Quantum model  failed.


Quantum mechanical model is useless.

[ The present physics uses unreal quasiparticle model. ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Useless quantum mechanics stops science.   

How is science developing ?
When you find new phenomena, you introduce some physical model to move forward.

Of course, these models must be real, otherwise they obstruct science.
Quantum mechanical model relies on unreal quasiparticles with fake mass and charge.

Quantum mechanics tries to describe superconductor using Cooper pair quasiparticle where repulsive electrons weakly bind through fictitious phonon ?

Actually, two electrons of Cooper pair just attract each other through positive nuclei (= Not fictitious phonon !  this p.4 ), they deliberately replaced real model by unreal quasiparticle.

When magnets are modified by laser light, they try to use unreal magnon quasiparticle (= spin wave ? ) which is just nonphysical math symbols ( this p.5 )

In topological insulator, only its surface is conductor, and its interior is insulator.   This news just uses vague phrases "offering the potential for .. ?"  ← still useless material.

They try to describe this topological insulator using unreal massless quasiparticle and spin in quasi-quantum model.

Skyrmion is also unreal quasiparticle representing some magnetic vortex pattern.  They introduced its electric-analog quasiparticle.  ← nonsense.

What are these unreal quasiparticles useful for ?

The last of this news just uses ambiguous phrases "much more work will need to be done .. if they will work with real-world application ?"  ← still useless.

In this way, each time physicists measure some macroscopic classical phenomena (= electric conductunce, magnet ..), they try to introduce unreal quantum model

These quantum models are useless, so their only method is old "trial and error" approach = blindly finding new material, which just wastes enormous time.

We need new realistic atomic model.


Quantum computer  fake news.

[ The media exaggerates "pie-in-the-sky" quantum computer. ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ quantum computer is still several ions ?    

Parallel-world quantum mechanics is unreal and useless, so they need to fabricate fictitious target = quantum computer.

Research on this "pie-in-the-sky" quantum computer makes No progress.  To hide this uselessness, academia uses the media to mislead taxpayers and governments.

This news says "quantum computer speed up ?", but admits "Its No guarantee, so looking for other options of using light in conventional computer, still a long way off".

This news exaggerates "breakthrough !", but just says "that could enable the next generation .. ?"  ← still useless, nothing realized now.

This news also exaggerates "quantum technology could solve problems .. ?", but "quantum simulators need further development."  ← still useless.

This so-called quantum simulator is far from computer, it just consists of "only 10 trapped calcium ions controlled by laser ?".  ← Not a computer at all !

In this way, useless quantum mechanics needs fake target which is useful only for publishing papers and getting subsidy.  ← nonsense.


Dark matter inside LHC is meaningless.

[ Dark matter = 30 % of the universe ? But NOT found ! ]

(Fig.3)  Dark matter research is meaningless, waste of money.

If dark matter really rotates galaxy with strong power, we could have easily found this dark matter in this world.  But we cannot.

Physicists try to detect dark matter inside LHC collider, wasting money, which is meaningless, because it has nothing to do with real dark matter outside LHC.

They fabricated many fictional dark matter candidates, and started to say "Higgs may decay into dark matter, but it's undetectable missing energy !"  ← nonsense.

These doubtful particles rely on artificial nonphysical model with virtual Higgs and many freely-adjustable parameters ( this p.14, this p.11 )

LHC is just waste of taxpayers' money, because we cannot utilize those illusory unstable particles (= allegedly appeared inside collider ) in our 'real' world forever.



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