Time machine ?


Quantum computer reversed time !?

[ Parallel-world quantum computer is fake science deceiving taxpayers. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Just return to the initial state = time machine !?   

Nature group claims IBM quantum computer might have reversed time to the past.  ← Time machine comes ?   Unfortunately, this is fake news.

Things change from orderly to disorderly states as time advances.
They just artificially returned disorderly state to the initial orderly state, call it 'reversed time'  ← nonsense.

Just like you returned scattered billiard balls to the initial orderly triangle position by hand, and call it 'returned to the past !', though it has nothing to do with quantum computer or time machine,  so meaningless research.

Quantum computer using parallel worlds is "imaginary science" to deceive taxpayers, it remains useless with No progress despite wasting enormous time and money.

Those news try to use misleading phrases to get laypersons' hopes up falsely.
This news just says "quantum computer power will someday .. ?"  ← still useless.

This news also just says "quantum computer will give users .. ?"  ← still useless, nothing realized.

The last of this news just says "In the future, the study .. ?"  ← still useless.

Coherent superposition is just classical oscillation between two states, Not fantasy unseen quantum parallel worlds (= a dead and alive cat ? )


Basic physics stops progressing.

[ Fake electron, quasiparticle with fake mass in metal ? ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ Quantum mechanics lacks reality.   

Quantum mechanics born 100 years ago cannot describe multi-electron solids, so it has to rely on unreal quasiparticles with fake mass and charge to describe physical phenomena.

Dirac fermion is unreal quasiparticle.  The last of this abstract just says "Our work reveals .. unusual .. ?", Not mentioned practical use of this fictitious particle.

To describe some conductors, they use unreal massless Weyl quasiparticle.  The last of this abstract just says "potential applications ?"  ← still useless.

This research also uses unreal polaron quasiparticle, and just says in the last "measure the quasiparticles .. ?"  ← still useless stuck in unreal quasiparticle.

In this way, the current basic physics stops progressing in old useless physics model.


Muon doesn't exist.

[ Muon is a unnecessary elementary particle. ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ Unstable muon easily decays into electron ?

They say unstable muon has very short lifetime (= 10-6 s ? ) , and easily decays into an electron.  So this muon is useless and unnecessary.

We can naturally think muon is Not an elementary particle, but just a transient state of high energy electron.

Almost all muons in cosmic rays or accelerator are moving at light speed c, which high energy allows muon (= high-energy electron or proton ) to penetrate thick iron layers, it's hard for electric field (= light speed ) to acclerate muon as if it were heavy electrons.

So these researches just use high-energy electrons or protons as "muons" which easily penetrate layers.  Muon itself is a useless and meaningless particle.

This research tries to explain proton's magnetic moment using imaginary unseen sea quark model, so meaningless useless research.



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