Quantum tunnel  is ghost ?


Quantum particle penetrates barrier ?

[ Tunnel is "classical" phenomenon, Not quantum ghost. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Quantum electron penetrates "wall" ?   

Quantum mechanics is unrealistic, full of occult phenomena such as a dead and alive cat, faster-than-light spooky action.

Quantum tunnel says a particle can penetrate "wall" like ghost.  ← really ?

"Wall" means barrier of higher potential energy, for a particle to penetrate the wall, its kinetic energy must be negative !  ← unbelievable.

Even in hydrogen atom, such a ghost region of negative kinetic energy always appears,  but unobservable = contradiction.

In fact, tunnel is just realistic phenomenon, Not ghost-like quantum occult.

Electric charges normally cannot go through insulators.
But when this insulator is very thin (= ~nm ) and voltage is applied, an electron can penetrate it.

This is a natural result.  When a barrier (= insulator ) is very thin, some electrons go through it, they just call it 'tunnel', which is Not ghost.

The point is this barrier is Not "wall"-like.  Even air with large empty space is called "insulator" (= air is Not wall but barrier ? ).

'Tunnel' in transistor and scanning microscope has nothing to do with quantum mechanics.

When the distance between microscope tip and sample is very short (= ~nm ) and voltage is applied, electrons can go through 'air' (= vacuum gap, but barrier ? ) between them ( this p.2 ).

Transistor memory does Not use unreal quantum mechanics, either.

When the oxide layer (= barrier ? ) is very thin (= ~nm ) and voltage is applied, elecrons can go through this thin layer to floating gate

This tunnel is not occult.  Actually a thin barrier wears out by tunnel current, which means tunnel is tangible, realistic phenomenon.

The occult is Not tunnel but quantum physics which tries to explain this tunnel using unreal quasiparticle with fake (= effective ) mass ( this p.12, this p.2 ).

This research tries to link some "conductance change" to "tunnel" using unreal massless Dirac quasiparticle, so useless research.


Our universe is two-dimensions ?

[ The current physics lacks reality. ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Universe is unreal 10 or 2 dimensions ?  ← Not physics !

The current mainstream physics insists our universe is fantasied 10 dimensions.

But the latest study started to say universe may be only 2-dimensional plane, Not actual 3-dimension (= x, y, z ) !

Of course, these theories are illusion with artificial math model with No physical reality ( this p.2 ), so meaningless research.


Quantum technology fake news.

[ Imaginary target = "future quantum computer" ? ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ The media uses misleading phrases to deceive laypersons.

Quantum mechanics is useless, so it needs to create "imaginary target = quantum computer" to deceive taxpayers and governments.

No progress in research on fictional quantum computer, which is said to be faster (← No proof ! ) using parallel-world computing.

If you carefully read each quantum technology news, you will notice they make No progress, just using misleading phrases to get your hopes up.

"A step towards", "aims to", "could lead to", "could revolutionize", "new path ?"  All these vague phrases say only about "imaginary future", Not now.

This news also uses misleading phrases "the potential of quantum computing ?"  ← still useless, nothing is realized now.

Quantum entanglement or teleportation can Not do any work or send real information, so " prove entanglement" itself is a meaningless and useless goal.



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