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See this week physics is still useless.


Physics is  ' literature '  ?

[ Einstein is Harry Potter or history  rather than science ? ]

(P-1)  ↓ The current physics is just lieterature or history.  

Physics is Not science but literature such as Harry Potter, Stephen King, Romeo and Juliet ?

Physicists become "science writers", stick to historical old stories, sell books in amazon, aim at the best-seller list in NYTimes.

They believe fictional parallel worlds and extra-dimension as fake theory of everything.  It's like comic global warming is fake with no innovation.

The media and academia repeatedly celebrate Einstein birth day and anniversary of meaningless eclipse, unreal cat and distant imaginary objects.

Einstein physics really deserves so much attention ?
They are always crazy about his trivial episodes like religion.

Einstein relativistic effect is too small.  Even if the Sun slightly bent the light from distant star, it's meaningless for us.  Light was just bent by atmosphere, Not Einstein.

GPS clock is set to run slightly slower (= only 38μs/day ) before launch, considering relativity ?  But many other factors cause time error after launch, which needs constant correction by ground station.  So Einstein with paradox is unneeded in GPS.

Quantum mechanics and Einstein relativity are useless, based on fake particles such as virtual particles and quarks, which originate from basic false idea.

These "fictional" science will be just neglected and forgotten by people, unless the media and academia advertize it to attract attention, just like unneeded college.

This is why they constantly hold meaningless festival and lecture, celebrate anniversary and prize, make TV documentary, still calling 100-year-old obsolete theory "revolution".

The current physics is just literature or history to sell books, pretending "science".

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum enigma lasts forever ?

[ Closing your eyes to 'reality' keeps mystery mysterious forever. ]

(T-1)  ↓ Every quantum "riddle" originates from  

College is scam. Education is hypocrisy.  Fake Einstein dream is fictional extra-dimension.  Physics is "entertainment", no longer science.

Physicists think only about selling books, tickets, their lectures are meaningless, deliberately avoid unfavorable facts to mislead naive laypersons.

The world is colder.  Academia, pundits try to control mainstream media, rig poll for fake global warming, which was rejected by clever voters.

Instead of donations, ridiculously high tuition must be reduced, otherwise they'll be used just as advertisement for universities to get more subsidy for useless science.

Why did scientists discard reality ?  In early 20th century, Einstein rejected "space medium" and its real wave, followed by quantum mechanical unreal picture.

Correctly, Einstein rejected only "medium" moving independently from the earth, which corresponds to dark matter or dark energy.  ← Contradiction !

In two-slit experiment, constructive and destructive interference of all waves such as light, sound, water needs "medium".  A particle in empty space cannot interfere with itself.

But the current physics based on Einstein forbids "medium" filling space.
Closing your eyes to reality (= medium ) keeps quantum world "mystery" forever.

A single particle can split and pass both slits like ghosts in parallel worlds where observer's consciousness changes the past ?  Quantum physics is no longer science !

All particles feel forces.  Without real medium, we have to rely on unreal virtual particles as fake force carrier, which is just nonphysical object ( this p.6)

If the space is filled with medium, a moving electron generates wave, which was actually detected as de Broglie wave, which is real, Not illusion.

The current physics closed its eyes to real medium and force surrounding particles, which was started by Einstein, caused fake particles and obstructs science forever.

See this week physics is still useless.


'Fake' science needs to create 'fake' particles.

[ If academia is wrong, scientists are wasting time in "imaginary" particles. ]

(P-1)  ↓ A neutron decays into a heavier unreal W boson ?  

Imagine what happens if the current science is wrong.
Academia needs to prepare fake science and guys.

Nobel prize is reduced to a political machine to monopolize tax for unneeded collider and fake global warming even in record-cold May.

Politicials are academia's puppets to spend those tax in fake useless science as subsidy, which just skyrockets tuition, destroys kids' future.  Vicious cycle.

Quantum mechanics sold its soul to unreal parallel worlds in two-slit experiment, so they needed to create unreal concepts also for other phenomena, forever.

It is impossible for a light thing to emit or break into a heavier thing.
But the current physics collapses without this ghost-like reaction.

In β- decay, a neutron is said to decay into a proton and a much heavier W- boson, which is unreal, because a ligher neutron cannot emit a heavier W boson.

So physicists make excuses this W boson is virtual, Not real.  ← Not science !

In β+ decay, a proton is said to decay into a neutron and a much heavier W+ boson, which includes two impossible things.

First, a ligher proton cannot emit a slightly heavier neutron, let alone much heavier W+ boson.  This is the consequence of using unreal basic physics.

All particles in quantum mechanics are just nonphysical math symbols, which tell us nothing about detailed mechanism of physical phenomena.

Electrons and photons (= light ) are just "math objects" with No shape !
Nonphysical Feynman diagram is their only tool to describe particles' reactions.

In Feynman diagram, they just put math letters side by side to express "interaction" where real particles must always interact with unreal virtual particles or quasiparticles phonons.

Pauli principle is Not real force, but nonphysical "anti-commutation" which tells us nothong about how repulsive force in Pauli principle is genereted.

"Standard model = particle physics is the most successful theory" is a total lie.  All those imaginary particles are only inside artificial environment of colliders, = Not the real world.

W boson of weak force and Higgs are also nonphysical concepts which are silent about detailed mechanisms of giving mass ( this p.4, this p.4 ).

To recover "reality", we have to admit "real things" such as real moving electrons, real medium and real Pauli exclusion force, instead of unreal virtual particles and quantum parallel worlds.

See this week physics is still useless.

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum mechanics → medicine ?

[ The world is aging,  but the basic science is useless. ]

(B-1)  ↓ Unreal parallel-world, quasiparticle =    ?

Quantum biology is an useless meaningless concept.

In aging society, healthcare and drug cost are rising across the world, not only Obamacare.

The only solution to reduce medical cost is technological innovation, but the world still believes unscientific global warming even on record-cold days.

To achieve this, we have to apply the basic quantum mechanics governing molecular behavior (← ? ) to biology and medicine.

In Google search, you may often find "quantum biology".
What the heck is this quantum biology ?   Is it useful ?

Quantum mechanics is still weird, puzzling, counter-intuitive.  Quantum biology is also unknown and speculative, ignored by biologists.

This research claims photosynthesis may use quantum superposition = a dead and alive cat in fantasy parallel worlds, which can never be observed, so just imagination.

These studies say light absorption may use exciton, polaron and phonon ( this p.7 ), which are just unreal nonphysical quasiparticles with fake mass and charge.

This news argues birds use quantum entanglement, which is spooky, faster-than-light ?  But it cannot be used as real communication, so meaningless concept.

Quantum biology lacks proofs, still remains mystery.
Just saying "quantum mechanics could explain biology !" doesn't mean proof of this theory.

For example, when you lose something, and say "Ghost stole it !", it cannot prove the existence of ghost until you find ghost and utilize its ghost power in our daily lives.

So "quantum biology" is unscientific, useless and misleading phrases.  Actually biology and medicine make No progress due to nonphysical quantum physics.

See this week physics is still useless.

See this week physics is still useless.

See this week physics is still useless with no progress.


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