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Nobel Physics Prize 2014.

Congratulations, Akasaki, Amano, and Nakamura, about blue LED (= practical use ).
I thank Nobel committee for excluding unreal spin, quasiparticles, inflation .. on this page.

Quantum mechanics "forbids" pursuing the truth.

[ What is wavefunction ?   Photon is particle or wave ?   → unknown, forever. ]

(Fig.1) How does an electron behave in wavefunction collapse ? → "Shut up", forever ?

The wave functions of quantum mechanics (= QM ) just give vague probability densities.
So the clear states of electrons inside atoms have remained unknown, ever since 1920.   ← Too long !

This vague attitude produced many "unrealtistic" concepts such as Many-worlds and Schrodinger's cats.
Because if we try to clarify the states inside wavefunctions, we will easily find it impossible to explain them using "real" things

Furthermore, quantum mechanics avoids clarifying whether photon is a particle or wave, as shown on this site.
( We cannot accept the "strange" idea that photon is a particle and wave at the same time. )

As a result, the current quantum mechanics encourages physicists and students to give up asking what things really are. (= Shut up and calculate ! )

True scientists must continue to ask what unknown things really are, forever.
So, this troublesome attitude of quantum mechanics is very undesirable and harmful for the progress of our science.

"Inquisitive" students cannot be physicists in the current physics !

[ Quantum mechanics "evicts" curious students from physical world ! ]

(Fig.2) Angular momentum is zero. → Electrons are always crashing into nucleus ? ← Shut up !

Schrodinger's wavefunction of hydrogen atom contains "s" states which have NO orbital angular momentum.
It means electrons are always crashing into nucleus ?   Very unstable !

But even when an inquisitive schoolboy (or girl ) tries to ask this question, the current physicists cannot answer clearly.
And they tend to avoid these kinds of basic questions.

Furthermore, when curious students ask more questions about this, physicists will probably frown, and just say,
" You are too inquisitive and persistent. So you are NOT suited to physics ! "

In fact, this tendency is seen in various bulletin boards ( this and this ).
Properly, these students full of curiosity should be scientists. But the current quantum mechanics hampers it.

Science must repeat "questions" and "answers", when there are something unknown.

(Fig.3)   Why do apples fall to the ground ? → "gravity !"   = basic scientific attitude.

According to this site, when Isaac Newton saw an apple falling from the tree toward the ground, he discovered the existence of gravity.   This is a basic scientific attitude.

When there are something unknown in front of us, we have to ask what they are, and start to investigate their true mechanism.   Science has progressed in this way.

So, we have to continue asking why electron with zero angular momentum can keep its stable state, though it is always crashing into nucleus. ( even in 3s, 4s electrons of sodium and potassium )

If we give up asking about their true machanisms, it is NOT a "science".

The current physics "give up" clarifying many unknown things.

[ "Avoiding" elucidating the truth is NOT a science. ]

(Fig.4)   What are "charge", virtual photons, Pauli exclusion principle ? ← Questions are forbidden ?

We want to know what electric charge (= e ) actually is, like a questioner on this site.
But the current quantum mechanics cannot make a clear reply.   It gives nothing more than a symbol "e".

Futhermore, quantum mechanics cannot say about clear pictures of virtual particles ( contradicting relativity ) and a photon's shape and size.

The quantum theory cannot show plausible reason why Pauli exclusion principle occurs.
10 dimensional string theory, the only unified theory, completely depends on wrong math (= 1+2+3+ ... = -1/12 ).

If some curious students try to ask physicists about these "vague" concepts, physicists would surely frown and try to avoid them.   These attitudes (= NOT asking ) of quantum mechanics are very harmful to promising students and the progress of science.

The present physicists escape into "illusory" concepts.

[ What is Pauli exclusion ? → Shut up ! → "escape" into early universe, another dimension !? ]

(Fig.5) Physicists "escape" into imaginary concepts, NOT elucidating phenomena before them.

As shown on this page, Pauli exclusion principle is strong (= 20 eV ) repulsive force, which cannot be explained by too weak spin-spin interaction (= 0.000001 eV ).

The quantum mechanics says Pauli exclusion is caused by "anticommutation" of abstract math operator. See this site (p.2).   But it cannot show more detailed mechanism at all.

So, all physicists can do is use math operators with NO physical entity.
Of course, there are only few limited things to do, using nothing more than math symbols.

As a result, the current physicists escape into illusory concepts such as early universe, black hole, another dimension, giving up investigating atomic phenomena before them in detail.   This situation is very weird as "scientific" attitude.

Quantum mechanics is just pursuing "illusory" concepts.

(Fig.6) Superluminal spin, fictitious quasiparticle, many-worlds ..

In quantum mechanics, there are various unrealistic concepts such as spin, quasiparticle and many-worlds.
If electron's spin is real, its speed must be much faster than light ! ( Again, avoid asking what spin really is. )

And due to inability to calculate many-body effects, quantum mechanics tries to intentionally produce fictitious quasiparticles ( phonon, BCS, Majorana.. ), which are NOT real particles.

When did the modern physics turn in the "wrong" direction ?

(Fig.7) After quantum mechanics was born, modern physics became "distorted".

Newton formulated the law of motion based on real objects on the earth.
Maxwell derived the equations governing the electromagnetic waves, which is, of course, real.

Physicists before 1920 were all realistis and persistently pursuing the truth, based on scientific spirit.
But after "fantasy" quantum mechanics was born, the situations completely changed.

Because the quantum mechanics lacks reality from the beginning in spin and wavefunction, physicists came to stop investigating underlying true mechanism. (= "Shut up and calculate !" )

They just concentrated on creating fictitious quasiparticles, virtual particles, and another dimension.
So, as shown on this page, true figures of all atoms larger than hydrogen remain unknown, even now !

Someone must stop building "ridiculous" accelerators.

[ There are NO reality in quarks, Higgs, virtual particles inside accelerators. ]

(Fig.8) Physicists demand more "expensive" and bigger accelerators, forever ?   Stop it !

Though many years have passed since quarks ( top, bottom... ), W bosons were discovered, we cannot utilize these elementary particles in our daily livings.
W boson has as much as 80 × proton mass, which can leave a great deal of mass energy, if it really exists in beta decay.

Judging from the unrealitiy and uselessness of these transient particles, these elementary particles are just fictitious particles, which physicists "forcibly" created only inside computers of the accelerators.

Though physicists can NEVER take out these fictitious particles from accelerators for our use, they and the media try to incite ordinary people to build these wasteful things using heavy tax.

Human beings must stop believing these expensive giant accelerators like "Babel tower", and stop building them as soon as possible for the development of true science.

Higgs inside LHC is completely different from original "infinite" Higgs.

[ If Higgs and W boson are real, we can detect them in ordinary beta decay ! ]

(Fig.9) Why we cannot detect Higgs and W boson in the common laboratory ? ← NOT real.

In the ordinary beta decay, W- boson is said to be generated in the process of neutron's changing into proton.
At this moment, Higgs must exist there to give mass to W boson.

If so, we can detect both Higgs and W boson decay in ordinary beta decay, NOT relying on giant accelerators.
But neither of them can be detected in the process of beta decay.

This means Higgs and W boson produced ( ? ) inside accelerators are completely different from infinite Higgs and W bosons ( in beta decay ) defined by standard model.   So, they are inconsistent, and NOT real.

Also inside accelerators, these W bosons are just virtual ( NOT real ) particles, because they do NOT satisfy the basic rule of energy conservation.

See this site.   Higgs (= 125 GeV ) → 2 × W bosons (= 80+80 = 160 GeV ! ).   Impossible.
And "abstract" standard model cannot make a clear reply to the basic questions by people, as shown on this site.

Quantum computer (= entanglement ) is "camouflage" to conceal uselessness of quantum mechanics.

(Fig.10) What is the true mechanism of superluminal entanglement ? → Shut up ! ( forever. )

As shown on this page, the coherent (= working ) time of superconducting qubits (= quantum comptuer !? ) is Only nano ~ microseconds even after very long-time researches.

So it is completely impossible to realize practical quantum computer, as long as they repeat the same patterns.
Trick of faster-than-light entanglement is fictitious "photon" particle.

The current researchers try to use this convenient word, "entanglement", whenever possible.
But superluminal link had NOT been proved inside very small qubits and solids ( ~μm ).

Judging from the fact quantum computer remains impractical despite extremely long researches, these "convenient" entanglement and quantum computer were created to conceal uselessness of quantum mechanics itself.

If Nobel prize is given to this ( superluminal ? ) "entanglement", the elucidation of true mechanism will be hampered.

Though 20 years have passed, working time is less than 1.8 ms !

[ Even the "longest" coherent time of NV center is less than 1.8 ms. ← Impractical. ]

(Fig.11)   Coherent (= working ) time of NV center is only 200 μs ~ 1.8 ms. ← completely useless.

Nitrogen vacancy (= NV ) center was first reported in 1997 ( see this), which was expected as new quantum computer's bit having the longest coherent time in all materials.

But as shown on this site (p.1), the coherent (= working ) time of NV center is only 600 μs (= 6 × 10-4 sec ).
Only in special case, it besomes 1.8 ms, in nanodiamonds, its working time is only 200 μs. See this site (2013).

As you see, in these extremely short working times (= 200 μs ~ 1.8 ms ), "practical" quantum computer is impossible, forever.
Of course, electron at NV center is very fragile and susceptible to to environment, it is impossible to translocate NV centers (= memory !? ) freely and make them come close to each other, different from classical computer.

So, though about 20 years have passed, NV center has NO "practical" application, and NO computer's appearance.
Then why do physicists continue these kinds of fruitless researches for a long time ?

Quantum computer is "camouflage" target for "vague" quantum mechanics.

[ Physicists try to connect all phenomena with quantum computer as "imaginary" target. ]

(Fig.12)   Spin Hall, Berry phase, topological insulator are all "quantum computers" !?

This Nature refers to "Berry phase". Then, what is "Berry phase" ? Unofortunately they don't have clear answers.
As shown on this and this (p.2), Berry phase is only abstract math operator (= γ ) with NO physical entity.

Futhermore, they never try to investigate what causes topological insulator showing special conductance by many-body effects.   ( "Time reversal symmetry" is NOT physical reason ! ).

Unfortunately, these new quantum concepts such as spin Hall effect, topological insulator, and Berry phase have NO practical use. This paper (p.10) honestly admits it.
Because physicists never ask about their true concrete mechanisms.

So, to conceal the uselessness caused by "not-asking" quantum mechanics, they created new convenient target (= quantum computer ). See this and this.

If influential Nobel prize is given to these "vague" concepts, physicists will come to pursue only "imaginary" target (= quantum comptuer ), throughout their lives, which is very dangerous for development of true science.

Majorana fermions inside solid are only "fictitious" quasiparticles.

[ Even 2000 years from now, Majorana fermions remain fictitious quasiparticles. ]

(Fig.13) Why does the current condensed matter try to create "fictitious" quasipartciles ?

The recent Science paper argues as if Majorana fermions were observed under the special condition.
But unfortunately, this Majorana particles in condensed matter are Only fictitious quasiparticles, which are NOT real.

As shown on this site and this site, these kinds of Majorana fermions are very vague quasiparticles without physical entity.

Various webnews sites ( and Scientific american ) must say this Majorana fermions are just "unreal" particles, first, and should NOT confuse ordinary people.

Quantum computer is a "convenient" target for fictitious quasiparticles.

[ "Fictitious" Majorana fermions are "promising" tools for quantum computer ? ]

(Fig.14) Quantum computer is very convenient "imaginary" target.

Then what are these fictitious Majorana fermions useful for ?
Again, quantum computer shows up as convenient imaginary target, as shown on this site and this site.

As you see, "quantum computer" is utilized as "camouflage" target for vague quantum concepts, which are NO use in our daily livings.

Why do the media try to give "D-Wave" huge coverage ?

[ Because D-Wave is the Only quantum computer (← ? ) having "clear" picture. ]

(Fig.15) Quantum computer is still Only two ions. → "D-Wave" machine appeared !?

As shown on this site, quantum computer (← ? ) is Only two ions or small superconducting qubits, as of 2013.
Of course, it is impossible to make actual computers from only two ions.

This means there are NO computer's appearance and NO clear picture in the current quantum computer ( bits ).
In this tough situation, D-Wave appeared suddenly as a savior.

D-Wave is the Only commercial quantum computer having clear "appearance".
So various media try to broadcast this D-Wave extensively, as shown in CNN.

But judging from the fact that the coherent ( working ) time of superconducting qubits is only 500 μs, D-Wave machine ( 512 bits !? ) is a different thing from "orthodox" quantum computers using entanglement.

I imagine it took a lot of courage for relevant researchers to confess that D-Wave is NOT faster than classical computers, as shown in this news and this news.

Unrealistic "Spin" = Nobel physics prize prediction ?

(Fig.16)   Who needs unrealistic spin 1/2 and photon spin 1 ?

Unofortunately, we find researches involved in unrealistic spin in the Nobel prize predctions ( this site ).
And in this site, they refer to "imaginary target", quantum computer (= information ), as a reason for Nobel prize.

You have to remember that quantum computer has NOT yet been realized at all..
These are completely impractical (= only two ions as of 2013, extremely short coherent times, ~μs ).

If Nobel prize is given to very vague concepts such as spin Hall effect and topological insulator, the true mechanism remain unknown. (= Time reversal symmetry, and quasiparticles, which are NOT physics. )

Very "faint" spin Hall effect is useless and doubtful.

(Fig.17) Point-like particle (= spin ? ) cannot discriminate moving directions !

In spin Hall effect, they insist, even under no external magnetic field, "up" ( down ) spin electron turns toward left ( right ), when some electric field (= E ) is applied ( see this site or this site ).

As shown on this page, though they suppose virtual monopole and Berry phase to explain it, the clear mechanism is unknown.   Too weak spin Hall effect has NO practical use, according to paper (p.10).

In spin Hall effect experiments, they did NOT detect "spin" itself ( see this site and this site ).
They just measure the slight change of reflected light polarization.

Thinking commonsensically, point-like particle (= spin ) cannot discriminate scattered directions (= left or right ) .
"Orbital" motion of electrons around positive nuclei is considered to be natural cause of this phenomena.

Topological insulator is only "math" trick.

(Fig.18) Topological insulator ?

Topological insulators are very special composite materials such as Hg(Cd)Te, behaves as an insulator in its interior but whose surface ( or edge in 2D system ) contains conducting states. ( See Wiki )

They insist, in 2-dimensional topological insulator, "up" and "down" spin electrons are moving in opposite directions along the edge. ( So each spin cannot be detected )

As shown in this paper ( Science ), they just estimate "spin" indirectly only from the measurement of conductivity.
So, unrealistic spin itself have NOT been proved.

"Time symmetry" causes topological insulator ? ← NOT physics.

(Fig.19) "Time reversal symmetry" is the main reason for topological insulator ? ← Physics ?

Then what on earth causes this topological insulator ?
According to the current standard quantum mechanics, the main mechanism is supposed to be "Time reversal symmetry".

In Fig.19, "up" spin electron is moving rightward.
If you reverse time ( forwad and backward ) directions, spinning direction becomes opposite ( clockwise → counterclockwise ), which means "up" and "down" spins are reversed.
Furthermore, moving direction of electron also becomes opposite ( rightward → leftward ).

As I said in Fig.18, topological insulator contains both these spin states, they insist.
So time reversal symmetry doesn't break this bidirectional state.
But as you notice, they just say this state as it is, and do NOT say about the detailed mechanism itself.
The current quantum mechanics is only satisfied with very vague math symbols, which cannot be called "physics".

Interpretation of massless Dirac fermion is doubtful.

(Fig.20) Massless fermions become massive electron. ← momentum is conserved !?

They insist massless Dirac fermions can be observed inside solids.
Of course, this is one of unreal quasiparticles.

They come to that conclusion only from a single experiment using ARPES.
The point is that they assume that parallel component of electron's momentum inside and outside of solids remains the same !

This is very rash judgement, and doubtful.
In ARPES, by illuminating the surface of some material, electron is ejected by that light, which can be measured.

So we have to consider the effect of illuminating light on electron's momentum.
And if massless fermions change into massive ( ejected ) electrons, their momentums are NOT conserved, because their rest mass energy (= mc2 ) changes !

Nobel committee should consider "curing" fatal diseases as most important.

[ As long as we believe in "unrealistic" quantum mechanics, your fatal diseases are "incurable". ]

(Fig.21)   Quantum mechanics obstructs the elucidation of "true" (= real ) microworlds.

Quantum mechanics introduced in 1920s has been exposed to criticism due to its unreality such as superluminal spin and many-worlds (= Schrodinger's cat ).
Basically, quantum mechanics avoids clarifying clear mechanism of microphenomena and sticks to vague scientific attitude.

Due to its inability to compute multi-particle dynamics, quantum mechanics created fictitious quasi-particles and "imaginary" target of quantum computer, which state easily breaks within nanoseconds, completely impractical.

As you see, living things including our human bodies are highly sophisticated nano-machines, which is far beyond our current knowledge.
So, as long as we keep avoiding a clear picture of micro-phenomena, it is obviously impossible to cure various serious diseases such as cancer, HIV, ALS, severe allergy, dementia ..., forever.

If Nobel committee thinks curing fatal diseases as the most urgent thing, they will notice what we have to do first (= clarifying detailed atomic mechanism, NOT avoiding them ).

Reason why expanding universe and inflation are wrong.

(Fig.22) Faster-than-light universe expansion = inflation is real ?   or "illusion" ?

The recent news ( 2014/3 ) say the proof of cosmic inflation and gravitational waves have been found by BICEP2, as shown in various webnews ( this, this, this, this ).

But the latest result of Planck team showed this B-mode pattern is due to just dust, NOT inflation. See this news and this news.   So the evidence of primodial gravitational waves have disappeared into "dust".

"Inflation" means our universe expanded much faster-than-light just after ( or before ) Big Bang.
The current cosmology needs this fantasy inflation to explain uniform cosmic microwave background (= CMB ).

So like 10 dimensional string theory, and SUSY, they NEVER give up this unnatural idea, as long as they ignore fatal paradox of relativity.   Of course, the researches on early universe give NO benefit to us.

What causes "uniform" CMB ? → unrealistic expanding universe ?

[ Uniform microwave background is the result of expanding universe !?   Really ? ]

(Fig.23) Aether was denied ? → Only unrealistic expanding universe is left.

Cosmic microwave background is completely uniform and has the same brightness in all directions.
Due to denying aether-like matter, they had to find other reasons why these CMB are so uniform.

As a result, they hit upon a quixotic idea that the ancient lights inside the small area were expanded to be uniform for 13.7 billion years.

Furthermore. the complete uniformity of the original ancient lights had to be explained by superluminal inflation just after Big Bang.

It is impossible for each microwave to keep its uniformity for 13.7 billion years !

(Fig.24) The uniformity of CMB is due to expanding universe !? ← Impossible !

If this Big Bang theory is correct, each microwave must keep its shape and uniformity for 13.7 billion years !
Because if each microwave is affected by various different scattering from dusts, CMB cannot be uniform now.

But from a commonsense point of view, it is impossible that all microwaves have kept their uniformity for as long as 13.7 billion years.
There are infinite dusts and debris flying in the universe, which cause microwave's change.

"Uniformity" of microwaves remain intact for 13.7 billion years !?

(Fig.25) It's impossible that all microwaves can keep their uniformity for extremely long years.

Each microwave has been influenced by various different dusts and debris for 13.7 billion years.
Of course, we cannot grasp all these events in all microwaves.

This means during this process, the uniformity originally possessed by ancient lights would have been completely gone.
So the idea of expanding universe iteslf is very unreasonable and unrealistic.

Curling pattern of B-mode is Only 0.4 μK, as shown on this site.
So it's much more impossible to believe weak B-mode is an imprint of primordial gravity wave.

The distance between the Sun and earth remains the same by expanding universe !?

(Fig.26) Universe is expanding. But the earth is NOT getting further from the Sun.

If the universe is expanding, we are getting further from the Sun ?
But it is known that the distance between the earth and the Sun keeps the same for a long time.

This means Big Bang theory contradicts the actual universe ?
This site argues the gravity prevents the earth from getting farther from the Sun.

As you see, the current expanding universe is very ad-hoc and convenient theory, which just adjusts itself to fit the facts.
It is very strange that very strong expanding force is weaker than small gravity.

Reason why CMB is "absolute" ether-like matter.

(Fig.27) The earth is moving with respect to uniform CMB !

As you think, it's unnatural that all microwaves can keep their uniformity for 13.7 billion years.
So, we have to adopt some uniform ether-like matter to explain the cosmic microwave background.

In fact, as shown on this site, we can know the earth is moving at 400 km/s relative to CMB, by measuring the dipole anisotropy ( 0.0033 K )

So, the existence of CMB has proved the existence of ( luminiferous ) ether-like matter.
If we admit ether-like matter, "dark matter" can be naturally unified with it, NOT relying on fantasy SUSY.


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