Quantum biology is useless.

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Quantum mechanics clarifies nothing about biology.

[ Quantum biology is fantasy = parallel-world superposition, faster-than-light spooky entanglemet, immortality !?  ← Not science ! ]

(Fig.1)   Quantum mechanical world is fiction also in biology. ↓

Recently, the dubious science field called "quantum biology" seems to be illogically gaining attention by various exaggerated fake news.

This so-called quantum biology, which tries to connect fantasy quantum mechanics and biology (or medicine ), is just an unscientific, baseless and illusory concept, hence useless, worthy of No attention.

Quantum biology baselessly claims each unbreakble single particle can be unrealistically in two different places or superposition states at once like a dead and alive cat living in fantasy parallel worlds, which can Not be observed or proved.

All other concepts included in the quantum biology are also just a fictional ungrounded pseudo-science, as seen in quantum consciousness, immortality, arrow of time, superluminal spooky entanglement..

The 1st-2nd paragraphs of this site say
"yet we're still not that much closer to figuring out how strong an association there is between the two, or whether there really is a viable link at all. Quantum biology is still very much an unknown.."

".. Not only are the intricate details of quantum biology not fully understood, but the basic concept is also the source of much confusion."

The 2nd paragraph of this site says
" However, in many ways quantum mechanics is still a concept alien to biology.."

The 8th paragraph of this site says
" quantum biology is still predominantly theoretical.."

The current only atomic theory = unrealistic Quantum mechanics has been useless and ignored by biologists and medical researchers ( this 4.Biologists'view,  this 12th paragraph,  this first ).

Quantum mechanics is still unable to explain atomic mechanisms behind many biological reactions such as brain ( this 5th paragraph ), cancers.. ( this 2nd paragraph,  this 2nd-last paragraph,  this p.2-left )

Some scientists claim the quantum biology may be involved in the photosynthesis, though still No evidence ( this 4th-last paragraph,  this p.5-last ), hence the quantum biology is still impractical and useless.

Quantum biology tries to explain the mechanism of photosynthesis using fictional particles called "exciton quasiparticles ( this 3rd-paragraph,  this 5th-paragraph,  this abstract-last,  this 13th paragraph )" with fake effective mass (= these unrealistic masses can be artificially changed even to be negative mass ).

These fictional quasiparticles frequently used in the current quantum mechanical researches are expressed just as nonphysical math symbols which abstract expressions tell us nothing about detailed physical mechanisms ( this p.3,  this p.2-left-last,  this p.15 ).  ← Science stops progressing.

Quantum biology boldly makes another baseless claim that plant's photosynthesis may exploit the unseen dead-alive-cat superposition or coherence states.  ← Still No reliable evidence ( this 3rd-last paragraph ).

The 8th paragraph of this site says
"Superposition is the notion that particles can be present in multiple places at the same time. The concept of superposition is used to support the idea that light energy can target a single plant in a number of different ways simultaneously, in order to quickly identify the most effective and efficient route for energy transfer, regardless of the molecules or chromophores of that specific plant.. and yet it's still somewhat mystical. Everything we know tells us that superposition shouldn't exist."

All these dubious quantum biology researches about photosynthesis make No progress by just meaninglessly misinterpreting the interaction between light and some vibrated molecules as illusory exciton quasiparticle's involvement ( this p.8,  this p.1-2 ).

The 3rd-last-to-last paragraphs of this news just vaguely says
"Each part of the complex could absorb light to excite an exciton (= unreal quasiparticle ),.. "

"In the future,.. The team also intend to understand other potential evolutionary advantages of the photosynthetic transfer complexes, which will guide biophysicists to broadly understand the possible role of quantum effects in photosynthetic complexes ?"  ← The use of only imaginary future words such as "will", "potential" means these quantum biology researches are still useless stuck in fictional quantum (quasi-)particles ( like this 2nd-last paragraph ).

Unscientific quantum biology also makes a ridiculous claim that birds "see" the earth's magnetic field to help them navigate vast distances using occult faster-than-light spooky action called "quantum entanglement or time travel ?"

The main problem is the intangible quantum entanglement or teleportation is just an imaginary meaningless concept which can Not send any real information ( this 6th paragraph ), much less send information faster-than-light.

↑ Hence, it is impossible for birds or any other organims to catch and utilize real information such as the earth's magnetic field using illusory spooky quantum entanglement which has No evidence ( this 2nd-last-3rd-last paragraphs,  this 10th paragraph ).

Another quantum biology research claims that hydrogen atomic protons may cause quantum tunneling to mutate DNAs.

The serious problem is quantum mechanics stubbornly avoids to clarify the detailed underlying realistic mechanisms of quantum tunneling, parallel-world superposition and superluminal entangled link allegedly involved in (meaningless) quantum biology, instead, they just repeatedly whine "Nobody understands weird quantum mechanics !" which excuse has stopped our scientific progress for more than 100 years.

The point is quantum tunneling is Not a ghost-like phenomenon but a natural classically-possible (= realistic ) phenomenon where electrons can naturally jump between two atoms which are separated by a very short distance less than 1 nm under applied voltage through the air or vacuum which empty space (= No real barriers or walls ) is wrongly treated like a "rigid imaginary wall" or insulator (= given imaginary potential wall, though precise potential energy between atoms separated by extremely short distance is unknown ) by irrational quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics just imagines "illusory potential energy wall", and makes an unscientific claim that each electron can penetrate such an invisible potential barrier by having unrealistic negative kinetic energies without deeper explanations.  ← Pursuing deeper truth stops progressing by the unrealistic quantum mechanical model !

As a result, quantum biology can never be useful as long as the irrational quantum mechanical atomic model stubbornly refuses to clarify detailed underlying physical mechanisms behind the so-called quantum biology allegedly involving fantasy quantum superposition, parallel worlds, faster-than-light entanglement and ghost quantum tunneling.

Actually, the 3rd-last paragraph of this news just vaguely says "There is still a long and exciting road ahead of us to understand how biological processes work on the subatomic level,.. In the future, we are hoping to investigate how tautomers produced by quantum tunneling can propagate and generate mutations.."  ← quantum biology is still useless except for speculating imaginary future, repeating only uncertain future words.



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