United Kingdom and physics.


United Kindom (= U.K. ) controls physics.

[ The media in UK has the largest power in modern physics ! ]

(Fig.1)  UK media determines the "topics" in current physics ?

Top US universities clearly have the largest influence on the world's academia.  So if their science includes unreality, it may destroy young researchers' careers.

This is the reason I criticize them (+ exorbitant tuition ) repeatedly.

But when I updated the main page, I was surprized that there is another country which has the largest impact on forming the modern quantum physics.

This is United Kingdom (= U.K. ), which has the biggest academic group, Nature and the largest broadcasting corporation, BBC.

UK has the largest publishing firms.

[ UK largest publishers have biggest influence on the world's science. ]

(Fig.2)  UK publishing companies monopolize the science and education.

I don't know about publishing companies.  When I searched on internet, I realized that UK publishing firms are the largest in the world.

The 2nd Reuter was originally in United Kindom, too.
So UK publishing firms monopolize the podium.

Almost all english books sold in a bookstore in my neighborhood are publised by UK companies.

This indicates UK publishing companies have a heaviest responsibility for the world's science and education !

All particles are described by UK physicists.

[ Electron, antiparticle, quarks are all Dirac fermions. ]

(Fig.3)  Dirac and Higgs are all UK physicists.

British physicist Dirac derived equation describing all spin-1/2 particles such as electron, antiparticle, quark and neutrino.

Higgs who proposed Higgs boson is also an UK physicist.

So except Weinberg weak bosons, all elementary particles belong to UK physicists.  Is this only accidental ?

God particle, Higgs lacks reality.

[ Higgs boson is useless for us, just wasting our tax ! ]

(Fig.4)  Higgs boson has made NO contribution to us !

The media extensively reported elusive God particle Higgs boson was found (← ? ) at Large Hadron collider (= LHC ), and later it got Nobel prize.

OK. Then what the heck is this Higgs boson useful for ?
This Higgs boson has made No contribution to our society.

Researches on Higgs have spent a large amount of money and tax all over the world.  If this Higgs remains useless, is it allowable ?

In fact, this Higgs boson has nothing to do with giving "mass".
So finding only Higgs boson ( not field ) is meaningless and useless.

Despite it, the UK publishing company gave Royal Winton prize to Sean at Caltech to make doubtful Higgs an "establised reality" in the world.

Hawking is a by-product of academic "scam".

[ Commercial universities and the media spread phony science. ]

(Fig.5)  The media and universities need "imaginary" target.

Stephen Hawking's imaginary black hole and its radiation have No scientific value.  Despite it, the UK media claims he should get Nobel prize.

And they argue Hawking is the most famous genius of the modern age.
Though his black hole is completely self-contradictory.

Einstein general relativity showed the clock time stops on the surface of black hole, so black hole formation and its radiation need "infinite time".

It means black hole cannot be formed within age of universe, so illusion !  But under useless quantum mechanics they craved "imaginary" target.

All commercial universities, journals and the media have the common desire to find new attractive theme, even if it's fake.  This is Hawking.

Of course, these phony science brought only "harm", NO benefits to any countries, except a handful of academic swindlers.

As a result, weak students are deceived into paying exorbitant tuition ( this, this ) for phony science.

Entangle = spooky superluminal action is unreal.

[ UK physicist, Bell proposed entanglement inequality. ]

(Fig.6)  Bell inequality governs entanglement.

Though the media tends to extensively report entanglement as "faster-than-light" action or "challenging Einstein", these are big lies.

Because this "entangle" cannot send information faster-than-light.  In fact this "entangle" is just fiction made by commercial top journal Nature.

If Nature reported it as scientific fact, all other UK media (= largest in the world ) can easily spread this illusions to the world.

In entanglement, famous Bell inequality must be violated.
John Bell is an UK physicist, too.  Is it just accidental ?

This entanglement depends on the precondition of parallel worlds, without which it is just illusion.

Quantum computer needs parallel worlds.

[ UK physicist Deutsch proposed fictional quantum computer. ]

(Fig.7)  Quantum computer using parallel computing is "scam".

The reason why quantum computer could work faster is it uses "fantasy" parallel worlds to compute many things at the same time.

Nature likes to play up this fictional quantum computer.
Accidentally, David Deutsch proposing this quatum computer, is an UK physicist.

After Nature treated quantum computer as "science", the largest media around it extensively advertised it, involving Nasa, Google, Lockheed martin ..

Commercial universities also crave "imaginary" target to collect money.
So they are cooperating to spread this unrealistic quantum computer to people.

First quantum computer (← ? ) turned out to be NOT faster than classic computer.

Nature, UK media should NOT spread fantasy.

[ "Fantasy" quantum computer were spread by Nature. ]

(Fig.8)  Nature → BBC → all world  = quantum computer

Quantum computer based on fantasy parallel-world computation has NOT been realized.  Then why did such a phoney science spread to the world ?

The quantum computer was used as "imaginary" target, which probably started from top journal Nature.

Nature group has the largest influence on academic organizations all over the world through its subsidiaries, scientific american ( its Japanese "Nikkei science" )

Furthermore, probably Nature is tied up with other large media, spreading this impractical quantum computer to the world easily.

Physicists waste their time in imaginary computer.

[ Nature has great responsibility for spreading phony science. ]

(Fig.9)  ↓ Physicists have to research on "fiction" to publish paper.

Nature is the largest top journal tied up with the largest media.
So it forced physicists all over the world to research on quantum computer.

Even if quantum computer is impractical forever, Nature's impact factor increases each time physicists refer to Nature papers on quantum computer.

Researchers just waste their time in useless quantum computer and entanglement, which badly influence their employment after that.

UK Dirac governs the particle physics.

[ Dirac is the basis of all QED, standard model, string theory. ]

(Fig.10)  Dirac equation is the king of relativistic theory.

UK physicist, Dirac combined Einstein relativity and quantum mechanics to form the present particle physics.

So his theory governs all the particle physics now.
The problem is his QED always gives meaningless "infinity".

Later Dirac rejected this QED based on artificial renormalization ( ∞ = ∞ + finite ) and virtual particles.

And later his theory produced unreal 10 spacetime dimensional string theory.  This is disaster.

In fact, Einstein relativity on which Dirac relies includes fatal paradoxes, though universities and the media hide them from people !

Fine structue by Dirac is unrealistic.

[ Lucky coincidence between Bohr-Sommerfeld and Dirac hydrogens ? ]

(Fig.11)  ↓ Dirac hydrogen with spin is too good to be true.

In fact, fine structure spectrum in hydrogen first agreed with Bohr-Sommerfeld model.  Later Dirac hydrogen accidentally agreed with it !

The problem is Dirac's hydrogen including unreal spin has to rely on too many unnatural coincidences, proving Dirac hydrogen is untrue.

UK physicist is involved in string theory, too.

[ 10 dimensional string theory lacks reality. ]

(Fig.12)  Michael Green = founder of string theory is UK.

String theory with unreal 10 spacetime dimensions is the only theory of everything, now.

In fact, UK physicist Michael Green is one of founders of this string theory.  But US physicists such as Witten and Lisa have larger impact on string theory.

This is the reason Nature supports anti-string Woit and Horgan ?
But other loop quantum gravity (= LQG ) is Not a unified theory.

LQG with No concept of "space" is incompatible with the present quantum physics.  So it's more dangerous to urge new students to pursue LQG !

UK should return to "real" science !

[ UK should recall the age filled with "useful" science. ]

(Fig.13)  Newton, Maxwell are all "realists" contributng to our science.

Newton and Maxwell had clearly made greatest contribution to the development of our science.

Watt was the father of the industrial revolution, which changed our world drastically to the high-tech one.

These UK physicists were all "realistis" pursuing real benefits.
After strange quantum mechanics was born in 1920s, everything changed to the wrong one !

Physicists all over the world including UK should return to the realistic physics, forgetting fantasy many-worlds and extradimensions !

Why UK universities could raise tuition drastically ?

[ UK academic power has the greatest influence on its government. ]

(Fig.14)  Why public universities can raise tuition ?

I wonder why UK universities could raise their tuition suddenly from "free" to £9,000 per year ignoring students, though they are public universities.

UK has the largest publishing companies, media and Nature group involved in science and education.

I imagine these UK academic media has so strong influence on english parliament that they could succeed in raising tuition fee easily.

Of course, ordinary people probably don't know the fact the present physics is useless, and includes fatal flaws.

So I'm afraid academic victims are increasing all over the world on phony science.

Nature uses bloggers to spread fiction !

[ Nature supports "bloggers" who believe Hawking fantasy. ]

(Fig.15)  ↓ Vicious cycle.

I noticed top journal Nature seems to support and foster "bloggers" with the same aim by mentioning them.

This mentioned Sabine, who is clearly an admirer of Hawking.  Lubos believing Hawking also appeared in this.

About this, US commercial universities are more agressively using bloggers (= Caltech ) and twitter (= MIT ) as a tool to brainwash people by unreal physics.

I'm afraind this tendency is very dangerous.

Mass zero Dirac particle is unreal.

[ Dirac mass zero particle is unreal quasi-particle. ]

(Fig.16)   "Nature" tries to spread unreal particle ?

Recently, massless Dirac fermion is a hot topic especially in Nature.
The point is this massless Dirac fermion is not a real particle, but a quasiparticle.

Making fictional quasiparticle means the present physics has given up pursuing truth, because the truth consists only of real particles.

Phoney physics prevents curing disease !

[ All science stops at the basic quantum physics ! ]

(Fig.17)  Fantasy many worlds and string hampers curing diseases !

Of course, if the basic physics is filled with unreal many-worlds and 10 dimensional string theory, it has bad influence on all other scientific fields.

Our human body consists of electrons and nuclei.
So it's indispensable to know concrete behavior in atomic electrons.

But the present quantum mechanics is completely useless in multi-electron atoms and molecules.

They just choose trial functions, which cannot predict any physical values.

This useless quantum mechanics clearly prevents curing fatal diseases such cancer, ALS, dimentia.. → death !

Entanglement needs unreal parallel worlds.

[ Superposition of parallel states 1 and 2 → entanglement. ]

(Fig.18)  Entanglement = spooky action is fiction.

Entanglement is said to be a faster-than-light spooky action, mentioned as "Einstein was wrong" in news.

But unfortunately, this spooky action is just fiction fabricated by the media, commercial journals and universities which crave "imaginary" topic.

This entanglement needs parallel worlds = superposition of two different states at the same time.

Of course, we cannot see parallel worlds, so it's very far-fetched idea.
In Fig.18, two different worlds and 1 and 2 coexist at the same time.

In the world 1, atoms A and B are "up" and "up" states.
In the world 2, atoms A and B are "down" and "down" states.

The instant we observe it and know A is "up", the state B is determined as "up".
They claim this determination process is faster-than-light.  ← fiction !

Entanglement is just classical phenomenon.

[ Prestate just before measurement is "up" and "up". ]

(Fig.19)  Prestate = "up" "up" → measure → "up" "up". = classical.

If fantasy parallel worlds (= a dead and alive cat ) don't happen, this entanglement is just classical phenomenon.

In Fig.19, the pre-state just before measurement is "up" and "up" states in A and B.

So when we measure and know A is "up", B is naturally "up", too.
There is No spooky entanglement here, it's just classical.

Entanglement based on parallel worlds (= cannot be seen ) is just fantasy.


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