, puzzling, counter-intuitive.  Quantum biology is also unknown and speculative, ignored by biologists.

This research claims photosynthesis may use quantum superposition = a dead and alive cat in fantasy parallel worlds, which can never be observed, so just imagination.

These studies say light absorption may use exciton, polaron and phonon ( this p.7 ), which are just unreal nonphysical quasiparticles with fake mass and charge.

This news argues birds use quantum entanglement, which is spooky, faster-than-light ?  But it cannot be used as real communication, so meaningless concept.

Quantum biology lacks proofs, still remains mystery.
Just saying "quantum mechanics could explain biology !" doesn't mean proof of this theory.

For example, when you lose something, and say "Ghost stole it !", it cannot prove the existence of ghost until you find ghost and utilize its ghost power in our daily lives.

So "quantum biology" is unscientific, useless and misleading phrases.  Actually biology and medicine make No progress due to nonphysical quantum physics.

See this week physics is still useless.


No progress,  Why ?

[ Science stops → waste time stuck in fake collusion ? ]

(P-1)  ↓ Basic science stuck in unreality in   

The media across the world wasted time in Trump fake collusion.
Brexit is deadend.  The world is Not progressing.  Why ?

College is scam.  Fake science = global warming is hoax, used as a excuse to hide true crime.

Even Nobel laureate and science professors circulate fake Russian collusion, indicating academic deep state which misleads students by fantasy parallel worlds and global warming.

Something wrong ?  Is it possible deadend basic science causes the current various problems ?

100 years ago, there were No convenient computers.  Physicists had to apply only simple H atom orbitals to other atoms, though they are Not exact solutions.

They had to explain why the 3rd electron of lithium cannot enter inner 1s orbital = Pauli principle, Not using real force, after giving up real atomic picture.

Suppose a molecule consists of two atoms φa and φb, their variables are r1 and r2, respectively.  The total energy of this two-atom molecule is E.

Even if you exchange variables ( r1 and r2 ), of course, it gives the same energy E, because variables are just tools for calculation.

Surprisingly, quantum Pauli principle says these two energy E are different !  This is why Pauli exclusion force lacks reality ( this p.6 ), which obstructs our science forever.

If these two energy E are the same, the total energy of wavefunctios combining them also gives the same energy E regardless of symmetric or antisymemtric.

To cause energy difference by exchanging variables unrealistically for Pauli principle, these two energy E must be different.  How is such a unreal thing possible ?

Because these H atom wavefunctions (= φa, φb ) are Not exact solutions of molecules.  They just approximately use the simplest H atom as fake solution of other atoms and molecules.

If they could find exact solutions of multi-electron molecules, it does Not cause energy difference between symemtric and antisymmetric wavefunctions, so it invalidates Pauli principle.

So quantum Pauli principle is just caused by 'artifact' by using wrong H atom solution in other irrelevant atoms or molecules where overlap integral is nonphysical, contradicts original probability definition.

Schrödinger equation uses experimentally confirmed de Broglie wave, but gave up using real de Broglie wave as quantized energy and true Pauli exclusion force.

If we cannot define Pauli principle as 'real force', we cannot move forward in science manipulating atoms, even if we have excellent technology.

See this week physics is still useless.


Real  college scam.

[ Real scam = Schools teach fake science. ]

(S-1)  ↓ Students are victims of fake science. =   

Lawsuits against college admission bribery scam started.
In fact, real scam is what is taught in schools.

Colleges are getting more worthless, just causing skill mismatch in internet era.  Why do students want to enter useless universities even by suffering exorbitant tuition ?

Corrupt academia tries to control and brainwash students by fake science = global warming, using them for their political purpose  despite record-cold facts.

The current science is deadlocked with No innovation.
Employers have to judge students only by useless college degrees in this technological deadlock.

Gvavitational wave is fake science, because stopping time prevents black hole from forming or merging.  GPS does Not use Einstein due to twin paradox.

Mc2 is Not Einstein's original idea.  He just copied Maxwell mc2 in the wrong way.

Since Einstein discarded real medium, quantum mechanics had to adopt fantasy parallel worlds for de Broglie wave interference, spooky action, and unreal virtual photons as forces.

PC technology is just based on 'experience', Not using quantum mechanics which only expresses semiconductor by unreal quasiparticle with fake (= effective ) mass and nonphysical math symbols.

Quantum mechanics claims electron's angular momentum is zero, so electrons crash into nucleus causing destructive inteference of de Broglie wave.

So they gave up real electron's motion and treat each electron as vague cloud spreading over all space by which two electrons cannot avoid each other.

To conserve constant total energy, Helium two electrons must keep avoiding each other.  But static Schrödinger wavefunction cannot describe this electrons' real dynamic motion.

Nonphysical antisymemtric wavefunction = Pauli pringiple is fake science, because just exchanging two variables do Not cause energy difference or Pauli exclusion force.

Useless basic science → No technological innovation → Academia uses fake science (= global warming ) as a money-making tool. → Students = victim of fake science. = now

See this week physics is still useless.


Education  is hypocrisy ?

[ Fake science in school destroys students' future. ]

(E-1)  ↓ Useless science is taught in   

Top priority is to cure disease.  But politicians and the media care only about "imaginary global warming" even on record-cold days.  Why ?

Even academia supports fake global warming using innocent students.

The current basic science is useless where science guys believe fantasy multiverse.  Green energy always failed, electric car is useless without technological innovation.

Trump right decision to cut unreal useless science which cannot cure disease but just causes job mismatch by worthless universities.

Many politicians try to spend more money in corrupt education which uses human right and science as moneymaking tool to keep redundant law schools, raise tuition, build useless collider for unreal unseen dimensions.

We already have technology to manipulate each single atom.
Each atom has at most 10 valence electrons, which seem to be easily predictable.

So by combining that technology with the current computer simulation, we should be able to easily predict and manipulate any molecular reactions to cure fatal disease.  But we cannot.  Why ?

The current basic physics had gone in the wrong direction 100 years ago when there were No computers, so physicists had to give up real atomic picture.

An electron in Schrödinger picture always spreads as electron cloud where two electrons cannot avoid each other which makes it impossible to find the lowest energy state in molecules.

They have to choose approximate (= fake ) solution with artificial parameters out of infinite choices ( this p.8 ) for unsolvable multi-electrons atoms, which is useless, cannot predict any physical reactions.

Classical electrons could easily find its lowest energy state where electrons are symmetrically separated ( ex. carbon = tetrahedral ), and can compute forces and predict direction of chemical reaction, so useful.

"Spreading" wavefunction cannot be true solutions for multi-electron atoms.  Antisymmetric wavefunctions cannot describe true Pauli exclusion force.

Recovering "reality" in basic science is the first step to do for practical use of science.

See this week physics is still useless.


Fake science ignores reality.

[ Green new technology by parallel-world quantum mechanics ? ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Real physics cannot be described in   

Green new dealers always say global warming is real and promote carbon tax before innovation, ignoring record-cold reality.  Why ?

Global warming is a tool to hide scandal during coldest days, and just hypocrisy ?

Politicians shouldn't link every natural disaster to man-made global warming, ignoring cold disaster.  Uncertain climate change needs to rely on doubftful models.

Climate-change activists close their eyes to useless basic science, focus only on taxing and tormenting people without innovation, which provoked massive protests.

They start to use plastic as a second carbon tax ignoring the fact that the most effective way is just to burn plastic.

The current science is Not a science, but just a "literature" to sell books, lecture on history, worship old physics forever and get prize, forgetting practical use of science.

As a reason for collider, Glashow mentioned elegant physics, gravitational wave, black hole, all of which are useless, just wasting taxpayers' money, so meaningless science.

In fact, the current basic physics ignores "reality".  Many experiments confimed a moving electron is de Broglie wave interfering with itself.

Quantized Schrödinger wavefunction is clearly the result of avoiding destructive interference of electron's de Broglie wave.

But quantum mechanics says electron's orbital angular momentum can be zero where linear motion of electron causes destructive interference of de Broglie wave !

So the current physics gives up reality, and just vaguely says each electron spreads over all space, Not actually moving, though it has kinetic energy !  ← nonsense.

A very tiny electron must be spinning faster than light to cause the observed magnetic moment.  So they started to say electron does Not spin, though it has angular momentum !  ← nonsense.

If real de Broglie wave and electron's motion are discarded, real light wave and multi-electrons avoiding each other must be discarded, which causes useless applied physics.

Ignoreing reality in basic physics causes the current science scam = global warming which also ignores reality of record-cold temperature.

See this week physics is still useless.


Schools teach  'wrong' science ?

[ Einstein's photon is fictional science. ]

(S-1)  ↓ Wrong physics taught in     ?

Global warming is hoax,  the world is getting colder and colder.

Globalist academia started to use innocent teenage students to push their shady global warming agenda while the world is freezing.

Students in weak position cannot say No to universities which stifle even experts since corporate-governments changed education into business and political tool.

Academia spoils students' future by teaching them useless science based on fictional parallel worlds and extra-dimension.  Global warming is nothing but establishment's tool to exploit students, raise tuition.

In fact, the current schools teach students wrong physics.
You might be taught that energy and momentum are always conserved.

But when an electron emits or absorb light (= photon ? ) by Einstein photoelectric effect, this process violates this conservation law !  → unreal virtual photon ?

Electron moving at a speed of v has momentum P = E/(v/2) where E is its kinetic energy.  When the electron emits light (= photon ?), total energy and momentum must be conserved.

The problem is massless light's momentum is too small compared to its energy ( P = E/c,  c is light speed ).  The ratio of momentum to energy in light is different from electron, which violates conservation law.

So if total energy and momentum are conserved when electron emits (or absorbs ) light, this light must be unreal virtual photon with imaginary mass ( m2 < 0, this p.3 ) !

To avoid this unreal virtual photon and justify school's science, the electron and nucleus must emit light together, oscillating "medium", which contradicts Einstein.

Light has energy proportional to its frequency (= vibration ).  If light is a particle, it cannot vibrate without medium.  Just by vibrating a target electron, it cannot increase electron's kinetic energy.

So light must increase electron's kinetic energy through electron's de Broglie wave in the common medium.  Electron's de Broglie wave frequency just agrees with light frequency emitted (or absorbed ) by electron.

See this week physics is still useless.


Einstein photon doesn't exist.

[ Light is wave in 'medium'.  Einstein is false. ]

(P-1)  ↓ Light is Not a photon particle.    is unreal

Mainstream media is full of fake news ?  Why ?

Fake news originate from 'physically incompatible' things such as record-cold global warming,  faster-than-light photon,  light is wave and a particle ?

Actually, the current Nobel prize is abused as a tool to tax people or build useless collider using fictional (= physically incompatible ) science.

Planck thought black body radiation is a collection of quantum light energy, Einstein's photoelectric effect showed the light energy is related to light frequency.

Is only this fact enough to prove light is a photon paticle ?  ← No.
Light frequency is equal to speed divided by wavelength, which proved light is wave.

Young double and single slit interference proved light is wave travelling through medium like sound and water waves.

If we try to explain interference of a single photon with a light particle, it needs fictional parallel worlds where a photon can pass both slits simultaneously ?

Light refraction obeys Huygens' wave principle like sound wave.
Light speed becomes slower and faster again, when it exits water.

If light is a photon particle, it scatters in random directions (= refractive index is chaotic ! ), and how can a photon accelerate again, after exiting water ?  ← impossible !

Einstein's photon is Not a particle, but the smallest amount of "light wave" interacting with each atom.  Then, why is this unreal photon still accepted ?

Uncertain quantum mechanics just shows vague electron cloud which tells us nothing about the detailed motion of electrons, lacks physical reality.

So they can only express a photon interacting with an electron as nonphysical math symbols ( this p.5 ) which tells us nothing about the detailed figure of a photon.

If a photon has No mass, such a light particle cannot move much heavier electrons, instead, easily scatters.  Actually an electron can absorb or emit only unreal virtual photon with imaginary mass, when total energy and momentum are conserved.

The only consistent explanation is that the whole atom emits light by oscillating some medium in both directions, which agrees with actual phenomena.

See this week physics is still useless.


Photon (= light particle ) is parallel worlds ?

[ Quantum technology scam originates from illusory 'photons'. ]

(L-1)  ↓ Two polarized lights are mixed = quantum parallel worlds ?  

Instead of cracking down on internet, we should suspect authority and academia overseeing social media may be real sources of fake news ?

Record-breaking cold global warming is ignored by main stream media.

Global warming and green-new deal are scam created by globalist elites and academia to steal taxpayers' money, as "carbon tax".

Similarly, fictional quantum parallel-worlds and BigBang are accepted as 'unchallenged' main-stream science.  ← unbelievable !

Quantum mechanics is full of unreal concpets such as a dead and alive cat in parallel worlds.  Almost all of these originate from a fictitious light particle = photon.

Einstein rejected space medium and considered electromagnetic wave as an inseparable, imaginary particle = photon, which is a start of disaster.

If light is a photon particle, two-slit interference of a single photon needs fictional parallel worlds.

Light has polarization.  All linear, circular polarizations can be created by combining vertically and horizontally polarized lights.

Linear polarized light can easily transform into circular polarized light by changing their light velocity of only vertical or horizontal component ( this p.3 ).

Any light can be divided through polarizer.  These properties prove light is electromagnetic wave, Not a photon particle, which cannot be divided.

They applied these wave polarizations also to imaginary photons, so a photon is Not particle-like, it has the same figure as electromagnetic wave.

But when combining two polarized lights, they used quantum unrealistic concepts = superposition where a single photon consists of two different polarized photons in parallel worlds !

They try to use this light polarizations (= a dead and alive cat ? ) as a bit of fictitious target quantum computer or information, which is useless forever.

A photon is nothing but a classical electromagnetic wave.
Quantum mechanics gives up real wave picture of light, which contradictory attitude obstructs our science.

See this week physics is still useless.


Light is a wave or a particle ?

[ There's No such thing as a photon,  light is wave. ]

(L-1)  Light = Electromagnetic wave oscillates charges.  

Light is wave or a photon particle ?  It's still a unanswered mystery of quantum mechanics.

Maxwell predicted that light is electromagnetic wave, which was confirmed by Hertz, who generated light by oscillating charges, which agreed with Maxwell.

Later, Einstein photoelectric effect proved light is a particle ?  ← untrue.

Nobel laureate Lamb knew there's No such thing as light particle (= photon ).  But those honest scientists were suppressed as seen in global warming.

Similarly, the whole academia believing fictional extradimension and parallel worlds tries to stifle physicists who oppose useless particle colliders.

Those academia just wants to get taxpayers' money and raise tuition using fictitious scientific target, involving globalist's entrepreneurs.

Photoelectric effect just showed light has energy proportional to its frequency, which is wave nature of light, Not a particle.

In fact, there is No way light is a particle.  "Light is wave" is the only answer.

To generate radio wave (= light ) using antenna, we have to oscillate electric charges by alternating current, which is equal to light frequency.

Sensor detects light wave as "space oscillation", which changing electric field oscillates charges, and the light frequency can be measured as clear 'beat' of electric current.

A photon particle cannot oscillate up and down if space contains nothing, because there is nothing with which a photon can collide to change its direction and oscillate.

If space contains some "medium", it can explain why light always travels at light speed c and that light can oscillate charges in transverse direction in receiver.

Maxwell's radiation energy is caused by many randomly fluctuating small charges, does Not apply to a single electron orbiting under constant energy and stable de Broglie wave.

Nuclear potential energy can change the whole mass, which indicates "light medium" among charges must have some real energy, contradicting Einstein.

All light refraction and interference show wave nature of light, because there's no way a photon is accelerated to c again, after it slows down inside glass.

Kinetic energy of an electron cannot generate a real photon particle, it always becomes unreal virtual photon with imaginary mass ( m2 < 0 ).

If light was a particle, when it hits electrons and loses its energy, its light speed would decrease instead of frequency.  Longer wavelength and unchanged light speed c by losing energy shows light is wave.

Light travelling long distance naturally loses its energy by oscillating interstellar particles and its wavelength gets longer (= redshifted ).  Its uniform medium can explain uniform cosmic microwave, which don't need fantasy expanding universe.

Then, who needs unreal photon ?  The current quantum field theory only describes each particle as nonphysical symbol, where a fictional photon is needed.

See this week physics is still useless.


Black hole = center of science fraud.

[ There is No evidence for black hole, which is just "scam". ]

(E-1)  ↓ Black hole = portal to another universe !?  

Half a century has passed since first discovery, black hole is still useless.  Only the media and academia are making a big fuss about it.

Black hole = portal to parallel universe and extradimension is just fiction fabricated by academia ?

Record-breaking cold global warming is hoax, confused with 'urban heat'.
The media believing unreal parallel worlds has no right to criticize Trump.

The current cosmology is useless fiction, so they focus on selling books or politics rather than practical use of science.

Hawking is used by globalists to attack global-warming-deniers and Brexit, and as poster boy for useless black hole telescope wasting taxpayers' money like CERN.

Einstein relativity says the clock time stops near black hole, from outside observer on the earth, black hole can never be formed within finite time contradicting BigBang.

Then how do physicists mistake some other things for fictional black hole ?
Black hole must be very massive and dense packed in very small region.

Astronomers found X-rays from distant quasar is red-shifted, only from which and BigBang theory, they estimate how far away and how massive the black hole is.

But lights traveling very long distance (= billion light years ! ) in universe are naturally red-shifted by Compton scattering by a large amount of dusts and debris.

The most doughtful evidence is they estimate black hole size only from the fact that X-ray varies its brightness rapidly, which indicates unseen black hole is small ?  ← nonsense ( this p.5 ).

And Doppler shift of X-ray indicates gases are moving very fast around massive black hole ?   None of these observations can prove black hole.

In solar flare of the Sun, its massive energy can accelerate particles to alomst light speed causing Doppler shift, and emit high-energy X-rays which intensity rapidly changes, which don't need black hole.

Pulsar = rotating neutron star ? is incorrect, too.  Stars such as Sun are rotating, but Not pulsar.  Pulsar is caused by "vibrating interstellar molecules" blocking other stars' lights on and off.

The current cosmology ignores interstellar matter causing red-shifted light and various high-energy flares by nuclear fusion in stars, which can explain all above phenomena mistaken for black hole.

See this week physics is still useless.


Einstein mc2  is debunked.

[ Einstein "copied" Maxwell's mc2 in the "wrong" way. ]

(E-1)  ↓ Electromagnetic wave contradicts  

Unlike Newton, Einstein relativity is pseudo-science, used just as academia's political tool against Trump, like ridiculously cold global warming.

In fact, Einstein famous mc2 is self-contradictory, and Not his original idea.

In 1800s, Maxwell showed the light wave has momentum p equal to energy E divided by light speed c ( p = E/c ), which was known before Einstein ( this p.5, this p.22 ).

Also from de Broglie wavelength λ and light energy, we can get the light wave has mass m ( p = h/λ, E = hc/λ,  p = mc = E/c → mc2 = E ).

Einstein copied this Maxwell's mc2, and modified it in the wrong way.
Maxwell showed the light wave has mass m = E/c2, but Einstein said the light is massless.

In Einstein mc2, the energy E is expressed only by a particle's rest mass m0 and its speed v, where if v is light speed c, its energy becomes infinity.

To avoid this mess, Einstein concluded the light (= photon ? ) is massless.
But this Einstein mc2 has fatal flaws, so Einstein is wrong.

If the light has "fixed values" of rest mass m0 =0, and speed v = c as Einstein said, the light energy E is also fixed at the single value, which cannot be varied.

But the actual light energy E can be changed by its light frequency or wavelength, which contradicts Einstein mc2.

Einstein said the space contains no medium, so his relativity has to use unreal parallel worlds and virtual particles to explain two-slit experiment and forces.

And Einstein relativity cannot explain de Broglie wave or light refraction.
So his theory cannot use "light wavelength" in the medium as a indicator of light energy E.

Particle collider, God particle using unreal virtual particles with imaginary mass is waste of money, like quantum computer, fake AI and self-driving car.

Nuclear energy is potential (= Not kinetic ) energy, which needs some "medium" to express its energy, while Einstein's energy is illusion, disappears by observer's motion.

Maxwell's light ( medium ) can have enormous energy E = mc2 and the nuclear reaction emits electromagnetic γ rays, which indicate nuclear strong force is Not by unseen virtual quarks, but by short Coulomb energy.

Electron's capture and emission by nuclei indicate electrons inside neutrons can work as "adhesive" among protons inside nuclei, which is why Helium-2 (= diproton ) cannot exist.

From the proton's radius, we can estimate Coulomb energy between proton and electron inside nuclei is as large as electron's mass energy (= mec2 ).

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum mechanics is "cheating".

[ Reason why quantum mechanical molecule is unreal. ]

(Q-1)  ↓They just "choose" fake solutions in  

Anti-Trump media spreads fake news, then their science news is also unreal like global warming contradicting actual cold weather ?

Parallel-world quantum mechanics really governs the nature ?

All chemical reactions obey the "definite" laws of nature, so combining the same atoms under the same condition always causes the same reaction.

Each atom must have its own definite atomic size and ground state energy to cause the same reaction.  What determines these properties ?

To keep the ground (= lowest) state energy, each electron inside atoms has to keep avoiding each other.  Each electron has kinetic energy, so moving and avoiding.

Each atom has its definite size, which gives molecular bonds length specific to different atoms.  If there is only Coulomb force, the electron's orbital can be smaller unlimitedly.  → Some other "external force" is needed.

Classical orbit and Schrödinger equation use de Broglie wave, and when the orbital length is an integer times de Broglie wavelength, it gives exact energy and atomic size.

Only when Schrödinger equation has exact solution, the total energy is constant = conserved in ground state, But it has No exact solution except H atom !

So the energy is Not conserved in Schrödinger atoms.  They just choose some fake solutions, adjust parameters and integrate it instead of solving it.

There is No limitation in forms of these approximate solutions, you can pick up any fake solutions out of infinite choices, until you get good results, so quantum mechanics cannot predict energies.

Wavefunctions must always spread over all space, it means electrons cannot avoid each other, which is why Schrödinger equation can never have exact solution (= total energy is Not conserved in different positions ) in multi-electron atoms.

Quantum molecules where electrons cannot avoid each other give higher energy than true energy, they need to do some "cheating" to approach true energy.

They say H2 molecule approximately consists of two H atomic wavefunctions where electrons can unrealistically approach another nucleus, keeping lower kinetic energy.  ← total energy is Not conserved !

Quantum Pauli exclusion principle needs violation of energy conservation, so their Pauli repulsion can be invalidated, when you choose some trial solutions.

This quantum Pauli principle cannot explain strong repulsions reaching distant area between molecules.

So the current Pauli repulsions between molecules relies on empirical adjustable ad-hoc parameters with No theoretical justification.

We need some real mechanical repulsion based on medium pressure to manipulate each atoms to build useful nano-machines, which is prevented by unreal quantum mechanics.

See this week physics is still useless.


What force causes Pauli principle ?

[ Quantum mechanics is wrong in Pauli exclusion principle. ]

(P-1)  ↓ Total energy is Not conserved in different area →   ?

We explain why quantum mechanical Pauli principle is wrong.

Pauli exclusion principle says two electrons cannot occupy the same orbital, which is why the 3rd electron of lithium cannot enter 1s orbital.

The force of this Pauli exclusion is mystery, as strong as Coulomb force, but Not fundamental force ?

Electron spin lacks reality, its spinning speed is superluminal.  Electrons spin is too weak to cause Pauli exclusion force.

They say this Pauli exclusion force is caused by "antisymmetric wavefunction", where the sign of total wavefunction becomes the opposite, when exchanging variables of two functions.

So when two electrons are in the same orbital, the total wavefunction becomes zero, which nonphysical concept really causes Pauli principle ?

This Pauli principle by quantum mechanics is just wrong.

The square of wavefunction (= electron probability ) must be always 1, so the total wavefunction cannot be zero (= quantum Pauli is invalid ), because we have to get it back to 1 by multiplying it by the normalization constant.

In fact, quantum Pauli principle needs violation of energy conservation !

They use H2 molecule consisting of two H atoms.  In this case, there is energy difference between symmetric and antisymmetric wavefunctions, which violates energy conservation.

Only inside each H atom, the total energy is conserved independently from another electron, because they use H atom wavefunction, which can be solved.

It means the total energy of the whole H2 molecule is Not conserved, where the overlapped part (= close to both nuclei ) is in lower energy than nonoverlapped part.

So antisymmetric wavefunction which cancels overlapped part gives higher total energy, which Pauli exclusion force is caused by violation of energy conservation, so unreal.

If the total energy of molecule is conserved, both overlapped and non-overlapped parts must give the same total energy, invalidating quantum mechanical Pauli principle.

Just exchanging variables (= 1 and 2 ) in molecule doesn't change its total energy, so there must Not be energy difference between symmetric and antisymmetric wavefunctions, if they are exact solutions (= conserve total energy ).

Schrödinger equation has No exact solution except H atom.  They just choose fake solution from infinite choices (= infinite time is needed ! ) and integrate it instead of solving it, which cannot predict anything.

In 1920s without computer, physicists couldn't compute complicated integral.  All they could do was express molecule mixing simple H atom orbitals.

In pi bond, H atomic s and p orbital is canceled ?  1s and 2s H atom wavefunctions cancel each other, invalidating antisymmetric Pauli principle ( this p.2 ) ?  These artificial models rely on empirical parameters.

All these rough approximations violate total energy conservation of molecules, they use this violation as quantum Pauli principle, which is unreal.

Experimental proof of de Broglie wave interference and radiation pressure indicates some "medium pressure" causes real Pauli exclusion force.

See this week physics is still useless.


Einstein spawned quantum parallel worlds ?

[ Einstein 'empty' space caused unreal quantum mechanics. ]

(T-1)  ↓ Einstein rejected real medium in space. →  

Einstein rejected "real medium" in space.
This started unreal parallel worlds in quantum mechanics.  Why ?

In two-slit experiment, even a single electron can interfere with itself.

Without space medium, the only explanation is that an electron passes both slits using fantasy parallel worlds, which is quantum mechanics ( this latter ).

Quantum mechanics without real medium says all forces are caused by unreal virtual particles, which can have imaginary mass, contradicts Einstein mc2.

Quantized energies in quantum mechanics is due to de Broglie wave relation, which is confirmed by many experiments, so de Broglie wave is real.

Quantum mechanics says angular momentum is zero (= linear motion ), so electrons always crash into nucleus, and its linear electron's de Broglie wave causes destructive interference.

This electron's de Broglie wave and light refraction contradict Einstein relativity.  Some real medium is needed to explain these.

Due to the law of action and reaction, a particle cannot exert force on itself or affect its own motion, so some other external things (= medium ) are needed to cause interference pattern and quantized energies.

Einstein says energy and mass are illusion, changed by observer's motion, so we cannot use this Einstein "relative" mass as actual nuclear energy (= "absolute" value ).

Nuclear energy is potential (= Not kinetic ) energy, so the space must have energy and affect mass, but Einstein says the space contains nothing.

In Einstein mass-energy relation, mass ( energy ) is changed only by the particle's speed, which contradicts the fact that the photon (= light ) energy can be changed under constant light speed c.

In fact, the energy E = mc2 can be derived classically from relations of light energy ( E = hc/λ ) and momentum (= de Broglie theory, p = h/λ ).

Light momentum is known as p=E/c, light speed is c, so p = mc = E/c → E = mc2, which can explain nuclear potential energy in space (= light medium ) affecting mass

While Einstein space contains nothing but unreal virtual photons with imaginary mass ( m2 < 0 ),  so Einstein theory is false.

Schrödinger equation cannot distinguish electron (= particle ) from de Broglie wave (= medium ), it just mixes them as vague wavefunction spreading over all space.

In quantum mechanics, de Broglie relation is expressed as derivative, which becomes infinity when an electron is a point charge particle = delta function.

But in multi-electron atoms, electrons must avoid each other, which means the electron must be moving particle, and its position must be expressed as a function of another moving electron.

This is impossible for Schrödinger wavefunction, and why Schrödinger equation can never get exact solution in multi-electron atoms, so quantum mechanics is false.

Einstein married to quantum parallel worlds obstructs our current science where academia = globalists force pseudo-science (= global warming ) on taxpayers.

See this week physics is still useless.


How to disprove the theory.

[ Parallel worlds, global warming are falsifiable ? ]

(P-1)  ↓ Counter examples → falsify theories like  

Quantum parallel worlds and extradimension with many unknown parameters are unseen, unfalsifiable ?

Global warming depends on artificial models with unknown parameters, it is also unfalsifiable, hoax by journals and academia ?

Pro-academia, anti-Trump PBS video says "String theory is beautiful, so great !"  But unscientific word "beautiful" cannot justify its unreal extradimension and wrong math.

Unseen black hole is too far away to confirm, its existence depends on artificial model, which is unfalsifiable, too ?  In fact, black hole is falsifiable.

Einstein theory says clock time stops around black hole, so it is impossible to form black hole within finite time, which disproves black hole and gravitational wave.

Particle physics wasting huge taxpayers' money in "unseen useless particles" and gigantic colliders is falsifiable by dispoving Einstein special relativity.

Particle physics is called "relativistic" quantum field theory using Einstein, but it also uses unreal virtual particles contradicting Einstein mc2 !

Einstein relativity says all things such as time, mass, energy are illusion, changed by observer's motion.  We cannot use Einstein energy as actual (= absolute value ) energy.

GPS doesn't use Einstein due to twin paradox.  GPS depends on artificial models with freely-adjustable parameters, one of which is unnecessary Einstein effect.

Fatal paradoxes about virtual particles, two-slit, de Broglie wave, light refraction, mass indicate the existence of "real medium" rejected by Einstein.

Faster-than-light electron spinning and Schrödinger's electrons, which cannot avoid each other or conserve energy, disprove quantum mechanics.

So, Trump shouldn't waste taxpayers' money in unreal quantum computer, which is Not technology, but just academia political tool to pressure governments.

Instead, they should spend money in wall or useful things.
And if the current main science is wrong, global warming is hoax, too.

See this week physics is still useless.


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